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Book of Connection
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Chapter 4

Episode 20: The Connection

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Tsunagari no Sho



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April, 2010 (The Sneaker)





For the Phantom Book, see Book of Connection.

"Book of Connection" is the 4th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 5. It's divided into nine parts and contains two illustrations. The chapter is labeled as Episode 20 in the story line.

Hugh and Dalian had read about monks carrying red books and performing miracles, that is, killing a man without touching him.[1]


Hermits escaped from persecution seven hundred years ago. They took refuge in an inhospitable mountain valley, where they founded a monastery called Nudelwald. Soon the monastery became an abbey, occupied by hundreds of monks and nuns. The place is difficult to access. However, that day the church was full of people, most from a neighboring town. They silently pray, holding a Bible at their chests. A young nun at the altar speaks to them. She knows about their sufferings, about their fear of loneliness. But the nun will show them a fragment of wisdom from God. The people open their Bibles to sing. Only a small girl doesn’t participate. She smiles and calls them fools.

Part 1[]

Hugh lands a decommissioned Brisfit airplane on a snowy runway. Dalian, in the seat behind him, hits her face against a book. She climbs out the military vehicle, complaining about the uncomfortable flight. Hugh tells her to complain to Armand for providing a plane in bad conditions. Oddly, they see no staff in the neglected airport. Dalian slips on the snow, falling head first.

There’s a small town sheltered on the side of the mountain. It seems the right place to find the owner of a Phantom Book. According to a tabloid, published ten days ago, a panicked man dressed as a miner went to a police station at the foot of the mountain. He had no identity, only a book. The next day, monks appeared, looking for the man. They were also holding a strange book with red cover. The man tried to escape, but the monks killed him by praying. They never touched the victim. The police had no choice but to let them leave. Later, the victim was identified as a resident of Nudelwald, where one can find an ancient abbey.

A snowball hits Dalian’s forehead. The second one, larger, hits her temple. Dalian falls. A girl in a monastic tunic is trying to keep them away from the town. A large cross sways across the young woman’s chest. The nun recognizes Dalian as a Bibiloprincess due to her strange outfit. The nun throws off her hood, revealing a thick golden hair. She prays for God, asking Him to save that land from evil. Hugh jumps from foot to foot, easily dodging the snowballs. The young woman disappears into the forest nearby when she sees four nuns approaching. The eldest nun welcomes Hugh and Dalian to Nudelwald. Hugh notices a book with red cover in her hand.

Part 2[]

The Professor stands by the window, watching a military airplane heading to the airport nearby. Rasiel wonders why he’s smiling. She points to the wall, asking what he's calculating. The surface is occupied with numbers and obscure characters. Dozens of monks examine the mysterious formulas, as if they are a calculating machine looking for a solution to a complex problem. The Professor will make a toy that countries will fight for the right to own it. Rasiel spins in place, satisfied. The Professor thanks Mother Eva Gisela for providing those men. She has a wonderful golden hair. She affirms that Rasiel’s book had made everything possible. The believers had received God’s grace. They’ve forgotten about their loneliness and anxieties. Their souls are in peace. In a whisper, Rasiel calls her a fool. Rasiel reminds the nun that she hasn't been chosen by the book yet. The book is still unstable. After all, an apostate had escaped from the town. However, Eva ensured that the man was punished.

Part 3[]

Hugh and Dalian are welcome. Meals and rooms are promptly prepared for the couple, free of charge. It's a suspicious behavior from the overly gentle nuns. One of them explains that, according to Mother Eva, neighbors should be loved, guests treated as brothers and sisters. Hugh gazes the portraits at the wall. He finds the image of Mother Eva. She looks like the nun who threw snowballs at them. However, while Mother Teresa has a sincere and majestic atmosphere, the nun they met at the airport looks childish.

