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Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dariane (manga-only)


Black Biblioprincess (黒読姫 Kuro Yomihime)

Biblioprincess (読姫 Yomihime)

Heaven in the Pot (壺中天 Tsubo hūten)

Pipsqueak (チビすけ Chibisuke)


Chapter 1 (light novel 1);
Chapter 1 (manga);
Episode 1


Hugh Anthony Disward
Wesley Disward (past)
Rudolf II (past)
Joan of Arc (past, anime-only)

Voice actor

沢城 みゆき
Miyuki Sawashiro



Main chapters[]

In chronological order:

The Key-Keeper[]

Disguised as Dalian, the Dead Book goes back in time to find Hugh and obtain the key to the Dantalian's Bookshelf. She tells Hugh that she’s being chased by her enemy. She wants to become the new Biblioprincess. The witch points a revolver at him. She uses the Kairos’ Dynastic History to slow the bullet and to freeze Hugh. She threatens to torture the little boy. The flow of time returns to normal. The bullet hits the wall. Hugh is unharmed. He had been pushed aside by someone else. The beautiful savior has an old lock hanging on her chest. The real Dalian had saved him. She kicks Hugh’s shin for referring to the witch as Dalian. He finds funny the fact that the real Dalian has sugar in the corner of her lips. Although she’s a rude and arrogant girl, Hugh feels that she’s not evil. Dalian explains that the impostor is a bibliomaniac who became a living book.

The impostor reads the Kairos’ Dynastic History to manipulate time. Since the real Dalian also has her own Kairos’ Dynastic History, the Phantom Books neutralize each other. The fake Dalian aims the revolver at the real one. The impostor knows that Dalian couldn’t bring her key-keeper with her. Dalian has no key-keeper to open the Dantalian’s Bookshelf, so she can’t threaten the impostor. Hugh pushes Dalian away, saving her from the shot. Dalian places a golden key in Hugh’s hand. Dalian will allow Hugh to use it today. She tells him to take an oath. Hugh reads the words inscribed on the shaft of the key. The impostor freezes, realizing that Dalian will use the little boy as a key-keeper. Hugh opens the door to the Dantalian’s Bookshelf on Dalian’s chest to seal the Dead Book.

Hugh wakes up on the sofa of the guest room. The Disward estate is back to normal, as if the Dead Book had never existed. Reality had been rewritten. The housekeeper Natalia enters the room. She sadly informs that the fried breads have disappeared. Hugh remembers the sugar on Dalian’s lips. It’s a proof that he wasn’t dreaming. It also explains why Dalian appeared at the very last moment. He wants to tell everything to Kamilla, but the memories were quickly vanishing. He promises to see the Biblioprincess once again.[1]

Turn-Up Book[]

After Wesley’s death, Dalian spent her days reading his collection of books at the secret basement of the Disward estate while waiting for the next key-keeper. Hugh returns from the Great War. He received a letter informing about his grandfather's death. According to the will, Hugh must take care of Dalian and act as the guardian of the Dantalian's Bookshelf. He investigates the dusty mansion and finds a beautiful doll. Soon after he realizes that she’s Dalian, a grumpy petite girl and Wesley’s friend. Dalian backs away, hiding herself behind a book. Hugh introduces himself as Wesley’s grandson. Dalian affirms that Wesley was a good man. She seems to miss him. She affirms that he won’t find the Dantalian’s Bookshelf around. She’s certain of that because she read each one of the thousands of the books collected by Wesley. Hugh thought that the name “Dalian” referred to a pet. Dalian kicks Hugh’s shin for that.

Hugh wants to talk in the kitchen, but Dalian seems afraid. She only accepts to leave the basement after smelling the bun in Hugh’s pocket. She rudely asks for the sugar bowl, speaking as if sprinkling the bun with sugar is mandatory. Dalian notices Hugh’s skills while preparing the tea. She recognizes him as a soldier. Hugh says that he’s disappointed in Wesley’s collection. Hugh was expecting more from the mythical Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Dalian affirms that Hugh knows nothing. Dalian mentions the tale of the “heaven in the pot” to explain the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Hugh laughs, deeming everything she says as fiction. Dalian finds him rude. She regrets thinking that Hugh may be the new key-keeper. She stares at the golden key at his chest.

Through a window, Dalian sees a coach outside. She stuffs her mouth with the remains of the bun and runs to the basement to hide. Hugh tells her not to worry. A footman will take him to the mansion of Henry Conrad. It’s said that Conrad killed Wesley to obtain a valuable book, but the police never found proof. Hugh accepted Conrad’s invitation in order to investigate the case. Dalian decides to accompany him. She stares at the full moon. Dalian affirms that, if Conrad really stole the book, he’ll regret that.

There’s no one to welcome them once they reach Conrad's mansion. The footman enters the mansion to find someone. Dalian runs into the mansion. The couple learns that the footman was killed by a clown. Dalian tells Hugh about the Phantom Books, especially about The Harlequinade, which is releasing circus animals and performers inside the mansion. The Phantom Book must be sealed inside the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Hugh uses a revolver to fight the creatures. Dalian reproaches him for using such a dangerous item.

Hugh and Dalian head to Conrad's study so they can seal The Harlequinade, but they are stopped by a dragon, a creature representing the circus’ freak show. Hugh pulls Dalian by the hand, avoiding the dragon’s attacks. Hugh tells Dalian to go seal the Phantom Book while he stays behind to distract the monster. Hugh feels responsible for the trouble caused by Wesley’s book. Dalian smiles, satisfied with his attitude. She gives Hugh the right to open the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. She tells him to read the words of the contract. Hugh reads the words on the shaft of his golden key. He opens the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Dalian grabs the Book of Fairy from the void opened on her chest. Dalian uses the Phantom Book to defeat the dragon.

At Conrad’s study, Dalian closes the The Harlequinade, making the ominous atmosphere around the mansion to vanish. She gives the Phantom Book to Hugh. He pushes it into the void on Dalian’s chest, sealing it inside the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Hugh recognizes Dalian as the “heaven in the pot”. Hugh wants to know more about Dalian, but she refuses to reveal more. She tells him that she’s hungry. Hugh and Dalian are ready to leave the mansion before the police shows up. Hugh offers his hand to Dalian. She timidly takes his hand.[2]

Gastronomy Worship[]

The little girl in mourning dress was standing in front of a recently built grave. She was staring at a carriage, asking for knowledge and power. There was a doll placed by the window. A book is presented to the little girl through the door of the carriage. According to the man inside, the Phantom Book had chosen her.

Hugh and Dalian were invited to a dinner party at the mansion of the renowned gourmet Graham Atkinson. Hugh’s car has stopped. He had no tools to fix his car. Dalian complains of boredom and hunger. Hugh reminds her that they got lost because she failed to properly read the map. She turns away, blushing. Luckily, a carriage draws closer. Hugh and Dalian meet Leslie, one of Atkinson’s servants. Leslie offers a ride to Hugh and Dalian. The Biblioprincess, afraid of the stranger, hides behind Hugh. Dalian accepts the ride when Leslie offers some crispy buns. Inside Atkinson’s mansion, Dalian complains about the crowd. A noble-looking man approaches the couple. The stranger tells Hugh and Dalian about the incredible cooking skills of Atkinson’s chef. Dalian affirms that such power does not belong to humans.

Hugh and Dalian have a meeting with Atkinson, so the couple walks to the library. There, Atkinson reveals his passion for gourmet food. He knows that Hugh inherited the Dantalian's Bookshelf from Wesley. Atkinson also recognizes the Black Biblioprincess. He wants a Phantom Book containing forbidden knowledge about the ultimate dish. Hugh reveals that the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking had already been borrowed from Wesley. Hugh read on Wesley’s diary that the Phantom Book should return to the Dantalian’s Bookshelf that night.


Leslie threatens Hugh and Dalian.

Hugh and Dalian go to the kitchen to find Atkinson’s chef. Leslie reveals herself as the chef. She guides them to her room, where she would return the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking. When she was little, Leslie received the Phantom Book from Wesley and Dalian. The Biblioprincess explains that Phantom Books choose their owners. Since Leslie still has the ultimate dish to serve, she tricks Hugh and Dalian. Leslie throws a mysterious powder over Hugh. She threatens Dalian with a knife. Leslie locks Hugh and Dalian inside the room. Dalian blames Hugh for the situation. He uses his revolver to open the door. The powder covering Hugh attracts the people around. The strangers look at Hugh, as if he’s a delicious dish. Hugh opens the Dantalian’s Bookshelf to grab the Hezār Afsān, which he uses to put everyone to sleep.

Back to the library, Hugh and Dalian witness Leslie serving Atkinson with his own brain. According to the chef, the brain experiencing delicious food is the most precious ingredient for gourmet food. Leslie gives the Book of Meditation of Supreme Cooking to Dalian. The Biblioprincess affirms that Leslie’s crispy buns were delicious, even if they were not made with the finest ingredients. At the Atkinson estate, Hugh finds some parts to fix his car. While he’s performing the maintenance, Dalian complains of boredom and hunger. A man in a small cart gives some potatoes to Dalian. Hugh manages to fix the vehicle. He asks some potatoes to Dalian, but she refuses to share.[3]


Hugh wants to leave the pub, but Dalian wants to eat more. From the owner, he learns that the place is crowded because men are searching the region for the Beast of Ashwell, apparently a monster who killed Leonard Ashwell and his family. Ashwell was a lawyer who represented the workers who lost their jobs at the factory of Roy Hurston. Hugh wants to leave immediately. After all, he and Dalian have a meeting with the unpopular Hurston family. Hugh drags Dalian out of the pub. She looks at the table with teary eyes.

At the Hurston estate, Hugh and Dalian meet the gentle Chez and the arrogant Roy. Chez mentions the beauty of the Biblioprincess. Dalian looks at Hugh triumphantly, but the latter affirms that Chez is only being polite. Dalian kicks Hugh’s shin for such remark. Dalian affirms that she has a Phantom Book for Chez’s grandfather, Boyd Hurston. The old man wouldn’t last long, so he has to show The Pedigree of All Creations to the new head of the family.

Dalian and a puppy

Hugh laughs while watching the puppy chasing Dalian.

Hugh and Dalian spend the afternoon in the garden. They watch Chez rolling in the grass with several puppies. Chez trains the hunting dogs of the family. Hugh laughs while watching Dalian afraid of the small and playful animals. Roy shows up and reveals that The Pedigree of All Creations has the knowledge about how to achieve superior crossbreeds. That’s how the Hurston family succeed in obtaining the best hunting dogs. The Phantom Book was also used by Boyd to create Roy and Chez, individuals with superior characteristics. Hugh and Dalian discuss about the possible involvement of the Hurston family in the Ashwell massacre. However, they are unable to reach a conclusion. Dalian examines a flower bed. She explains that blue roses are impossible to obtain naturally. The plants are associated with a miracle or an unreachable desire.

Late at night, Hugh and Dalian are guided to Boyd’s workroom. They enter a chamber resembling a laboratory. There, the old man reveals that Chez is the superior being chosen to be the new head of the Hurston family. Hugh suddenly pushes Dalian to the ground. Roy breaks an oil lamp to destroy the laboratory. He can’t accept Boyd’s decision. Roy shoots his grandfather. Roy’s next target is Dalian. Hugh stands in front of her, drawing his own revolver. Standing between them, Chez is shot twice by Roy. An explosion partially destroys the laboratory when the fire from the oil lamp reaches some chemicals.

Dalian slaps Hugh’s face to wake him up. She was so worried that she almost cried. He stops her hand and slowly gets up. He notices a monster in the shadows. Hugh points his gun. Dalian tells him not to shoot. Hugh realizes that the beast is Chez Hurston, who’s supporting the ceiling. They look up at Roy, who is pouring combustible inside the destroyed laboratory. Roy plans to burn Hugh, Dalian and Chez to death. Hugh opens the Dantalian's Bookshelf to grab a Phantom Book, which he uses to move in space. Hugh, Dalian and Chez appear behind Roy. Dalian deduces that Roy used the Hurston dogs to kill the Ashwells. Roy admits his crime and uses a knife to kill himself. Dalian tries to give The Pedigree of All Creations to Chez. He would be able to return to his human form by using the Phantom Book. However, Chez runs away from the policemen while carrying the body of his own brother.

The next morning, Hugh and Dalian take a train to the capital. From a newspaper, he learns that Chez is still missing. Roy was not indicted for his actions. Dalian is in a bad mood since Chez had refused to take The Pedigree of All Creations. Hugh deduces that Chez didn’t want to drag her into the confrontation. Hugh tells Dalian not to worry. If Chez is alive, he will eventually meet them again and accept the Phantom Book. Dalian affirms that Hugh is too young to teach her. She grabs Hugh’s bun without permission.[4]

Book of Wisdom[]

Dalian wakes Hugh up before sunrise. She tells him that they will visit the used bookstore at the capital. She lost interest in reading again Wesley’s books. At the bookstore, Hugh refuses to buy entire bookshelves for Dalian, like Wesley used to do. Dalian is shocked to know that Hugh will buy only five or six books for her. Furious, the Biblioprincess reveals the plot of every book Hugh shows interest in. She seems to be having fun. Kamilla interrupts their bickering.

Kamilla is Hugh’s childhood friend. Dalian hides behind Hugh. Kamilla wonders if Dalian is Hugh’s daughter. However, Kamilla is only joking. She knows that Dalian is the girl adopted by Wesley. Kamilla invites them for tea. She shows a small bundle with pastries to convince Dalian. They go together to Kamilla’s villa. Kamilla says that she lived in America. Dalian understands why Kamilla looks so strange. Hugh and Dalian learn that Mildred Dewar has a school with very wise kids who obtained knowledge through a Phantom Book, having also a change in personality. Dalian is not interested in meeting the children, since she already has the original Book of Wisdom sealed inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf. However, Hugh is decided to visit them. When Kamilla asks about the Dantalian’s Bookshelf, Dalian imitates her by embarrassingly giving the thumbs-up gesture.

Accompanied by Dalian, Hugh goes to Mildred’s house to investigate. There, they hear how Mildred regrets obtaining that book. She tells them to speak directly with the children, whom she sees as monsters. Hugh and Dalian head to the cottage in the garden, where they find the Book of Wisdom and the six children, who know their identities as guardians of the Dantalian's Bookshelf. Hugh was worried about what the children would do with their absolute wisdom. However, the children affirm that they will continue to live quietly. Hugh and Dalian leave the place with the Book of Wisdom. Dalian knew that the users of the Book of Wisdom are not ambitious. They return to Kamilla’s villa. After all, Dalian hasn’t given up of tasting Kamilla’s pastries.[5]

The Briar Princess[]

Hugh and Dalian walk up a bumpy and neglected slope. She complains about exhaustion and hunger. He has to carry Dalian’s heavy luggage, and yet she tells him to carry her on his back. He’s shocked to know that Dalian packed books since she doesn’t want to get bored in the mountains. She suggests to carry the luggage while Hugh carries her. He doesn't even bother to answer her. The couple sees a young girl nearby. Hugh reveals that they plan to visit her village to search for a book. Dalian hides behind Hugh. Her stomach growls. The herbalist Talia laughs. She invites the travelers to her house, located in the land once owned by John Carabosse.

Hugh heard that a merchant who traded with John Carabosse saw the latter’s daughter, Florence, at the foot of the mountain one month ago. The woman is thought to have set fire on her father’s house. Hugh reveals that he’s after the Deep Green Book, an important item purchased by John Carabosse. The merchant mentioned before has seen it in Florence’s hands. While Hugh and Talia talk about the subject, Dalian examines the host’s book collection. Dalian freezes when she sees a bowl with crispy buns. Talia allows Dalian to take it.

Hugh and Dalian leave their baggage at Talia’s house to wander around the village. They notice how odd that village is. It’s too small to survive by itself, although there are no signs of interaction with the outside world. Furthermore, there are no old people or children around. The couple reaches the Carabosse's villa. The front door is blocked by thorny vines. Corpses are entangled in the mess of plants. Dalian tells Hugh to use an axe to open a path to the entrance of the villa.

At the top of the tower, Hugh and Dalian find the body of a young, long-haired girl, about the same age as Talia. The couple are attacked by thorny vines. Hugh drags Dalian down the stairs. Their path is eventually blocked, so Hugh has no choice but to jump through a window. While carrying Dalian, he lands on the courtyard below. He keeps running. They finally escape the danger after clearing a wall that had just collapsed. Hugh releases Dalian, who’s not happy for being carried as baggage. Before Hugh can catch his breath, he notices someone nearby.

Talia uses the Deep Green Book to summon a dense fog. Hugh requests a Phantom Book to Dalian, but they don’t know which one would be useful in such situation. Strong farmers wielding sharp pronged tools show up to threaten Hugh and Dalian. Hugh shields the Biblioprincess. She uses the armor in her arm to repulse a pitchfork attack. The farmers eventually stop moving. They drop their weapons. They quickly age. Hugh grasps Dalian’s hand and enters a dark forest. Hugh and Dalian find themselves in a beautiful plain, back next to the villa that had been covered by vines. Talia finally reveals herself as the daughter of John Carabosse. The real Talia is the womanly figure inside the observatory room. Florence couldn’t accept the fact that her own father visited the village only to see his lover Talia.

When Florence opened the Phantom Book once again, Hugh and Dalian ended up surrounded by cliffs as a large canyon was opened in the ground. At that moment, Dalian gives Hugh the right to open the Dantalian's Bookshelf. The Biblioprincess finally discovered that Florence’s Phantom Book allows its user to create illusionary landforms to confuse intruders. Hugh reads the Ritual of Reality to break the illusions. Back to the gentle slope of grass, Florence stands in shock, letting the Phantom Book slip from her hands. Florence runs towards her villa, only to fall directly down a cliff that she fails to notice.

The next day, Hugh gets up at dawn to make a simple grave for Florence near the villa. Dalian places a seed of a wild rose on top of the grave. She affirms that she understands Florence’s feelings. The couple leaves the village. Dalian took many ancient tomes from Talia’s house, so now Hugh has more luggage to carry. The Biblioprincess offers to help him if he carries her in his back. Hugh asks if she takes him for an idiot.[6]

Queen of the Night[]

Hugh finds Dalian inside the glasshouse of the Disward estate, watering a huge and rare cactus, imported from Africa. Hugh affirms that he didn’t expect that someone who lives locked in her room reading gloomy books would enjoy plants. Dalian kicks his shin for the commentary. Dalian explains that the plant was acquired by Wesley. It will bloom in that same night, an event that takes 13 years.

Dalian knows that Kamilla came round. The latter left some Swiss chocolate. Although is almost dinner time, Dalian tells Hugh to prepare the tea. At that moment, they hear a bell. Two men from the Gladstone Company appear at the door, talking about a delivery for Wesley. Dalian hides behind a pillar, watching the visitors with discontent. Hugh finds them suspicious, so he believes that they are Dalian’s acquaintances. The black-haired man attacks Hugh, but he's thrown to the ground. However, Hugh backs down when the brown-haired man points a gun at Dalian. Hugh doesn’t carry his revolver inside the mansion, so he has no choice but to surrender. Dalian affirms that Hugh is hopeless.

