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Dalian's Bookcase: Part 1 - Huey and Dalian's First Walk
Codex 1
Cover of Codex 1

Japanese Name

ダリアンの本棚: その1 - ヒューイとダリアンのはじめてのお散歩

Romanized Name

Darian no Hondana: Sono 1 - Hyūi to Darian no Hajimete no o Sanpo


Daisuke Ono (Hugh)
Miyuki Sawashiro (Dalian)

Music by

Yo Tsuji

Original work

Gakuto Mikumo


September 30, 2011

Running time

14 minutes

"Dalian's Bookcase: Part 1 - Huey and Dalian's First Walk" is the original drama CD included as bonus content in the special editions of Codex 1, the first volume of the Japanese DVDs and Blu-ray discs of the anime. A part 2 is included in Codex 2.

After leaving Henry Conrad's mansion, Hugh and Dalian have to walk back to the Disward estate.[1][2][3]


Hugh and Dalian leave the mansion of Henry Conrad. There’s no coach available, so they start to walk back to the Disward estate. Hugh talks about the beautiful morning, admiring the sunrise, to the point that his words sound like poetry. Tired, Dalian refuses to take one more step. She affirms that they have been walking for two hours, but in fact they have walked for only thirty minutes, and yet Dalian had to stop to rest for a long time. Her legs feel tired. She’s hungry. She contemplates asking the residents nearby for something to eat. Hugh offers to carry her piggyback, but she feels embarrassed. Furthermore, Dalian doesn’t like to be treated like a child. Hugh affirms that there is nothing to worry about. After all, Dalian looks like a child, and there’s no one around to look at her.

Dalian doesn’t want to burn her skin, so she decides to rest under a tree to read a book. They see a coach in the distance. Dalian tells Hugh to use his revolver to get a vehicle. Hugh affirms that they will only obtain a ride to the Scotland Yard. The coach moves away from them. Dalian reckons that the vehicle is three miles away. Hugh admires the good sense of distance from someone who only has eyes for books. Dalian tells Hugh to run after the vehicle, but he refuses. The couple watches as a passenger enters the coach. According to Hugh, now they should wait patiently for another coach. They will eventually find another one.

Dalian is anxious to go back to the Disward estate. Hugh wonders if she has an arrangement for that day. She affirms that she’s reaching her limit. Her stomach rumbles. She had skipped dinner. She was hoping to eat at Conrad’s mansion. She contemplates going back to take some food. Dalian feels that she deserves the ownership of Conrad’s mansion, having solved the problem caused by The Harlequinade. Hugh reminds her that Conrad has heirs. It will be unwise to occupy the place. Dalian affirms that the mansion should be retribution for the Phantom Book stolen by Conrad. Hugh reminds her that they recovered the Phantom Book. In turn, Dalian affirms that Wesley will never come back. They stay silent for a moment.

Hugh decides to walk to the town, then return for Dalian with a vehicle. He stops after a few steps, noticing that they already are in the vicinities of the town. He laughs. Dalian feels the scent of something delicious in the air. She’s delighted to see a store selling fried breads. Hugh feels like he’s a wallet on legs, but he accepts buying some pastries. He’s also hungry, after all. He plans to eat the bread while looking for a coach. He reaches inside his pocket, only to learn that he lost his wallet. Perhaps it fell during the fights inside Conrad’s mansion. Hugh informs Dalian that they will eat only after reaching the Disward estate. Furious, Dalian thrashes him.[1]


  • Dalian's Bookcase is also the name of the illustrations depicting the Dantalian's Bookshelf characters in CHANxCO's 2018 artbook.[4]
  • During the introduction of the drama CD, Hugh has to cover Dalian's mouth because she wants to give spoilers.[1]
  • The drama CD is set after the conclusion of Episode 1.[1]
  • Dalian affirms that her "legs became sticks".[1] It's a Japanese idiom, meaning that someone is tired to the extent that the legs feel like they are going to drop off.[5]
    • She also says that her "stomach is touching her back", an idiom that indicates hunger.[1]

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