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Book of Atonement
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Chapter 5

Episode 12: Voodoo for Vendetta

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Tsugunai no Sho



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February, 2009 (The Sneaker)




Episode 12 (loosely)

For the Phantom Book, see Book of Atonement.

"Book of Atonement" is the 5th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 3. It's divided into seven parts and contains two illustrations. The chapter is labeled as Episode 12 in the story line.

Hal and Flamberge are investigating the case of a supposed zombie who approached the embassy. Hugh and Dalian were also at the royal city. They paths cross while trying to solve the problem caused by the Book of Atonement.[1]


The royal city is illuminated by moonlight. The embassy is located in a magnificent building. Armed police officers are guarding the place during the foggy night. Dignitaries are visiting due to diplomatic missions. One of the guards leaves his station to look the embassy gate. An unsuspicious middle-aged is approaching. The guard orders him to stop, using an intimidating tone and threatening him with a baton. However, the man continues to walk, giving off a strange atmosphere, showing a stiff gait. There is a bad scent in the air. The policeman pushes him back. The man suddenly stretches his arm to grab the guard’s throat. The grasp is impossibly strong. A voice of agony is heard. The other policemen rush to the spot. The intruder is forced back for a moment, but soon continues to attack. He uses brute force to push them to the ground. Sounds of breaking bones and screams of pain are coming from the victims. The man slowly walks towards the embassy, stepping over bodies. A rotten smell is coming from him, the smell of a corpse. More policemen appear, ready to shoot. The man’s body slightly shakes as countless bullets hit him, making torn meat hang. The target is unstoppable. With an empty expression, all he can say is “Phantom Book”.

Part 1[]

Hal stops his motorcycle in one of the backstreets of the royal city. Flamberge teases him for his gloomy attitude in that foggy and polluted place. He’s interested in the incident that occurred four days ago, when seven police officers were injured and one man swinging something sharp was shot dead. It was not reported, but the assailant was shot more than twenty times. It seems like he was dead from the beginning. When he was exposed to the sun, he crumbled like earth. Flamberge suggests that he was being controlled by someone owing a Phantom Book. Hal grimaces. He believes that something similar will happen again. It wil be a terrorist attack using the living dead to threat the heads of state who were gathering at the capital to discuss plans of reconstruction after the Great War. The Allies are target of hate from those coming from the countries who had to pay for all the destruction. Hal will use his power as a Book Burning Officer to stop the culprit. Flamberge shares her dissatisfaction, as she will have to sleep in that shady city during their investigation. Hal, however, has already found the suspects. He gazes at a strange couple sat at a continental restaurant.

Part 2[]

Dalian yells at the clerk, asking for all the fried breads in the store. There are countless small dishes on the table. Hugh wonders when she’ll be satisfied. She says that sugar is a source of energy for the brain, unless the brain is rotten as his. According to her, the next stop would be at a donut shop. She points to the guidebook she's carrying. It's a gourmet guide covering reputable restaurants and cafes in the royal capital. It's been a long time since she visited the city, so she will get the most of it and visit every place. Hugh reminds her that they were looking after the owner of the Phantom Book which creates zombies. They discuss about the matter. According to Dalian, the culprit is doing an experiment.

Hugh looks around. It's a sabbath afternoon. The district is teeming with shoppers and passersby. Many are wearing jerseys as a way to support their soccer team. Only half an hour remained for the sunset, when the living corpses could be activated. The terrorists may target the international conference at the embassy, where many European leaders were located. Hugh asks if Dalian knows the couple who is staring at them.

Flamberge and Dalian

Dalian and Flamberge meet.

The pilot violently accelerates the motorcycle in Hugh and Dalian's direction. The vehicle doesn’t slow down, even when moving on the sidewalk, destroying the tables nearby. Dalian is paralyzed, with a bread in her mouth and her hands occupied with the guidebook and a teacup. At the last moment, Hugh picks her up, jumping towards the road. Dalian screams when she notices a fried bread on the ground. Hal points his staff at Hugh and Dalian. The latter recognizes Hal as a Book Burning Officer. Flamberge stays behind, observing the exchange. Without a warning, Hal attacks Hugh. They soon break away as a burst of hot smoke comes out of the staff. Hugh wipes the blood from his lips. Hal is surprised. His opponent should be dead. He asks if Hugh is a soldier. Hugh identifies himself as an airplane pilot. He points his handgun at Hal.

Hal’s purpose is destroying all Phantom Books, objects that use the power of illusions and should not exist. Hugh argues that mankind has progressed because of people who seek the unknown. Hal asks if he ever saw someone who found happiness by reading a Phantom Book. He accuses Hugh of planning a terrorist attack using living corpses to storm the embassy. Dalian starts to offend Hal and Flamberge, feeling insulted. Hal asks what Hugh and Dalian are doing next to the crime scene, holding a Phantom Book. He points to the guidebook at the ground, mistaking it for a Phantom Book. Flamberge laughs at the misunderstanding. Nonetheless, Hal will destroy the Biblioprincess and her key-keeper, even if they are not involved with terrorism. Hal shows an old golden key in his right hand. Hugh evokes a similar one from his right hand. They stare at each other’s key. They can hear screams coming from a subway station.