Hugh and Dalian are tied with ropes while the criminals look for The Queen of the Night, supposedly a valuable book. One of the criminals damages one of Dalian’s book. She becomes furious when the other man eats her chocolates. Hugh is threatened and beaten with a gun by the brown-haired man. Blood trickles down Hugh’s face. Dalian worries about him. Hugh tries to hide the pain with a smile. Dalian affirms that a book called “The Queen of the Night” doesn’t exist. The criminals leave to check the glasshouse. Dalian seems agitated.

Hugh and Dalian hear the criminals screaming. Hugh manages to release himself and Dalian using his lighter. Dalian affirms that it’s too late. At the glasshouse, they find the brown-haired man's gun on the ground. Hugh learns that the cactus that Dalian was watering is called "The Queen of the Night", and that the plant ate the criminals. Dalian affirms that the criminals deserve their fate for hurting something she likes. Hugh believes that Dalian is referring to the book.[7]

Book of Equivalence[]

Before Hugh can answer the door, Kamilla enters the Disward mansion. She has some pastries for Dalian. The latter doesn’t welcome Kamilla. Dalian changes her mind when she sees Kamilla’s crispy buns. Dalian tells Hugh to prepare the tea. Kamilla planned to give something else to Dalian, but she changed her mind. Dalian is examining a book about auctions. Kamilla notices how Dalian seems interested in a teddy bear. Coming back with a teapot, Hugh is kicked by Dalian after questioning the value of the items. Kamilla asks Hugh to give her something. Reluctantly, he searches inside his pocket and finds a red paper clip. She suddenly leaves the mansion, making Hugh and Dalian confused.

Dalian blushing

Dalian tries to hide how she finds the teddy bear cute.

In the afternoon, Hugh and Dalian visit a used bookstore. While studying the shelves nearby, Dalian offers Hugh’s internal organs in exchange for any interesting book. Two days ago, the old man, owner of the bookstore, sent a message informing them about a Phantom Book he obtained. The old man searches the desk next to the checkout. He realizes that he sold the Phantom Book by accident. Dalian slams the table, furious. Hugh and Dalian learn that the old man sold the Book of Equivalence to Kamilla. The couple leaves the bookstore to look for her. Dalian wants to find Kamilla quickly. After all, the Phantom Book may take the user’s life.

Hugh drives to one of the Keynes’ houses. They are greeted by one of the employees. The employee informs that Kamilla returned, but she left again a while ago. Dalian notices that the servant is using a red paper clip. Hugh and Dalian deduce that Kamilla is using the Book of Equivalence to make a series of trades. They resume their search for Kamilla. They returned to the Disward estate after trying to track Kamilla past midnight. Dalian wonders if Hugh can follow Kamilla’s scent like a dog. Hugh smiles, noticing how Dalian is worried about Kamilla. Dalian affirms that she’s only worried about the crispy buns. He’s kicked after witnessing Dalian's cheeks flushing. Hugh tries to comfort Dalian, saying that Kamilla won’t be bartering during the night. He places his hand on Dalian’s head.

Suddenly, someone shows up behind him. Kamilla was sleeping in the garden, waiting for the couple. She takes a stuffed bear from her bag and gives it to Dalian. Kamilla had gone to Mr. Fieron's mansion to negotiate. She offered the Phantom Book itself in exchange for the teddy bear. Dalian looks at Kamilla with admiration and amazement. Hugh wonders if Kamilla is happy after giving away the valuable Book of Equivalence. Kamilla affirms that she found what she really wanted. She looks at Dalian, who’s happily hugging the teddy bear.[8]

Book of Fetus[]

For the fourth time, Dalian asks Hugh if they are lost. They walk through a difficult route to find the Lilburn mansion. A landslide is blocking the main road, so Hugh is unable to drive. Miss Estella Lilburn sent a request to Wesley Disward. She included advance payment in the letter. Hugh had no choice but to accept the job in his place. Hugh must determine the value of the library of Estella’s late grandfather. Dalian is interested in the Lilburn library. Since Dalian is afraid of heights, she holds Hugh’s hand while crossing an old bridge.

Estella welcomes the couple. Dalian hides behind Hugh. He explains that he’s replacing Wesley, who died half a year ago. Estella shows the guest room to Hugh and Dalian. Estella is living by herself. She strangely affirms that she was waiting for him. At the study of Elvis Lilburn, Hugh examines the impressive collection. Dalian uses Hugh as a stepladder to reach a book. She’s in a bad mood, jealous of Estella’s beauty. Hugh admits that Estella is pretty, and that the chignon hairstyle suits her. Dalian hides behind Hugh when they hear someone knocking the door. Hugh and Dalian learn from Martin Geese, Estella's cousin, that she’s isolated in that mansion due to a curse from a Phantom Book. The curse kills everyone that tries to take her away from that place.

Hugh eventually finds clippings that confirm something strange happening around the Lilburn family. Dalian gives up on helping Hugh assess the Lilburn library. She decides to read. By midnight, Hugh carries the distracted girl into the bedroom. He sees Martin and Estella outside, walking together like a couple. Dalian seems satisfied. Hugh wants to sleep, but Dalian refuses to leave his room. She also doesn’t allow Hugh to enter her room. Hugh smiles, suspecting that Dalian is afraid of sleeping alone due to the Lilburn curse. Hugh and Dalian hear someone screaming. Outside, they find a golem holding the body of Martin next to a bloodstained Estella. Dalian parts her clothes to reveal her bare chest. Before Hugh can open the Dantalian's Bookshelf, the Golem disappears into the darkness.

In the morning, Hugh is woken up by Dalian. She informs that the bridge collapsed. Dalian also tells Hugh about golems and the Phantom Books used to control such creatures. Hugh grabs his coat, only to discover that Dalian put a heavy book into his pocket. Hugh follows her to the library. Dalian reads about the past of the Lilburn family while Hugh tries to find the Phantom Book which controls the Golem. Estella shows up to serve them lunch. Dalian doesn’t like the options, but she’s happy to know that Estella has pastries and chocolate. Dalian wants to eat immediately. Estella doesn’t lament Martin’s death, since she still has Hugh. However, he affirms that he will leave tomorrow, after the landslide is cleaned up. Estella stabs Hugh, but he’s protected by the book in his pocket. Estella explains that she kills people to make them unable to leave her alone.

Estella's mansion

Estella welcomes Hugh and Dalian.

The Golem appears. Dalian explains that the creature eliminates everything that can reveal the violent behavior of the Lilburn family. Hugh opens the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. He uses the Book of Styx to summon a shield and The Clay Tablet of Ugarit to summon a lightning attack. Hugh is exhausted from using two tomes, but the Golem is still moving. Dalian explains that the Golem will stop only after the 72 Sacred Notes of the Shem-ha-mephorash is destroyed. Hugh realizes that this Phantom Book exists in the form of the bell ringings coming from the mansion's clock tower. Dalian smiles, satisfied with Hugh’s reasoning. The couple reads The Clay Tablet of Ugarit to summon a second lightning attack. The clock tower is destroyed and the Golem is defeated. Hugh leaves the collapsing mansion with Dalian.

It was difficult to find their way around the mountainous path. They also had to answer the police. Hugh and Dalian return to the Disward estate after a week. He asks Dalian about the Lilburn curse. She deduces that perverse methods were used to raise the Lilburn women, explaining why they tended to violence. Elvis Lilburn had used the Golem to hide the evidences of the women’s crimes. Hugh wonders what’s wrong with Dalian’s hair. She had tried to mimic Estella's hairstyle. Dalian’s ears turn pink. Furious, Dalian loosens her hair, but Hugh affirms that she had a cute bun. For her shock, he grabs the last chocolate cookie. He asks if Dalian feels lonely, the same way he asked the girl in the bookshelf earlier. For a moment, Dalian’s eyes waver, as if she’s about to cry. She insults him in anger. She continues reading and sipping her tea.[9]

Book of Soul Exchange[]

Hugh bought the first two books from the Crown of the Dog Days trilogy in order to investigate why the author, Lenny Lents, sent a letter to Wesley Disward asking for help. Dalian is furious because Lenny never released the third volume. She kicks Hugh’s leg. Dalian wants to know more about the love story of the characters Dyer and Ignatius. Hugh and Dalian head to Lenny’s residence. Dalian is cold, so she complains about Hugh’s car, which has no roof. At Lenny’s house, they find a woman that presents herself as the author’s wife, Paula Lents. Dalian hides behind Hugh during the introductions. Since Dalian shows interest in Lenny’s novel, Paula agrees to arrange a meeting the next day.

Dantalian shoka image

Dalian wants to read the whole trilogy.

Hugh and Dalian break into an empty villa. Hunger puts Dalian into a bad mood. They discuss how the woman they just met is a fake, since everyone knew that Lenny’s wife has already passed away. At night, Hugh and Dalian investigate Lenny’s house. Dalian decided to accompany Hugh, hoping to find food in Lenny’s house. They see Paula leaving a barn, holding a poker. Soon after, Hugh and Dalian sneak into the barn, which looks like a torture room. They can smell blood in the air. They find Lenny’s disfigured body and a captivated woman called Leticia Serkis, the author’s lover. She begs them to return the next day and take Lenny away.

Meeting Lenny

Lenny writes a message of help for Hugh and Dalian.

The next morning, Hugh visits the nearest telegraph station. Dalian waits in the car while complaining about the taste of some biscuits, although she keeps eating them. When Hugh returns, he tells her to stop eating his portion. In the afternoon, they have tea with Paula. Dalian is impatient to see Lenny. She rudely corrects Paula when the latter quotes incorrectly from Lenny’s work. Hugh covers Dalian’s mouth. He affirms that Paula is only testing Dalian. Paula seems satisfied, so she allows the couple to see Lenny. Hugh and Dalian see the writer alive and working on the last part of his trilogy. Using his typewriter to trick Paula, the author writes a message asking Hugh and Dalian to forget about him and to save Leticia. As reward, Lenny will give Hugh and Dalian the manuscript of the last part of the trilogy. Later, by examining Lenny’s autograph, Hugh and Dalian confirm the man’s identity. She’s happy to have the opportunity to read the ending of Lenny’s trilogy.

Late at night, Hugh and Dalian break into the barn again and find the body of Leticia. Lenny appears at the door, threatened by Paula, who’s holding a hunting rifle. Hugh shields Dalian. He exposes Paula as a maniac fan and murderer that wants the perfect ending for Lenny’s work. Dalian notices that the barn is an altar for a ritual of resurrection. It’s revealed that the author is revived as soon as his lover is murdered, and vice versa, due to the powers of the Phantom Book called "The Ophiuchus Manuscript" used by Paula. She keeps killing Leticia and Lenny. Dalian says that Paula is pathetic for wishing to see more about an insignificant character like August, who doesn’t suit Dyer.

Eventually, the writer and his lover become a monster, result of evolution over a long time of deaths and resurrections. Hugh and Dalian witness the monster crushing Paula to death. Dalian allows Hugh to open the Dantalian's Bookshelf, but he affirms that it won’t be necessary. Hugh prays for Leticia and Lenny as they disappear. Dalian says “amen”. Days later, Dalian throws a cushion at Hugh’s head. She’s unhappy with the ending of Lenny’s trilogy. Hugh has no choice but to help her write a new ending using Wesley’s typewriter. She even asked the old man to send independent works from other fans as inspiration.[10]

Ras Alhague monster (manga)

Hugh and Dalian witness Lenny and Leticia becoming a monster and killing Paula.

Book of Oblivion[]

Grumpy Dalian

Dalian expresses her disdain for Davi.

Accompanied by Dalian, Hugh visits his uncle Davi Hillenbrand. Hugh and Dalian sit on a chaise lounge. Hugh is forced to catch up with his uncle. Dalian finds Davi very annoying She wants to hit him. Hugh introduces Dalian as Wesley’s adoptive daughter. In Davi’s opinion, Hugh should be focused on women with a more mature sex appeal. Hugh asks Dalian to endure the situation with him.

Hugh asks about Yolanda. The latter married Davi four years ago. Davi wishes to see Hugh wed. The latter choose not to pursue the subject. Hugh asks about a photo on the table, next to a tea set. Davi tells him about the women, describing their qualities, as if they are female suitors for Hugh. As a lord in a happy marriage, Davi wants to see his nephew make a name for himself and build a family, and not only collect books with a little girl. Davi ends the conversation and tells Hugh to sleep in. The lord will leave for business that night, but Yolanda will stay to talk about the wonders of a happy marriage. Davi and Yolanda leave the room, ignoring Hugh’s protests.

In the guest room, Dalian blames Hugh for putting her in that situation. She collapses on the bed, placing her boots on Hugh’s back, as if using him as a carpet. The fact that Hugh looked at that photo in the living room just added to the anger of the jealous girl. Hugh explains that he’s only visiting his uncle because the latter had sent a telegram, saying that he wanted to consult with his nephew. After seeing her husband off, Yolanda encounters Hugh and Dalian once again. For Hugh’s despair, Dalian rudely asks why Yolanda is married with someone like Davi. Yolanda affirms that perhaps sees in Davi the masculine figure she missed for a long time. Yolanda reveals herself as the one who sent the telegram to Hugh.

Yolanda heard from Hugh's mother that he’s very knowledgeable about books. Hugh points to Dalian, showing the real expert. Yolanda bows, asking for Dalian’s help. The Biblioprincess listens to her, satisfied with the manners. Yolanda is looking for a book, but she doesn’t know its title or author, nor the reason why she’s searching for it. That was making her distressed, day-dreaming. At the dinner, Hugh asks Dalian’s opinion about Yolanda’s problem. Dalian’s theory is that Yolanda witnessed Davi conducting a ritual with a Phantom Book, the one he used to force her into marriage. Davi then sealed Yolanda's memories about the ritual and about the end of Bluebeard, a folktale with a very similar narrative.

Although Dalian is not interested, Hugh tells her that they should discover why Yolanda’s memory was sealed, before the worst happens. Dalian chokes with the food, so Hugh gives her a glass of water. A small laughter is heard behind her. A young maid was listening to their conversation. Dalian calls for her to make some questions. The maid reveals that Davi and Yolanda always look like a happy couple. However, a rumor says that they were different in the past. It’s said that Yolanda started to enjoy Davi’s company when he brought a weird book to the mansion. It's said that Davi’s family includes a bibliomaniac who secretly gave him this book. Hugh and Dalian tense up.

Hugh and Dalian enter Davi’s study to look for a Phantom Book. Dalian is certain that Davi stole it from Wesley. Soon after, they see Yolanda at the door of the study. Hugh asks if there are secret rooms in the property. Yolanda talks about a room Davi says it should never be opened. Hugh confirms the presence of a door in a dark hallway. Davi’s secret dark room has a sweet fragrance of a woman’s perfume. Dalian finds the Book of Oblivion inside. She gives it to Yolanda.

Davi shows up, out of breath, back from work. He seems afraid of Yolanda, now that she has recovered her memories. It’s revealed that all the items inside that dark room belong to Davi’s mistress. Davi had used the Book of Oblivion to make Yolanda forget about the cheating. The lord tries to justify his behavior, showing a square-shaped wound on his cheek, beneath his large beard. Yolanda had hit Davi with the Phantom Book. Dalian, however, doesn’t pity the man. Yolanda probably saw a lipstick mark on his cheek. Davi only made things worse by using the Book of Oblivion. Yolanda’s anger and sadness would eventually be forgotten. But, by using the Phantom Book, he only made those fresh feelings be restored. Hugh picks up the Book of Oblivion to return it to its place. He gives the Phantom Book to Dalian. Hugh and Dalian leave the room, while Yolanda continues to threaten her husband.[11]

Book of Twilight[]

Hugh and Dalian examine the destroyed fortress. Strangely, they can’t find a single corpse. According to the Biblioprincess, it's too late for that place.

Aira visits Salute. Outside, through a window, she notices a strange couple outside. Salute affirms that they are wandering around the town since morning. Dalian stares at Aira. The latter seems envious of the Biblioprincess’ beauty. At the same time, Aira is afraid of her. In the afternoon, Aira visits the northern forest to obtain an ingredient for her grandmother. Dalian mentions Aira’s thick eyebrows. Aira sees Hugh and Dalian approaching. Dalian recognizes the poisonous plant Aira is collecting. Aira introduces herself as a shaman apprentice. Dalian warns Aira against confronting the Broken Wings. Hugh asks if Aira knows about a place in the vicinity where he can find a large number of books. There are no big churches in town, but she recalls about a printing studio recently opened nearby. Dalian scolds Hugh for taking her to the wrong place. Aira resumes her work while the couple walks back to the town.

The next day, the town is attacked by the Broken Wings. Aira is pursued by one of the huge insects. She stumbles, exhausted, but Hugh saves her. Hugh had prepared a fumigant, so the town was being enveloped by a white mist. The Broken Wings disappear, defeated by the fog. The young man asks Dalian how the insects passed through the barrier they set around the printing studio. Dalian examines the remains of a wrecked carriage and finds incunables inside wooden boxes. According to Aira, the goods are owned by Tito, a proud book dealer apprentice. The Broken Wings are being attracted by the books. Dalian argues that Aira should have said so before. Hugh interrupts the discussion, noticing carriage tracks leading to the mountains. The shaman apprentice guides Hugh and Dalian to her house.

Dalian suffers to climb the slope, but Hugh helps her, apparently used to such environment. After some time, Hugh has to carry Dalian on his back. They finally reach the house, where they find the inhabitants who survived the attack of the Broken Wings. Those who had lost friends and familiars are angry, blaming the old woman for the tragedy. According to them, the shaman, Aira’s grandmother, should have provided the poison Yakatsu before. However, Aira reveals that the Yakatsu has no effect on the Broken Wings.

The inhabitants start blaming each other until they see Hugh and Dalian. The couple examines the carriage loaded with a massive load of books. It will serve as bait to attract the Broken Wings. The couple is attacked by Gianni, the town vigilant, but his sword cannot touch them, as if they are ghosts. Huge Broken Wings are approaching. Hugh opens the Dantalian's Bookshelf. He reads the Book of the Sage to destroy the monsters. Hugh puts the Book of the Sage back into Dalian’s chest. Hugh introduces himself as a person from a different world. Dalian affirms that Hugh and herself created problems for Aira. Dalian promises to meet Aira once again. Hugh and Dalian disappear soon after.

Back to the Disward estate, Dalian tells Hugh to apply the poison and kill every single one of the silverfishes. She’s furious because the rainy season damaged her books. Hugh is organizing the library, separating stacks of books with faded covers and traces of bites. Hugh affirms that the books will need fumigation and repair services. The humidity had attracted the insects. Influenced by the power of the Book of Twilight, the silverfishes had evolved to eat the story itself, so Hugh and Dalian had to intervene. Dalian affirms that she’s too busy to help Hugh. Keeping her promise, she examines the Book of Twilight which contains the story about Grand Sage Aira.[12]

The Magician's Daughter[]

Hugh answers the door of the Disward estate. Dalian hides behind him. He’s surprised to see Armand Jeremiah. The latter wonders if Dalian is Hugh’s wife. Hugh grimaces and quickly clarifies their relationship. Hugh explains that he and Armand served in the same airbase during the war. Dalian doesn’t like Armand. She compares his fluffy yellow hair with a chick. Armand knows that Hugh is the grandson of a famous bibliomaniac. That’s why Armand came to ask for a Phantom Book. Hugh explains that Armand is not the first to visit with that purpose. According to Armand, Viola Duplessis promised to marry the man who gives her five specific Phantom Books. Armand affirms that Viola is even more beautiful than Dalian. The Biblioprincess allows Armand to search for the Book of the Salamander's Seal in the basement of the Disward estate. In exchange, she wants to meet Viola.

