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Dantalian's Alleged Wedding Ring!?
Chapter 5 (Days)
Chapter 5

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dantarian no Giwaku no Kekkon Kubiwa!?



Release Date

July 26, 2010



"Dantalian's Alleged Wedding Ring!?" is the 5th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days manga.

Cecil and Margaret want to visit Dalian’s house.[1]


Priscilla imagines Dalian wearing a miniskirt to please Hugh. Priscilla is fantasizing them as a couple. She’s distracted during the class, writing a 50-page short story about the relationship.

Outside the classroom, Cecil expresses her wish to visit Dalian’s house on Sunday with Margaret and Priscilla. Margaret wants to know more about Hugh and Dalian’s relationship, and about the lock on Dalian’s chest. Margaret wonders if the lock represents Hugh and Dalian’s love. Cecil wonders if the lock has a naughty meaning. For a moment, Priscilla remembers the moment when Hugh opened the lock on Dalian’s chest.

Priscilla discourages her friends. The trio would be a nuisance to Hugh and Dalian. Furthermore, Priscilla reveals that Hugh and Dalian haven’t unpacked everything after moving. With such information, Cecil has an idea. She finds Dalian reading in the library. Cecil speaks loudly inside the library. Priscilla and Margaret tell her to lower her voice.

Cecil offers help to Dalian. Cecil plans to go to Dalian’s house with Priscilla and Margaret to join the cleaning effort. Dalian readily refuses. According to Dalian, the schoolgirls will make things worse. Priscilla tells Dalian that Cecil and Margaret want to be friends. Priscilla also wants to apologize properly for the night when she attacked Hugh.

Dalian is finally convinced when Margaret proposes a tea party after the cleaning. Margaret will bake some cookies. In secret, Dalian asks Priscilla if she can make some fried breads. Cecil celebrates.

Dalian asks Priscilla if she remembered more details about the first night they met. Priscilla worries that she did something strange. According to Dalian, that night, Priscilla removed the towel and danced like crazy in front of Hugh. Priscilla panics, unable to believe. Cecil tells Priscilla to repeat the dance at the tea party. Priscilla immediately refuses.[1]


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