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Vignette of Eternal Twilight
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Chapter 3

Episode 29: Le château du Grand Guignol

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Nagaki Tasogare no Vinetto



Release Date

July 1, 2011 (volume 8)





For the Phantom Book, see Vignette of Eternal Twilight.

"Vignette of Eternal Twilight" is the last chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, the 3rd chapter of volume 8. It's divided into ten parts and contains three illustrations. The chapter is labeled as Episode 29 in the story line.

Hugh and Dalian visit the castle of the late Marquess of Asquith. Like many greedy guests, the couple is invited to look for the valuable Phantom Book known as Vignette of Eternal Twilight.[1]


A young woman in white coat stands at the window of a huge castle inhabited by a rich family. There’s a broken wooden doll in the form of a grim reaper at her feet. She hears a clang approaching her. She checks her pocket watch. The woman realizes that she’s in the world created by the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. A huge figure appears from the darkness. Before the shadow can attack her with a scythe, the woman stabs his chest with a beautiful knife made of a phantom metal. Mithril smiles as the creature disappears. According to her, nothing went as planned. However, the guests will handle it. A loud laughter is heard in the distance. The grinding of gears is heard once again. More shadows approach.

Part 1[]

Hugh drives to the castle of the Marquess of Asquith. He wakes up Dalian, who slept on the passenger seat while reading a book. Although she was drooling, Dalian affirms that she was only meditating. She’s not happy to attend the event. However, she decided not to leave Hugh alone. Otherwise someone else would find their target first. Hugh drives through the fortress of the castle and abruptly brakes the car. The road is blocked by policemen, including a two-meter huge man. He walks to the car, but he’s pushed aside by a girl carrying an American folding camera.


Hugh and Dalian meet Shura once again.

The girl is happy to see Hugh and Dalian. The police are blocking her way, so she hopes that the couple can help her enter the castle. It takes some time for Hugh and Dalian to remember Shura Irmania, a photojournalist they met in Iceland. Shura also heard about the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. The large man interrupts their conversation. He’s Harban, a policeman. Hugh confirms Shura’s identity. Harban asks if Hugh’s name is in the guest list. Hugh refuses to share more information before the policeman introduces himself. The tense moment ends when they see Grosseteste.

The inspector knows Hugh, the grandson of the famous bibliomaniac Wesley Disward. Grosseteste apologizes for stopping Hugh. The latter came to the event to find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight, a Phantom Book that the late Marquess of Asquith hid in the castle. The Marquess was a famous and powerful bibliomaniac who bought the valuable book as a gift for his wife. However, he sealed the book somewhere before his death. On her birthday celebration, the Marquise invites people and offers a huge reward to the person who finds the Phantom Book. Even if the existence of the Phantom Book is uncertain, the police is there to guard it. Grosseteste affirms that he got a letter from Mithril. Dalian suspects that Shura is the Phantom Book Thief.

Part 2[]

Guests from all over the country gather in the huge castle. Although there’s a lot of food to enjoy in the banquet hall, most of the people are somewhere else, looking for the Phantom Book. Although Shura came to write an article, she fantasizes about what she would do with the reward money. She examines a large portrait of a beautiful lady. A girl in white dress explains that the portrait depicts the Marquise, when she married the Marquess.

The girl introduces herself as Lyfia, daughter of the Marquess. Hugh hasn’t seen her for a long time. They were part of the same equestrian club. He stares at her, surprised. Lyfia believes that Hugh will save her once again. She hopes that he doesn’t find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. But if he finds it, she’ll do what she couldn’t ten years ago. Lyfia leaves, surrounded by maids, so Hugh has no time to ask her what she means.

A tall man approaches to ask about Hugh’s relation with Lyfia. He’s Adam Marchbanks, head of a detective agency. He recently appeared in the newspapers, having solved an unusual case. He was hired by Lyfia to find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. He tells Hugh to stay away from her. After all, Marchbanks is trying to take her to bed. According to him, that’s how a private detective obtains important information.

Dalian and Shura scream at Marchbanks due to his rude attitude. Probably, the girls are also angry because they don’t have an attractive figure as Lyfia. Hugh waves his hand, as if driving away a fly. Marchbanks walks away, hugging a maid by the waist. The Marquise appears surrounded by maids. She exudes a strange, dangerous aura. She appears to be at the end of her life, but she’s full of youth at the same time. The Marquise examines the guests and leaves. Dalian doesn’t like her.