Days later, Hugh and Dalian go to the capital to meet Armand. Dalian affirms that Hugh is very interested in the courtesan. Hugh objects. The trio visits a brothel. Armand wonders if it’s the right thing to bring a little girl to such a place. There, Armand tries to control the rude Biblioprincess, while Hugh ignores her attitude. Dalian is impatient to meet Viola. The hostess delivers a letter with the courtesan’s address. The hostess invites the Biblioprincess to work in the brothel in a few years. Dalian declines the offer.

At Viola’s mansion, Hugh and Dalian learn that the courtesan doesn’t remember her past, although she knows about the existence of the Dantalian's Bookshelf and the Phantom Books necessary to protect her from someone referred as the Earl. Viola recognizes Dalian as the Black Biblioprincess. During the conversation, Hugh suddenly covers Dalian and pushes Armand. Hugh was trying to protect them from a winged woman. The creature informs that the Earl will be coming for Viola the next full moon. The monster goes away. Hugh and Dalian bid farewell. Dalian affirms that they will be back when the villain shows up.

Hugh and Dalian return to Viola's house, which is crowded with men wishing to protect her. Hugh sees how five of her suitors, including Armand, have obtained the Phantom Books requested by the courtesan. Hugh and Dalian are sure that the volumes are fakes. Dalian affirms that men never learn. They are always indulging women’s whims. She compares the current situation with The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.

The Earl eventually arrives and a confrontation begins. From Dalian, Hugh learns that the Earl is a real sorcerer, more powerful during a full moon night. Dalian didn’t expect to meet someone like Melgar in the current era. Hugh and Dalian watch the five suitors protecting Viola, who is exposed as the Earl’s daughter, an automaton created as an experiment. Before Melgar can release his attack to kill Viola and her suitors, Hugh opens the Dantalian's Bookshelf. The men protecting Viola are chosen by the real Phantom Books. They cure Melgar’s victims and manage to block the magician's attacks. Melgar admits defeat and disappears.

After the confrontation, Dalian blames Armand for making her interact with an old magician she despises. Armand realizes that Hugh and Dalian were testing him, to see if he’s a worthy reader of a Phantom Book. Armand and the other men give the Phantom Books back to Hugh. Viola walks away with her lover Baron. Dalian affirms that a woman’s heart is more incomprehensible than a Phantom Book. She gives a book to Armand. It’s a famous love story. Dalian wants Armand to read and learn.[13]

Book of Atonement[]

Dalian is surprised with the quality of the pastries she’s tasting. She asks for all the fried breads in the store. Hugh wonders when she’ll be satisfied. He’s uncomfortable because everyone is staring at them. According to her, the next stop will be at a donut shop, as it shows her guidebook. Hugh reminds her that they are looking for the owner of a Phantom Book which creates zombies. They discuss about the matter. A zombie had attacked the embassy a few days ago. The terrorists who are using the Phantom Book may target the international conference attended by many European leaders. Hugh asks if Dalian knows the couple who is staring at them. The pilot violently accelerates the motorcycle in Hugh and Dalian's direction. The vehicle doesn’t slow down, even when moving on the sidewalk, destroying the tables nearby. At the last moment, Hugh picks Dalian up, jumping towards the road. The Biblioprincess recognizes the uniform of the Book Buning Officer. Hal points his staff at Hugh and Dalian.

Flamberge and Dalian

The Biblioprincesses meet.

Dalian repeatedly offends Hal. Flamberge affirms that Hal would never beat Dalian in a verbal fight. Without a warning, he attacks Hugh. Hugh pushes Dalian away to protect her. Hugh and Hal soon break away as a burst of hot smoke comes out of the staff. Hugh wipes the blood from his lips. Dalian seems worried. Hal accuses Hugh and Dalian of planning a terrorist attack using living corpses to storm the embassy. Hal asks what Hugh and Dalian are doing next to the crime scene, holding a Phantom Book. Hal points to the guidebook at the ground, mistaking it for a Phantom Book. Hal clearly misinterpreted. Nonetheless, he plans to destroy the Biblioprincess and her key-keeper. Hal shows a bunch of old golden key in his right hand. Hugh evokes a similar one from his right hand.

They can hear screams coming from a subway station. Accompanied by Flamberge, Hal drives inside the station. Hugh and Dalian follow him. Someone had added the transcription of the Book of Atonement in a signboard to make the readers turn into zombies. Hal is surrounded by the creatures. Hugh shoots the signboard, preventing the creation of more monsters. Hugh reads the Book of the Feast of the Dead of the Windowless Hall to freeze the zombies and save Hal. The Book Burning Officer agrees to work with Hugh and Dalian for a moment to catch the terrorists. They deduce that the criminals plan to use newspapers with the transcription of the Book of Atonement to make more zombies. An important football match was about to end, so many Londoners would buy the extra editions. Hal and Flamberge search for a printing shop while Hugh and Dalian go to the stadium to prolong the match.

At the stadium, Hugh uses a microphone to read The Great Queen Poem to everyone. He manages to change the score and prevent the match from ending. Outside, Hugh and Dalian notice that the royal city is safe. Apparently, Hal and Flamberge have also succeeded in their mission. All that’s left is to settle Hugh and Hal’s fight. Hal made Hugh promise that they will continue their dispute after the problem is solved. Dalian seems worried, holding Hugh’s coat tightly. He looks at her with a smile on his face. He removes a gambling ticket from his pocket. Few people would bet on a 7-7 score. Dalian opens her eyes wide, happy with his thinking. She will use the money to buy sweets and visit the used bookstore. The next day, Hal waits hours in front of a huge museum, but Hugh and Dalian don’t show up.[14]

Book of Gap[]

Hugh and Dalian go to the library of the Cadfael School. Dalian presses a mug against Hugh’s cheeks in order to wake him up. Hugh is trying to rest from the long drive. Because of her attitude, Hugh has no choice but pour her more tea. She's already eating his portion of the lunch. While serving her, he examines the idyllic landscape around. Dalian is not happy to visit such wilderness, where breads are not sweet enough. However, she accepts to stay there for a while because of the interesting collection of the school library.

Jessica Introduction

Jessica confronts Hugh and Dalian.

Suddenly, a young girl wearing school uniform shows up to interrogate the couple. Dalian hides behind Hugh, scared by the movement of her hair, which resembles the wagging of a dog tail. Dalian compares the schoolgirl’s legs to radishes. Holding a lacrosse stick as a weapon, Jessica Elphinstone wonders if they have a permission to visit the school. Hugh reveals that the principal, Miss Roedean, allowed them there. Jessica asks if they will investigate the recent rumors. It’s said that Benjamin Diffring, a serial killer who escaped from prison, is hiding somewhere in the school. For her disappointment, Hugh affirms that they came to look for a book. Dalian offends Jessica, saying that the stupid schoolgirl shouldn’t be walking around knowing that a murderer is nearby. Their conversation is interrupted by a scream coming from the schoolyard.

Hugh is the first to move. He carries Dalian under his arm, interrupting her teatime. The scream came from a student soaked in blood. She faints, but Hugh releases Dalian to support her. Blood also covers a leather bag, a book and the body of a half-naked woman in her early thirties. Jessica recognizes Nicola, her teacher and dorm supervisor. Nicola is one of the two people who went missing last weekend. Dalian tells Hugh to investigate the cause of death. Nicola's abdomen was cut open and some of her internal organs had been removed, as if the murder was part of a sacred ceremony performed with precision and careful methodology. Hugh observes that, considering the state of the body, the woman was killed hours ago. With all that blood, it should be impossible to carry the corpse to that spot without leaving traces, unless the murderer used the power of a Phantom Book. Jessica realizes that Hugh and Dalian’s goal is to find this Phantom Book.

At the library, Hugh sits on a wooden footstool while Dalian examines the bookshelves. She uses him as a stepladder to reach a report about the serial killer. It’s a summary made by the curious students of the school. Hugh and Dalian speculate that the book Diffring got from prison is a Phantom Book. Dalian suggests that the murderer is hiding in the school to find new victims. The sound of footsteps echoes through the dark library. They see Jessica climbing up the stairs. She isn't supposed to leave her dormitory. Jessica wanders around the dim library looking for Hugh and Dalian while fighting against the instinctive fear of darkness.

Jessica finds another female student collapsed on the floor. Matilda Linker was the other person who went missing for several days. Jessica is threatened by Benjamin Diffring, but Hugh appears to save the schoolgirl. Diffring escapes, disappearing without a trace among the bookshelves. Dalian shows up, revealing that Matilda is fatally injured and that there is no time to take her to a hospital. Jessica is angered, believing that Hugh and Dalian have already given up on Matilda. However, Hugh opens the Dantalian's Bookshelf and grabs the Book of the Silver Well, which he uses to heal Matilda’s wounds. Jessica thanks Dalian. The Biblioprincess turns away in embarrassment, hiding a smile.

Hugh takes the asleep student to the entrance of the dormitory. When he returned, Dalian and Jessica were sat in the front of the library. Dalian was not happy with the company. The schoolgirl opens her handbag to show the sandwiches and water bottles she brought to them, explaining why she left her room. Although they came for a book, Hugh and Dalian are defending the school, so Jessica wanted to help them. Dalian eats a delicious pie, but she’s too proud to praise or thank the schoolgirl. Hugh explains that killing is not Diffring’s purpose. Diffring is looking for a mother, the body of a woman, a womb where he can get inside and be born once again. Jessica comments that she doesn’t have a motherly body. Dalian again mentions Jessica’s legs, making the schoolgirl uncomfortable. Hugh and Dalian ask why Jessica was wandering around the library before they first met. Jessica reveals that she witnessed the murderer attacking Matilda. Jessica wanted to find her friend. Dalian strokes Jessica’s head, showing compassion. Hugh and Dalian elaborate a plan to catch Diffring.

Hugh and Jessica sit on a bench, under the shade of a large tree. Dalian appears behind Jessica, pulling the schoolgirl’s hair. The Biblioprincess had finished her job at the library. A teacher approaches them. There was a note written by Miss Roedean on her desk, asking the teacher to deliver a book to Jessica. Predicting the danger, Hugh and Dalian tell the woman to drop the book. It was too late, since her arms were slashed by a blade coming out from between the pages. A human silhouette emerges from the book that fell on the ground. The shadow gains thickness and assumes the form of a small man holding a knife. Diffring holds the injured teacher in front of him. Diffring has been using the Book of Gap to hide between the pages of books. Diffring picks the Phantom Book up from the ground and removes a gun from one of the gaps between its pages. Diffring pulls the trigger, showing no mercy. Hugh, Dalian and Jessica, however, are unaffected. Diffring tries to shoot Dalian, but it’s like an invisible wall is protecting his targets. Hugh is holding the "Book of Styx" to summon the barrier. Diffring ignores the weapon and runs away. Hugh remains calm. He and Dalian already know that the criminal is heading to the library to hide himself.

When Hugh opened the school library, Jessica saw the empty bookshelves. The collection of over 100,000 books had vanished, so now Diffring has no place to hide. At a loss, he drops the Book of Gap. Armed police officers pop out from behind the bookshelves to detain the criminal. Hugh picks up the Book of Gap from the floor. He gives it to Dalian. Hugh and Dalian go to the principal’s office.

They sit on a luxurious reception sofa to talk with a beautiful blond woman of unknown age. Principal Roedean, Hugh’s aunt, asks what he thinks of Jessica. Irritated, Hugh realizes that his aunt called him not only to make him search for the Book of Gap, but also to meet the daughter of an important family for a future arranged marriage. Dalian’s stare forces Miss Roedean to forget the subject. Hugh and Dalian share a dislike for the principal. At the library, it’s revealed that Jessica was tasked with the organization of the library as punishment for leaving her room late at night. Jessica naturally directs her anger at the couple who left the mess behind. She intends to express her dissatisfaction during the next summer break.[15]

Phantom Score[]

Hugh's violin

Dallaglio fixes Hugh's violin.

Dalian forces Hugh to play the violin in the park. He produces a sound like glass being scratched. He stops when Dalian throws a plate at his back. A young woman suddenly requests the violin. Dalian hides behind Hugh, afraid of the stranger. A man wearing glasses runs towards them, out of breath. He asks Hugh to show them the instrument. The stranger studies the item and identifies some flaws. He takes a mallet from his bag and starts fixing the violin.

The woman in white tries the instrument. The heinous, loud sound makes Dalian scream softly. Soon after, Christabel starts playing for real with delicate movements. The magnificent music overwhelms the listeners and makes the surroundings more beautiful. She doesn’t hear Hugh and Dalian’s compliments because she’s too focused on her performance. The unknown man apologizes, explaining that she never stops once she starts playing. The melody attracts a small crowd. The celebrity wants to keep playing, but his companion insists on leaving. Hugh agrees to lend her the violin. Before dragging the young woman away, the man introduces himself as Dallaglio Hayward.

Perennial Wisdom (2)

Hugh and Dalian visit the used bookstore.

A few days later, Hugh and Dalian visit a used bookstore. Dalian sits on the floor to read. The owner’s talk annoys her. Hugh calls him after finding an interesting booklet displayed in a glass case. The cover depicts a young woman in silk dress holding a violin. Dalian stops reading, interested in the subject. Christabel Sistine is a reputed musician, rumored to be able of playing Guglielmo Baldini’s works, the Phantom Scores. The shopkeeper shows an old newspaper revealing that Christabel’s own concert hall will be inaugurated soon.

Hugh and Dalian find the luxurious concert hall in the center of the city. Dalian hates to see the crowd. Security is heavy around the building, so Hugh won't be able to retrieve his instrument. Dalian pushes him towards one of the guards to request a meeting with the violinist. The strong man treats her like a child. He offers a flower and a candy to Dalian. She becomes so angry that she can't speak. The Biblioprincess struggles furiously while Hugh drags her away. She tells Hugh to open the Dantalian's Bookshelf to incinerate the guard. Hugh calmly points at a suspicious man in the distance. They see Dallaglio walking to the mechanical room of the concert hall. Dalian puts the candy in her mouth. She decides to follow him, but Hugh stops her by grabbing her collar. He questions why she's interested in the Phantom Scores. Dalian runs away from Hugh, affirming that there are things in this better left alone.

After winding through the alleyways, they reach a simple metal door at the stone wall of the concert hall. Dalian almost falls down the stairs, but Hugh catches her. At the basement, they can smell oil. There’s an eerie machine loaded in the elevator that goes up to the stage. There’s someone else in the underground darkness. Hugh protects Dalian as a shadow moves to attack her with a baton. Hugh falls on the floor and loses consciousness after being hit. Hugh and Dalian are tied to a chair. Christabel shows up. Hugh doesn’t feel hostility in her. He notices Dalian behind him, also tied up. Normally she would complain about Hugh fainting, but her mouth was covered. She probably annoyed the aggressor with her rude words.

Christabel affirms that Kendrick is the one who beat and restrained Hugh. The man is responsible for paying the violinist and financing her concert hall. Apparently, Hugh and Dalian saw something they weren’t supposed to see. Hugh examines the elevator once again, noticing that the machine is in fact a doll which serves as an accompanist for the concert. Hugh and Dalian listen to Christabel playing with the pianist automaton. Dallaglio appears, out of breath. He removes the towel from Dalian’s mouth. She immediately starts to curse. Before releasing Hugh and Dalian, Dallaglio asks them to escape with Christabel before the inauguration ceremony. However, a middle-aged man interrupts them.

Kendrick is being escorted by another person holding a black club in his left hand, the same one used to hit Hugh. Kendrick affirms that Hugh and Dalian won't be hurt. They have become important guests who will be allowed to listen to Christabel’s performance. Dallaglio affirms that he won't let Hugh and Dalian listen to the concert. According to Kendrick, Christabel will play Utopia, an addictive Phantom Score that control people’s minds. Dallaglio doesn’t want to see Kendrick using Christabel. Since Dallaglio is trying to interfere with his plans, Kendrick orders his subordinate to shoot him. Dallaglio is fatally wounded. Christabel doesn’t understand what’s happening. Dalian explains that Dallaglio is dying. Satisfied, Kendrick and his man leave the basement.

Dallaglio crawls towards Hugh holding a small knife to cut the ropes restraining him. Dallaglio explains that Christabel is an automaton he created. Dallaglio collapses after releasing Hugh. Dallaglio dies in Hugh’s hands. The latter rushes to cut Dalian’s ropes. Surprisingly, Christabel plays Twilight, a Phantom Score that brings destruction. Hugh carries Dalian outside, ignoring the Biblioprincess’ protests. Dalian wants to collect the Phantom Scores. However, as soon as they walk outside, the basement collapses. The concert hall is destroyed.

Hugh and Dalian visited the place a week later, hoping to find the Phantom Score. Dalian is still blaming Hugh for losing Baldini's compositions. She affirms that the Phantom Scores require an automaton with human emotions, explaining why Dallaglio built Christabel. According to Dalian, perhaps Christabel acted on her own will, playing Twilight instead of Utopia, because she was sad after witnessing the death of her creator. Hugh touches Dalian’s forehead to check her temperature. He finds odd such gentle words leaving her mouth.

Furious, Dalian decides to return to the Disward estate by herself, although she doesn’t know the way. The Biblioprincess tries to talk to a passerby and ask for directions. She hides behind a post during the exchange. She returns indignant after receiving a large candy ball. Seething with anger, she tells Hugh to escort her to the station. She walks while holding his coat and enjoying the candy. He suggests that she take music lessons. Dalian affirms that she doesn’t want to become tone-deaf like Hugh. He points out the mistakes she makes humming while reading her books. She scolds him as they leave for home.[16]

Book of Relationship[]

On a hot summer afternoon, Hugh finds Dalian sat on the floor to cool herself during that warm day. She tells him to go away, since he’s obstructing the airflow. She decides to stay there even if a guest arrives, although she hesitates when Hugh mentions tea and macaroons. Someone is heard knocking the entrance door. Armand came to ask for their help. Dalian kicks the door close, but Armand manages to slip in. At the living room, Armand describes his situation while Dalian reads a book and enjoys the macaroons. He got himself a girlfriend and engaged her two weeks ago. Hugh and Dalian have no patience to listen to him, especially during the heat of that afternoon. The listeners finally become interested when Armand mentions that he got acquainted with Lianna duet to a rare book. Rumors say that the Book of Relationship brings a fated couple together. Hugh and Dalian think that Armand is after a relationship advice. However, the latter wonders if the Book of Relationship is real. Dalian ensures that he could only find a lover by using the powers of a Phantom Book. Armand wonders if Dalian is jealous of his happiness. Armand dodges the box furiously thrown at him.

Dalian spies on Armand

Dalian spies on Armand.

