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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Dalianchan
Chapter 5

Release Date

December 9, 2011



The Chapter 5 of the yonkoma manga Dalian-chan's Bookshelf shows a Christmas party at the Disward estate.[1]


Winter brings snow and cold. According to Hugh, it makes hard for Dalian to leave her bed. However, he’s surprised to see her awake. She seems sad. She’s being waiting for Santa Claus. Hugh completely forgot that Christmas arrived. He ensures Dalian that Santa will come. Hugh decides to distract Dalian. He affirms that they will have a party. Dalian becomes excited when Hugh mentions a cake.

Hugh has no choice but to get out to buy one. Before he can leave, Rasiel and the Professor show up. Hugh is happy to see that the Professor made a cake. Hugh invites them for a party. Unfortunately, the Professor stumbles and the box with the cake falls on the floor. Hugh soothes the Professor, saying that they still can eat the cake. The taste didn’t change. The Professor stares at Hugh, as if infatuated.

The Professor decides to prepare other dishes. Hugh will decorate the tree. Since Dalian and Rasiel lack skills, they are tasked to make paper rings. The Biblioprincesses criticizes each other’s work, although both did a terrible job. In order to stop the fight, Hugh tells them to decorate the tree. The girls argue once again. The tree is covered with decorations.

Flamberge and Hal arrive. They brought meat. It seems like Hal just caught a live chicken. Flamberge criticizes Dalian and Rasiel’s paper rings. Flamberge uses her feet to try it. She does an amazing job. Meanwhile, Hal goes to the kitchen to prepare the meat. The Professor is already there. He looks like a woman, missing only a chest. Hal lights a match, but the Professor thinks that he’s too noisy. Hal yells, as if he’s using his staff to burn something.

The Christmas party starts. The cake is revealed. It’s ruined. Hugh forgot that it had fell on the ground. During the party, Hugh notices that Dalian is thoughtful. She’s thinking about Santa. The Professor distracts her by giving her a gift. The Professor made a mug for her. It has a teddy bear painted on it. Rasiel had chosen the decoration after seeing Dalian with a plushie. Dalian seems happy. She thanks the couple. Flamberge and Hal also have a gift. Hal appears with a huge, intimidating box. It seems like there’s a beast inside. Flamberge tells them to be careful.[1]


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