Part 3[]

The spacious room contains the Marquess’ huge collection of books. However, Dalian is not impressed. She sits in a corner to read the detective novel she brought. According to Shura, Dalian is sulking because of Hugh’s relationship with Lyfia. Fifteen other guests examine the library, looking for the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. Policemen stand at the entrance, waiting for Mithril. Accompanied by Harban, Grosseteste asks Hugh about the Phantom Book.

Hugh’s acquaintance, the owner of an old bookstore, affirmed that the Vignette of Eternal Twilight is a picture book authored by Lothar Oberstdorfer, rumored to be the head of an occult organization. The author made the book in order for his sick daughter to have access to a perfect world. Furthermore, it’s said that the reader will never get sick or grow old, although he’ll have to bear the burden of a terrible sin. Many people connected with Oberstdorfer’s daughter went missing. The author himself died in a strange way. Similarly, many guests disappeared during the Marquise's past birthday celebrations, although the police found no culprit. Perhaps the Marquise's reward is so ostentatious because she wants to end the rumors about the curse.

Hugh asks Grosseteste about Mithril. He’s a master of disguise, who sends letters of warning to the police sometimes, before committing theft. Harban affirms that the policemen are punished every time the thief escapes. Grosseteste walks away. Dalian keeps reading, but she's still suspecting of Shura. The photojournalist denies being a thief. She hopes that the Vignette of Eternal Twilight is found. Otherwise, she won't be able to write an article. She wonders if the Marquise lied about the Phantom Book, making everyone search for it as fools. The guests nearby stare at Shura, displeased with the comment.

There’s a lot of people ready to kill for the reward. For instance, Harban stares at Harold Dawson. The latter is on the verge of bankruptcy. Hugh wonders why the Marquise allows the search only once a year. If she wants the Phantom Book to be found, she ought to hire specialists to look for it all year round. Shura suggests that the Phantom Book doesn’t exist, and that the Marquise is only stirring up people’s interest in a false legend. Hugh confirms that the Vignette of Eternal Twilight exists. Dalian closes her book and grabs a pocket watch in Hugh’s pocket. It’s about time. The other guests leave the library to dine in the banquet hall. Hugh pushes a bookshelf, opening a secret door. He’s Wesley’s grandson, so he knows how bibliomaniacs think. Hugh wonders if they are the first to find the dark passage.

Part 4[]


Hugh and the others find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight.

They walk along the secret hallway, going underground. They find a small hall where several tunnels converge. It’s a secret room with a thick metal door. Hugh notices fresh footprints. Marchbanks greets them. It seems like he was passionately hugging a maid a second ago. The maid steps back, embarrassed. The detective had obtained important information from the woman. He promises to share the glory for finding the Phantom Book, but he’ll take all the money. He reaches for the doorknob, but he’s pushed away by Dawson. The latter probably pretended to leave the library, only to follow Hugh and the others.

Dawson opens the door, bursting into the secret room with an old picture book in the center. He opens the Phantom Book and screams. The pages turn into a small castle, identical to the original one where they are. Suddenly, the walls and floor sway momentarily. The pop-up book disappears. The maid looks frightened. She glances at the ceiling and runs out of the room. Feeling the danger, Hugh and the others follow her. Hugh grabs Dalian’s arm, but the Biblioprincess falls. Harban grabs her by the head, as if holding a rugby ball. The ceiling collapses, crushing Dawson to death.

Part 5[]

They walk along the network of tunnels beneath the castle, reaching a fragrant garden. The air seems different. They check their watches, only to learn that time has stopped. Harban sees no guests or servants around. Dalian notices that the front gate is gone. They can’t leave the fortress. Marchbanks plans to ask the maid about these strange phenomena. Back inside the castle, they see a young woman in luxurious dress. Evelyn, the maid, shows up. She asks her master to save her. After all, the maid had fulfilled her task by taking the detective to the secret room.

Harban realizes that the young woman in luxurious dress is the Marquise, although she looks as young as her daughter Lyfia. The Marquise waves her hand, showing no interest in the maid. Several automata appear behind Evelyn. One of the figures, larger than Harban, impales the maid with a scythe. Harban tries to fight the grim reaper, but he’s easily pushed away. The Marquise laughs, enjoying the violence. Marchbanks runs to check Evelyn, but an automaton rips his shoulder open. Hugh fires his weapon, barely affecting the monsters. Harban tells Hugh to run away with the others. The policeman stays behind.