When Armand leaves the mansion, Dalian decides to follow him. In a dirty alley, Hugh and Dalian watch Armand and Lianna going to an opera house. Hugh and Dalian are worried about the curse of the Book of Relationship, but since Armand seems in love with Lianna, there shouldn’t be a problem. When Hugh and Dalian are walking towards the main street, back to the Disward estate, Armand notices them. He believes that they are concerned about Lianna, while Hugh affirms that their meeting was only a coincidence. Lianna reflects about Armand’s relationship with Dalian. For Armand’s despair, the Biblioprincess mentions how he was involved with a prostitute and almost died. Armand annoys Dalian by embarrassingly touching her head.

Half a month later, Hugh and Dalian go to the town. Dalian is in a bad mood, since the place is crowded and hot. Hugh wants to go back, but Dalian decides to buy a frozen dessert. Suddenly, they see people running like threatened wild animals. Armand is being affected by the Book of Relationship curse. A branch shoots out of his right hand, rushing towards Dalian. She uses her bracer to shield herself. Hugh decides to take him to the Disward estate, preventing any passersby from being injured. They only arrived after the sunset. Armand explains that everything started after he interacted with one of his servants. Lianna believes that Armand is cheating on her. The Book of Relationship reacts to her suspicions, even if, in reality, Armand remains loyal.

They hear someone knocking the entrance door. Lianna has tracked Armand. Hugh tells her that Armand isn't in the mansion. She insists on seeing her fiancé, believing that he’s hiding around there, but she eventually gives up. As soon as Hugh returns to the living room, Armand’s face becomes pale. Lianna is watching them through the window, pushing her cheek against the glass. Dalian affirms that the Book of Relationship curse will end only after Armand’s death. The Branches of Relationship cover his entire body and part of the room. The flames of the Book of Relationship curse kill Armand. Lianna questions what happened with her husband-to-be. Hugh explains that Armand committed suicide as atonement for betraying his fianceé. Recognizing the Black Biblioprincess and her key-keeper, Lianna hands out her volume of the Book of Relationship. She leaves the mansion.

Hugh wonders if they can revive Armand now. Dalian wants Armand dead, but Hugh needs him alive to charge him for the reparations of the room. He uses the Book of the Eleusis Ritual, taken from the Dantalian's Bookshelf. As the ceremony described in the Phantom Book is performed, Armand is brought back from the Underworld. He affirms that he had judged Lianna by her appearance, without noticing her excessive jealousy. He will start looking for cheerful, lively big-breasted ladies. As Hugh laughs, Dalian watches him with a lonely smile, as if she was unexpectedly on the verge of crying. "Until death do us part", she says. Hugh barely notices it. When he looked at Dalian, her smile had already faded away like an illusion.[17]

The Perfumer[]

Hugh and Dalian have been waiting in line for hours. Dalian wants to buy fried breads. She describes the qualities of the local pastries. She orders Hugh to buy as much as he can. She plans to buy a total of twenty breads. She affirms that she will generously give Hugh a bite. Finally at the counter, Hugh orders the fried breads before he notices a commotion. A young woman wearing a white coat pushes through the crowd. She notices a puzzled Hugh. The girl can tell that he’s a good person. She approaches him, asking for his help, affirming that bad people are chasing her. Hugh ignores her. Dalian steps between them in displeasure. Ignoring the stranger, Dalian tells Hugh to order drinks.

The stranger runs with the bag of fried breads, for Dalian’s despair. Two robust men are seen in the mob surrounding the shop, looking for Fiona. Following Dalian’s orders, Hugh tries to reach the woman who took the fried breads, but ends up blocking the way of the strong men. They become hostile, briefly discussing about a course of action. One of them throws a metal cylinder in front of Fiona after pulling a safety valve. Hugh is too late to stop the man from using what appears to be a grenade. However, the device blows out a lot of white smoke. It’s a stink bomb, which releases a heavy smell of rotten eggs and fermented cheese. Fiona collapses. Dalian cries, seeing her fried breads scattered on the ground.

The men apologize to Hugh and Dalian. The men informed their employer about the situation. Hugh and Dalian are welcomed at the office of an old building. Dalian had demanded the men to buy more fried breads. Now she was greedily eating the pastries. A middle-aged man, apparently the president of the company, apologizes for his daughter Fiona. The Famenias Company is a cosmetic manufacturer, famous for its perfumes. The president explains that Fiona is a talented perfumer and works as the lead researcher, being responsible for the formulation of the Blue Trance, the biggest hit of the corporation. While examining the shelves, Hugh notices a book carved into the bottle of a perfume. As the president explains, it’s well-known in the cosmetic industry that an old and foreign book is the reason why the Famenias family started to sell perfumes. Fiona is the owner of the book.

An employee appears at the door with a message which makes Mr. Famenias grimace. Whispering, the employee affirms that people from the Padauk Company are looking for the president. The latter excuses himself from the office, asking Hugh and Dalian to wait for Fiona. Hugh heard rumors about the Padauk Company. A trading company as facade, it’s a criminal organization involved in blackmailing, smuggling and illegal drug trade.

Fiona enters the office without knocking, causing Dalian to tremble and hide behind Hugh, trying to protect her last fried bread. Fiona can smell the bread held by Dalian. The Biblioprincess tells her that they have eaten everything a long time ago. Fiona breathes in for a moment, pushing her nose next to Dalian’s neck. Fiona can smell Dalian’s lie. With tears in her eyes, Dalian watches as Fiona eats the last bun. Fiona explains that she was trying to rebel, since her father only thinks about money.

Dalian wants to see Fiona’s book. Fiona takes Hugh and Dalian to her laboratory. Dalian hates the wild atmosphere of the garden. She screams as a civet starts to climb her body. When Dalian asks to see the Phantom Book, Fiona searches her pockets and realizes that she forgot a key back at the president’s office. Dalian becomes furious, but she prefers to walk back with Fiona instead of waiting with the civet. Next to the gate of the laboratory, they see a thin, young man with dirty clothes. He’s looking for a product called "Relic". The man mentions how the Padauk Company is planning to kill the president of the Famenias Company to obtain all the profit from the Relic. Hugh and Dalian follow Fiona to the headquarters.

Fiona's lab

Fiona shows her laboratory to Hugh and Dalian.

The Famenias Company was attacked. Hugh notices only one man alive in that battlefield. According to the man, someone wielding a knife killed everyone, while other man watched everything. Inside the president’s office, Fiona finds a man in black holding a bloodied knife next to the president, who is collapsed in his desk with a sliced throat. Hugh questions Noss and learns that he’s a murderer hired by the Padauk Company. The criminals want the recipe for the Relic, an addictive product that Fiona came by while creating the Blue Trance. Vance leaves with the Relic recipe after ordering Noss to kill Fiona.

The man carrying a knife, Noss, has unbelievable reflexes. He avoids Hugh’s shot and moves to his blind spot. Dalian informs the murderer’s location and Hugh blocks Noss’ knife with the gun barrel of his revolver, protecting his throat from a fatal blow. Hugh and Noss fight, but the latter seems unable to feel pain. The Relic is numbing Noss' emotions and sense of pain while enhancing his strength and agility. Noss prepares to stab Hugh. Just before the attack, Fiona jumps in front of Hugh and ends up stabbed in his place. She takes a glass bottle from her pouch and smashes against Noss’ head. According to her, the liquid running down his face sharpens pain stimulus. Noss dies after suffering a heart attack. Fiona also collapses, worrying Hugh and Dalian. She’s healed as Hugh reads a Phantom Book taken from the Dantalian's Bookshelf.

Vance comes back and prepares to shoot them with a handgun. Fiona thanks Hugh and Dalian and throws a second bottle at Vance’s face. The man enters a hypnotic state, dropping his weapon. She also takes a third bottle from her pouch. She sprays the light purple liquid on Hugh and apologizes. Hugh gets drowsy and loses consciousness. Fiona walks towards Vance and orders him to take her to his boss.

Hugh regains consciousness a few minutes later, coughing and shedding tears, with his head resting on Dalian’s lap. The Biblioprincess used a chemical made by Fiona to wake him up. Dalian complains about Hugh collapsing like that. Hugh raises his head, realizing that Fiona is heading to the Padauk Company headquarters. Dalian explains that Fiona gave her the key of the table at the laboratory. Now the couple has access to the The Scent God's Scripture, the Phantom Book used by Fiona.

In the late afternoon, they can smell blood at the gates of the Padauk Company mansion. The men carrying handguns and axes are all dead. Hugh realizes that they committed suicide. Hugh and Dalian find Fiona at the Padauk Company headquarters. She’s fatally wounded. Hugh grabs his golden key, but Dalian doesn’t move. She only shakes her head in sadness. Fiona collapses on the floor, aware that she can’t be healed by a Phantom Book for the second time. Hugh and Dalian kneel next to her. Dalian affirms that they will take Fiona to the hospital. They don’t need a Phantom Book to heal a scratch like that. However, Fiona notices the nice smell of Dalian’s gentle lie. The couple stays with Fiona until her last breath. Hugh and Dalian return to the laboratory to find Fiona’s The Scent God's Scripture.

At the laboratory, they learn that the Relic addict set the place on fire. Dalian doesn’t mind that the The Scent God's Scripture was destroyed. After all, it could only be read by Fiona. The wind spreads the scents from Fiona’s laboratory across the capital. Although people will forget Fiona’s name, they will remember that smell during a happy moment. On their way to the station, Hugh asks what Dalian remembered while smelling the fragrance. She looks at Hugh unconsciously, but quickly turns her eyes away. According to an embarrassed Dalian, she thought about fried bread. She plans to stay in line to buy more fried breads in the morning. Hugh has no choice but to listen her describing the qualities of the fried breads.[18]


That morning, Kamilla barged into Hugh’s room, dragging a sleepy Dalian with her. Kamilla is holding a lunch basket with a fragrant smell. She prepared everything so she can go to the station with Hugh and Dalian. It seems like a ghost train passed through the Highland Railway at a tremendous speed last night. Kamilla says that the appearance of the ghost train is the same as the one involved in an incident more than a decade ago. Dalian can’t believe Kamilla. The Biblioprincess affirms that Kamilla is a lonely ghost who can’t find a husband.

Kamilla shows the three tickets she arranged. Dalian looks for some fried breads inside Kamilla’s baggage. Dalian finds an unfamiliar magazine amongst the possessions. Suddenly, the maids from Kamilla’s mansion show up. Kamilla has no choice but to go back home with the servants. Hugh had just closed his eyes when Dalian urged him to get up. While eating a piece of fried bread, she shows him the magazine taken from Kamilla’s baggage. It contains blurred and shaky photos of the ghost train. Hugh notices a man reading a book at the end of the platform.

Hugh and Dalian visit the Granholm Station during a quiet night. Hugh is sat on a bench, holding a lamp so Dalian can read a large book. The little girl complains when he moves. She's also in a bad mood due to hunger. The deserted station has no dining room or open shops. They wish to witness the ghost train that Kamilla mentioned. The latter isn't present because her father prevented her from riding a train. Hugh understands her father. After all, Kamilla lost her mother in a railway accident.

Hugh just mentioned how the ghost train would attract a crowd if it appeared every night, when Dalian noticed the presence of a man in his thirties in the distance. They hear the sound of a steam engine. Bursting out from the darkness, they see a large black locomotive carrying luxurious passenger cars. Hugh tries to interrogate the man, only to see him running towards the vehicle as it passed by the station. Dalian tells the stranger to stop. Dalian also wants to board the train. Hugh picks up the little girl and jumps out of the platform.

The acceleration and the vibration feel terrible. Dalian, hanging under Hugh’s armpit, wants to go inside the passenger car to protect herself from the cold wind. However, the door in front of them is locked and cannot be kicked open. The young man can't use his revolver, since he's already carrying the little girl and holding the handrail. He affirms that they should wait the train stop at the next station. Dalian decides to use the revolver herself to get out of that windy spot. Dalian believes that, if Hugh can use a revolver, she also can. The Biblioprincess tickles Hugh while searching the revolver in his coat. Both collapse inside the passenger car when the door suddenly opens. Dalian is struggling, trapped under Hugh’s body while he examines the gorgeous interior. Hugh and Dalian meet a little girl who introduces herself as KK. Hugh helps Dalian up. He watches as the girls stand on their tiptoes to decide who’s taller. Dalian is not fond of the little girl.

Bored, the blonde little girl was looking for something interesting to do, like investigating a case. In fact, she heard that the suspect of a murder has boarded the train. A detective is looking for Jiryis, a violent man who broke prison. Dalian sees KK as a girl with vivid imagination, excited with detective novels. Hugh loses balance with the sudden shock that causes the passenger car to shake. The little girls roll together on the floor, stopping at a wall. Hugh was helping them when he heard an anguished cry from the lounge. KK runs by herself to check it, followed by Dalian.

A middle-aged woman informs that a conductor and the passengers are holding a suspicious man down. Hugh and Dalian saw the man holding a Phantom Book, the Timetable, at the Granholm Station. Heizer Hayling had tried to stop the train, affirming that everyone will die otherwise. Dalian approaches the stranger, asking about the Phantom Book. She means to grab the Timetable, but a detective prevents her from taking the evidence. Dalian is so angry that she can’t say a word. Hugh walks forward, asking them to release the man, affirming that he is no criminal. Hugh concludes that Hayling was aboard the train involved in the Highland Railway twelve years ago. According to Dalian, the Timetable allows someone to get on any train in the past or future.

KK is confused, but Hugh explains that they need to see Hayling's book. This is impossible because they can't approach Hayling, since people think he’s a criminal. KK suggests that they find the real jailbreaker. It’s revealed that Jiryis is in the locomotive, disguised as a train engineer. Jiryis knows that he was found, and now he will try to destroy the train. Jiryis makes the train accelerate, and there is no way to stop the vehicle.

Hugh follows Hayling to the exterior part of the train. Hayling plans to decouple the locomotive from the passenger cars. Hugh watches as the coupler is disconnected, releasing countless sparks. Hayling sacrifices himself to prevent a train derailment. Dalian and KK also climbed outside, looking for Hugh. That region had only downhills, so the train will continue to accelerate. However, Dalian won't let Hayling’s sacrifice be in vain. The Timetable in her hands reveals that, while in the past there is only a railroad going downhill, in the future a bifurcation will be used by freight trains carrying slate from the top of the mountain. Hugh reads the Timetable to orient the vehicle uphill. Although the cars shake violently, they escape the derailment. Dalian rolls from side to side. The blonde child introduces herself as Kamilla Sauer Keynes. Hugh’s childhood friend was involved in the train tragedy that took her mother’s life. Worried about her mother, Kamilla returns to the passenger car. She wishes to see Hugh and Dalian again in the future. Dalian is sure that they will meet again. The surroundings begin to shake like an illusion, as if magic is going out of control. Hugh and Dalian return to their original era.

Railway of Light (2)

Hugh and Dalian return to their original era.

Kamilla forces Hugh and Dalian awake in the next morning. They are in a crowded train station. According to Kamilla, she had just arrived Granholm Station when she saw them. The place was dirty and deserted last night, but now it's prospering. Hugh and Dalian learn that Kamilla’s mother is alive. The Phantom Book in Dalian’s hands greatly changed the fate of the Highland Railway and its passengers.[19]

The Cat and the Biblioprincess[]

Dalian is anxious for Hugh’s return. She stops reading to check the clock and to gaze at the rainy weather. She’s angry because Hugh is making her wait by herself. He finally returns from the bakery, carrying fresh pastries for breakfast. A faint smile appears on her face. Hugh enters the Disward estate. Dalian calls for him. Hugh shows a strange smile. He took a long time to buy the breakfast. He apologizes, asking for more time. Dalian examines with suspicion the package under his arm. A fluffy head appears from the folds of the blanket.

Hugh finds a cat

Dalian disapproves of Hugh rescuing a cat.

Hugh was trying to hide the cat. Dalian disapproves of Hugh rescuing the animal. She mentions how the cat is covered in heath. Hugh then has the idea of naming the cat Heath. Dalian tells Hugh to throw the cat away. Hugh won't do that, especially with such a weather outside. He shows the cat to Dalian, asking if she wants to hold it. As Heath approaches, Dalian cries out, moving against a wall, using a book to shield herself. She doesn’t admit that she’s afraid of the animal.

Hugh decides to feed the cat. Dalian wonders if Hugh wants to fatten the cat to feed on it later. Hugh tries to give milk to Heath. Dalian drinks it, stating that milk will cause stomachache and diarrhea for an adult cat. Hugh tries to give a sandwich to Heath. Dalian bites the sandwich, affirming that the onions are a deadly poison to cats. Heath crawls over Dalian’s chest to lick her milky mustache. Dalian freezes, staring at Hugh as if begging for help.

The next morning, Dalian sits on an old wooden stand, reading a large book. She usually sits comfortably on a small sofa in front of a fireplace. However, Heath took her favorite place. Dalian would cry and wave to make Heath go away, but the cat was always following the Biblioprincess. Dalian goes to the table to enjoy a plate of crispy buns. Heath stares as Dalian bites off a piece. Reluctantly, Dalian decides to share her breakfast. She offers a piece, but the cat quickly jumps to grab the whole bread. Dalian runs after Heath. Dalian stumbles against a pile of books and falls on the carpet. Hugh shows up to check on her, trying to hold his laugh.

Hugh reminds Dalian that the old man will visit them to borrow a specific, ancient book. Dalian ensures that the book is not a Phantom Book, only a gardening guide. Dalian asks why Hugh is dressed so formally. An old friend of Hugh is very sick. Hugh will meet him one last time. Hugh tells Dalian and Heath to not fight in the meanwhile. When Hugh leaves, Dalian moves a table and a sofa, as if setting the limits of her territory. Satisfied, she tells Heath to not cross the border. She sits on the stand, but realizes that the book she will lend to the old man had disappeared. The place is a mess, especially after her recent fall. However, Heath brings the book in its mouth. Before Dalian can show her gratitude, the cat returns to the sofa. Dalian plunges into reading. She falls asleep soon after.

Heath and Dalian

Dalian listens to Heath's story.

Dalian wakes up in an unfamiliar, illuminated white room. The large window reveals a panoramic view of a huge city with buildings reaching into the sky, people dressed unusually, modern cars driving along the roads. Dalian is wearing a lush white dress. The cat is on a glass table behind her, speaking in a polite voice. Dalian is living Heath’s memories. The cat explains that the modern city doesn’t exist in Dalian's era. Heath lived in the future, two or three generations ahead. A cat has nine lives. A body couldn’t return to the past, but a soul could. Heath resurrected in the past, preserving the memories from its previous life. The cat wants something from Dalian. Heath wants to destroy the book Dalian is holding, the same book she will lend to the old man. The book contains knowledge about the breeding of a specific medicinal plant that will cause a disaster in the future. Heath, as a living creature in the planet, has an instinct to destroy the book.

