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Dantalian's Business Trip! Cleaning Service Corps
Chapter 6 (Days)
Chapter 6

Japanese Name

ダンタリアンの出張! お掃除サービス隊

Romanized Name

Dantarian no Shucchō! O Sōji Sābisu-tai



Release Date

September 25, 2010



"Dantalian's Business Trip! Cleaning Service Corps" is the 6th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days manga.

Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret go to Dalian’s house to help with the cleaning.[1]


Hugh welcomes Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret into the house. Cecil and Margaret introduce themselves. Hugh is grateful for their help. According to Dalian, Hugh is too happy. She wonders if Hugh will be a teacher who dates the students. Dalian tells Priscilla to prepare the afternoon tea, even though it’s still morning and the cleaning hasn’t started.

Priscilla is about to start the cleaning, but Cecil proposes a change of clothes. The girls go to Dalian’s room, where Margaret shows the maid uniforms she got from the servants at her parent’s house. Margaret happily puts on the uniform. She always wanted to try it. Cecil also tries it. The uniform feels loose at her chest. Priscilla feels embarrassed in the uniform, since it's quite tight. Cecil hugs Priscilla, pressing the latter’s chest. According to Cecil, Priscilla looks like a naughty maid.

Margaret has a uniform for Dalian. Margaret and Cecil want to help Dalian change. The latter explodes with anger. Dalian is already eating the scones brought by Priscilla. Dalian has no patience to wait for the tea. Hugh listens to the loud girls from the other side of the door, wondering if they’ll ever finish the cleaning.[1]


  • In an omake of volume 2, it's revealed how Margaret obtained the maid uniforms. Her father told her to wait at the schoolyard. Then, a private airplane dropped a huge box, slowed by a parachute. The box contained 1,000 maid uniforms.[2]


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