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Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dariane (manga-only)


Black Biblioprincess (黒読姫 Kuro Yomihime)

Biblioprincess (読姫 Yomihime)

Heaven in the Pot (壺中天 Tsubo hūten)

Pipsqueak (チビすけ Chibisuke)


Chapter 1 (light novel 1);
Chapter 1 (manga);
Episode 1


Hugh Anthony Disward
Wesley Disward (past)
Rudolf II (past)
Joan of Arc (past, anime-only)

Voice actor

沢城 みゆき
Miyuki Sawashiro




Song of the Unseen Tomorrow[]

At the Disward estate, Hugh reads about a strange occurrence in the newspapers. A zombie attacked the embassy. According to Dalian, if the case is related to Phantom Books, it may be caused by the Book of Atonement. It steals the soul of the reader, turning him into a zombie. Dalian is distracted by a small advertisement in the newspaper. Accompanied by Hugh, she goes to a store to buy fried breads.

Dalian leaves the store, happily holding a bag of fried breads. Suddenly, a horde of zombies terrorize the people nearby. They hear a police whistle in the distance. Hugh and Dalian walk away to avoid more trouble. Dalian grabs a newspaper. She recognizes the transcription of the Book of Atonement in it. Hugh deduces that the responsible is experimenting with the Phantom Book. After all, only a few newspapers were modified.

Late in that day, Hugh and Dalian enter a printing shop. They see machines producing many newspapers with the Book of Atonement text. It seems like a terrorist is planning to transform the readers into zombies. The Professor shows up and introduces himself. The Professor invites the couple for some tea. Rasiel, the Crimson Biblioprincess, shows up. Rasiel and Dalian exchange offenses. The Professor reveals that he’s targeting London, where a reconstruction meeting is about to be held. He won’t allow the Allies to pressure the countries who lost the Great War. The Professor shoots Hugh with a Phantom Book in the shape of a golden pistol. Hugh collapses. The Professor is against Dalian sealing Phantom Books, preventing humanity from exploring their power. Dalian affirms that there are things in the world people shouldn’t know. The Professor is ready to shoot Dalian. However, Hugh is faster. He shoots at the Professor’s hand. Hugh grabs Dalian and jumps out of the window, into the printing shop. The zombies, under the Professor’s control, run after Hugh and Dalian.

Hugh barricades the door of a storage. Dalian wants Hugh’s wounds treated. However, before that, he wants to enter the Dantalian's Bookshelf to save the girl in white. Dalian makes Hugh promise to return. Inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf, he holds the girl in white by the hand. The Dantalian's Bookshelf shakes. In the real world, Hugh runs away from the zombies while holding Dalian’s hand. In the Dantalian's Bookshelf, he runs to free the girl in white while holding her hand. The guardian of the Dantalian's Bookshelf appears to block the exit.

The guardian uses a burst of energy to destroy the floor under Hugh and the girl in white. In the real world, Hugh collapses. Dalian tries to wake him up. Hugh gets lost inside a dark region of the Dantalian's Bookshelf. Dalian cries, worrying about Hugh never returning. She wants to continue living with him, searching for Phantom Books, drinking tea and eating fried breads. She wants to fly in a plane with him. Dalian hears the voice of her other self. Since they wish the same thing, they work together to save Hugh. Still lost inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf, Hugh finds a child version of himself. The child gives a Phantom Book to the grown-up.

In the real world, Hugh gets up. Although Dalian scolds him for being too slow to get up, she’s visibly happy and emotional. Hugh and Dalian walk to the horde of zombies. Hugh reads the Phantom Book. There are flashbacks showing Dalian’s past. There are scenes showing Dalian’s life with Wesley, Dalian at Wesley’s funeral, Dalian with Joan of Arc. The Phantom Book gives off an intense light. The zombies are destroyed. Hal and Flamberge hear Dalian’s voice calling for Hugh. Hal saves him.

Hugh wakes up in his bed. Kamilla and Armand were worried about him. Dalian enters the room. She tries to hide her happiness for seeing him awake. Hugh laughs, noticing the sugar from fried breads around her lips. She feels offended and embarrassed with his laugh. She urges him to recover faster. After all, they have more Phantom Books to recover. Later, Hugh appears drinking tea at the living room. Dalian is opposite to him, reading a book.[1]

Hugh recovering

Hugh wakes up.