Dalian wakes up. Heath is curled up on her lap. She sees Hugh examining the books scattered in a mess. Hugh smiles, trying to hide his discomfort, but the Biblioprincess notices the book in his hand. It's the book which the old man would borrow. It's ruined, used by Heath to sharp its claws. Hugh starts to defend the cat, asking for Dalian’s leniency. Dalian interrupts him. For Hugh’s surprise, she forgives the cat. Dalian timidly runs a fingernail on the cat’s back. Hugh can’t believe his eyes. He touches Dalian’s forehead to check if she’s sick. Dalian waves Hugh off.[20]

The Logbook[]

The Guillemot, an old steamship, is a few miles from the nearest shore. The engine is silent. There are rusted benches on the deck. Jessica comments about the nice weather, but Dalian, who’s reading, rudely tells her to stay quiet. The girls start to argue. Hugh asks them to be a little quieter. After all, he and the sailors are exhausted. They've been trying to fix the ship. Dalian is bored, in a bad mood because the ship provided by Jessica’s father broke. The trio is in an expedition to find a ghost ship. Dalian tells Jessica that ghost ships don’t exist, but the schoolgirl suspects that the Biblioprincess is afraid. Dalian turns away, trying to hide her fear. Hugh notices that fog is approaching. They see an unfamiliar ship in the distance. Hugh wonders if it’s a ghost ship. Dalian calls him a fool. She hides behind Hugh.

The captain of the clipper rescues the crew of the Guillemot. The men aboard the clipper welcome Hugh, Dalian, Jessica and the others, as if they are famous actors or noblemen. Hugh, Dalian and Jessica sit inside the dining room. Thøgersen, the captain of the Atlantic Rim, introduces himself to them. A parrot on his shoulder repeats his words loudly. Dalian despises the bird. She hides behind a book, staring with suspicion at the animal. According to the captain, the Atlantic Rim is carrying a cargo to the east coast of America. Thøgersen will ensure the Guillemot safety until the skies are clear. Thøgersen leaves to meet the Guillemot’s captain.

The sailors bring large dishes with Scandinavian cuisine to please Hugh, Dalian, Jessica and the Guillemot’s crew. Hugh reflects about the beautiful ship they boarded. Nowadays it makes no sense to use a clipper. Its maintenance is expensive. Clippers are practically obsolete. Dalian steals some waffles from Jessica’s plate. The girls fight. Jessica accidentally breaks a bottle of liquor. In the sea, food and alcohol are valuable. However, the sailors don’t seem to mind. They seem too friendly. The people from the Atlantic Rim had unceremoniously rescued and fed strangers, which is very suspicious. Furthermore, the clipper’s crew is composed of people of different races and nationalities.

They hear three gunshots coming from the ship’s passenger cabin. Hugh and Dalian leave Jessica behind to investigate. Blood is in the air of the passenger cabin. On the coach, the bodies of a young girl and a man, sister and brother from a wealthy family. They had killed themselves. Two other passengers suddenly enter the cabin. A woman in business suit, apparently a secretary called Masha, and a young maid. Maggie, the young maid, snatches the gun from the man’s body. Hugh runs to stop her, but she kills herself. The sailor tells Hugh to not worry. The sailor raises his gun and walks to the deck. Hugh and Dalian follow him up the stairs.

Again, the smell of blood is in the air. The sailor shoots himself, his body falling overboard. Hugh and Dalian watch as other men from the Atlantic Rim crew reach the deck to take their own lives. Jessica shows up, but before the schoolgirl can witness the gruesome scene, Dalian kicks her down the stairs. Hugh and Dalian hear another shot. They enter the captain’s cabin. Captain Thøgersen had killed himself. A middle-aged man enters the cabin and prays to the dead. Berners, the captain of the Guillemot, will take command over the Atlantic Rim. The parrot is sat on the window frame. The animal screams, saying that a ship must always have a crew and a captain. The parrot flies to Berners’ shoulder, as if accepting a new owner. Berners opens the ship’s logbook and starts writing, ignoring Hugh and Dalian. The Biblioprincess notices that eleven people boarded the Atlantic Rim and eleven people committed suicide.

Hugh, Dalian and Jessica become replacements of the Atlantic Rim passengers. Masha had told Jessica to use an apron. The schoolgirl now was replacing the dead maid. Dalian thinks that the uniform suits Jessica. Hugh decides to experiment. He goes to the deck into the cold night. He jumps towards the sea, disappearing into the white fog. Inexplicably, he falls back to the deck, in front of Dalian and Jessica. It’s impossible to leave the ship. Dalian smiles for a moment, relieved. Soon after, she kicks Hugh’s legs in anger. Masha appears behind them. The secretary explains that the ship will travel forever in that foggy world. No one is able to give up, since the Atlantic Rim must have a crew and a captain. The clipper constantly looks for new blood. The ghost ship invites sailors from other vessels in order to replace those who can no longer work.

Jessica decides to search the ship for a Phantom Book. Dalian admits that Jessica has a good idea. Hugh, Dalian and Jessica head to the captain's cabin. There, Jessica finds a closet filled with bones, the remains of Thøgersen and the past captains from years ago. The trio learns the story of the Atlantic Rim and its crew. Berners enters the cabin with the parrot on his shoulder. Dalian tells Berners to surrender the Phantom Book. Berners trembles, distressed. It's revealed that the parrot is both the Phantom Book and the user. The animal controls the ship using forbidden knowledge it heard from the first captain. Since the parrot can't be sealed inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf, Hugh aims at him.

Suddenly, the ship moves, as if it had bumped into something. Everyone goes to the floor. Dalian falls over Jessica. The Biblioprincess walks over the schoolgirl. The parrot recognizes Hugh, Dalian and Jessica as enemies, so now the trio is not part of the Atlantic Rim crew. Therefore, the trio is in danger. Huge crocodiles leave the cargo hold. Hugh, Jessica and Dalian are surrounded by the creatures. Jessica grabs a mop to protect Dalian. Dalian seems surprised, and happy. Hugh gives his revolver to Jessica, quickly teaching her how to use the gun. Hugh opens the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. A crocodile is about to crush Jessica with its enormous jaws. However, the animal freezes, as if time had stopped.

Hugh had used the Fata Morgana to create the illusion that the ship has reached its destination. The parrot lands on the bow of the ship, staring wishfully at the port. The ship starts to quickly age. It starts to sink. Hugh and the sailors lower the lifeboat. Hugh carries Dalian under his arm. Jessica follows them. The sea devours the Atlantic Rim. The lifeboat floats across the blue sea. Dalian tells Jessica to catch some fishes, as if the schoolgirl is a hunting animal. Dalian leans against Hugh. Jessica thanks Dalian. Earlier, the Biblioprincess prevented Jessica from seeing a violent moment. Dalian turns away, trying to hide her embarrassment. They hear a whistle. A ship is approaching to rescue them. Everyone laughs in relief. Dalian sees large white feathers floating on the water. She smiles, closes her eyes and says “bon voyage”.[21]

Book of Connection[]

Hugh lands a decommissioned Brisfit airplane on a snowy runway. Dalian, in a bad mood, complains about the uncomfortable flight. Hugh tells her to complain to Armand for providing a plane in bad conditions. The thought of Armand irritates Dalian. The couple is visiting Nudelwald to look for a Phantom Book. After all, they read that the local monks killed a man with only a prayer. Dalian falls flat on her face on the snow of the deserted runway. She rises, only to be hit by a snowball thrown by a girl in a monastic tunic. A second snowball makes the Dalian fall on the snow again. The young nun wants them away from there. She knows that Dalian is a Biblioprincess due to her strange clothes. She disappears into the forest nearby when she sees four nuns approaching. The eldest nun welcomes Hugh and Dalian to Nudelwald. The nun is carrying a book with red cover in her hand.

Meals and rooms are promptly prepared for Hugh and Dalian, free of charge. It's a suspicious behavior from the overly gentle nuns. Dalian is not happy with the elaborate meal. One of nuns explains that, according to Mother Eva Gisela, neighbors should be loved, guests treated as brothers and sisters. At the wall there’s a portrait of Mother Eva. She looks like the nun who threw snowballs at them. The nun nearby explains that the red books are manuscripts, ancient translations from the Bible, transmitted in the monastery from generation to generation.

Hugh and Dalian stand up to explore the town. They notice that everyone in the town carry red books. Dalian affirms that they are not Phantom Books. They also notice that the town is only inhabited by young children, women and old people. A gray-haired man having a coughing fit falls to the ground. The snowball-thrower nun runs to check on Queneau. She makes Hugh and Dalian help her to carry the weakened old man to the church. The nun explains that Queneau had been thrown away. He had been mining for the monastery, but he was discarded when he fell sick. The nun introduces herself as Emilie Gisela. According to her, the local mines were recently bought by a man in white coat accompanied by a little girl dressed as strange as Dalian. The latter touches the lock on her chest and ponders about the story.

They arrive at Emilie’s church. According to Dalian, it looks more like ruins. Inside, senile men rest under the blankets. Like Queneau, they are workers discarded by the monastery. Emilie is taking care of them. The people from the monastery are powerful. No one can oppose them. Emilie prepares three mugs of coffee prepared from dried roots. Dalian finds it disgusting. Hugh struggles to drink it. Hugh says that Emilie is a good sister. Emilie lowers her head in sadness, briefly mentioning her sister. Emilie quickly changes the subject, thanking Hugh and Dalian for the help. Emilie tells them to leave the town as soon as possible. Hugh goes out by himself to explore the mountain. Dalian stays in the church. She reads, refusing to help Emilie sweeping the snow off the roof. However, the Biblioprincess gives her a recipe for a concoction that will soothe the pain of the patients. Emilie is so excited that she falls on Dalian. The girls are covered by snow

When Hugh returns, seven young monks threaten them. They carry red bibles. One of them tells Emilie that Mother Eva is waiting for her. Emilie has a book to return. The monks tell Hugh and the Dalian to not interfere. One of the monks opens his red book. Electric charges envelope the man. He extends his arm. One of Emilie’s patients is fatally struck by lightning. It seems like the monks can read minds or have the power of foresight. It’s impossible to resist the monks’ miracles. A monk touches a pillar which supports the ceiling. The church collapses.

Luckily, part of the church’s roof had already collapsed in the past, so Hugh and Dalian weren’t smashed. Otherwise, they would be buried alive. Dalian wonders why Emilie was hiding a Phantom Book. Besides the couple, Queneau is the only survivor, although the man is in bad shape. Dalian wipes the blood from his face. Queneau explains that the red books are called “Book of Connection”. It connects the minds of all monks and ordinary believers. The Professor is experimenting with this Phantom Book Egg. Queneau tells Hugh and Dalian to not mess with Nudelwald. The sick man asks Dalian to hold his hand. He doesn’t feel lonely at the end of his life. Dalian doesn’t release the hand immediately. Hugh and Dalian decide to save Emilie. Before they leave, Dalian finds a hidden crypt in the basement of the church. Hugh and Dalian find the body of an abbess.

Rasiel and Dalian

Rasiel and Dalian provoke each other.

A crowd gathers in the largest church of the monastery. A young abbess in white looks at her flock. Rasiel and the Professor are beside her. The abbess wants to use the Book of Connection to unite the entire world. Suddenly, the singing inside the church stops. The believers make way for Hugh and Dalian. The Biblioprincesses start to offend each other. They show their teeth and stare at each other in rage. Now Hugh understands that Emilie is the true reader of the Phantom Book. The abbess denies to be Emilie. However, Hugh and Dalian had seen the body of the real Eva at the crypt. It’s revealed that, a few years ago, Emilie and Eva read the Book of Connection. The souls of the sisters Emilie and Eva should have been merged. However, something went wrong, since the manuscript is an incomplete Phantom Book. Eva died, and her soul was absorbed by Emilie.

Emilie-Eva is ready to use the believers to get rid of Hugh and Dalian. However, the latter recites an adapted verse from the Bible, telling everyone to live for the words of God, and for fried breads. The believers, in a state of trance, can only think of fried breads, repeating Dalian’s words. The Professor recognizes the power of the Book of Imprint, a Phantom Book which embeds an order into the soul of a person. Hugh had read the Phantom Book to one of the believers. Since everyone is connected, the others are also brainwashed.

The magic spreads through the Book of Connection network like a virus. As the user of the Book of Connection, only Emilie-Eva remains self-conscious. However, now the Phantom Book Egg is ruined. Now, the Professor won't be able to solve the formula for a controlled fission reaction. The Professor wants to strengthen his country, which was forced to demilitarize after the Great War. The Professor and his companion disappear, probably exploring the power of a Phantom Book. The Book of Connection network must be stopped. Emilie-Eva must be killed or everyone in the monastery will die. Hugh and Dalian hear the voice of Eva, the childish woman who threw snowballs at them. She asks them to kill her. Dalian gives Hugh the right to open the Dantalian's Bookshelf.

Eventually, Hugh and Dalian returned to Nudelwald. Hugh lands the airplane. Dalian is almost hit by a snowball. The nun, surrounded by children, apologizes. She explains that the monastery is closed. She asks about the unusual book under Hugh’s arm. According to him, it’s the Book of Oblivion, a Phantom Book capable of taking away people’s memories. Dalian reveals that she and Hugh have a friend in the monastery, but they won't be able to see her again. The nun offers them coffee. Dalian finds it disgusting.[22]

The Template Book[]

Leon calls for Dalian

Dalian is not happy for being summoned.

In the afternoon, Kamilla unexpectedly sent a driver and a butler in a car for Hugh and Dalian. The Biblioprincess is furious, but the butler doesn’t explain why the couple was requested. They aren’t in the way to the familiar cottage of Kamilla’s family. Instead, Hugh and Dalian are taken to a dilapidated estate. Someone shows up to ruffle Dalian’s hair, treating her like a small animal. Dalian screams and hides behind Hugh. Leon is Kamilla’s older half-brother and Hugh’s childhood friend. Leon is the one who sent for Hugh and Dalian. Leon welcomes Hugh and Dalian to the house. Leon tries to touch Dalian again, but the Biblioprincess brushes him off.

Leon asks Alunda to prepare the tea. She’s the boss of a dwindling crime syndicate. She ended up in such position after her father was killed. Leon is protecting her and arranging her marriage so she can transfer her position to someone else, but a rival organization wants to kill her before the engagement. Leon plans to use Hugh and Dalian’s knowledge about Phantom Books to stop the immortal killer who’s hunting Alunda.

The next morning, Hugh and Dalian visit the old man’s bookstore to find information about the killer Wesley Clade. The old man bows to Dalian. According to him, Wesley’s wounds are instantly healed. Torn limbs instantly grow back. The old man explains that the author Zenova Hallward lived in the same dormitory with Wesley Clade. The late writer is known for the vivid descriptions of his characters. Wesley will remain forever as it’s described in Hallward’s work. Hugh wonders if the immortality will end with the destruction of the Phantom Book. However, the old man shows them a copy of the Template Book written by Hallward. Wesley had arranged for the book to be printed and distributed around the world. Wesley’s immortality will continue as long as a copy of the book exists. Hugh had already lost hope in helping Leon. Dalian asks Hugh to open the book. Hugh checks the first page, amazed.

Hugh and Dalian return to Leon’s estate by late afternoon. Leon quickly wakes up and grabs his gun, mistaking the couple for enemies. Hugh reveals that Wesley owns a Phantom Book. They hear the sound of an engine. A man in a bloody cloak drives into the estate. Leon tells Hugh and Dalian to leave through the back door. However, the couple wants to try something. It was getting dark when Hugh and Dalian confronted Wesley Clade. Hugh reads the copy of Hallward’s work. The text reveals that Wesley fears to lose his beauty. That’s why he became fear himself and started to kill. Wesley removes the original Template Book from his pocket. Hugh shoots Wesley’s shoulder. The flesh quickly recovers, the blood flows back, as if time went backwards.

Dalian seems satisfied. She tells Hugh to read the Phantom Book. He removes the Book of a Thousand Sorrows from inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf. Wesley feels the danger. The assassin laughs and jumps at Hugh. The latter dodges the attack while reading in a foreign language. Wesley is enveloped by a fiery whirlwind. He keeps laughing, as if underestimating his opponents. The smell of burned flesh fills the air. The original Template Book is destroyed. The fire disappears. Wesley’s clothes are ruined, but his body is unharmed. He explains that there are thousands of copies of the Template Book around the world preserving his immortality. Hugh shoots Wesley’s right hand. This time, the flesh doesn't regenerate. The assassin’s face is distorted by pain and fear. Dalian asks if Wesley remembers the fear of old age, disease and death. The assassin yells in horror and runs away.

Accompanied by Alunda, Leon is about to leave for the capital in his plane on a Sunday morning. He thanks Hugh and Dalian. Leon irritates Dalian again by trying to pat her head. Hugh shows a copy of the Template Book to Leon. The book is full of typos. It seems like no one bothered to calibrate the machines before starting the production. That’s why Wesley’s immortality ended when the original Template Book was destroyed. Leon bids farewell to Hugh and Dalian.[23]

Book of Coffin[]

Horse and Dalian

Hugh and Dalian are looking for Throstur's house.

Hugh and Dalian explore a small island. They were riding a horse. After all, there are no roads around. Dalian is in a bad mood since they seem lost in that cold island. The horse pokes Dalian with its nose, apparently interested in the little girl’s strange appearance. As always, Dalian expresses her distaste for animals. She screams as the horse pulls her hair. When the animal released, Dalian tripped over something.

There’s a rope around her leg. She has activated a trap. Soon after, the branches nearby are pulled away, revealing an old man and a tall woman. They seem disappointed since they can’t eat Dalian. They introduce themselves. Professor Magnuson and his young student Erna are hunting. Hugh and Dalian, in turn, are searching for the house designed by the famous architect Throstur Orlik. Magnuson reveals that he saw a house in the region. Erna agrees in accompanying Hugh and Dalian. The Biblioprincess is finally released from the trap. Magnuson asks why Hugh and Dalian are looking for the house. Hugh tells him that Throstur had borrowed a book. The time to return it has come.

They reach the house which, according to Dalian, looks more like a crypt. Dalian heads to the entrance to protect herself from the cold and the snow. Erna suddenly steps on her feet to stop her. Dalian falls once again. The student had noticed a crack on the ground. Magnuson and Erna examine the rocks, ignoring the protests of Dalian, who’s still laying on the snow. Dalian looks at Hugh, hoping for help, but he's frowning, looking at the house. There’s a car parked next to it, and a couple arguing.

The beautiful young woman asks Hugh’s help to convince the evil man. The man, Svein Kessler, is the owner of the house. Shura Irmania had climbed into the trunk of Kessler's car. Dalian asks what’s Shura’s purpose there. The photojournalist wants to collect material about Throstur’s haunted house, but Kessler won't allow her inside. Magnuson and Erna approach the group. After exploring the mountains for days, they ask for a shelter. Kessler reluctantly agrees in letting everyone inside the house.

They find no one inside. Dalian tells Hugh to walk slower or he’ll fall. Hugh doesn’t say it, but he knows that Dalian’s legs are weak, since she’s afraid of the dark and narrow staircase. They take a break in a large dining room. Kessler explains that Throstur built the house to spend the rest of his short life in peace and quiet. Throstur may have been influenced by the Book of the King's Coffin, the book Hugh and Dalian are after. Shura raises her camera, apparently interested in the matter. She heard about the Dantalian's Bookshelf and the collection of Phantom Books owned by Hugh’s grandfather. Hugh affirms that they might find the book in the house’s library. Magnuson and Erna announce that they find food in the kitchen. Dalian immediately turns around. Dalian and Shura fight for the food.

