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Dantalian's Friend of the Grandson
Chapter 3 (Days)
Chapter 3

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dantarian no Yūjin no Mago



Release Date

May 26, 2010



"Dantalian’s Friend of the Grandson" is the 3rd chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days manga.

Priscilla attacks Hugh, believing that he’s an intruder.[1]


Hugh sees Priscilla wrapped in a towel. He recognizes the girl who bumped into him that morning at the school. She throws objects at Hugh, believing that he’s a pervert. She wants to protect Dalian, who’s in the bathtub. Hugh easily avoids the projectiles. Priscilla finds some books to throw at him. One of the books falls on her head.

She opens the book. Energy comes out from the book. Priscilla starts to read in a foreign language. Dalian appears to check the source of the noise. According to Hugh, the schoolgirl found a Phantom Book among the luggage. Priscilla releases its power by accident. She can’t control the power. Priscilla tells them to run away. Dalian gives Hugh the right to open the Labyrinth Library. He unlocks the seal on Dalian’s chest.

Priscilla and Dalian are sleeping in the same bed. Dalian’s foot hits Priscilla’s face. The latter wakes up. Priscilla had mistaken a young man for a criminal and tried to save Dalian. That’s all Priscilla can remember. Nonetheless, she’s happy to see Dalian safe.

The trio has breakfast. Priscilla apologizes for yesterday’s confusion. Her memory is still vague. Hugh introduces himself. He’s a student attending a university at the capital. He was assigned to the Road Windal Academy for teaching practice. He introduces Dalian as a friend of his grandfather. Hugh and Dalian began to live together after Hugh’s grandfather passed away. For an instant, Priscilla remembers the lock on Dalian’s chest being opened.

Before leaving to the school, Hugh and Dalian talk about Priscilla. It seems like Priscilla suffered amnesia after releasing the power of that mysterious Phantom Book.

Cecil and Margaret are walking to the school. They noticed that Priscilla never returned to the dormitory last night. They are worried about their friend. Cecil wonders if Priscilla is dating someone, but Margaret refuses to believe that. They are shocked to see Priscilla leaving Hugh’s car. Seeing Dalian behind Priscilla also surprises them.[1]


Cecil and Margaret see Hugh giving a ride to Priscilla.


  • Dalian refers to Priscilla as Holstein due to her large breasts.[1] Holsteins are a breed of dairy cattle originating from the Netherlands and Northern Germany. They are known as the world's highest-production dairy cows.[2]
  • Dalian sleeps while hugging a teddy bear.[1] Kamilla gave her a teddy bear in Book of Equivalence.[3]
  • When Priscilla is reading the Phantom Book, she recites the Lorem ipsum.[1] In publishing and graphic design, Lorem ipsum is a placeholder text commonly used to demonstrate the visual form of a document or a typeface without relying on meaningful content.[4]


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