Hugh asks to the nun nearby about the red book in her hands. The nun explains that it’s a manuscript, an ancient translation from the Bible, transmitted in the monastery from generation to generation. The nun offers a copy to Hugh, but he refuses. Hugh and Dalian stand up to explore the town. The nun warns them about the big snowdrifts on the streets. She also tells them that the nuns are always watching them.

Part 4[]

Everyone in the town carry red books, the same one found with the man who was killed at the foot of the mountain. Dalian affirms that they aren’t Phantom Books. Hugh and Dalian notice that the town is only inhabited by young children, women and old people. There are almost no young men. A gray-haired man having a coughing fit falls to the ground. People go about their business, ignoring the elder. The snowball-thrower nun runs to check on Queneau. She makes Hugh and Dalian help her to carry the weakened old man to the church. The monastery was closer, but the nun explains that Queneau had been thrown away. The monastery wouldn’t accept the man. The nun introduces herself as Emilie Gisela. She had tried to prevent Hugh and Dalian from entering the town.

They reach the outskirts of the town. The pasture had been abandoned. After all, the men were taken to the mountains to work for the monastery six months ago. It happened at the same time that a man in white coat came to Nudelwald and bought a mine for a mountain of money. Rumors say that, in the bowels of the earth, glowing stones are being mined. People soon realized that miners are paid a lot more compared to farmers. The man in white coat who commands the monastery is accompanied by a short girl wearing a dress as strange as Dalian’s.

They arrive at Emilie’s church. The building is in ruins, part of the roof destroyed. Inside, senile men rest under the blankets. Like Queneau, those are men abandoned by the monastery. They look like old men, but in fact they aren’t even forty years old. Their health weakened after working in the mines. Doctors wouldn’t examine anyone rejected by the monastery. No one in Nudelwald dares to go against the monastery. After all, their monks can perform miracles. They kill men without touching them, intimidating everyone. Emilie is the only one who cares for the victims. However, she can only pray for them and keep them company.

Emilie prepares three mugs of coffee prepared from dried roots. Dalian finds it disgusting. Hugh struggles to drink it. Emilie had invented the recipe herself. Monasteries prohibited luxuries such as alcoholic beverages and coffee. Hugh tells her that she is a good sister. Dalian is not so gentle, calling her a false nun. Emilie lowers her head in sadness, briefly mentioning her sister. Emilie quickly changes the subject, thanking Hugh and Dalian for the help. Emilie tells them to leave the town as soon as possible.

Part 5[]

Rasiel Book of Connection

Hugh meets Rasiel.

Hugh explores the mountain by himself. A large conveyor delivers ore to the surface. At least a hundred men work like ants inside the mine. Hugh reaches the farthest part of the cave. He sees freshly mined ore emitting a bright yellow-green glow. Someone tells him to not get closer. The man introduces himself as the Professor, the one who bought the mine. According to him, the area has deposits of concentrated uranium and radium, radioactive chemical elements. The Professor knows about Hugh. The Professor knows everything that’s talked in the town.

The Professor describes the harmful effects of powerful doses of radioactive radiation. The symptoms are the same suffered by the men inside Emilie’s church. The Professor talks with no regard for their pain, as if the victims are laboratory mice. His attitude makes Hugh angry.

The Professor reveals that he’s trying to create new Phantom Books. He’s experimenting with Phantom Book Eggs, manuscripts with potential to become powerful Phantom Books. The Professor affirms that people tend to use Phantom Books to fill the void in their hearts. For him, people are only objects of observation. Rasiel approaches the Professor. She examines Hugh. Soon after, she shows him her tongue. The Professor asks why Hugh acts as Dalian’s key-keeper. Rasiel and the Professor disappear into the darkness of the mine. Hugh clenches his fist, furious.