They divided into groups to search for the library. Shura follows Hugh and Dalian, looking for material to publish. Shura wants to know about the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Dalian warns her that there are things in the world that shouldn’t be known. The Biblioprincess believes that Shura is only after gossip. Shura notices that they’ve seen those corridors before. Dalian offends Hugh, since he seems lost. Shura suggests that Throstur designed those confusing corridors to hide something. Hugh stops to think. Dalian, impatient, goes inside a nearby room. Hugh has no choice but to follow her. It looks like the room of Throstur’s daughter, but it's empty. Hugh checks the bedroom behind a partition. For a moment, he sees what appears to be the ghost of a beautiful young woman, covered in bandages. Dalian wonders why Hugh is talking to himself. Hugh doesn’t tell Dalian about the encounter. The Biblioprincess stares at him with suspicion.

Hugh, Dalian and Shura leave the room. Dalian falls, tripping in another one of Magnuson’s devices. Magnuson, as an experienced traveler, left marks for them to follow. Shura sets off in the direction pointed by the arrow. Hugh picks up Dalian and follows the photojournalist into a spacious library. There, they find Magnuson, Erna and Kessler. Dalian feels that something is not right. She turns around quickly, as if someone is behind her. Soon after, she yells, staring at something behind Hugh. However, Hugh only sees a dusty bookshelf. According to the Biblioprincess, there is a suspicious man with an animal mask in the library. Hugh knows that Dalian doesn’t have the habit of lying.

Shura finds the Book of the King's Coffin in a corner. She prepares to take a photo, when superheated steam appears in front of her. They hear the voice of a giant, telling them that they won't be allowed to leave. A new rush of steam blocks the way from where everyone entered the library. Hugh grabs Dalian by the hand. The group rushes through a second door, barely escaping from the explosion. Dalian almost burst into tears since the Phantom Book was destroyed by the steam.

The new room is like a factory floor or a scientific laboratory. There’s a sarcophagus made of ice in the center, a machine keeping it cold. A three-meter giant comes out of the darkness. Dalian is happy, since now there’s proof that she was not lying. The creature is made of pressured steam, with the head of a jackal. Magnuson looks around and finds another door. Before running to safety, Shura notices someone inside the block of ice. Hugh recognizes the young woman covered in bandages. Kessler calls for Iris. He’s hit by the giant’s fist. Dalian tries to cheer him up, although in a offensive way. Shura and Hugh pulls Kessler out of the tomb. Magnuson and Erna close the thick steel door.

Now they are inside a room with giant steam turbines. Magnuson deduces that the house was created to hide and protect the girl inside the icy coffin. Kessler, while being bandaged by Erna, explains that the person inside the sarcophagus is Iris, Throstur’s daughter. More than twenty years ago, Kessler had a relationship with Iris but, since Throstur was against the marriage, the couple ran away. Kessler didn’t have a steady job, and Iris was often sick, so she returned to her father. Kessler bought Throstur’s house in order to see Iris again. Throstur had used the Book of the King's Coffin to preserve his daughter’s body until humanity learns how to resuscitate a person. Dalian wants to leave the house, but Magnuson says that they should deactivate it. After all, it may cause a powerful earthquake, a catastrophe which may reach other countries. According to Dalian, they must destroy the coffin, since everything in the house is designed to protect it.

The steam giant is about to enter the room. While pushing Kessler to safety, Hugh tells Shura and Dalian to back away. Magnuson uses dynamite to defeat the monster. The group approaches the icy coffin. Hugh requests access to the Dantalian's Bookshelf. Dalian freezes, feeling a piece of glass against her throat. Kessler threatens to kill Dalian because he doesn’t want to lose Iris. At that moment, Erna tells her father to stop. It’s revealed that Erna is the daughter of Kessler and Iris. Erna removes a dynamite from her backpack. She places it over Iris' coffin. Shards of ice are scattered everywhere.

The group leaves the house in the morning. Hugh smiles, realizing that they came to the island in vain, since they didn’t get the Phantom Book. The thought makes Dalian unhappy, but Hugh affirms that at least they prevented a tragedy and saw the reunion between father and daughter. Dalian blames Shura for the destruction of the Phantom Book. Dalian is still angry with Kessler, after he threatened her with a piece of glass. Shura is still interested about the rumors related to the Biblioprincess and the Dantalian's Bookshelf. Shura points the camera at Hugh and Dalian. Hugh is on horseback, offering his hand to Dalian. The photojournalist notices that everyone will leave her behind. She yells at Hugh and Dalian, telling them to wait.[24]

Book of Humanization[]

The high waves shake the small boat, which travels through a narrow strait using its old engine. Sat on a bench, a woman in white coat reads a book. Opposite to her, Hugh appreciates the scenery. Dalian, besides him, is fighting not to throw up. According to Hugh, her seasickness came because she’s trying to read while the ship is swaying. Dalian is rude to him. She’s in a bad mood. After all, they should have arrived after one hour of sailing. It seems like the ship they were supposed to board was involved in an accident. Fortunately, they found a captain who offered them passage in another vessel. The captain affirms that monsters live in the local waters. Dalian believes that the captain is talking about mere rumors created by ignorant fishermen. The woman in white coat is feeling nauseous. She grabs Dalian, trying not to fall. Dalian growls in anger. She jumps back. Luckily, the woman vomits on the bench, not over Dalian. However, Dalian, now distracted, is still in danger. When a big wave sways the ship, she falls into the sea.

The woman apologizes. Dalian is soaked and angry, but safe. She had to remove her black dress and her heavy boots. Hugh gave her his coat. The woman introduces herself as marine biologist Lucrece Lang. Disgusted, Dalian doesn’t want to shake her hand. Lucrece invites them to her hotel room. The trio notice policemen at the pier. The policemen push the crowd aside to remove the headless body of a man. Lucrece recognizes the watch on the wrist of Mr. Smythe, the famous owner of a shipyard. Dalian believes that the man was killed by an employee. Hugh notices that she's inspired by the detective novel in her hands. Lucrece says that sea devils killed the man. She suddenly screams to scare Dalian. The Biblioprincess freezes and screams, frightened. She shakes in anger soon after. A man calls for Hugh. The latter smiles at his old friend John McGuigan. Hugh explains that McGuigan was an instructor who taught him how to pilot a fighter during the Great War. Lucrece announces that she’s going to the hotel. She tells Hugh and Dalian to pay her a visit before leaving the island. Lucrece will take them to a restaurant as an apology. Dalian seems very interested, but she tries to put on a mask of indifference.

McGuigan had sent a telegram to Hugh, asking him to come without explaining the reason. Now he’s driving Hugh and Dalian in his Rolls-Royce. Dalian is the reason for McGuigan’s telegram. He takes his guests to his office. There, McGuigan introduces Lecia, his niece. She’s a fragile, mute young girl. There's a book in her hands. Lecia examines the guests as she hides behind McGuigan. Dalian, also shy, stands behind Hugh. Lecia also loves books, so McGuigan wants her to make friends with Dalian. The Biblioprincess hates little children, so she promptly refuses. Lecia affirms that Dalian is also small. Lecia affirms that she already read the book in Dalian’s hand. Since the Biblioprincess doesn’t believe her, Lecia reveals the culprit of the story. Dalian almost cries, since her experience with the book was ruined. Lecia pulls Dalian by the hair. The mute girl will take Dalian to the bath and will provide her with clothes. Lecia appreciates the smell of ocean on Dalian’s hair.

Dalian change clothes

Dalian borrows Lecia's dress.

Dalian borrows Lecia's dress. When it started to get dark, Lecia and Dalian returned to the study. According to Hugh, Dalian looks good with the dress borrowed by Lecia and the hair tied into two tails. Dalian purses her lips. She’s probably aware that, if not for the lock on her chest, she would look an ordinary girl. Dalian doesn’t like thin clothes. An old butler enters the office to warn his master about policemen wishing to talk. As an important figure, McGuigan leaves to answer the questions about Mr. Smythe's death. Meanwhile, Dalian sits in front of a tall bookcase to read.

The next morning, Hugh uses McGuigan’s car to explore the island. Lecia guides him. Dalian reluctantly accepts to come along. Apparently, she didn’t want to leave Hugh and Lecia alone. Hugh stops next to the port. He’s interested in the crime scene. The ship where Mr. Smythe’s body was found is still there. According to McGuigan, Mr. Smythe is not the only victim of the sea devils. They meet Lucrece once again. Lucrece hands out her hand, but Dalian ignores her. The biologist learned something about the sea devils at the hotel. There are no proofs, but it’s said that not only McGuigan’s father, but also Smythe, Bentley, Vernon and Haycroft, all famous rich people, took over the treasures of the sea devils. Dalian believes that Lucrece is talking nonsense.

Fifteen years ago, the five men killed the creatures and use their treasures to boost the island's development. As a biologist, Lucrece affirms that, although fantastic creatures may live in the seas and oceans around the world, it's improbable that sea devils could be found around the Latham Archipelago. Lecia stares at the beach. Local fishermen are surrounding a small boat. It’s a lifeboat of a large ship. There’s only one survivor. The sailor is exhausted, his clothes stained with blood. The middle-aged fisherman explains that Mr. Vernon was trying to escape the island, but he ended up sinking with his ship.

In the evening, Dalian walks into McGuigan’s office to read. McGuigan takes Hugh to a private room. McGuigan knows that he can be the next victim. That’s why he called for Hugh and Dalian. McGuigan expects that Hugh and Dalian will take care of Lecia if something bad happens. Suddenly, Haycroft’s men start to storm the castle. McGuigan asks Hugh to take Lecia and run away. Hugh meets Dalian. The Biblioprincess points to the door to Lecia’s room. It leads to a dark staircase. Dalian means to stay and finish her book. Against Dalian’s wishes, Hugh carries her downstairs.

Hugh and Dalian reach a large natural cave connected to the sea. They find Lecia, soaking wet, holding McGuigan’s old book against her chest. Hugh explains that the castle is being attacked by Haycroft’s men. Lecia tries to run upstairs, but Hugh stops her. He involuntarily releases Dalian, who falls on the floor. The trio hear an explosion upstairs. Lecia collapses, dropping the book. Dalian is shocked after checking the cover of Lecia’s book. Dalian points to the staircase, shouting Hugh’s name. He shoots against the attackers. The book is destroyed by a stray bullet. Unexpectedly, Lecia, still on the floor, turns into a sea devil. The frightened attackers run out of bullets. They throw grenades at the trio. Hugh pushes Dalian against the floor, covering her. With inhuman force, Lecia pushes the couple to the water. After the explosion, she is buried under stone blocks.

Hugh finally comes to his senses. Even unconscious, he didn’t release Dalian, trying to protect her. Lucrece had saved them. She had noticed Hugh and Dalian coming out of the cave under McGuigan’s castle. According to Lucrece, Dalian didn’t stop crying until Hugh began to breath. Dalian looks angrily at the woman and tells her to shut up. Lucrece explains that Lecia was taken alive to Lord Haycroft’s house. Hugh decides to return to McGuigan’s castle. Lucrece asks to go with him.

The castle is ruined. McGuigan aims at the visitors. McGuigan lowers the gun after recognizing Hugh, Dalian and Lucrece. According to McGuigan, Haycroft took Lecia because he wants to publicly announce that Smythe and the others were killed by sea devils. McGuigan walks to Lecia’s room with his guests. It’s revealed that Lecia is not human. He picks up the remains of Lecia’s book. Dalian explains that the Book of Humanization is a Phantom Book which turns creatures into humans. McGuigan explains that the sea devils are kind beings who used to visit the island every few years to have children. Fifteen years ago, McGuigan’s father, Haycroft and the other three rich men received a fortune from the military for burying metal tanks on the island. The tanks contained a terrible chemical weapon used during the war. Over time, the poison gas leaked out of the tanks, killing the sea devils.

Hugh deduces that McGuigan killed Mr. Smythe and the others. After all, McGuigan has an anti-tank rifle in his room, which faces the sea. McGuigan is a great shooter who’s able to kill a target two kilometers away. The thirteen-millimeter bullet tears body parts as if the victim was attacked by a huge monster. Haycroft had also learned that McGuigan is the killer, since everyone else among the rich men of the island were dead. That’s why Haycroft stormed the castle. Before anyone can stop him, McGuigan runs to rescue Lecia. He locks a door, keeping Hugh, Dalian and Lucrece away from the sea. Hugh and the others hear the sound of a seaplane. Dalian covers her ears. McGuigan flies to Haycroft’s house.

It was easy to find Haycroft’s house, since it was burning. Hugh, Dalian and Lucrece see the destroyed seaplane in the yard. Hugh gives some documents to Lucrece. He tells Lucrece to send it to a photojournalist in Jutland. Hugh tells Dalian to go with Lucrece, but the Biblioprincess decides to go with him. After all, they were called by McGuigan to take care of Lecia. Hugh and Dalian explore the large house. Examining the decoration, Dalian thinks that Haycroft has an awful taste. They hear a gunshot. Hugh picks up Dalian and bursts into a room in the center of the house. McGuigan is bleeding on the floor. Haycroft is on a sofa, holding Lecia at his feet as a hostage tied in chains. As Hugh deduced, Haycroft is doing that because the military wants to bury chemical weapons in the island once again, but McGuigan is opposing him.

Hugh tries to convince Haycroft to refuse the military’s offer. Hugh had shared the documents about the transactions that took place fifteen years ago. Unless Haycroft gives up, Lucrece will make sure that the documents reach a friend journalist in Jutland. Haycroft laughs, refusing Hugh’s terms. Hugh and Dalian are surrounded by six veteran soldiers. Haycroft shoots McGuigan’s foot to make Hugh forget about sharing the story. A high-frequency sound shakes the windows and makes the soldiers groan. Haycroft nearly falls. Lecia cries, making the same noise. Dalian explains that the Book of Humanization exists in many copies. Many fantastic creatures around the world use the Phantom Book. Tentacles wrap around Haycroft’s body. His arm is broken like a dry branch. Sea devils neutralize the soldiers. Lucrece shows up behind Hugh and Dalian. The woman in white coat removes a copy of the Book of Humanization from between her breasts. She reads the Phantom Book and turns into a sea devil. Haycroft was no longer breathing.

The next morning, Dalian and the others walk to the beach. Before Lecia can swim away to live in the sea with Lucrece, Dalian gives the original Book of Humanization to the little girl, so that she can return to land again someday. Lucrece recognizes Dalian as the Black Biblioprincess. Lecia uses her finger to write something on Dalian’s palm. The act surprises Dalian and makes her smile. McGuigan walks away, ready to admit his crimes. Only Hugh and Dalian are left in the beach. Dalian clasps her hand tightly, as if holding a treasure. Hugh suspects that Lecia wrote “see you again” on Dalian's palm. The Biblioprincess tries to hide her feelings for Lecia. Hugh smiles, appreciating the sea. According to Dalian, its color is only an optical illusion. Nonetheless, now that Hugh knows that the waters are home for the sea devils, he finds it beautiful. Dalian agrees with him.[25]


After destroying the Book of Paradise and rescuing Oriana, Hal and Flamberge travel back to the main island of the Latham Archipelago. Now that Haycroft’s request has been fulfilled, Hal has no reason to stay. Hal was hoping that another Biblioprincess would come to the island after hearing about the Phantom Book. Lucrece mentions Dalian’s name after seeing the little girl in the backseat of an expensive car. Hal reacts violently. Lucrece knows Dalian because they have sailed to the island together. Hal asks if Dalian was wearing a black dress. Lucrece affirms that Dalian was wearing a beautiful blue dress. Hal and Flamberge conclude that Lucrece is talking about another girl named Dalian.[26]

Disaster and Temptation[]

Natalia visits the Disward estate to check on Hugh. She realizes that he has a cold. Natalia eventually walks away, for Hugh’s relief. Dalian was hidden behind a pillar. She doesn’t like Natalia, since the woman makes her eat vegetables. Dalian tells Hugh to stay away, otherwise she will be infected. She doesn’t like to see Hugh sick. After all, he’s the one who cooks for her. Someone knocks on the door. Inspector Grosseteste needs help in regard to a certain book. He knows that Wesley died, but perhaps his grandson can help. The old book in Grosseteste’s hand apparently is a grimoire cursed by aliens from Venus, bringing misfortune to its owner.

They have a conversation in the living room. Dalian hides behind the sofa. She threatens Grosseteste with a stare. She doesn’t want the inspector touching the book with his fingers that smell cigars. The inspector seems to dislike Dalian, but he tries to ignore her. Dalian tries to grab the book, but Grosseteste snatches it right under her nose. She returns to her hiding spot. Grosseteste explains about the case involving the book. Dalian, skeptical as ever, affirms that there’s no civilization composed of descendants of aliens.

Grosseteste lays the book on the table and leaves the mansion. Dalian is curious to read it, but she keeps her distance. Hugh believes that she’s afraid of being cursed. He leans against the sofa, suffering from a headache. Dalian wonders when Hugh will be attacked by a monster due to the aliens’ curse. However, he doesn’t feel threatened. Dalian slowly gathers courage to read the book. She pushes Hugh, telling him to cook something while she reads. Hugh reluctantly stands up, but he falls soon after, feeling dizzy. Dalian’s face shows no emotion, although her hands start to shake in worry.

The next day, Hugh wakes up with sunlight on his face, feeling a bit better. Dalian is sleeping at the foot of the bed. She had carried him to the bed and placed a wet towel on his forehead. He was bruised, because she had to dragged him. The sheet was wet, because she hadn’t squeezed the towel. It seems like Dalian had read the whole book. Dalian wakes up. She blushes when Hugh expresses his gratitude. She tells him that she was worried about him. Hugh wonders if she’s pranking him. Dalian isn't acting normally, as a capricious and arrogant girl she normally is.

Dalian had prepared soup, a semi-liquid mass of an unpleasant green color. Hugh tastes the soup and begins to cough. He thanks Dalian, but affirms that he has no appetite. Dalian feeds him a spoonful. She smiles when he says that the soup is delicious. He falls on his back, exhausted. Dalian presses her forehead against his, checking the temperature. Next, she brings aloe to stick into his nose. According to her, the plant will help against the cold. Hugh wants to run away, but he has no strength. He wonders why she’s being so strange. He screams while Dalian takes care of him.

Only when the sun was almost set, Dalian fell asleep, satisfied like a caring nurse after treating her patient. Hugh reflects about the book. Nothing written on it is forbidden knowledge from a Phantom Book, and yet, it's capable of troubling policemen and changing Dalian’s personality. Hugh hears footsteps. He's expecting a monster, but Kamilla opens the door with a powerful push. Kamilla is curious about the mysterious book. She smells its pages. Dalian wakes up due to the noisy guest.

The Biblioprincess can’t remember what happened during the day. Hugh tries to check her temperature, but she rudely hits his arm. She's back to her normal self. Kamilla suddenly stops reading the book to touch Dalian. Kamilla blushes, as if attracted by the Biblioprincess. Kamilla grabs Dalian, adoring her hair and voice. Hugh drags Kamilla away from Dalian. Hugh wonders if the book changed Kamilla’s personality. Kamilla asks if Hugh is jealous. She hugs him, planning to kiss his neck. Dalian feeds her with a spoon of the awful soup. Kamilla coughs and tears up, apparently back to normal. Hugh checks the book once again. It seems like everything is clear to him now.

