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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 Dalianchan
Chapter 8

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March 9, 2012



The Chapter 8 of the yonkoma manga Dalian-chan's Bookshelf shows Hugh choosing a White Day gift for Dalian[1]


It’s White Day, so now Hugh has to give something to Dalian as retribution for the chocolates she made for Valentine’s Day. He can feel her behind him, expecting her gift. She happily imagines a heap of fried breads, or a pile of books. However, Hugh imagines that Dalian won’t be satisfied with fried breads or books. He decides to go shopping. Dalian stares at him with shiny eyes. Hugh feels pressured.

White Day

Hugh and Dalian reflect about a White Day gift.

Strange gift

Hugh and the Professor think about a strange gift for Dalian.

Hugh reflects about Dalian’s gift, but he can only think about fried breads and books. He meets the Professor in one of the stores. The Professor is working part-time once again. After all, he spent a lot of money taking Rasiel out to eat. The Professor imagines that a perfect gift for Rasiel would be human misfortune.

Kamilla shows up, weirdly dressed as always. She suggests a stuffed animal as a gift for Dalian. Hugh and the Professor seem excited for a plushie in the shape of a bizarre head. Kamilla dissuades Hugh from buying that. She suggests other items, but Hugh keeps choosing strange things, such as ugly earrings and socks. Finally, Kamilla agrees with Hugh’s idea. He decides to give a knee blanket to Dalian. However, Kamilla thinks that the gift is too boring. Hugh also needs to give something handmade.

Hugh returns to the Disward estate. Dalian is excited for her gift. Hugh gives her the knee blanket. Hugh suggests using it while she reads. Dalian finds difficult to react. Surprisingly, Hugh has a second gift. He gives her a fried bread. It’s one-of-a-kind, since he made with his own hands. It was difficult to made. Kamilla had to taste a few bad fried breads. Dalian affirms that it tastes burnt. However, under her breath, she admits that it’s delicious. Later, Dalian uses her knee blanket during tea. She likes how the item protects her clothes from the crumbs.[1]


Dalian enjoys her fried bread and knee blanket.


  • White Day is on March 14, one month after Valentine's Day, when people give reciprocal gifts to those who gave them gifts received on Valentine's Day. It began in Japan in 1978.[2]
  • The last page shows Dalian using the mug she got from the Professor and Rasiel as a Christmas gift in Chapter 5.[1]


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