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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Dalianchan
Chapter 3

Release Date

October 9, 2011



The Chapter 3 of the yonkoma manga Dalian-chan's Bookshelf shows Hugh and Dalian competing together in an obstacle course.[1]


Dalian wants to compete in an obstacle course. She needs to join as part of a pair, so Hugh is forced to help her. He finds odd that Dalian is interested in such a thing. She affirms that she runs once in a while. She also reveals that the prize is a year’s worth of fried breads. Hugh now understands why Dalian is so enthusiastic.

The day of the competition arrives. Dalian underestimates her opponents. She stops her trash talk when a huge, muscular man approaches. She changes into sportswear and starts to stretch. Meanwhile, Rasiel and the Professor arrive at the same venue. Rasiel is ready to sit in the audience to watch the foolish humans compete. However, she’s surprised to see that the Professor is stretching. The couple will also compete.

Flamberge and Hal approach Hugh and Dalian. Flamberge is confident that she will have an easy win. Her trash talk makes Dalian even more determined. The competition starts. The first part of the race is hurdling. Dalian believes that she will easily leap the barrier, but she fumbles through it. Next, they must run a tire obstacle course. While Dalian is having trouble, Hal easily overtakes her. He dashes through the course, pushing the tires away while holding Flamberge under his arm. Dalian is infuriated, but Hugh affirms that Hal is not going against the rules.

Hugh and Dalian run. Dalian is exhausted, but they are only halfway done. They see Rasiel and the Professor. The latter has a supply of energy drinks. Dalian is infuriated, but Hugh affirms that the Professor is not going against the rules. Next, Hugh and Dalian must climb a wall using a rope. Rasiel and the Professor are ahead in the race. Rasiel is holding the Professor while he climbs the rope. Rasiel affirms that Dalian looks tiny from up there. In response, Dalian affirms that the pattern of Rasiel’s pants is visible. Rasiel screams in rage. Hal and Flamberge finally reach the wall. Dalian is satisfied. After all, Flamberge won’t be able to climb with her straitjacket. However, Hal simply launches Flamberge over the wall.

Hugh and Dalian reach the last part of the race. Now they must grab one of the pieces of paper on the floor and cross the finish line with the thing described on the paper. Dalian reads the paper and freezes. Meanwhile, the paper chosen by the Professor and Rasiel contains the words “white coat”. They are lucky, since the Professor is always wearing a white coat. However, Hal shows up, revealing that he also has to cross the finish line with a white coat. Hal and Flamberge run after Rasiel and the Professor.

Dalian is blushing. Hugh wonders what’s written on the paper. Dalian finally ignores her embarrassment and pulls him by the hand. The couple wins the race. Dalian is happy. The fried bread tastes delicious after the victory. Rasiel and the Professor finish second. Rasiel seems satisfied. The Professor enjoyed the exercise. Flamberge is angry because the Professor didn’t share his white coat. Flamberge and Hal were disqualified.

Hugh asks about the paper. Blushing, Dalian affirms that there are things in the world that he shouldn’t know. It’s revealed that the paper says “lolicon”. The next day, Dalian angrily approaches Hugh, asking about the fried breads. Hugh is shocked to learn that Dalian quickly ate one year’s worth of fried breads.[1]


  • In the context of Japanese popular culture, lolicon is an attraction to and affection for young or young-looking girl characters.[2]


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