Part 6[]

They hide in the library. Marchbanks complains about his wound and laments Evelyn's death. Hugh has only three bullets left. Shura wonders if the woman in luxurious dress is really the Marquise. The latter should be over fifty. Hugh reveals that Lyfia hasn’t changed a bit in ten years. That’s why Hugh stared at her in surprise before. Hugh is certain that the Vignette of Eternal Twilight exists, because it’s said that its reader does not age. The Phantom Book is preventing Lyfia and the Marquise from ageing.

Hugh wonders why Evelyn took Marchbanks to the secret room. It’s revealed that the Phantom Book uses a victim’s life to bestow eternal youth to the reader. No one would miss Marchbanks or Shura. That’s why they were invited, and that’s why people disappear every year in the castle. Hugh reveals that they are inside the Phantom Book, explaining why they hadn’t seen the other guests. They are imprisoned inside a fortress, where twilight never ends, a place where the reader has absolute power, even to create magical automata.

The Marquise seems to be listening to them, because two dolls materialize, blocking the exit. Hugh shoots at one of the creature’s knee. The monster collapses, but it continues to approach. Two more grim reapers appear. Shura pushes Dalian away, saving the Biblioprincess from a blow. Shura’s camera rolls under the automaton’s feet. The photojournalist reaches for her precious item. She’s about to be cut, but the creature freezes. Shura is saved by another automaton. The grim reaper turns into a policeman. Hugh knows that the hero is not Harban. The fake policeman transforms once again, assuming the form of a beautiful woman holding a silver knife. Mithril smiles and removes her mask.

Part 7[]

Shura is wondered to learn that Mithril is a woman. However, the thief is not sure about her own true identity. Mithril uses the Faceless Book, a Phantom Book in the form of a mask, that allows her to copy others’ appearance and strength. Mithril pretended to be a grim reaper. After all, in that world, the Marquise is like a goddess, so there’s no way to oppose her. The monsters lay lifeless on the floor, defeated by Mithril and her knife made of phantom metal. The Phantom Book Thief doesn’t have the power to leave the world inside the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. She looks at Dalian, expecting her to act.

The Biblioprincess seems confident. She scans the library, noticing that many books are missing. Shura is amazed to learn that Dalian counted the books so fast, although the Biblioprincess believes that it’s a normal feat. A small girl suddenly appears in the air, holding wooden dolls. The Marquise looks even younger, now that Dawson and Evelyn were sacrificed. She plays with the dolls, breaking their bodies in a fit of emotions. The Marquise became more powerful, more connected with her Phantom Book. She summons gargoyles to surround Hugh and the others.

Dalian grabs a book from the Marquess’ collection. She opens the thick volume, showing everyone that the pages are completely blank. It's revealed that the Vignette of Eternal Twilight reproduces the real world, but not perfectly. There’s a limit for the amount of information it can handle. That’s why it stops time, it abducts only a small group of people, and it works only once a year. If the Phantom Book is overloaded, the world it creates will end. A method to overload the Phantom Book is bringing a lot of books. Dalian grants Hugh access to the Labyrinth Library. He releases an avalanche of books from the hole on her chest. The world inside the Vignette of Eternal Twilight is destroyed by the huge amount of information.

Part 8[]

Hugh finds himself in the real world, at the Marquess’ library. Dalian is covered by a mountain of books. Marchbanks uses the opportunity to knock Mithril down. Witnesses appear, shocked to see the number of books out of place. Hugh tells Shura to help Dalian. He runs to the exit of the library. He hears the scream of a maid. At the Marquise's bedroom, the smell of blood is in the air. On the bed, there’s an old-haired woman with a dagger stuck out of her chest. There’s an old pop-book on her lap. Lyfia stands by the bed, splattered with blood. She remembers when her horse broke his leg. On that occasion, Hugh encouraged her to make a hard decision, to free the animal from suffering. Now, Hugh had saved Lyfia again.

Lyfia was afraid of her young mother. Lyfia was afraid of ageing. That’s why she looked for victims that would keep her and her mother young. However, Lyfia should have killed her mother a long time ago. Lyfia coughs and wipes the blood from her lips. She had poisoned herself. She and her mother took the lives of many. Now, they will finally pay for their sins. Lyfia slowly falls onto the bed as the policemen appear. She starts to age, now that the curse of the Vignette of Eternal Twilight ended. Hugh turns away, fulfilling her last request.

