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Extra Episode 04: The Stalactite

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"Paradise" is the 4th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 6. It's divided into nine parts and contains two illustrations. The chapter is labeled as Extra Episode 04.

Hal and Flamberge visit the Latham Archipelago. Lord Haycroft had requested the services of a Book Burning Officer after a Phantom Book made his daughter Oriana disappear.[1]


A barefoot girl in expensive, soaked wet dress walks confidently through a large cave at the end of a dark, long corridor. Moonlight penetrates through the cracks of the ceiling, which is supported by rainbow-colored columns. Stepping on the wet floor, she reaches a white beach, where she finds a tanned young woman, proudly looking at a fishing ship. The girl recognizes Dean. She jumps to his embrace. He had been waiting for her. She lets out tears of happiness. She closes her eyes and listens to a melodious voice reading a foreign book. The girl is enveloped by a rainbow glow. She falls into the darkness.

Part 1[]

Flamberge Hal

Flamberge and Hal reach the Latham Archipelago.

Hal reaches the Latham Archipelago aboard a steam ship. His motorcycle is secured to the deck with a steel cable. Flamberge, at the sidecar, was expecting to see an island of fishermen, not a resort. She teases Hal, saying that the beach will be filled with ladies in swimsuits. A sailor interrupts their quarrel. He feels uncomfortable due to Flamberge’s appearance. He tells the couple not to bother other passengers. Hal asks where Haycroft lives. The sailor affirms that, fifteen years ago, the Lord put all his fortune into the development of the island. It’s said that he stole the sea devils' treasure. The sailor tells Hal that Haycroft lives in a remarkable house on the highest hill of the island. It seems like Haycroft has requested for the services of a Book Burning Officer. Hal drives his motorcycle to the island.

Part 2[]

Hal and Flamberge easily find Lord Haycroft’s luxurious house. After waiting in the reception room for half an hour, examining the fanciful interior, the couple meets Haycroft and his strong bodyguards. The Lord apologizes for the long waiting. He was arranging the funeral of an acquaintance, after all. Haycroft wants to have his daughter back. Half a month ago, Oriana left home and disappeared. Since she left home because of a Phantom Book, Haycroft expects that a Book Burning Officer will help him.

Oriana believes that the Holy Land of the Sea Devils and the place created by the Book of Paradise are the same. The naive girl vanished while searching for this paradise to obtain eternal peace and happiness. Haycroft hasn’t seen a sea devil, but the creatures are rumored to exist somewhere in the archipelago. Hal decides to investigate. His main goal is burning the Phantom Book, but with luck he may also rescue Oriana. Haycroft gives a box with his daughter’s possession to Hal. Flamberge examines her photograph. Hal examines a tube made of wood and metal. It seems like a pipe for drug intake.

Part 3[]

The next afternoon, Hal eats lunch next to the beach. He's tired after trying to collect information about Oriana’s pipe. The drug dealers in the region worked with opium, whose smell doesn’t match the smell on the pipe. Flamberge, sat in the sidecar of the motorcycle, notices a crowd at the port. Policemen are removing a body from a ship. It seems the same ship that Hal and Flamberge boarded to reach the island. The onlookers suspect that the man was killed by a sea devil. Hal walks to the port to check, but his way is blocked by a woman in white coat.

The woman throws up on the shore, feeling unwell. Flamberge bursts out laughing. The woman apologizes. She stares at the pipe on Hal’s hands. Hal introduces himself as Book Burning Officer looking for a girl. He opens a locket to show Oriana’s photograph. According to the sick woman, such pipe is used to smoke Paradise Pieces. She vomits once again. Hal offers her some water, but she refuses. She tells Hal to check the Driftwood Pavilion to find out more about the Paradise Pieces. She smiles and introduces herself as Lucrece Lang.

Part 4[]

Hal goes to the poor region of the Latham Archipelago. Development hasn’t reached the whole island. He finds the Driftwood Pavilion, its interior filled with white smoke. Some regulars seem to be sleeping. Hal jumps over the dirty counter and grabs the owner by his collar. Hal shows Oriana’s pipe. The owner sells this kind of tool. He explains that the Paradise Piece is not a drug, but a driftwood which makes people see memories. The users are able to return and experience once again the happy moments of their lives. Although their visions are only a dream and there’s no way to go back to the past, some people can’t live without the substance, especially those who can't find work after Lord Haycroft turned the island into a resort.

Hal releases the owner and shows a photograph of Oriana. The owner recognizes her. She came to the pub to buy Paradise Pieces. She wanted to relive the past. After all, her lover Dean died. Hal tosses a few silver coins to make the owner speak. The latter reveals that Dean was a fisherman who decided to buy a little boat, even after the demand for fish disappeared with the changes made by Haycroft. Dean would be able to sell fish directly to the kingdom and make enough money to ask Oriana in marriage. He went after the sea devils’ treasure to afford the ship. He believed that not all the treasure was taken by Haycroft and his partners. Oriana accidentally found a map at her father’s office, so she told him where the treasure was buried.

Almost two years ago, Dean and other young men explored the cave where the treasure was supposed to be. However, they died because the cave was filled with poison gas. The military blocked the access to the cave soon after, so no one knows the details. Oriana blamed herself for Dean’s death. The owner also reveals that people too addicted to the Paradise Pieces are attracted to the Holy Land of the Sea Devils. It’s located in a nearby small island, but everyone is afraid of going there. Hal thanks the owner and leaves.