Part 6[]

Emilie clears the snow from the church’s roof. Dalian, reading a book, refuses to help. Dalian gives a piece of paper to Emilie. It’s a prescription for pain medication. Emilie would be able to prepare it using local plants and roots. It wouldn’t cure the men, only alleviate their pain. Before Emilie can express her gratitude, she slips, falling on top of Dalian. The Black Biblioprincess stares at Emilie, furious. Then, Dalian smiles. Hugh had returned. He touches the revolver inside his jacket. Seven young monks come from the darkness. They carry red bibles. One of them tells Emilie that Mother Eva is waiting for her. Emilie has a book to return. The men walk towards Emilie, synchronized. They tell Hugh and the Black Biblioprincess to not interfere.

The monks notice the sick men inside the church. The monks won't give them mercy. One of the monks opens his red book. Electric charges envelope the man. He extends his arm. A patient is struck by lightning. The monk affirms that Hugh wants to grab his revolver. The monk describes the weapon and the number of bullets. It seems like the monks can read minds or have the power of foresight. Hugh can't confront them. The monks know that Hugh won't shoot them. It’s impossible to resist the monks’ miracles. Emilie surrenders. She reveals an old book with velvet cover. A monk touches a pillar which supports the ceiling. The church collapses.

Part 7[]

Luckily, part of the church’s roof had already collapsed in the past, so Hugh and Dalian weren’t smashed. Otherwise, they would be buried alive. Dalian wonders why the already powerful monks were after Emilie’s book. Besides the couple, Queneau is the only survivor, although the man is in bad shape. Hugh wants to take him to the town. Queneau tells Hugh to let him die. Queneau explains that the red books are called “Book of Connection”. It connects the minds of all monks and ordinary believers. It erases their identities. They become one. What a person sees, feels or thinks, is immediately known by everyone. With such power, thousands of brains can work together to perform miracles. They can quickly calculate the resonance frequency of a structure in order to make it collapse with a single touch. The Book of Connection turns brains into chips of a circuit. Information is transmitted through the nervous system by electric transmission. Since brains are connected in series, this pulse can be amplified, resulting in a visible electric discharge. Individually, the red books are useless. Together, they form a device that manages communication. The Professor is experimenting with this Phantom Book Egg.

Queneau tells Hugh and Dalian to not mess with Nudelwald. The monastery discards the brothers as if they are ordinary tools. The red books control the people’s minds. Only when they are abandoned by the monastery that the victims understand the evil. Queneau asks if Dalian can hold his hand. The sick man dies. Dalian pretends not to be emotional. Hugh and Dalian decide to save Emilie. Before they leave, Dalian finds a hidden crypt in the basement of the church. They find the body of an abbess. There’s a large cross at her chest, the same used by Emilie.

Part 8[]

It's getting dark. A crowd gathers in the largest church of the monastery. A young abbess in white looks at her flock. Rasiel and the Professor are beside her. Rasiel is impatient, but the original book had finally returned. Eva tries to calm her. The abbess tells Rasiel that now everyone with a copy of the Book of Connection is totally connected. Soon, the book will unite the whole world, and people will forget about their anxieties. The crowd sings in joy, sharing the nun’s feelings. Emilie interrupts the gathering, affirming that Eva will only achieve fake happiness. The crowd notices the words coming from Eva’s mouth, although it's Emilie’s voice. Eva ignores Emilie. Soon, Emilie will also be part of their union. Urged by Rasiel, Eva starts a ritual. Eva opens the original Book of Connection. Suddenly, the singing inside the church stops.

Rasiel and Dalian

Rasiel and Dalian provoke each other.

The believers make way for Hugh and Dalian. Now Hugh understands that Emilie is the true reader of the Phantom Book. Hugh also knows that the Professor is a key-keeper. Dalian and Rasiel offend each other. Eva denies to be Emilie. However, Hugh had seen the body of the real Eva at the crypt. He shows the large cross he found among the remains. The name Eva Gisela is written on the back of the cross. A few years ago, Emilie and Eva read the Book of Connection. The souls of the sisters Emilie and Eva should have been merged. However, something went wrong, since the manuscript is an incomplete Phantom Book. Eva died, and her soul was absorbed by Emilie.