Book of Lifetime[]

Hugh goes to a bar to read and drink. He listens to the story of an old man who says to be immortal. After the exchange, Hugh leaves the bar. Dalian is waiting at the door of the Disward estate. She seems angry. She takes the book Hugh was reading.[2]

Lifetime end

Hugh gives a book to Dalian.

The House-Elf[]

Hugh rests on a sofa, feeling sick. Although he wants to light the furnace to raise the room temperature, he’s unable to move his cold limbs. Hugh feels Dalian’s presence nearby. She uses a Phantom Book to take care of him. She eventually returns to the Labyrinth Library. Her presence made no sense, since she should be out with Kamilla.

Hugh wakes up from his feverish state. Dalian’s face is almost touching his. Puzzled, Hugh suddenly gets up, pushing her to the floor in the process. Dalian was worried about him before, but now she wants to hit him. Kamilla holds her back. The girls brought chocolate as a gift to him. Dalian tells Hugh to prepare the tea.[3]

Touching Face

Dalian worries about Hugh

Book of Wisdom II[]

After cooking for Hugh and Dalian, Kamilla prepares to leave. She will pick her mother up at the station. She won't be back for a while, so she wants them to promise not to eat everything in one go. Dalian refuses to see her off. Kamilla leaves the Disward estate. Dalian is angry because Kamilla left. The Biblioprincess covers the staircase with pages directing insults at Kamilla. A fallen man appears at the gates. He’s wounded and asking for help. He's looking for the Black Biblioprincess.

Hugh is driving with Dalian and the stranger. The young man introduces himself as Eric. His childhood friend Charlotte is the one that sent him to ask for help. Eric reveals that Charlotte wrote a paper that caught the attention of the government. She has suddenly changed, becoming smarter than any expert or professor. Charlotte fell into the hands of the government and they started an experiment. Hugh and Dalian realize that Charlotte has read the Book of Wisdom. Dalian affirms that there are more people like her and Hugh.

Someone is following them. Eric explains that they are being chased by a soldier. The pursuers believe that Eric stole military secrets. Eric didn’t mention the dangerous situation. After all, he wanted Hugh and Dalian's full cooperation. When the basket with the sweets cooked by Kamilla is hit, Dalian tells Hugh to open the Dantalian's Bookshelf. While he’s driving, she reaches the key on his hand and grabs a Phantom Book. Dalian summons a lightning from the Indra to flip over the car and end the chase, paying their pursuers back for what they have done with her precious food.


Hugh, Dalian and Eric are pursued.

Floating (1)

Hugh and Dalian floating to meet Charlotte.

Under a full moon, Hugh and Dalian meet Charlotte at the top of a tower. He’s using a Phantom Book to make him and Dalian float. Charlotte has been waiting for them. She knows about their connection with the Dantalian's Bookshelf. Charlotte shows her knowledge about the Phantom Book used by Hugh to pass by the security undetected. Hugh and Dalian land on the tower. Someone that knows about Phantom Books asked Charlotte to called them. Black feathers move in the sky, revealing a floating girl.

Rasiel lands on the tower. It’s revealed that Rasiel changed Charlotte’s life with the Book of Wisdom. Norman Harris brings armed men to surround Hugh and Dalian. Norman believes that the visitors are spies aiming for the revolutionary equipment developed by Charlotte. Although Norman wants to use the W Machine as a new weapon for England, Charlotte refuses to cooperate. One of Norman's men throws a badly wounded Eric on the floor. Norman is trying to convince Charlotte. He’s also threatening her parents. The sight of Eric’s blood makes Charlotte desperate. She screams, releasing the hidden power of the Book of Wisdom. Norman and his men suffer.

Dalian urges Rasiel not to open the gates. However, Rasiel and the Professor use the Loge to release a giant. The lock on Dalian’s chest also opens. She’s in pain, but she pushes the worried Hugh away. Dalian cries, explaining to Hugh that there are other guardians and key-keepers of the Dantalian's Bookshelf. The Professor reads the Loge. The giant destroys the top of the tower with a burst of energy.

