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Dantalian's Business Trip! Cleaning Service Corps Part 2
Chapter 7 (Days)
Chapter 7

Japanese Name

ダンタリアンの出張! お掃除サービス隊・その2

Romanized Name

Dantarian no Shucchō! O Sōji Sābisu-tai Sono 2



Release Date

October 26, 2010



"Dantalian's Business Trip! Cleaning Service Corps Part 2" is the 7th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days manga. It's the last chapter of volume 1.

Priscilla and the others clean Hugh and Dalian’s house.[1]


Priscilla becomes the leader of the cleaning effort. Priscilla will take care of the living room and kitchen, Margaret will clean the floor and Cecil will clean the windows, while Hugh will take care of the luggage. Margaret admires Priscilla’s leadership. Cecil was expecting Priscilla to act as the perfect servant.

Dalian is reading a cooking book while everyone else is working. Hugh is moving the luggage. Suspicious rumors circled the previous owner of the mansion, a school director. Hugh hopes that no dangerous objects are found in the house. According to Dalian, that’s why she’s checking the books. Hugh believes that she’s just skipping work.


Dalian's belly growls.

Dalian’s belly growls. Embarrassed, she runs to motivate the schoolgirls. The faster they finish the cleaning, the faster Dalian will eat. Cecil uses the opportunity to approach Hugh. She insists on cleaning the windows of the second floor. Cecil asks Hugh if he finds her maid uniform cute. Hugh affirms that all the girls are cute, dressed as maids. Cecil also asks about Dalian. Cecil believes that Dalian is Hugh’s wife, but Hugh calmly denies it. Hugh’s answer makes Cecil hopeful for a relationship with him.

Cecil is too short to clean a window. Hugh offers to clean it for her, but she insists in doing herself. She stands on a chair. Cecil plans to win Hugh over by showing her pants. She embarrassedly asks Hugh to hold the chair. However, Priscilla is the one who shows up. She had already finished cleaning the lower floor. Cecil becomes angry and agitated. She falls from the chair, but Hugh grabs her. Cecil is happy with her unexpectedly luck. Priscilla collapses, legs in the air, shocked with the scene. Her pants are showing. Cecil is delighted to see Priscilla using the same strategy.

Dalian enters the room, furious. She tells the girls to prepare the meal quickly. They set the table for a nice tea party. Priscilla brought some fried bread crumbs. Dalian immediately eats it.[1]


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