Emilie-Eva is ready to use the believers to get rid of Hugh and Dalian. The latter recites an adapted verse from the Bible, telling everyone to live for the words of God, and for fried breads. The believers, in a state of trance, can only think of fried breads, repeating Dalian’s words. Hugh pulls out a thin book from his pocket. The Professor recognizes the Book of Imprint, a Phantom Book which embeds an order into the soul of a person. Hugh had read the Phantom Book to one of the believers. Since everyone is connected, the others are also brainwashed. The magic spreads through the Book of Connection network like a virus. As the user of the Book of Connection, only Emilie-Eva remains self-conscious. However, now the Phantom Book Egg is ruined. Now, the Professor won't be able to solve the formula for a controlled fission reaction. The Professor wants to strengthen his country, which was forced to demilitarize after the Great War.

Hugh aims his gun at the Professor as he opens the library inside Rasiel. Meanwhile, Emilie-Eva is holding her head, yelling in pain. Now that the Book of Connection has failed, all information from hundreds of people are flowing into her mind. Rasiel and the Professor disappear, probably exploring the power of a Phantom Book. The monks and believers also scream in pain. The Book of Connection network must be stopped. Emilie-Eva must be killed or everyone in the monastery will die. Hugh and Dalian hear the voice of Eva, the childish woman who threw snowballs at them. She asks them to kill her. Dalian gives Hugh the right to open the Labyrinth Library. Hugh opens a Phantom Book.

Part 9[]

Newspapers reported about the small town, since every inhabitant had inexplicably forgotten what happened for the past six months. The airplane lands on the runway. Dalian is almost hit by a snowball. The nun, surrounded by children, apologizes. She explains that the monastery is closed. After all, dangerous minerals were found in the mines beneath it. She asks about the unusual book under Hugh’s arm. According to him, it’s the Book of Oblivion, a Phantom Book capable of taking away people’s memories. Dalian reveals that she and Hugh have a friend in the monastery, but they won't be able to see her again. The nun offers them coffee. Dalian drinks the disgusting concoction made of dried roots.[1]


  • Hugh pilots a Bristol F.2 Fighter, also known as Brisfit, a British two-seat biplane fighter and reconnaissance aircraft of the Great War. Armand lends especifically the definitive F.2B version, retrospectively designated Bristol Type 14.[1][2]
  • Dalian adapts Matthew 4:4, saying "it is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God".[1][3] However, she replaces "bread" with "fried bread", which is more of her like.[1]
  • The Professor wants to understand nuclear fission[1], a nuclear reaction or a radioactive decay process in which the nucleus of an atom splits into two or more smaller, lighter nuclei.[4]
    • At that time, there were already proposals for atomic models and studies about radioactive decay. The first observation of a nuclear reaction was in 1917. However, the discovery of nuclear fission would occur only in 1938. Curiously, it happened in Germany[4], the empire the Professor wishes to strengthen.[1]
    • The first fission bomb, codenamed "The Gadget", was detonated during the Trinity Test in the desert of New Mexico in July, 1945. The next month, two similar nuclear weapons were used in combat against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.[4]
    • The Professor affirms that a fission bomb can illuminate cities at night.[1] During the Trinity Test, it was reported that mountains were illuminated "brighter than daytime" for one to two seconds.[4]
  • The glowing ore reminds Hugh of radium dials.[1] Watches, clocks and other instrument dials were painted with radioluminescent paint containing radium-226, a radioactive material. It was applied in airplane instruments to make them visible in the dark.[5]
    • The Professor is overseeing the mining of uranium and radium. As he explains, uranium is the base of salts which are easily dissolved in water. Thus, the material is transported by ground waters, later accumulating as ore deposits.[1][6] Radium is contained within uranium-rich ores.[7]
  • While throwing snowballs at Hugh and Dalian, a nun prays a version of the Lord's Prayer.[1]
  • The chapter shows for the first time Hugh and Dalian interacting with Rasiel and the Professor.[1]


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