Grosseteste visits Hugh once again, one week after the book was returned to the police. Hugh helped the police because he discovered that the book was made of an unusual paper which exudes a unique aroma that causes infatuation, like an aphrodisiac. That’s why Dalian and Kamilla had changed so much. The only thing Grosseteste can’t understand is why the book is themed around monsters and aliens. Hugh suggests that the book has been created by aliens.

The police returned the book to its owner, Dunstan Legout, after impregnating its cover with a special green chemical to eliminate the exciting smell. After several months, while reading a newspaper, Hugh learns that Dunstan had disappeared. Neighbors say that, on that evening, they saw a strange luminous object, like a ship, flying west, where Venus shines. Dalian also reads the article over Hugh’s shoulders. They look at each other. They act as if nothing had happened.[27]

Book of Wisdom II[]

Dalian's crepes

Dalian asks four crepes.

Colorful stalls are lining a street of an old and crowded city next to the sea, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country. Dalian is arguing with a shopkeeper. The man won't believe that she will eat four crepes. Hugh ensures that she will eat everything. Dalian affirms that her brilliant brain requires a lot of sugar. Looking at a heavily secured, old castle hotel, Hugh asks if she has forgot their purpose there. Dalian sits on the edge of a flower bed. They hear a childish voice singing.

Charlotte draws the attention of everyone around with her childish attitude. She sings about Dalian’s dessert. The Biblioprincess reluctantly shares the pancakes. Charlotte laughs when a young man wearing a beret appears. She suddenly hugs Dalian. The latter screams when the last pancake falls on the grass. Eric Kesley is Charlotte’s friend. He affirms that they should go, since Charlotte's parents must be worried about her. Charlotte’s father shows up. He beats Eric badly. Charlotte’s father drags his daughter by the wrist, bringing her to a heavy car for military use. Hugh sees an old acquaintance inside a second car. He wonders what Norman is planning.

Hugh and Dalian walk the wounded boy to his house. Dalian is still angry for losing two pancakes. They go to an old part of the city, where Eric lives. Eric had involved Hugh and Dalian in trouble. As exchange, he will accommodate both, since there are no hotel rooms available around the city. The place is crowded because of a conference. The government had collected a large number of scientists to start an experiment.

Inside Eric’s house, Dalian complains about the smell of paint. Eric explains how important Charlotte is to him. Eric is worried about her. Charlotte wrote something that caused a huge response among academic societies. Eric affirms that Charlotte changed one and a half years ago. She became extremely smart. Dalian had received a letter from Charlotte. Dalian knows that a Phantom Book is affecting Charlotte. Hugh and Dalian confirm that Charlotte has read the Book of Wisdom.

Hugh and Dalian floating

Hugh uses a Phantom Book to approach Charlotte.

The castle is illuminated by moonlight. Armed men are patrolling, making the atmosphere heavy. Charlotte is writing in a room of a small tower. She welcomes Hugh and Dalian with a smile. She had been waiting for the Black Biblioprincess and her key-keeper. Hugh had used a Phantom Book to go unnoticed. Charlotte is wearing a black dress and holding the Book of Wisdom. Charlotte looks completely different now that she’s holding the Phantom Book. Charlotte apparently has a plan for her powers. Suddenly, a servant known as Cecy enters the room. She calls for reinforcement.

They are surrounded by armed soldiers. A tall man laughs while adjusting his glasses, emanating a cold atmosphere. Hugh and Dalian have seen the man before. Norman is an old acquaintance, indebted to Hugh's father. Norman tries to stroke Dalian’s head, but she bites his fingers. She hides behind Hugh. Following Norman’s orders, the soldiers put their guns down. Norman is working for the Defense Committee, directly under the Prime Minister. Norman let Hugh and Dalian go. Charlotte asks Hugh and Dalian to come again tomorrow, at noon. She affirms that they will see snow, which is unexpectedly during that season.

Hugh and Dalian are back to Eric’s place. Eric should be waiting for them, but all the lights are off. Dalian complains, since she was expecting dinner. She kicks the door. Hugh enters the house and finds Eric tied up on the floor, unable to speak. Hugh fights against a international agent. The agent is defeated. The man tried to use Eric as a decoy to obtain information. The man is an agent of another country. He wanted to spy on Charlotte. According to him, the girl was taken by the Army to develop a device capable of controlling the weather. Shocked, Hugh looks away, allowing the man to hit him in the leg. Hugh almost pulls the trigger, but Dalian tells him that the man is holding a grenade. The agent is prepared to remove the pin, but someone shoots his hand. The man drops the grenade and is detained by soldiers. Norman has followed Hugh and Dalian. Sarcastically, Norman affirms that the experiment can save lives. Norman leaves the house. He recoiled when he sees Dalian. He didn’t forget her bite.

The next day is sunny. It's difficult to believe that they will see snow. Scientists, military officers and government men are gathering in the castle to see the experiment. In a festive mood, children are also waiting in a square next to the site, for Dalian’s distaste. The Biblioprincess bares her teeth at Norman, who shudders and backs off. A big military truck is carrying an awkward device. Charlotte is looking for Eric. They hear a gunshot. Eric was wounded while trying to stop the experiment. Soldiers are holding him. Charlotte is about to start of the experiment, asking everyone to look at the sky. However, she's shot, falling on her back. Dalian sees Cecy at a window. Cecy, another international spy, was using a semi-automatic pistol. The assassin is trying to reach Charlotte to finish her mission, shooting the soldiers on her way. Hugh pulls the trigger and manages to shoot her weapon down. Cecy surrenders.

Charlotte finally activates the W Machine, making colorful, sweet snow fall from the sky. Dalian is stunned with the beautiful scene. Charlotte was not trying to develop a meteorological weapon, but to create a scene she had been imagining with Eric since they were little. Charlotte gives the Book of Wisdom to Dalian. After seeing Charlotte reuniting with her parents, a faint smile touches Dalian’s lips. Norman’s experiment has failed. No one will be able to make a meteorological weapon from Charlotte’s dissertation. Norman orders the soldiers to discard all the materials. Dalian gathers sweet snowflakes in her hands. She tells the children to stay away.[28]

The Girls’ Long Night[]

Jessica and Dalian

Jessica tries to touch Dalian's Phantom Books.

Miss Roedean told Hugh and Dalian to visit the Cadfael School since she collected some Phantom Books. Jessica Elphinstone finds Dalian reading in the school library. Dalian seems offended to have Jessica as company. The schoolgirl is disappointed because Hugh is not around. She asks about him. Dalian affirms that Miss Roedean took him to an evening party, since she’s not married yet. The girls talk loudly, attracting the attention of the librarian and other students. Dalian offends Jessica, as always. Jessica decides to read, but Dalian tells her not to touch her books. After all, they are Phantom Books collected by Miss Roedean. One of them, the Pioneer Book, can't be sealed during the day. Jessica’s classmates approach them. The four girls surround Dalian, admiring her beauty. The Biblioprincess tries to run away, but she stumbles into a book cart. The books fall on the floor. The librarian shows up to demand silence. The classmates walk away, pretending to be innocent. Dalian and Jessica start to organize the books. Jessica notices that one of the four Phantom Books is missing.

Dalian explains that they should find the Phantom Book before evening. The Pioneer Book has immense power between that night and the next new moon. Magic will easily escape. Jessica wonders if her classmates took the Phantom Book by mistake. Jessica and Dalian go to the stables, where Sandra and Beth practice horse-riding. Dalian asks them where the book is. Jessica pours the contents of their bags onto the floor, but finds no Phantom Book. Dalian leaves the stable, followed by Jessica.

Afternoon is almost over. Dalian kicks open the door of the cricket club, looking for Lynn Ambrose. Dalian rummages through her bag. Lynn also has no Phantom Books. Dalian and Jessica run to the exit. Vinny, the last girl, may be found in the dormitory. On their way, Dalian and Jessica find the librarian. The latter had just closed the library. Jessica tells the librarian about the book they are searching. The librarian reveals that the book was taken by Professor Morgridge. Dalian rudely asks about his address. Jessica covers the Biblioprincess’ mouth. Jessica runs away, holding Dalian by the hand.

Jessica requests Morgridge’s address to a clerk at the teacher’s room, but the young woman has no permission to share such information with the students. Dalian leads Jessica to the corner. Jessica obeys Dalian and removes the other Phantom Books from inside her bag. The Collection of Visions allows readers to see distant places that they have visited in the past, the Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts removes weeds from fields, and the Atargatis Scripture calls a handful of drinking water. Jessica becomes disappointed due to such limited powers, making Dalian furious. Following Dalian’s instructions, Jessica uses the Collection of Visions to check the document on the clerk’s table and find Morgridge’s address. Outside, the girls find a roadster bicycle. Dalian tells Jessica to put her thick legs to use. Jessica and Dalian ride to the city.

The girls attract the attention of everyone while riding through the resort city. Dalian complains about Jessica’s riding skills. The student is riding badly, especially with the extra weight in the form of Dalian. They reach Morgridge’s house. Jessica knocks on the door, but there’s no one home. Dalian kicks the door, trying to go inside. Morgridge shows up accompanied by a prostitute. Dalian hates the smell of alcohol coming from him. He suddenly freezes, realizing that he left his bag in the cab. Jessica and Dalian return to the bicycle to chase the cab.

Pioneer Book

Jessica and Dalian run from the plant released by the Pioneer Book.

The Pioneer Book will release its dangerous magic at any moment. The heavy bicycle can't catch up with the horse-drawn cab. Dalian reads the Atargatis Scripture to hit the driver with water. She finds no Phantom Book inside the cab. Apparently, another passenger took Morgridge’s bag. Jessica wants to look for the person, but Dalian gives up. They have no time left. The driver points to a huge dark mass growing at the center of the city. Jessica grabs Dalian’s hand and runs uphill on steep stairs.

A huge plant covers part of the city. It was release by the Pioneer Book. It’s trying to terraform its surroundings. Dalian had such dangerous Phantom Book because it’s a priceless book from another world. Jessica and Dalian are surrounded by long vines. Dalian reaches inside Jessica’s bag. The Biblioprincess reads the Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts. Thousands of dark insects gather in a flock to attack the plant. Dalian sinks to the ground, exhausted. Since she’s not the true owner of the Phantom Book, she has no strength to keep the magic active. The locusts disappear. Hugh, as a key-keeper loved by the Phantom Books, will be able to read the Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts. He probably is already looking for the girls. Jessica wonders how she can tell Hugh about the right location.

Jessica elaborates a plan. She reads the Collection of Visions, then the Atargatis Scripture. Dalian tells her to stop. If Jessica is carried away, she may lose her mind, or even die. Jessica rests in Dalian’s arms, exhausted after using the Phantom Books. Dalian hugs her, almost crying. She’s happy to know that Jessica is was only trying to protect her friend. The vines are almost reaching them. While holding the unconscious Jessica, Dalian hears the sound of an engine. Hugh had finally found them. Dalian wonders how he knew where to find them. Hugh points to the school in the distance. The dormitory has some lights on. The bright squares form letters. Hugh opens the Labyrinth Library. He reads a Phantom Book, enveloping the city in fog.

Jessica wakes up on the passenger seat of Hugh’s car. He had used the Hymn of Hel to freeze the plant. Hugh is driving to the school’s dormitory. The windows formed the message “JD on hill”. Dalian reluctantly expresses her gratitude to Jessica. The latter had used the Atargatis Scripture to pour water on her classmates, making them lit up their rooms and, in the process, create a message for Hugh. Jessica did everything from a distance, thanks to the Collection of Visions. It was almost sunrise when they reached the school’s dormitory. The whole dormitory seems in turmoil. Hugh and Dalian leave Jessica in front of the dormitory. Hugh accelerates, ignoring the confusion caused by the Phantom Books. Jessica chases after the car, calling Dalian a traitor.[29]

Phantom Book of the King[]

Hugh and Dalian visit a hot city in the middle of the Nubian desert. Dalian is in a bad mood due to the weather and the people staring at her. She’s drawing attention because she ordered a huge portion of dessert. Dalian tells Hugh that she may take pity and give him a little piece of her pastries if he begs. However, Hugh is not interested. He’s looking at a man yelling at the movers on the deck of a ship. Dalian wonders if Lazarus Goldin is the host of the Book of Royal Power. A girl approaches them. She’s Ernie Gaveston, niece of the late Henry Gaveston. Hugh doesn’t recognize her right away, but they have met before, about eight years ago, at Wesley’s house. Hugh mentions how pretty Ernie became. Dalian visibly tenses in jealously. Ernie reveals that she came for Hugh. After all, he has the notes about the Saraharufua Mountain which were written by Henry Gaveston and bought by Wesley. Hugh removes a notebook from his breast pocket. According to Ernie, the notes describe the route to the Phantom Book Cemetery.

Suddenly, Hal and Flamberge show up. Hal takes the notebook from Hugh’s hand. Hal puts the notebook in the pocket at his chest. The Biblioprincesses and key-keepers are not happy to see each other. Dalian offends Hal and Flamberge. Hal wonders if Hugh and Dalian are responsible for the Book of Royal Power falling into Goldin’s hands. However, Ernie reveals that the Book of Royal Power was found by her uncle at the Phantom Book Cemetery. Someone stole the Phantom Book the same night Henry Gaveston killed himself.

A man surrounded by bodyguards interrupts their conversation. Goldin thanks Hugh for the notes he is offering. Since Hugh has valuable information about the Phantom Book Cemetery, he was invited for Goldin’s expedition. Hal wants to burn Goldin’s Phantom Book immediately. The Book Burning Officer calls for Flamberge, preparing to load a Phantom Book in his staff. However, with only a word, Goldin makes Hal freeze like a statue.

Goldin uses the Book of Royal Power, a Phantom Book in the form of a stone tablet, to force Hal to drown himself in the Nile. Hal is fighting so much to oppose the magic, that he may kill himself before reaching the river. Hugh calmly shoots Hal. Dalian looks angry with Hugh. He tells Goldin that he wished to kill the Book Burning Officer with his own hands. Goldin is annoyed at first, but he accepts Hugh’s explanation. Hugh and Dalian head for the ship with Goldin and his men. Flamberge and Ernie stay behind, checking Hal’s body.

Goldin’s ship drifts along the Nile, almost at the swamps that claimed the lives of many travelers. Dalian, again in a bad mood, complains about the ship and the travel. Dalian is furious because Hugh talked with Flamberge earlier. The jealous girl kicks Hugh. She doesn’t like the fact that Flamberge works for Hal. Hugh affirms that Flamberge is a beautiful girl. Dalian reflects about Flamberge’s mature body. Dalian angrily kicks Hugh again. Hal interrupts the couple to ask why Hugh had saved him. Hugh had shot Hal in the chest, where the notebook with a metallic plate was. It was the only way to free Hal from the influence of the Book of Royal Power. Dalian feels offended, seeing Flamberge eating a melon without sharing.

Hal and Hugh make a truce. It’s revealed that Hugh is following Goldin because there’s no way to oppose the owner of the Book of Royal Power. Dalian shares the little information she has about the Book of Royal Power. The ship shakes violently. The ship hits ten-meter reptiles. Hugh grabs Dalian by the collar, preventing her from flying overboard. The cries in sadness, seeing her book plunging into the water. Hal loads his staff with a Phantom Book from the Long Lost Library inside Flamberge. He shoots flames at the crocodiles, but the animals are not burned to ashes. A giant fish knocks Hal down with a blow of its tail. Hugh is ready to open the Dantalian's Bookshelf to save Hal. However, Goldin shows up to use his royal power. He raises his small tablet, forcing the monsters to freeze. It’s revealed that Goldin killed Henry Gaveston to obtain the Book of Royal Power. Goldin asks Hugh what Hal and Flamberge are doing aboard the ship. Goldin’s bodyguards raise their guns. Goldin doesn’t trust Hugh anymore.

Flamberge and Dalian are shackled and tied together in a corner of the wagon. Dalian is not happy to be treated the same way they treated Flamberge. Dalian blames Hal and Flamberge for their misfortune. Goldin watches as Hugh and Hal push the wagon with the rest of the crew. They are climbing the Saraharufua Mountain, the supposed location of the Phantom Book Cemetery. Hal collapses. He’s wounded from the fight against the giant crocodiles and fishes. Dalian bullies him.

They reach the plateau where they find a group of stones forming bizarre, twisting columns raising into the sky. The crew wants to rest, but Goldin is against it. He grabs his Book of Royal Power, which gives him an intimidating aura. A shock wave pushes everyone away and breaks the wagon. Dalian and Flamberge are free. Hugh deduces that the power of the Book of Royal Power increased because they are close to the Phantom Book Cemetery.

Hal tells Goldin to stop. Goldin orders Hal to kill Flamberge, then to kill himself. Hal tries to resist, but he’s forced to grab Flamberge by her neck. Hugh removes four ancient stones tablets from inside the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Hal regains control of his own body. Goldin can’t control Hugh. The latter also has the Book of Royal Power. Hugh had used Goldin to take the Phantom Books to the Phantom Book Cemetery. Dalian explains that the Phantom Books are living minerals who use a host to move. Hugh reads the tablets, which lit up. Hal notices that the columns around them are also made of shiny stone tablets. He’s looking at the Phantom Book Cemetery found by Gaveston, a place where those Phantom Books are born, where they find their last refuge. Hugh explains that the Book of Royal Power was using Goldin, not the opposite.

Ernie eventually knocks Goldin to the ground and presses her parasol against his throat, ready to get revenge for her uncle. Ernie speaks in a male voice. It’s revealed that she’s in fact Gaveston II, Henry Gaveston’s nephew and an explorer of Tibet. Hugh places the tablets back into the columns. The ground begins to shake. The Phantom Book Cemetery will soon disappear. The crew boarded the ship when the Saraharufua Mountain erupted. The eruption ended after a few hours.

Hugh and Dalian explain that the Books of Royal Power may be creatures from another world, which travel the universe to gather information. Hal is skeptical. Dalian offends him for being in denial. The Book Burning Officer threatens to burn Dalian. Hugh removes the Book of the Descendant of the Mist from his pocket. Hal recognizes the Phantom Book that opens a passage in the spacetime. After reading a few lines, Hugh looks up at the sky. He sees an airplane flying over them. Hugh and Dalian disappear before Hal can attack them. Hal promises to corner them someday.[30]

The Last Book[]

Dalian Camilla Box

Kamilla gives a box of cookies to Dalian.

Dalian sleeps while reading a book. She wakes up, sips tea and gets up. She’s not happy to see Kamilla in the guest room. Kamilla gives her a box of cookies, the kind that recently became popular. Dalian opens the box and finds not only the cookies, but also a book wrapped in wax paper. A cute frog is depicted on the cover of the pocket-sized book. Dalian also notices the number seven in the corner of the cover. According to Kamilla, when you buy the cookies, you also gain a book, as part of an advertisement campaign. The book Dalian obtained is part of a collection of eight books. The Biblioprincess seems thoughtful.

