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Dantalian’s Girls Talk?
Chapter 9 (Days)
Chapter 9

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dantarian no Gāruzu Tōku?



Release Date

February 26, 2011



"Dantalian’s Girls Talk?" is the 9th chapter of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian Dalian Days manga.

Priscilla and the others sleep together.[1]


Friday at night, the girls decide to have a sleepover. As always, Dalian is reading. Margaret brings the tea. She’s uncomfortable because Cecil is talking about scary rumors. According to Cecil, the school was built on a graveyard. Priscilla heard the same about her elementary school. Margaret’s sisters also heard similar rumors about their schools. It seems like this type of rumor is common in every school.

Cecil mentions a story so scary that, after she heard it, she couldn’t go to the bathroom at night. Afraid, Margaret embraces Dalian. Priscilla is curious to hear it. Cecil tells the story about the ghost of a knight who appeared in the school at midnight. However, Cecil doesn’t know how to tell a scary story. She’s too enthusiastic and unprepared. Margaret is happy to hear the not-so-scary story.

Dalian insults Cecil’s storytelling. Cecil challenges Dalian to tell a scarier story. The girls tense up immediately. Dalian tells the story about a famous gourmet who was looking for the supreme dish. Priscilla and the others hug each other, frightened. Dalian boosts about her skills. She stops when a lightning suddenly hits the building. The lights turn off. The girls scream and run to the same bed. The girls squeeze together. Priscilla tries to calm the girls. Margaret is too scared. Dalian tells them to sleep on the floor. Cecil uses the opportunity to grab Priscilla’s breast.[1]



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