Part 9[]

The guests quickly left the castle, not wanting to be involved in the scandal. The policemen acted to prevent a panic. Hugh and Dalian walk back to the car. The Biblioprincess is angry because Hugh left her behind, covered in books. Shura had taken a long time to dig her out. Hugh and Dalian find the photojournalist standing next to the car. She has disposed of her broken camera. Shura asks for a ride to the station, but Dalian refuses. Shura is depressed. After all, her camera broke during the fight against the grim reapers. She can't write an article. She offers part of her breakfast. Dalian tries to hide her excitement.

Grosseteste shows up to exchange words with Hugh one last time. Grosseteste smiles, satisfied with Mithril’s capture. He was alarmed knowing that she had disguised herself as Harban. But now she is locked up, according to the inspector. Marchbanks took away her Phantom Book. However, Hugh reveals that Marchbanks is Mithril’s henchman. The Faceless Book confiscated by the police is fake. Marchbanks didn’t enter the secret room first because he was waiting for his boss, Mithril, who was pretending to be Harban. Before Hugh can continue, Grosseteste hastily says goodbye and runs away, trying to find Marchbanks and Mithril.

Shura affirms that she’s sorry for the inspector. However, Hugh knows about her true identity. Mithril reveals herself. Hugh suspected that Mithril had disguised herself as Shura, because the photojournalist would never part with her camera, even if broken. Mithril removes her mask, turning into a beautiful woman in white coat. The Faceless Book changes the reader’s appearance, but it can’t copy a complex mechanism like a camera. Dalian hides her surprise behind her habitual arrogance. The Biblioprincess tells the thief to return the books. Mithril had stolen the books released by Dalian. Mithril didn’t want the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. She wanted to destroy the Phantom Book using the Labyrinth Library. Mithril removes several books from her pocket. She took the books when the world of the Vignette of Eternal Twilight was about to collapse.


Dalian tells Mithril to return the detective novels.

Mithril knew that Hugh and Dalian would visit the castle to find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. Mithril had sent a letter to the police because a policeman would be the perfect disguise. She planned everything, she used Lyfia and everyone else, everything to obtain a book from the Labyrinth Library. Unfortunately, Mithril couldn’t prevent the deaths of Dawson and Evelyn. But Hugh respects the thief for helping Lyfia free herself from the Marquise's curse. Perhaps that’s why Hugh didn’t deliver her to Grosseteste.

Dalian is sulking because Mithril took her detective novels. The thief gives the stolen books back to the Biblioprincess. Dalian is obsessed with the collection of detective stories. Mithril would never guess that something so trivial would be inside the Labyrinth Library. Dalian asks about Shura. Mithril decided to help Hugh and Dalian. The couple wouldn’t want an article about the Labyrinth Library in the papers. Mithril doesn’t reveal why she’s collecting Phantom Books. She promises to return someday to steal Dalian’s books. She jumps in the air, disappearing. Dalian eats the breakfast she left behind.

Part 10[]

Shura is tied to a chair inside a small closet. She still has her broken camera. The policemen believe that she’s Mithril, a master of disguise. Grosseteste had learned about the escape of the real Mithril, but he forgot to tell his subordinates to release Shura. The photojournalist calls for Hugh and Dalian. Shura screams, promising to reveal Mithril’s secrets someday as repayment for the humiliation. Years later, Shura became famous for revealing a bunch of information about the Phantom Book Thief.[1]


  • "Le château du Grand Guignol" is French for "The Castle of Grand Guignol". Grand Guignol was a theatre in Paris. From its opening in 1897 until its closing in 1962, it specialized in naturalistic horror shows. Its name is often used as a general term for graphic, amoral horror entertainment.[2]
    • The theatre owed its name to Guignol, a traditional Lyonnaise puppet character.[2] The puppets controlled by the Marquise are guignols.[1]
  • Horses with a broken leg often must be euthanized. Unlike humans, horses have heavy bodies and light leg bones. When bones break, it often means they shatter. And it's almost impossible to surgically reconstruct the fractured leg. Horses lack muscle and other tissues to support the broken bone. Furthermore, it's hard to prevent a horse from using its broken leg to bear weight.[3]
  • Vignette of Eternal Twilight is the last light novel chapter ever released. It's also the longest chapter.[1]
  • Phantom Book Thief is a similar chapter. It also includes a key-keeper and a Biblioprincess entering a castle, interacting with Grosseteste and Mithril and confronting a powerful woman.[4]
  • When Hugh sees the Asquith castle deserted, he remembers the case of the Mary Celeste.[1] It was an American merchant brigantine discovered adrift and deserted in the Atlantic Ocean in 1872.[5]


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