Dalian had used the Book of Styx to shield the attack. Rasiel notices how Dalian changed after having Wesley and Hugh as key-keepers. The Professor removes a blade from his cane and cuts Hugh. The latter falls on the tower. Dalian is worried, but Hugh was protected by An Immortal Wizard. Rasiel affirms that a Biblioprincess and her key-keeper should provide knowledge to those who wish it. It’s up to people to decide what to do with the knowledge from the Dantalian's Bookshelf. Eric activates the W Machine to make the falling snow extinguish the flames. The machine is not a weapon. It's an innocent equipment created by Charlotte as a way to replicate a scene from her childhood with Eric and her parents.

Rasiel laments that the Phantom Book didn't go out of control. Rasiel and the Professor disappear into a portal. Dalian feels bad for not telling Hugh about Rasiel. But he remembers about their promise years ago, when Hugh was lost inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf. Hugh tells Dalian to share her history when she's ready. Dalian scolds him, but she cannot hold her tears. They leave the place, planning to eat what Kamilla cooked.[4]


Hugh reminds Dalian about their promise.


Dalian meets Wesley inside a train. She has a notebook and the Timetable in hands. He purposely left a train schedule for her. He had planned to meet her, even after his death. Wesley is not the key-keeper anymore, but he still decided to selfishly use a Phantom Book to ask her a question. Wesley wants to know what this world means to the Biblioprincess. Dalian is embarrassed, but she gives her answer. She never gets bored with Wesley’s books. The tea prepared by Hugh is delicious, and the sweets baked by Kamilla are always excellent. Wesley is grateful to see Dalian happy.

Dalian calls for Hugh at a station. He’s distracted, looking at a train. He sees what appears to be Dalian and himself inside a compartment. The train leaves the station. The Biblioprincess next to Hugh wonders if something is wrong. Hugh affirms that everything’s fine. They walk back home.[5]

Drama CDs[]

Huey and Dalian's First Walk[]

Hugh and Dalian leave the mansion of Henry Conrad. There’s no coach available, so they start to walk back to the Disward estate. Tired, Dalian refuses to take one more step. She affirms that they have been walking for two hours, but in fact they have walked for only thirty minutes, and yet Dalian had to stop to rest for a long time. Hugh offers to carry her piggyback, but she feels embarrassed. Furthermore, Dalian doesn’t like to be treated like a child. Hugh affirms that there is nothing to worry about. After all, Dalian looks like a child, and there’s no one around to look at her. Dalian doesn’t want to burn her skin, so she decides to rest under a tree to read a book.

They see a coach in the distance. Dalian tells Hugh to use his revolver to get a vehicle. Hugh affirms that they will only obtain a ride to the Scotland Yard. The coach moves away from them. Dalian reckons that the vehicle is three miles away. Hugh admires the good sense of distance from someone who only has eyes for books. Dalian tells Hugh to run after the vehicle, but he refuses. The couple watches as a passenger enters the coach.

Dalian is anxious to go back to the Disward estate. Hugh wonders if she has an arrangement for that day. She affirms that she’s reaching her limit. Her stomach rumbles. She had skipped dinner. She was hoping to eat at Conrad’s mansion. She contemplates going back to take some food. Dalian feels that she deserves the ownership of Conrad’s mansion, having solved the problem caused by The Harlequinade. Dalian affirms that the mansion should be retribution for the Phantom Book stolen by Conrad. Hugh reminds her that they recovered the Phantom Book. In turn, Dalian affirms that Wesley will never come back. They stay silent for a moment.

Hugh decides to walk to the town, then return for Dalian with a vehicle. He stops after a few steps, noticing that they already are in the vicinities of the town. Dalian feels the scent of something delicious in the air. She’s delighted to see a store selling fried breads. Hugh feels like he’s a wallet on legs, but he accepts buying some pastries. He reaches inside his pocket, only to learn that he lost his wallet. Hugh informs Dalian that they will eat only after reaching the Disward estate. Furious, Dalian thrashes him.[6]

Dalian and Kamilla's Secret Recipe[]

Kamilla brought pastries for Dalian. Kamilla is glad to see Dalian happy. Dalian affirms that Kamilla’s only quality is her taste for souvenirs. Kamilla decides to prepare the dinner. She had learned some healthy recipes in America. Dalian doesn’t trust Kamilla, so she decides to supervise the cooking. The girls go to the kitchen. Kamilla complains about the lack of ingredients and utensils. As a former soldier, it seems like Hugh doesn’t need much to survive. Dalian affirms that Hugh doesn’t act like an aristocrat. Dalian becomes irritated, unable to trust Kamilla with the dinner. Dalian also decides to cook.

