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Chapter 7
Chapter 7 Dalianchan
Chapter 7

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February 9, 2012



The Chapter 7 of the yonkoma manga Dalian-chan's Bookshelf shows Dalian preparing a Valentine's Day chocolate for Hugh.[1]


It's Valentine’s Day, so Dalian is excited to make chocolates for Hugh. She tells him not to look until the chocolate is finished. Since she doesn’t trust him, she tells him to wait outside. Hugh protests, saying that it’s too cold outside. However, Dalian was prepared for that. She built an igloo outside. Hugh decides to put up with her whims. Inside the igloo, he finds Hal and the Professor. Dalian had invited Flamberge and Rasiel to make chocolates. They arrive with the ingredients. Dalian is unhappy because Flamberge bought chocolates from a store. Flamberge affirms that those chocolates are enough to convey her feelings for Hal. Since Flamberge won’t have chocolates to make, she will do the tasting.

Dalian is ready to start. Rasiel is surprised to see Dalian making chocolate. Rasiel is shocked to see that Dalian uses miso as ingredient. The chocolate Dalian makes seems awful. Obviously, she doesn’t know the recipe. Rasiel wrote it down for her. Rasiel and Dalian work on the chocolates. Dalian makes strange noises while preparing hers. Dalian asks Flamberge to taste. The latter immediately collapses.

Rasiel decides to help Dalian. Rasiel bosses Dalian around. While Rasiel is looking away, Dalian changes the recipe. Rasiel can feel a chill. Minutes later, Dalian is done. Rasiel notices that Dalian’s chocolate has an unusual color. Dalian calls Hugh. The Professor is excited to taste Rasiel’s chocolate. The Professor tastes Rasiel’s chocolate cake. He immediately collapses. Dalian reveals that she changed Rasiel’s recipe.

Rasiel chocolate

Rasiel decides to help Dalian.

Flamberge wakes up. She seems scared, as if she was close to death. She’s ready to give her chocolate to Hal. She puts a chocolate-coated biscuit stick in her mouth. Since she can’t use her hands, it’s the only way to give it to Hal. He bites the opposite end of the stick.

Dalian happily offers the chocolates to Hugh. He notices how she’s all dirty, so he’s glad for all her work. He tastes the chocolate. Hugh throws up, struggling to enter the bathroom. Dalian explains that she added a lot of hidden flavors to complement Rasiel’s recipe.[1]


  • Pocky is a sweet Japanese snack food first sold in 1966, invented by Yoshiaki Koma. It consists of chocolate-coated biscuit sticks.[2] The depiction of characters chewing the opposite ends of the same stick and consequently kissing or almost kissing is a trope in Japan media.[3]


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