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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Dalianchan
Chapter 4

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November 9, 2011



The Chapter 4 of the yonkoma manga Dalian-chan's Bookshelf shows Hugh and Dalian going out to buy winter items.[1]


Hugh prepared the breakfast, but Dalian doesn’t want to leave the bed because she’s feeling cold. Hugh decides to leave to buy winter items. Dalian wants to go along, but Hugh affirms that he won’t buy any fried breads. Dalian puts on a large winter dress. She criticizes the passersby wearing light clothes. Dalian stares at a large teddy bear in the showcase of a shop. Hugh affirms that he won’t buy it.

Hugh and Dalian arrive at the store. The Professor welcomes them. Hugh and Dalian suspect that he’s doing something wrong. The Professor feels offended. He explains that he’s working on a part-time job. He’s doing well, since his beauty attracts customers. However, Hugh still suspects him. The Professor reveals that, in fact, he’s observing how easy people can be manipulated. Hugh and Dalian affirm that the Professor is only beautiful in the outside.

The Professor shows some products. He has a bottle of a virus that can destroy a country in a day. Hugh wants distance from the bottle. He just wants to stay warm in the winter. The Professor offers a Phantom Draft that warms the body from the inside. Since the Phantom Draft is unstable, it might burn the user’s whole body. Hugh tells him not to offer something so dangerous.

Dalian looks for something interesting. She finds a kotatsu, a heating appliance used in a certain country in the Orient. Dalian notices that Rasiel is sleeping under the kotatsu. The Professor carries Rasiel away and welcomes Hugh and Dalian to try the kotatsu. Hugh and Dalian enjoy the warmth. The Professor offers some mandarins to improve the experience. Hugh still suspects him.

Hugh shows Dalian how to eat mandarins. She loves the fruit. However, Hugh tells her to not eat too much, otherwise her skin will turn yellow. He tells the story of a boy who ate lots of mandarins until his skin turned yellow. The boy kept eating mandarins until he turned into a banana. Hugh is surprised that the silly story he just made up scared Dalian so much.

Hugh and Dalian keep enjoying the kotatsu. Hugh is so comfortable that he falls asleep. The Professor approaches him. The Professor asks Hugh if he decided to buy the kotatsu. Hugh and Dalian happily leave the store with the item. Dalian stares at the large teddy bear in the showcase of a shop. Now there’s a discount for the teddy bear. Hugh decides to please Dalian.

Back to the Disward estate, Hugh prepares the tea. Through the window, he sees falling snow. Hugh calls Dalian to see it, but he finds her sleeping under the kotatsu, hugging her new teddy bear. He’s shocked to see Rasiel and the Professor, also enjoying the kotatsu. The Professor decided to visit, now that his part-time job was over.[1]


  • Kotatsu are used almost exclusively in Japan. It's a low, wooden table frame covered by bedding, with a table top over it and a heat source under it.[2]
    • In Japan winter, families commonly get under a kotatsu and eat mandarins, since winter is the season for the fruit. Furthermore, mandarins rehydrate and are easy to peel.[3][4]
    • Hugh affirms that Dalian's skin can turn orange if she eats too many mandarins.[1] β-carotene is an intensely-colored orange pigment, abundant in certain fruits such as mandarins and peaches. Overconsumption may cause carotenosis, a benign condition under which the skin turns orange.[5]
  • Since Dalian is wearing large winter clothes which make her look round, a passersby compares her with a marimo, a rare growth form of the green algae Aegagropila linnaei in which the algae grow into large green balls with a velvety appearance. Colonies of marimo balls are known to form in Japan.[6]
  • Kamilla gives a teddy bear to Dalian in Book of Equivalence.[7]


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