Dalian decides to make a soup used by witches to cure all injuries. She also complains about the lack of ingredients. The cooking doesn’t look like it’s going well. From the other side of the door, they hear Hugh asking if they need help. The girls affirm that everything is working out. They sigh in relief when he walks away. Hugh had been injured by the Gladstone Company while protecting Dalian, so the girls don’t want to give him trouble. Kamilla is certain that Hugh is having fun in Dalian’s company. The Biblioprincess doesn’t know what goes on inside his head. Kamilla believes that Hugh should express more his feelings. According to Dalian, that’s what makes Hugh Hugh. Embarrassed, Dalian reminds Kamilla that they should go back to the cooking. Dalian decides to use blue mold as ingredient for the soup.

They serve the dishes to Hugh. Kamilla’s dish seems inedible, while Dalian’s soup has an otherworldly smell. Hugh affirms that he has something to do, but the girls forbid him from leaving. He reluctantly tries the dishes. He says that the dinner is delicious, but he doesn’t sound too convincing. The girls feel happy. They decide to also cook the next day.[7]

Dalian Days[]

Dantalian’s Road Windal Academy[]

Hugh and Dalian move to St. Regal. He offers his hand to support Dalian while she’s walking out of a ship. She’s hungry. She had skipped meals to avoid seasickness. They walk to a house made of stones. Dalian needs to rest in order to not be late on the first day of school. A new semester starts at the Road Windal Academy, an all-girls boarding school. Priscilla finds her place at the back of the classroom. She sits next to a strange and beautiful black-haired girl. The latter is reading a book.

Priscilla introduces herself, but the girl gives her a scary look. The girl goes back to reading. Priscilla reads the name "Dalian" on the desk. Priscilla notices how Dalian continues to read, even after the teacher starts the class. Priscilla admires Dalian’s beauty. Cecil notices how Priscilla is interested in Dalian. After all, Priscilla writes her thoughts on her notebook. Dalian never talked to anyone during class. After work, Priscilla enters the school library. She’s writing a novel, although she never showed it to anyone. Dalian comes to her mind once again. Priscilla decides to leave. One of her sheets falls on the floor. Dalian is the one who picks it up.[8]

Dantalian’s First Experience…!?[]

Dalian reads the story that Priscilla dropped. Dalian remembers her name. Priscilla admires her beautiful voice. No one read Priscilla’s writings before. Priscilla feels like Dalian is reading her mind. Priscilla is embarrassed, listening to her own heart beating. The special moment is interrupted by the librarian. The girls should return to the dormitory. Dalian reveals that she doesn’t sleep in the dormitory. Dalian is living at Saint Regal, at the coastline. At first, Dalian doesn’t want company. She doesn’t like to be treated like a child. However, she changes her mind after seeing a dog.

The tram isn't working anymore. Rain starts to fall. For Priscilla’s shock, Dalian kicks a nearby car. Dalian rudely tells the driver to take them to the Ombolo Mansion. She points at Priscilla, as if the schoolgirl is guilty for the discourteous behavior. Fortunately, the driver Hower recognizes Priscilla. He happily drives the girls to the mansion. During the ride, Dalian eats Priscilla’s fried bread crumbs without asking. Dalian criticizes the sweets. Priscilla finds Dalian strange, but cute. Priscilla accompanies Dalian to the Ombolo Mansion. Dalian had just moved in. The girls bath together in the bathtub. Priscilla leaves the bathtub to find a shampoo. Hugh arrives. He sees Priscilla wrapped in a towel.[9]

Dantalian's Friend of the Grandson[]

Priscilla throws objects at Hugh, believing that he’s a pervert. She wants to protect Dalian, who’s in the bathtub. Priscilla finds some books to throw at him. She opens one of the book. Energy comes out from the book. Dalian appears to check the source of the noise. According to Hugh, Priscilla found a Phantom Book among the luggage. She can’t control the power. Dalian gives Hugh the right to open the Labyrinth Library. He unlocks the seal on Dalian’s chest.