Part 5[]

It was evening when Hal and Flamberge reached the last boathouse. The lively girl, both owner and captain, refuses to take them to the Holy Land of the Sea Devils. Other captains also refused them, ignoring any payment and inventing excuses. Some tried to convince the couple of giving up. According to the girl, the way to the island has dangerous currents and rocks, so locals keep their distance not only because of their superstition. However, Hal heard that the girl can take them to the mysterious place. Hal knows that the girl is the one who collects the Paradise Pieces. The girl feels threatened by Hal. They stare at each other, but Lucrece interrupts them with a loud laugh. Lucrece tells Bonnie Lee to give a boat to the couple. Lucrece will accompany them. Bonnie worries that they won’t return, but Lucrece knows that Hal and Flamberge are not after the paradise created by the Phantom Book. Lucrece tells Bonnie that they have a great opportunity to finally do something about that place. Bonnie agrees in taking Hal and Flamberge. The captain refers to Lucrece as a princess.

Part 6[]

Bonnie controls her ship between the rocks. Lucrece experience seasickness once again. Soon, an uninhabited small rocky island appears. Bonnie explains that sea devils live there. They don’t eat people, but they entice them with sweet memories. Visitors never return. Bonnie comes as close as possible to the island. Hal carries Flamberge to the shore without saying a word to Bonnie and Lucrece. Hal and Flamberge reach the entrance of a cave with rainbow-colored stalactites which release the Paradise Pieces. Hal throws Flamberge off his shoulder. She lands on a stone. Hal hears a beautiful voice. He walks forward. Moonlight penetrating through cracks illuminate the cave. Hal gasps. He notices that the voice is not singing, but reading. Hal falls to his knees.

Part 7[]

The tall young man is reading in a small room of an old university. A pretty lady speaks to him at the front door. Hal is surprised to see her again. She came to protect herself from the cold winter. She wanted to speak with her friend Francesca, at the clock tower, but she decided to see Hal after noticing the lights on. Francesca is not a ghost as Hal thinks. In fact, Francesca and Hal would get along easily. Next time, the pretty lady will take Hal with her.

The lady makes some coffee. Hal asks for a cup without sugar. They have a brief conversation. Hal had been invited to go to an American university. He asks if the lady wants to go with him, away from the terrible war that will start. Whispering in his ear, the lady tells him not to worry. She has a Phantom Book after all. She will use it to fulfill her desire and bring peace to the world. As long as the Phantom Book exists, they can have a happy life together, forever. Hal listens to her pleasant voice. He also notices someone reading a book. Darkness fills his vision.

Part 8[]

Flamberge Cave

Flamberge explores the Holy Land of the Sea Devils.

Flamberge notices hundreds of sea devils and humans inside the rainbow-colored stalactites. The formations lure people using the Paradise Pieces. Then, they envelope the victims and slow their metabolism. The victim is kept alive to maintain the power of the Book of Paradise. Flamberge stares at the cave’s largest stalactite. Inside it, an old, foreign book is held by the remains of a sea devil. The latter affirms that the Book of Paradise makes people experience the happiest moments of their lives and ignore their worries and hardships. However, Flamberge is still awake because she doesn’t remember her past. Her memories vanished in a certain winter day, when the clock tower collapsed. She lets out an insane laughter. Meanwhile, Hal is on his knees, eyes closed. A thick rainbow-colored liquid climbs his body. Soon, he will be petrified. Flamberge explains that she’s not the only one without happy memories.

Hal shouts Flamberge's name. A bunch of old keys appear in his hands. Hal removes a Phantom Book from the Long Lost Library inside Flamberge and loads it into his staff. The stalactites break into pieces when touched by the flames shot from Hal’s staff. The people who were entrapped for many years die. Others were finally free. The sea devil begs him to stop. Hal envelopes the sea devil and her Phantom Book in flames. The creature smiles at him. She tells him that, someday, those flames will consume his life and memories. Hal affirms that his past was burned a long time ago. However, the sea devil knows that Hal is lying. He touches his cheek, wet with tears.

Part 9[]

It was morning when all the survivors were evacuated. Although exhausted, Oriana is fine. She forgot everything that happened in the cave. Bonnie sails back to the main island with everyone aboard. Lucrece, just woke up, is surprised to see Hal and Flamberge so soon. She explains that the cave was like a cemetery for the sea devils. Since they live in the sea, they do not bury their relatives. They visited the cave to remember the deceased, keeping the harmony there. However, as time went on, the number of sea devils greatly diminished, so the Phantom Book, passed down between sea devils for generations, lost control and began to attract innocent humans to maintain the paradise of memories. Hal points his staff at Lucrece. He asks how she knows so much. She looks like the sea devil who was holding the Phantom Book inside the cave. Lucrece is honored to be compared to such beautiful creatures. As a scientist, Lucrece affirms that she was only hypothesizing.

The boat is approaching the main island. Now that Haycroft’s request has been fulfilled, Hal has no reason to stay, although Flamberge wishes to have some fun at the resort. Hal was hoping that another Biblioprincess would come to the island after hearing about the Phantom Book. Lucrece mentions Dalian’s name after seeing the little girl in the backseat of an expensive car. Hal reacts violently. Lucrece knows Dalian because they have sailed to the island together. Hal asks if Dalian was wearing a black dress. Lucrece affirms that Dalian was wearing a beautiful blue dress. Hal and Flamberge conclude that Lucrece is talking about another girl named Dalian. Bonnie stops the ship at the port. Lucrece walks to the beach, staggering. She’s experiencing seasickness once again. Without her usual mocking tone, Flamberge asks if Hal had a happy dream inside the cave. Hal doesn’t remember. Nonetheless, what he saw was only a dream.[1]



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