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Dalian's Bookcase: Part 2 - Dalian and Kamilla's Secret Recipe
Codex 2
Cover of Codex 2

Japanese Name

ダリアンの本棚: その2 - ダリアンとカミラの秘密レシピ

Romanized Name

Darian no Hondana: Sono 2 - Darian to Kamira no Himitsu Reshipi


Daisuke Ono (Hugh)
Miyuki Sawashiro (Dalian)
Mamiko Noto (Kamilla)

Music by

Yo Tsuji

Original work

Gakuto Mikumo


October 28, 2011

Running time

13 minutes

"Dalian's Bookcase: Part 2 - Dalian and Kamilla's Secret Recipe" is the original drama CD included as bonus content in the special editions of Codex 2, the second volume of the Japanese DVDs and Blu-ray discs of the anime. A part 1 is included in Codex 1.

Kamilla and Dalian join forces to prepare the dinner.[1][2][3]


Kamilla brought pastries for Dalian. Kamilla is glad to see Dalian happy. Dalian affirms that Kamilla’s only quality is her taste for souvenirs. Kamilla decides to prepare the dinner. Hugh is surprised to learn that Kamilla knows how to cook. She had learned some healthy recipes in America. Dalian doesn’t trust Kamilla, so she decides to supervise the cooking.

The girls go to the kitchen. Kamilla complains about the lack of ingredients and utensils. As a former soldier, it seems like Hugh doesn’t need much to survive. Dalian affirms that Hugh doesn’t act like an aristocrat.

Kamilla admits that she never cooked before. Her servants get mad when Kamilla tries to cook. However, Kamilla is confident that she can follow the recipe book. In the Disward estate, she will anger no one. Dalian becomes irritated, unable to trust Kamilla with the dinner. Dalian also decides to cook. Together, cooking should be easy.

Kamilla cries while peeling the onions. Dalian decides to make a soup used by witches to cure all injuries. She also complains about the lack of ingredients. The cooking doesn’t look like it’s going well. From the other side of the door, they hear Hugh asking if they need help. The girls affirm that everything is working out. They sigh in relief when he walks away. Hugh had been injured while protecting Dalian, so the girls don’t want to give him trouble. Kamilla is certain that Hugh is having fun in Dalian’s company. The Biblioprincess doesn’t know what goes on inside his head. Kamilla believes that Hugh should express more his feelings. According to Dalian, that’s what makes Hugh Hugh. Embarrassed, Dalian reminds Kamilla that they should go back to the cooking.

Kamilla has trouble to peel the onions. She concludes that it will be more effective to use unpeeled onions. Dalian also has breakthrough. She decides to use blue mold as ingredient for the soup. They serve the dishes to Hugh. He doesn’t seem excited to taste them. Kamilla’s dish seems inedible, while Dalian’s soup has an otherworldly smell. Kamilla tells Hugh that her boiled onion has no seasoning, so he should use salt and pepper. Hugh affirms that he has something to do, but the girls forbid him from leaving. He reluctantly tries the dishes. He says that the dinner is delicious, but he doesn’t sound too convincing. The girls feel happy. They decide to also cook the next day. Hugh feels dispirited.[1]


  • The drama CD is set after the conclusion of Episode 3. Hugh had been injured by the Gladstone Company.[1][4]
  • Dalian assumes that a soup made of blue mold will heal Hugh.[1] After all, there are anecdotes about ancient societies using molds to treat infections. Many people observed the inhibition of bacterial growth by various molds. However, the modern isolation of the chemical penicillin, a molecule produced by fungi and used as antibiotic, occurred only in 1928.[5]
  • The soundtrack of Dalian's Bookcase: Part 2 is mostly different compared to the rest of the series. One of the songs used is A Breeze From Alabama by Scott Joplin, an American composer and pianist, dubbed the King of Ragtime.[6]
    • There's also a version of Entrance of the Gladiators, a military march composed in 1897 by the Czech composer Julius Fučík. The fast version is the most famous circus music for clowns.[7]

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