Part 3[]

People are frightened, running away desperately. Some are injured. It's easy to guess the source of the problem. The living dead are attacking the subway station, where sunshine can't reach it. Hal and Flamberge leave in the motorcycle, going in the opposite direction of the crowd. Dalian asks if Hal will kill the zombies with his bare hands. After all, he had left his staff behind.

Hal drives inside the subway station. There are several zombies and corpses. He uses his motorcycle as a weapon, accelerating towards a group of monsters. The enemies collide against a wall. They stop moving, their bones shattered. Hal leaves his vehicle to fight the remaining zombies, destroying their joints to incapacitate them. However, more opponents were approaching. Hal is surrounded by more than twenty of them. There's even a zombie wearing a police uniform. Flamberge calls for Hal. She stares at a large signboard on the wall of the station.

They can't read the small letters from that distance, but Hal realizes that the Phantom Book was transcribed into the signboard in order to control the passersby. This kind of magic is something that can exist in different forms other than a book, and the terrorists know that. If a route map was posted on a subway station, some people would read it entirely, even if it was incorrect. Those people would be influenced by the Book of Atonement. Their souls would be taken and they would become zombies. More people would be transformed with the arrival of the trains. The purpose of the experiment conducted four days ago was to make sure that a corpse could be controlled with a copy of the Phantom Book. According to Hal, the only solution is destroying the board. He runs to its target, fighting the zombies in his way. But his opponents are too many. Soon he’s overwhelmed. The monsters grab him, using a tremendous strength which almost breaks his bones. Hal hears gunshots inside the station. The bullets destroy the fasteners holding the signboard, which slowly falls. The voice of a young man reads in a foreign language, as if conducting a religious ceremony. The zombies stop moving. Hugh had read the Book of the Feast of the Dead of the Windowless Hall to save Hal.

Hal, Flamberge, Hugh and Dalian quickly discuss about the matter. That incident was probably another experiment. After all, they are far from the conference hall where dignitaries from various countries are reuniting. Furthermore, the signboard had many characters. Only a few people would read it to the end. The death toll at the subway was around a dozen people, not enough to break through the security at the embassy. The terrorists will need a way to control a large quantity of people in different places. After thinking for a moment, Flamberge deduces the terrorists' plan. She points at a small newspaper stand. Hugh understands now. The finals of a soccer tournament is about to end. An extra edition will be published and tens of thousands will read it. The chaos will be enough not only to ruin the conference, but also to destroy the royal city. Hal walks to his motorcycle. He plans to stop the printing of the newspapers. However, he only has a dozen minutes before the end of the match. It isn't enough to find the owner of the Phantom Book and dispose of the extra editions.

Part 4[]

The man is looking out the window, slightly tense, dressed as a newspaper seller. He is known as "Leutnant", although he never graduated from military academy. The longest night of the royal city is about to begin. He checks his pocket watch and calls out for his comrades. The extra editions with the transcription are already prepared to be distributed between the men. They will spread it throughout the capital. Then, tens of thousands of living corpses will wreak havoc. The dignitaries will also be victims. Previous experiments showed that the transcribed Phantom Books are able to turn people into zombies. All that’s left is to execute the plan. Someone tells them to wait. The fat man is listening to the radio. The match is not over yet, although there has been no delays at the start of it. The difference in the score is huge, so there is no reason to prolong the game. The Leutnant seems frustrated due to the strange occurrence.

Hal and Flamberge suddenly show up. Hal shows interest. The extra editions are ready, although the game is still in progress. The Leutnant explains that they will be useless if not distributed right after the match. The Leutnant tries to be friendly, noticing how strong Hal looks. The Leutnant shows confidence. After all, the winner is seven goals ahead. The result won't change. However, the man next to the radio despairs. Inexplicably, the match didn't end. The losing team somehow managed to tie the game. The Leutnant couldn’t predict the overtaking. Now the fake newspaper couldn’t be distributed like that, describing an incorrect score. His plan was ruined. The transcribed Phantom Books were wasted. The Leutnant asks if Hal is a policeman. Hal identifies himself as a Book Burning Officer.

Part 5[]

Long Lost Library open

Hal opens the Long Lost Library.

