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Dantalian’s Body Measurement!
Chapter 8 (Days)
Chapter 8

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dantarian no Shintai Sokutei!



Release Date

November 26, 2010



"Dantalian’s Body Measurement!" is the 8th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days manga. It’s the first chapter of volume 2.

It’s body measurement day at the school.[1]


In the morning, Hugh reminds Dalian about her class’ body measurement day. He wants to go to school earlier than usual to get ready. Dalian tells him to not wear his mother’s underwear by mistake. However, Hugh explains that the exams are only for students. Dalian is not interested in the exam. According to her, she always has the best proportions. Hugh advises her to participate. It’s a yearly event, after all. Hugh stares at Dalian’s face. According to him, it seems like Dalian’s face is rounder than normal. Dalian ignores his provocation. Because of Hugh’s rudeness, she decides to walk to the school instead of riding in his car.

On the way to school, Dalian thinks about what Hugh said. She can’t admit, but his words affected her. She sees Cecil running, followed by Priscilla and Margaret. Cecil wants to lose weight before the measurements. She shouldn’t have eaten so much after yesterday’s cleaning. She feels her own face larger than normal. Dalian is uncomfortable with their conversation, still thinking about Hugh’s words. Dalian decides not to undergo the exams. However, Priscilla will not accept that. Cecil pulls Dalian by the hand.

Kamilla, the school nurse, starts the body measurements. Dalian is unhappy because the whole class will take the exams in group. Cecil shares her feeling. She prefers to measure herself at home. She reveals her own proportions, although she’s clearly lying. Priscilla pushes Cecil inside the infirmary, where the latter would be accurately measured.

After the exam, Cecil appears desolated. She’s 400 grams heavier than last year. Margaret and Cecil are not below average, but Priscilla tries to comfort them. They are growing, after all. Cecil thinks about draining 400 grams of her own blood. Priscilla talks about her own measurements. She has an adequate weight. However, she’s embarrassed because her chest circumference grew five centimeters. Cecil embraces Priscilla around her chest. Cecil is frustrated because her own chest hasn’t grown in the past years.

Kamilla exams Dalian next. The nurse looks at the girl's proportions. According to the nurse, Dalian has ideal measurements. Dalian should eat a well-balanced diet to grow. Later, Dalian happily tells Hugh about the results. Her proportions won’t change no matter how much she eats. Hugh watches as she eats several breads. He is satisfied to see Dalian healthy.[1]


  • The bubble used to reveal Dalian's proportions is censored. The author is preserving her privacy.[1]


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