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The Beautiful Woman's World
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Chapter 7

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Bijo no Sekai



Release Date

February 26, 2012



Adapted from

Fragment 2 (light novel 3)

Anime counterpart


For the light novel fragment, see Fragment 2 (light novel 3).

"The Beautiful Woman's World" is the 7th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian manga.

A woman visits the mansion of a bibliomaniac to have her wish granted. She wants to be the most beautiful woman in the world.[1]


A man offers flowers to a woman, since he’s late for the date. She runs off to her home only to have a fit of jealousy. She can't accept how the other girls are more beautiful than her, wearing dresses more expensive than hers.

She visits the mansion of a bibliomaniac. The woman threatens to kill herself, pushing a knife against her neck. The man is sat next to a black-haired doll. He asks what’s the reason for the envious woman's visit. She affirms that, although she tries her best, there are always women more beautiful than her, no matter how much she grooms herself.

Rumors say that the bibliomaniac has a mysterious book containing forbidden knowledge. She wants him to use that power to make her the most beautiful woman in the world. The man believes that she’s beautiful enough, that soon she’ll find a man who loves her. However, she’s determined to have the perfect beauty, like the doll next to him, even if there’s no turning back. He uses a key on the doll’s chest to make a Phantom Book appear.

When the envious woman regains consciousness, everybody notices her god-like beauty. The woman is happy with all the attention, until she notices the inhuman appearance of the people around her. Looking her reflection in a window, she realizes that she also has foreign features. Desperate, she drops the Phantom Book and begs to have her face back. She doesn’t notice the bibliomaniac reclaiming the Phantom Book.

Back to the mansion, he observes how the Phantom Book now has an illustration of the desperate envious woman. Dalian asks why she's not satisfied after having her wish granted. Wesley explains that beauty is based on the judgement of others. People can’t be happy if they depend on someone to value themselves. Wesley wishes to hear Dalian’s opinion about that someday.[1]

Light novel-manga main differences[]

Light novel[2] Manga[1]
- An introduction shows how the woman is envious of the other ladies.
The woman is welcomed by Hugh and Dalian. The woman is welcomed by Wesley. Dalian looks like a doll, sat on his lap.
- Wesley opens the Labyrinth Library to obtain the Phantom Book the woman wants.
The woman returns home. She opens the Phantom Book and chooses the appearance she wants. Soon after, she finds herself in a foreign world. The woman looks at the opened Phantom Book. Soon after, she finds herself in a foreign world.
- Wesley also visits the foreign world to retrieve the Phantom Book. Back at the Disward estate, he sees the woman as an illustration of the Phantom Book.
- Dalian asks why the woman was not satisfied, even after having her wish granted.


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