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Dantalian's Miniskirt Revolution
Chapter 4 (Days)
Chapter 4

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dantarian no Minisukāto Kakumei



Release Date

June 26, 2010



"Dantalian’s Miniskirt Revolution" is the 4th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days manga.

Priscilla and Dalian go to the school together and meet Cecil and Margaret.[1]


Margaret holds Priscilla’s hands. Margaret was worried about Priscilla, since she never returned to the dormitory last night. Cecil presses her head against Priscilla’s chest, hugging her. Cecil thought that Priscilla was kidnapped by someone who would enjoy her large breasts. Priscilla explains that a lot happened last night, so she had to stay at Dalian’s house. Cecil is disappointed. She was expecting a larger scandal. Priscilla also talks about Hugh, a teacher in training. He lives with Dalian. He’s a grandson of Dalian’s friend.

Dalian finds the girls very noisy. Cecil and Margaret introduce themselves to Dalian as Priscilla’s childhood friends. Dalian tells Priscilla to use her breasts to attack them. Cecil laughs at Priscilla’s expense, enjoying Dalian’s creativity. Margaret wonders if Priscilla can really give milk.

The classes of that day end. Margaret was unusually sleepy. She hadn’t slept properly because she was worried about Priscilla. Dalian asks Priscilla if she will go to the library today. However, Priscilla has homework. Priscilla realizes that Dalian wants to read the continuation of her story.

Cecil examines Dalian’s cool attire. It doesn’t look like the uniform of a previous school. Dalian refuses to wear such childish uniform. Cecil grabs Dalian's waist, noticing her infant body. Dalian becomes furious. Cecil removes her own skirt and offers it to Dalian. It surprises Priscilla how Cecil can remove her skirt so shamelessly. Cecil is not worried, since she’s wearing bloomers. Priscilla wonders if Cecil plans to return to the dormitory without a skirt. Cecil tells Priscilla to lend half of her skirt.

Margaret believes that Dalian will look cute in a miniskirt. Cecil affirms that Dalian will please Hugh. According to Cecil, Hugh sees Dalian as his wife. Priscilla and Cecil herself are surprised with the idea. Priscilla is shocked, imagining a relationship between a teacher and a schoolgirl. Margaret finds them a nice couple.[1]


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