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The Cat and the Biblioprincess
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Chapter 2

Episode 18: Eine Katze hat Neun Leben

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Neko to Yomihime



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April, 2010 (The Sneaker)





"The Cat and the Biblioprincess" is the 2nd chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 5. It's divided into four parts and contains two illustrations. The chapter is labeled as Episode 18 in the story line.

Hugh finds an abandoned cat at the gates of the Disward estate.[1]


Hugh doesn't have an umbrella to protected him from the rain. He's returning from the bakery, carrying fresh pastries for breakfast. At the gates of the Disward estate, he sees a wooden box. While he’s checking it, a head pops out from the fabrics inside the box. The eyes stare at Hugh, one yellow, the other blue.

Part 1[]

Dalian is reading next to a pile of books. She looks at the window, noticing the rain hitting the glass. She checks Wesley’s clock, as if waiting impatiently for something. When footsteps are heard, she smiles. Hugh arrives, soaked. He means to pass by, but Dalian calls for him. Hugh took a long time to buy the breakfast. He apologizes, asking for more time. Dalian examines with suspicion the package under his arm. A fluffy head appears from the folds of the blanket. Hugh is trying to hide the cat.

Hugh finds a cat

Dalian disapproves of Hugh rescuing a cat.

Although filthy, it’s a beautiful animal, with an eye of each color. Dalian isn’t happy. She mentions how the cat is covered in heath. Hugh then has the idea of naming the cat Heath. Dalian tells Hugh to throw the cat away. Hugh won't do that, especially with such a weather outside. He shows the cat to Dalian, asking if she wants to hold it. As Heath approaches, Dalian cries out, moving against a wall, using a book to shield herself. She tries to hide her fear. The cat starts to climb her skirt. Hugh decides to feed the cat. Dalian wonders if Hugh wants to fatten the cat to feed on it later. Hugh believes that he can train the cat to get rid of the mice who gnaw the books.

Hugh tries to give milk to Heath. Dalian drinks it, stating that milk will cause stomachache and diarrhea for an adult cat. Hugh tries to give a sandwich to Heath. Dalian bites the sandwich, affirming that the onions are a deadly poison to cats. She had read about cats before. Dalian insists on throwing the cat away. Heath crawls over her chest to lick her milky mustache. Dalian freezes, staring at Hugh as if begging for help.

Part 2[]

The next morning, Dalian sits on an old wooden stand, reading a large book. She usually sits comfortably on a small sofa in front of a fireplace. However, Heath took her favorite place. Dalian would cry and wave to make Heath go away, but the cat was always following the Biblioprincess. Dalian goes to the table to enjoy a plate of crispy buns. Heath stares as Dalian bites off a piece. Reluctantly, Dalian decides to share her breakfast. She offers a piece, but the cat quickly jumps to grab the whole bread. Dalian runs after Heath. Dalian stumbles against a pile of books and falls on the carpet. Hugh shows up to check on her, trying to hold his laugh. Hugh reminds Dalian that the old man will visit them to borrow a specific, ancient book. Dalian ensures that the book is not a Phantom Book, only a gardening guide.

Dalian asks why Hugh is dressed so formally. An old friend of Hugh is very sick. Hugh will meet him one last time. Hugh tells Dalian and Heath to not fight in the meanwhile. When Hugh leaves, Dalian moves a table and a sofa, as if setting the limits of her territory. Satisfied, she tells Heath to not cross the border. She sits on the stand, but realizes that the book she will lend to the old man had disappeared. The place is a mess, especially after her recent fall. However, Heath brings the book in its mouth. Before Dalian can show her gratitude, the cat returns to the sofa. Dalian plunges into reading. She falls asleep soon after.

Part 3[]

Heath and Dalian

Dalian talks with Heath.

Dalian wakes up in an illuminated white room. The furniture and appliances are unfamiliar. Warm air blows from above her. The large window reveals a panoramic view of a huge city with buildings reaching into the sky, people dressed unusually, modern cars driving along the roads. Dalian is wearing a lush white dress. The cat is on a glass table behind her, speaking in a polite voice. Dalian is living Heath’s memories. The cat explains that the modern city doesn’t exist in Dalian's era. Heath lived in the future, two or three generations ahead. A cat has nine lives. A body couldn’t return to the past, but a soul could. Heath resurrected in the past, preserving the memories from its previous life. The cat wants something from Dalian. Heath wants to destroy the book Dalian is holding, the same book she will lend to the old man.

The book contains knowledge about the breeding of a specific medicinal plant used for disinfecting wounds. However, in a few decades, someone will discover that the plant also alleviates the symptoms of some allergy. People will grow the plant and spread it around the world. Later, the species will reach the dense forests of Africa and remove another plant from its habitat. This plant, a wild grass with white flowers, is an important link for the region’s ecosystem. It favors the reproduction of a bacteria, which in turn inhibits a virus carried by birds. Without the plant, the virus will spread, killing many animals and humans. Heath, as a living creature in the planet, has an instinct to destroy the book and prevent the disaster.

Part 4[]

Dalian wakes up. Heath is curled up in her lap. At first Dalian wants to drive the cat away, but she changes her mind. She sees Hugh examining the books scattered in a mess. Hugh smiles, trying to hide his discomfort, but the Biblioprincess notices the book in his hand. It's the book which the old man would borrow. It's ruined, used by Heath to sharp its claws. Hugh starts to defend the cat, asking for Dalian’s leniency. Dalian interrupts him. For Hugh’s surprise, she forgives the cat. Dalian timidly runs a fingernail on the cat’s back. Hugh can’t believe his eyes. He touches Dalian’s forehead to check if she’s sick. Dalian waves Hugh off.[1]


  • "Eine Katze hat Neun Leben" is German for "a cat has nine lives". According to a myth in many cultures, cats have multiple lives.[2]
  • The Cat and the Biblioprincess is the shortest light novel chapter, excluding special chapters.[1]


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