The men at the printing shop are terrified, knowing that Hal is a Book Burning Officer. According to the Leutnant, the man who sold the Phantom Book wouldn’t be involved in this matter if a Book Burning Officer appears. Hal shows his anger, suspecting that a man in a white coat sold the Phantom Book to those men. The terrorists move to attack Hal. They want to show the Allied politicians the same humiliation suffered by their homeland. Hal can feel the odor of death. The Leutnant had transformed his comrades into zombies in order to make them his subordinates. Hal opens the Long Lost Library. He loads a Phantom Book at the tip of his staff, holding it as if it's a huge firearm. Pale blue fire is shot from the staff. The heat consumes the living dead and the fake newspapers. The man next to the radio had already ran away. The Leutnant is the only terrorist left. He says that Hal will burn mankind someday if he continues to use the staff. The Leutnant reads the Book of Atonement. As a zombie, he plunges forward to kill Hal. However, Hal easily burns the man and his Phantom Book. In a low voice, Hal affirms that he had already burned someone important with his own hands. Flamberge stares at his back with sad eyes.

Part 6[]

The atmosphere at the stadium is strange. The match should have ended one hour ago, but no one noticed the fact. Spectators, players, managers, coaches and referees are acting normal. The match is still tied. The players show no sign of fatigue. Hugh is sat in front of a microphone at a room in the center of the grandstand. Organizers and attendants are enthusiastic, looking at the absurd 15-15 score displayed on the scoreboard. Hugh had used the microphone to read The Great Queen Poem to everyone at the stadium. It was how he managed to change the score and prevent the match from ending. It was better than allowing tens of thousands of people becoming zombies. By the tournament’s rules, the match should not have an overtime, even in the event of a draw. Therefore, the last hour of the match won't be on the official record.

Outside, Hugh and Dalian notice that the royal city is safe. Hal and Flamberge had also succeeded in their mission. All that’s left is to settle Hugh and Hal’s fight. Hal made Hugh promise that they will continue their dispute after the problem is solved. Dalian seems worried, holding Hugh’s coat tightly. He removes a gambling ticket from his pocket. Few people would bet on a 7-7 score. Dalian opens her eyes wide, happy with his thinking. She will use the money to buy sweets and visit the used bookstore.

Part 7[]

The next day, Hal waits in front of a huge museum at the heart of the royal city. He looks tired, but emanating irritation. Flamberge points out that it's twelve hours past the promised time. Hugh and Dalian won't show up. Hal will never trust the Bibiloprincess and her key-keeper again. Rain starts to drop. Hal roars in rage.[1]


  • The story references the FA Cup, known officially as The Football Association Challenge Cup, a competition in men's domestic English football.[2]
    • Since the post-war reconstruction is being discussed during the events of the chapter, it's probable that the match described is the 1919-20 FA Cup finals. The tournament was the 45th season of the world's oldest association football competition. It was the first since the cancellation of all football competitions due to the First World War.[3]
    • The main events of the Book of Atonement story happen in a Saturday. In real life, mostly of the matches of the 1919-20 FA Cup were scheduled for Saturdays.[3] As for 2020, finals are normally held on Saturdays.[2]
    • Hugh correctly describes the tournament's rules.[1] The matches end after 90 minutes with no extra time. The winner is decided in a replay. The match of the chapter would be repeated at another venue, since it officially ended with a 7-7 score.[2]
    • In real life, the 1919-20 FA Cup finals was played between Aston Villa and Huddersfield at the Stamford Bridge stadium, in 24 April 1920, with attendance of more than 50,000. Aston Villa won 1–0.[4]
    • One of the terrorists was listening to the match on the radio.[1] The first national radio broadcast of a FA Cup final occurred in 1927.[2]
    • Hugh bets on a football match result.[1] It's a common practice in England since the end of the nineteenth century. Historically, games have been fixed to favor gamblers. In 1920, football authorities appealed for parliament to abolish football betting.[5]
  • Leaders of many countries were reuniting to discuss about post-war reconstruction.[1] Its real-life counterpart is the Paris Peace Conference which took place between 1919 and 1920 and involved diplomats from 32 countries and nationalities. It resulted in the Treaty of Versailles, which brought World War I to an end and imposed costly reparations on Germany's shoulders.[6] The final payment was made on 3 October 2010.[7]
  • Voodoo is said to be a sensationalized pop-culture caricature of voudon, an Afro-Caribbean religion that originated in Haiti. A voudon belief is that spirits may possess the bodies of worshipers. Haitian zombies were said to be people brought back from the dead to be punished or slaved.[8]
  • Hal waits for Hugh in front of a huge museum at the heart of the royal city.[1] It's a probable reference to the British Museum, a public institution dedicated to human history, art and culture, established in 1753.[9]
  • The Leutnant quotes a famous line from German poet Heinrich Heine's 1821 play Almansor to Hal[1]: "where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people as well". The works of Heine have also been burned and censored.[10]
  • The last episode of the anime is loosely based on the chapter.[11]
  • The chapter marks the first time Hugh and Dalian interact with Hal and Flamberge.[1]
    • It's the first interaction between two key-keepers.[1]


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