Hugh and Dalian walk past the busy shops. Dalian is determined to read all books from the collection. As always, Hugh can’t argue with her. Dalian enters a small grocery store and rudely asks for cookies. However, the grocer affirms that the cookies have been sold out. Furious, Dalian runs out into the street, looking for another shop. After visiting three more places, Dalian finally finds a box. She rudely tells the shopkeeper, an old woman, to give her the box. The old woman has a hearing problem, which makes the Biblioprincess more impatient. The old woman is selling the cookies for three million shillings. Dalian feels insulted with such a price. However, the old woman accepts a five-shilling coin from Hugh. Dalian hugs the box and runs to the exit. She almost collides with a schoolgirl. The old woman tells the schoolgirl that the cookies have been sold out. Dalian seems satisfied. She continues to search for six more boxes to complete her collection.

They visited more than ten shops, bought lots of boxes and returned to the house. Now Dalian has all books, except for the first one. Dalian plans to buy more boxes to finally complete her collection. According to her, she feels uneasy knowing that her collection is incomplete. Perhaps the books are in fact Phantom Books that control the reader until all volumes are obtained. Hugh believes that Dalian is only making up an excuse. Although she doesn’t admit, she loved the cute books. Hugh goes to bed, keeping his distance from her obsession. However, Dalian decides to continue her search without him. She finds her small piggy bank and grabs a handful of coins.

The next morning, Dalian walks into the shopping area. She’s nervous, since she never left the house by herself before. The Biblioprincess reaches a familiar shop, but the place is crowded. When the shop opens, people immediately run inside. Dalian is pushed, losing her orientation. She stands up after ten minutes, realizing that all the boxes were sold. A young girl nearby falls to her knees in frustration. She’s the same schoolgirl who Dalian saw the day before. The schoolgirl is also collecting the books. Dalian affirms that she’s missing only one book, the first one. The schoolgirl affirms that she’s also missing one. Dalian finds a homemade map on the road, made by Judy Gainer. It has all the locations where the cookies are sold. The schoolgirl wants her map back, but Dalian refuses to return it. The Biblioprincess hides the map in her bosom.

They go together to the shop at the station. The shopkeeper is distributing coupons. Those with coupons will have a chance to buy the cookies. The girls stand at the end of the line to grab a coupon each. Judy keeps pestering Dalian about the map. The schoolgirl slips her hand into Dalian’s bosom. The girls fight, rolling along the road. The line was longer when they returned. After a couple minutes, the shopkeeper announces that there’s no coupons left. The girls sit next to each other to catch their breath. They decide to join forces. They check the map and decide to visit another shop. The place was also distributing coupons. The girls walk among the crowd and manage to obtain the coupons. Unfortunately, the coupons don‘t have a waiting number, but a lottery number. The girls got the numbers 13 and 666, the unluckiest numbers. They lose the lottery.

The day ended. The girls never got a single box. Judy suddenly sees many boxes inside a small shop. The products make people throughout the city lose their composure. That’s why the shopkeeper wants to get rid of the boxes as soon as possible. However, the shopkeeper will sell only what the girls can eat, one box at the time. The girls buy one box each and return to the street. Dalian gets her sixth volume 5. She quickly eats the twenty-four cookies inside the box. Judy imitates the Biblioprincess. They buy another box, but find the wrong book again. Since yesterday, they have been eating lots of cookies. The pastries now feel bland and unpleasant. But the girls force themselves to eat. After buying four boxes each, the girls reach their limit, unable to eat more.

Dalian Sick

Dalian feels sick after eating hundreds of cookies.

Hugh finally finds Dalian. The Biblioprincess seems emotionally moved. She tells Hugh to eat the cookies, but he refuses. Hugh realizes that Judy is another collector. The schoolgirl shows her books. Dalian almost chokes, realizing that Judy is missing the fourth volume. Dalian has two of those. The Biblioprincess thought that Judy was looking for the first volume. It was a clear misunderstanding. Judy gives Dalian the final book. After eating so much, Dalian feels sick. She falls to the ground.

Dalian sleeps while reading a book. She wakes up, sips tea and gets up. She’s not happy to see Kamilla in the guest room. Dalian doesn’t want more trouble. Kamilla ignores Dalian’s rudeness and gives her a box of cookies. According to Kamilla, the company has a new advertisement campaign. The box has a new design, the cookie a different color. Now, there are thirty-three books to collect, including a very rare volume. Dalian hides behind a chair, terrified.[31]

Vignette of Eternal Twilight[]

Hugh drives to the castle of the Marquess of Asquith. He wakes up Dalian, who slept on the passenger seat while reading a book. Although she was drooling, Dalian affirms that she was only meditating. She’s not happy to attend the event. However, she decided not to leave Hugh alone. Otherwise someone else would find their target first. Hugh drives through the fortress of the castle and abruptly brakes the car. Dalian bumps her nose against the book she was reading. Furious, she complains about Hugh’s driving. He stopped the car because the road is blocked by policemen, including a two-meter huge man. He walks to the car, but he’s pushed aside by a girl carrying an American folding camera.

Hugh and Dalian meet Shura once again. The girl is happy to see Hugh and Dalian. The police are blocking her way, so she hopes that the couple can help her enter the castle. It takes some time for Hugh and Dalian to remember Shura Irmania, a photojournalist from Jutland. They finally remember her after noticing her checkered hat. Shura is also looking for the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. The large man interrupts their conversation. He’s Harban, a policeman. A tense moment between the policeman and Hugh is interrupted by Grosseteste.

The inspector knows Hugh, the grandson of the famous bibliomaniac Wesley Disward. Hugh and Dalian came to the event to find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight, a Phantom Book that the late Marquess of Asquith hid in the castle. The Marquess was a famous and powerful bibliomaniac who bought the valuable book as a gift for his wife. However, he sealed the book somewhere before his death. On her birthday celebration, the Marquise of Asquith invites people and offers a huge reward to the person who finds the Phantom Book. Grosseteste affirms that he got a letter from Mithril. The Phantom Book Thief wrote that she will steal a Phantom Book from the Asquith castle. Dalian suspects that Shura is the thief.

Inside the huge castle, Dalian immediately starts to eat. They see Lyfia Lavers Asquith, daughter of the Marquess. Hugh hasn’t seen her for a long time. They were part of the same equestrian club. Hugh introduces Dalian to Lyfia. Dalian and Shura watch Hugh and Lyfia’s brief exchange. Dalian is not happy to see their conversation. Shura wonders if Hugh and Lyfia are former lovers. The thought angers Dalian, who uses her hair to whip Shura. When Lyfia walks away, a tall man approaches the group to ask about Hugh’s relation with Lyfia. He’s Adam Marchbanks, head of a detective agency. After badmouthing him, Dalian tries to ignore him. Marchbanks was hired by Lyfia to find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. He tells Hugh to stay away from her. After all, Marchbanks is trying to take her to bed. According to him, that’s how a private detective obtains important information. Dalian and Shura scream at Marchbanks, finding him rude and vulgar. Shura wonders if they are witnessing a love triangle. Dalian kicks her shin. They see the Marquise of Asquith in the distance. Dalian sees her as an abomination.

Hugh, Dalian and Shura walk to the huge library. Dalian is not impressed, since Wesley had a more complete collection. She proceeds to read a detective novel. Dalian is in a bad mood. According to Shura, Dalian is sulking because of Hugh’s relationship with Lyfia. Hugh is used to Dalian acting like that. Fifteen other guests examine the library, looking for the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. Policemen stand at the entrance, waiting for Mithril. According to Dalian, they must keep an eye on Shura. Grosseteste asks Hugh about the Phantom Book. Hugh’s acquaintance, the owner of an old bookstore, affirmed that the Vignette of Eternal Twilight is a picture book that preserves the youth of the reader, although the latter will have to bear the burden of a terrible sin.

Dalian closes her book and grabs a pocket watch in Hugh’s pocket. It’s about time. The other guests leave the library to dine in the banquet hall. Now that the library is empty, Hugh pushes a bookshelf, opening a secret door. He’s Wesley’s grandson, so he knows how bibliomaniacs think. Hugh, Dalian, Shura and Harban walk along the secret hallway, going underground. Marchbanks greets them. Dalian is not happy to see him. It seems like he was passionately hugging a maid a second ago. The detective had obtained important information from the woman. Marchbanks promises to share the glory for finding the Phantom Book, but he’ll take all the money. He reaches for the doorknob of a thick metal door, but he’s pushed away by Harold Dawson, one of the Marquise’s guests. The latter probably pretended to leave the library, only to follow Hugh and the others.


Hugh and the others find the Vignette of Eternal Twilight.

Dawson opens the door, bursting into the secret room with an old picture book in the center. He opens the Phantom Book and screams. The pages turn into a small castle, identical to the original one where they are. Suddenly, the walls and floor sway momentarily. The pop-up book disappears. The maid looks frightened. She glances at the ceiling and runs out of the room. Feeling the danger, Hugh and the others follow her. Hugh grabs Dalian’s arm, but the Biblioprincess falls. Harban grabs her by the head, as if holding a rugby ball. The ceiling collapses, crushing Dawson to death.

They walk along the network of tunnels beneath the castle, reaching a fragrant garden. The air seems different. They check their watches, only to learn that time has stopped. Dalian notices that the front gate is gone. Back inside the castle, they see a young woman in luxurious dress. Hugh mistakes her for Lyfia. Evelyn, the maid, shows up. She asks her master to save her. After all, the maid had fulfilled her task by taking the detective to the secret room. Harban realizes that the young woman in luxurious dress is the Marquise, although she looks as young as her daughter Lyfia. Several automata appear behind Evelyn. The maid is killed by one of the machines. Dalian tells Hugh to preserve his bullets. First, they need to understand the power of the Phantom Book which is causing all that. Harban tells Hugh and the others to run away with the others. The policeman stays behind.

They hide in the library. Shura wonders if the woman in luxurious dress is really the Marquise. The latter should be over fifty. Hugh reveals that Lyfia hasn’t changed a bit in ten years. Shura addresses her as Hugh’s beloved. Dalian kicks Shura in the ankle. Hugh is certain that the Vignette of Eternal Twilight exists, because it’s said that its reader does not age. The Phantom Book is preventing Lyfia and the Marquise from ageing. It’s revealed that the Phantom Book uses a victim’s life to bestow eternal youth to the reader. According to Dalian, no one would miss Marchbanks or Shura. That’s why they were invited, and that’s why people disappear every year in the castle. Hugh reveals that they are inside the Phantom Book, explaining why they hadn’t seen the other guests. They are imprisoned inside a fortress, where twilight never ends, a place where the reader has absolute power, even to create magical automata.

The Marquise seems to be listening to them, because two dolls materialize, blocking the exit. Shura pushes Dalian away to save her. Shura is about to be cut by one of the creatures, but she’s saved by another automaton. Dalian helps her to get up. The grim reaper turns into a policeman. Hugh knows that the hero is not Harban. The fake policeman transforms once again, assuming the form of a beautiful woman holding a silver knife. Mithril smiles and removes her mask. Mithril uses the Faceless Book, a Phantom Book in the form of a mask, that allows her to copy others’ appearance and strength. Mithril defeats the monsters.

A small girl suddenly appears in the air, holding wooden dolls. The Marquise looks even younger, now that Dawson and Evelyn were sacrificed. She summons gargoyles to surround Hugh and the others. Hugh steps back to protect Dalian. She seems triumphant. The Biblioprincess has a plan to defeat the Marquise. Dalian knows the exactly number of books in the library, so she noticed that the collection is incomplete. It’s revealed that the Vignette of Eternal Twilight reproduces the real world, but not perfectly. Dalian shows to everyone how the books have only white pages. There’s a limit for the amount of information it can handle. That’s why it stops time, it abducts only a small group of people, and it works only once a year. If the Phantom Book is overloaded, the world it creates will end. A method to overload the Phantom Book is bringing a lot of books. Dalian grants Hugh access to the Dantalian's Bookshelf. He releases an avalanche of books from the hole on her chest. The world inside the Vignette of Eternal Twilight is destroyed by the huge amount of information.

Hugh finds himself in the real world, at the Marquess’ library. Dalian is covered by a mountain of books. Marchbanks uses the opportunity to knock Mithril down. Hugh tells Shura to help Dalian. He runs to the exit of the library. At the Marquise's bedroom, he learns that Lyfia poisoned herself, right after killing her own mother. Hugh and Dalian walk back to the car in the morning. The Biblioprincess is angry because Hugh left her behind, covered in books. Hugh had already apologized, but she continues pouting. Hugh and Dalian find Shura standing next to the car. The photojournalist has disposed of her broken camera. Shura asks for a ride to the station. Dalian refuses. Shura shows some muffins, trying to bribe the Biblioprincess.

Grosseteste shows up to exchange words with Hugh one last time. Grosseteste smiles, satisfied with Mithril’s capture. He was alarmed knowing that she had disguised herself as Harban. But now she is locked up, according to the inspector. Marchbanks took away her Phantom Book. However, Hugh reveals that Marchbanks is Mithril’s henchman. The Faceless Book confiscated by the police is fake. Before Hugh can say more, Grosseteste hastily says goodbye and runs away, trying to find Marchbanks and Mithril. Shura affirms that she’s sorry for the inspector. However, Hugh knows about her true identity. Mithril reveals herself.


Dalian tells Mithril to return the detective novels.

Hugh suspected that Mithril had disguised herself as Shura, because the photojournalist would never part with her camera, even if broken. Mithril removes her mask, turning into a beautiful woman in white coat. The Biblioprincess seems worried, but she affirms that Mithril never fooled her. Dalian tells the thief to return the books. Mithril had stolen the books released by Dalian. Mithril didn’t want the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. She wanted to destroy the Phantom Book using the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Mithril removes several books from her pocket. She took the books when the world of the Vignette of Eternal Twilight was about to collapse.

Mithril knew that Hugh and Dalian would visit the castle to find the Phantom Book. Mithril planned everything, she used Lyfia and everyone else, everything to obtain a book from the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Unfortunately, Mithril couldn’t prevent the deaths of Dawson and Evelyn. The thief gives the stolen books back to the Biblioprincess. Mithril would never guess that Dalian would seal detective novels inside the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Dalian asks about Shura. Mithril decided to help Hugh and Dalian. The couple wouldn’t want an article about the Dantalian’s Bookshelf in the papers. Dalian asks why Mithril is collecting Phantom Books. Mithril affirms that she’ll answer the question only if the Dantalian’s Bookshelf is opened to her. The thief jumps in the air, disappearing. It’s revealed that Shura was caught by the police, who mistook her for the Phantom Book Thief.[32]


The Lovers[]

A depressed man is sat on a bench. Everyone at the park can see his sad crying. The man has a dagger against his wrist, ready to kill himself. Hugh and Dalian approach him. The unhappy man explains that he had been abandoned by his girlfriend. Dalian asks if he would ever do the same. The man affirms that he would never betray his lover. The girl gives a book to the man.

After a few days, Hugh meets the man once again at the park. The man happily hugs his book. Although no one else notices it, his new girlfriend appears when he starts to read. The man eventually received a new book. According to him, he doesn’t hate the previous book, but the current one suits him better. While reading the new book, a new lover would appear to him.

A few days passed. Hugh and Dalian return to the park during a quiet night. The man was sat on the bench without moving. There’s a dagger in his cold chest and a puddle of blood at his feet. Dalian looks at the corpse with sadness in her eyes. She calls him a liar.[33]

The Beautiful Woman's World[]

The woman is welcomed by Hugh and Dalian. After they introduce themselves during tea, the guest affirms that she will kill herself because she is not the most beautiful woman in the world. She heard rumors about a strange book that contains forbidden knowledge. The woman tells Hugh to use the book to change her appearance. He tries to convince her that eventually a man will love her more than anyone else. However, the woman sees their conversation as her last hope. She prepares to cut her wrists, when Dalian finally speaks. The Biblioprincess has a book that will fulfill her desire. Dalian warns her that there are things in the world that people shouldn’t know. The woman leaves the mansion with the book. Hugh wonders if the woman will be all right. Dalian affirms that beauty is something decided by others. Those who depend of others to value themselves are unable to be happy.[34]

The House-Elf's Rough Time[]

A house-elf is sealed inside a Phantom Book. The house-elf changed hands for many years, until he reached a black-haired little girl. After she read the entire Phantom Book, she asked the creature to organize the books of the mansion. The house-elf kept cleaning the dusky wet basement day after day without taking a break. However, the collection was so large that the job had no end. The house-elf was suffering, so he asked permission to leave for another owner. The little girl accepted with a stubborn tone. The house-elf tried working for others, but the creature eventually returned to Dalian after some misadventures. The black-haired girl examines the Phantom Book and welcomes him back without expression.[35]

Waterside Flower[]

At a bar, a young beautiful woman tells Hugh that her lover has eyes only for a book. According to the woman, the book shows the ideal beauty from someone’s point of view. Hugh asks if she heard about Phantom Books. If the woman’s lover was charmed by a Phantom Book, maybe Hugh can contact his friend to help.[36]

The Observer[]

The man wants to stay alone and watch the world by the window. One day, he sees a beautiful book in a used bookstore. He buys it and almost runs out of the store. He’s stopped by an unusual black-haired girl. She warns him to look only one page per day. The man learns that the book shows the progress of a civilization from a different world. Months later, the man was examining the book to invent incredible things. However, at the last pages, it’s revealed that this civilization was destroyed by huge bombs. According to newspapers, the man burned to death from a fire that arose for unknown reasons. The black-haired girl peers into his room. Only the photo album remains. The last page depicts the ruins of a civilization. The sad girl grabs the book. She calls the deceased man a liar.[37]

The Real Me[]

One day, a young woman finds an unusual book at the library. The words seem to be directed at her. The book gives her confidence. It keeps praising her. She keeps visiting the library to read the book. Once, the woman found that the book had been picked up by a young black-haired girl. The latter was reading a thick volume. Angry, the woman requests the book. The girl advises her against reading it. According to the girl, the Book of the Flatterer corrupts the reader by directing flatteries at him. It always praises the reader, even his mistakes. The woman doesn’t trust the girl. The book has helped the woman find her true self, after all. The woman takes the book and runs out of the library. The book eventually convinces the woman to show her true self to the world. One day, the young woman entered a skyscraper and activated a bomb. When the young black-haired girl visited the building, it was still burning. She found the Book of the Flatterer on the sidewalk. She threw it into the fire.[38]

Book of Imitation[]

The art student tells Hugh and Dalian about his Phantom Book. The art student did a good job in drawing her portrait on the cover after observing her beauty from far away day after day. The moment he finished the portrait, the Phantom Book showed her true essence, her past, thoughts and feelings. He did that because he didn’t want to fall only for her appearance. Now the art student is certain that she’s the one for him. The man is ready to confess to her. As promised, the man leaves the Phantom Book behind. He doesn’t need it anymore. He leaves the coffee shop.

With a sad smile, Hugh wonders if he should have stopped him. Dalian tells Hugh to leave the art student alone. Hugh and Dalian know that the book is an unfinished Phantom Book. They also know that the art student painted two women. He didn’t realize that they were twins. The Phantom Book Egg shows the exact opposite personality of the person depicted on the cover. The art student fell in love with women of terrible personality.[39]


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