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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 Dalianchan
Chapter 9

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April 9, 2012



The Chapter 9 of the yonkoma manga Dalian-chan's Bookshelf shows Hugh turning into a little boy.[1]


It’s three o’ clock in the afternoon and Dalian is still waiting for a snack. She looks for Hugh but finds only a little boy in oversized clothing. He introduces himself as Hugh Anthony Disward. Dalian realizes that Hugh read the Memories of That Day, a Phantom Book which turns the reader into a child. She was careless for forgetting the book laying around. She tells the boy to call her Dalian. Now that Hugh is a boy, she seems older than him, so she wants respect. She feels weird when the boy calls her Miss Dalian.

Hugh girl

Hugh puts on girls' clothing.

Dalian notices that Hugh’s clothes are oversized, so she tells him to change. Dalian offers him some clothes that Kamilla brought to her the other day. Although he’s embarrassed, Hugh has no choice but to wear girls’ clothing. Dalian orders him to buy some fried breads. Hugh doesn’t want to leave the house dressed as a girl. He offers to cook for Dalian, but she refuses to eat eggs, the only thing he can cook.

Hugh is embarrassed to walk among the crowd. Hugh tries to buy fried breads from a lady, but he gives up after she mistakes him for a girl. Soon after, a strange man addresses Hugh. The boy runs away, scared. He trips on a banana peel. Hugh falls on his butt, his panties showing. He returns to the Disward estate crying.

He throws the fried bread on Dalian’s head. Hugh feels like he won’t be able to get married in the future. All the crying annoys Dalian. She wants Hugh back to his normal self. She tells him to read the Memories of That Day. She watches as he reads. They fall asleep.

The next day, Hugh wakes up. He’s back to normal. He’s shocked to see that there are only some pieces of ripped cloth over his body. Dalian also wakes up, satisfied. She prefers Hugh as a calm man rather than as a noisy child. Hugh seems confused.[1]


  • As a boy, Hugh had to wear girls' clothes sometimes, as shown in The Key-Keeper.[2]
  • A woman saying that she can't marry anymore is a trope in Japanese media. It's a reference to the old conservative Japanese society, in which the woman's parents would attempt to find her a husband and arrange a courtship, and the parents of the potential suitor would examine her closely and determine whether she would make a good bride.[3] Families looked for pretty and gentle brides in good health, who will be able to work hard. It is important that the bride be a virgin.[4]


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