Priscilla and Dalian are sleeping in the same bed. Dalian’s foot hits Priscilla’s face. The latter wakes up. Priscilla had mistaken a young man for a criminal and tried to save Dalian. That’s all Priscilla can remember. Nonetheless, she’s happy to see Dalian safe. The trio has breakfast. Hugh introduces Dalian as a friend of his grandfather. Hugh and Dalian began to live together after Hugh’s grandfather passed away. Before leaving to the school, Hugh and Dalian talk about Priscilla. It seems like Priscilla suffered amnesia after releasing the power of that mysterious Phantom Book. Cecil and Margaret, Priscilla’s friends, are walking to the school. They noticed that Priscilla never returned to the dormitory last night. They are worried about their friend. They are shocked to see Priscilla leaving Hugh’s car. Seeing Dalian behind Priscilla also surprises them.[10]

Dantalian's Miniskirt Revolution[]

Priscilla explains that a lot happened last night, so she had to stay at Dalian’s house. Priscilla also talks about Hugh, a teacher in training. He lives with Dalian. He’s a grandson of Dalian’s friend. Dalian finds the girls very noisy. Cecil and Margaret introduce themselves to Dalian as Priscilla’s childhood friends. Dalian tells Priscilla to use her breasts to attack them. Cecil laughs at Priscilla’s expense, enjoying Dalian’s creativity. The classes of that day end. Dalian asks Priscilla if she will go to the library today. However, Priscilla has homework. Priscilla realizes that Dalian wants to read the continuation of her story.

Cecil examines Dalian’s cool attire. It doesn’t look like the uniform of a previous school. Dalian refuses to wear such childish uniform. Cecil grabs Dalian's waist, noticing her infant body. Dalian becomes furious. Cecil removes her own skirt and offers it to Dalian. Margaret believes that Dalian will look cute in a miniskirt. Cecil affirms that Dalian will please Hugh. According to Cecil, Hugh sees Dalian as his wife. Priscilla is shocked, imagining a relationship between a teacher and a schoolgirl. Margaret finds them a nice couple.[11]

Dantalian's Alleged Wedding Ring!?[]

Priscilla imagines Dalian wearing a miniskirt to please Hugh. Priscilla is fantasizing them as a couple. She’s distracted during the class, writing a 50-page short story about the relationship. Outside the classroom, Cecil expresses her wish to visit Dalian’s house on Sunday with Margaret and Priscilla. Margaret wants to know more about Hugh and Dalian’s relationship, and about the lock on Dalian’s chest. Margaret wonders if the lock represents Hugh and Dalian’s love. Cecil wonders if the lock has a naughty meaning. For a moment, Priscilla remembers the moment when Hugh opened the lock on Dalian’s chest. Priscilla discourages her friends. The trio would be a nuisance to Hugh and Dalian. Furthermore, Priscilla reveals that Hugh and Dalian haven’t unpacked everything after moving. With such information, Cecil has an idea.

Cecil finds Dalian reading in the library. Cecil offers help to Dalian. Cecil plans to go to Dalian’s house with Priscilla and Margaret to join the cleaning effort. Dalian readily refuses. According to Dalian, the schoolgirls will make things worse. Priscilla tells Dalian that Cecil and Margaret want to be friends. Priscilla also wants to apologize properly for the night when she attacked Hugh. Dalian is finally convinced when Margaret proposes a tea party after the cleaning. In secret, Dalian asks Priscilla if she can make some fried breads. Dalian asks Priscilla if she remembered more details about the first night they met. Priscilla worries that she did something strange. According to Dalian, that night, Priscilla removed the towel and danced like crazy in front of Hugh. Priscilla panics, unable to believe.[12]

Dantalian's Business Trip! Cleaning Service Corps[]

Hugh welcomes Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret into the house. Hugh is grateful for their help. According to Dalian, Hugh is too happy. She wonders if Hugh will be a teacher who dates the students. Dalian tells Priscilla to prepare the afternoon tea, even though it’s still morning and the cleaning hasn’t started. Priscilla is about to start the cleaning, but Cecil proposes a change of clothes. The girls go to Dalian’s room, where Margaret shows the maid uniforms she got from the servants at her parent’s house. Margaret has a uniform for Dalian. Margaret and Cecil want to help Dalian change. The latter explodes with anger. Dalian is already eating the scones brought by Priscilla. Dalian has no patience to wait for the tea.[13]

Dalian Explodes

Cecil and Margaret make Dalian furious.

