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Book of Lifetime
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Chapter 3

Japanese Name


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Tenju no Sho



Release Date

March 26, 2011



Adapted from

Fragment 2 (light novel 1)

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For the Phantom Book, see Book of Lifetime.
For the light novel fragment, see Fragment 2 (light novel 1).

"Book of Lifetime" is the 3rd chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian manga.

Hugh is reading at a bar, when an old man mentions the day he found the books containing the lives of every person in the world.[1]


Hugh is reading at a bar, when an old man questions his interest for books. The old man hates books because they are boring. According to him, life is a tedious repetition, and every written story is an adaptation of an old myth or ancient folklore. Only one book is worthy reading. Everything that happens in someone’s life, from birth to death, is contained in this book. There’s a place that holds the book of every person in the world, where one can see the thick and heavy books of those who lived long lives and had many experiences, and the thin books of those who died young and had dull lives. A girl with an eyepatch and a long-haired man listen to the old man's story from a table nearby.

As a child, the old man read his own book when he found himself inside an endless maze-like library packed with books. He had almost fallen into despair, seeing such a boring and short book. The old man thought that if his book had no ending, the grim reaper would never claim his life. That’s why he glued the first and last pages of his book together. Now, his book had no beginning nor end.

Years later, the old man regrets doing that. He won't die, but living the same things over and over is a punishment. His face suddenly shows his torment. The old man asks Hugh to find his book and destroy it if he ever stumbles upon that library. Hugh makes the promise. He walks away.

The old man is left sleeping on the counter. The bartender expresses his sympathy to the couple at the table. After all, the old man always tells that tale when he’s drunk. The girl in eyepatch chuckles, wondering if his story is true. She leaves the bar with the long-haired man. The girl finds the humans’ ignorance cute and pitiful. At the Disward estate, Dalian receives the book she was waiting for from Hugh.[1]

Light novel-manga main differences[]

Light novel[2] Manga[1]
Rasiel and the Professor are not part of the fragment. Rasiel and the Professor listen to the old man's tale.
- The old man has a more sinister appearance.
The bartender interacts with Hugh. The bartender interacts with Rasiel and the Professor.
- Hugh returns to the Disward estate. Dalian was waiting for him.



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