Dantalian's Business Trip! Cleaning Service Corps Part 2[]

Dalian is reading a cooking book while everyone else is working. Suspicious rumors circled the previous owner of the mansion, a school director. Hugh hopes that no dangerous objects are found in the house. According to Dalian, that’s why she’s checking the books. Hugh believes that she’s just skipping work. Dalian's belly growls. Embarrassed, she runs to motivate the schoolgirls. The faster they finish the cleaning, the faster Dalian will eat. Cecil uses the opportunity to approach Hugh. Cecil also asks about Dalian. Cecil believes that Dalian is Hugh’s wife, but Hugh calmly denies it. Cecil and Priscilla try to help Hugh, but the schoolgirls only make things worse. Dalian enters the room, furious. She tells the girls to prepare the meal quickly. They set the table for a nice tea party. Priscilla brought some fried bread crumbs. Dalian immediately eats it.[14]

Tea Party

Priscilla and the others enjoy a tea party.

Dantalian’s Body Measurement![]

In the morning, Hugh reminds Dalian about her class’ body measurement day. He wants to go to school earlier than usual to get ready. Dalian tells him to not wear his mother’s underwear by mistake. However, Hugh explains that the exams are only for students. Dalian is not interested in the exam. According to her, she always has the best proportions. Hugh advises her to participate. Hugh stares at Dalian’s face. According to him, it seems like Dalian’s face is rounder than normal. Dalian ignores his provocation. Because of Hugh’s rudeness, she decides to walk to the school instead of riding in his car. On the way to school, Dalian thinks about what Hugh said. She can’t admit, but his words affected her. She sees Cecil running, followed by Priscilla and Margaret. Cecil wants to lose weight before the measurements. Dalian is uncomfortable with their conversation, still thinking about Hugh’s words.

Dalian decides not to undergo the exams. However, Priscilla will not accept that. Cecil pulls Dalian by the hand. Kamilla, the school nurse, starts the body measurements. Dalian is unhappy because the whole class will take the exams in group. Kamilla exams Dalian. The nurse looks at the girl's proportions. According to the nurse, Dalian has ideal measurements. Dalian should eat a well-balanced diet to grow. Later, Dalian happily tells Hugh about the results. Her proportions won’t change no matter how much she eats. Hugh watches as she eats several breads. He is satisfied to see Dalian healthy.[15]

Dantalian’s Girls Talk?[]

Friday at night, the girls decide to have a sleepover. As always, Dalian is reading. Margaret is uncomfortable because Cecil is talking about scary rumors. Afraid, Margaret embraces Dalian. Cecil tells the story about the ghost of a knight who appeared in the school at midnight. However, Cecil doesn’t know how to tell a scary story. Dalian insults Cecil’s storytelling. Cecil challenges Dalian to tell a scarier story. The girls tense up immediately. Dalian tells the story about a famous gourmet who was looking for the supreme dish. Priscilla and the others hug each other, frightened. Dalian boosts about her skills. She stops when a lightning suddenly hits the building. The lights turn off. The girls scream and run to the same bed. The girls squeeze together. Dalian tells them to sleep on the floor.[16]

Dantalian’s Uneasy Feeling? After School[]

After school, Cecil looks for company to walk back home. She asks Dalian if they should walk together, but the latter rudely refuses her offer. Dalian goes to the library. She had already read all the books which she could reach. Now she wants to read those placed high in the bookshelves. There’s no stepladder nearby, so she creates a column of books. Kamilla witnesses Dalian falling and hitting her forehead against the wall. Kamilla bandages Dalian’s forehead in the infirmary. Kamilla wonders if Dalian was waiting for someone in the library. Dalian affirms that she wanted to read a book. Kamilla has a new detective novel to read. She also brought many breads from the cafeteria. Dalian never read that book, and she also loves breads, so she decides to stay in the infirmary with Kamilla.

Kamilla advises Dalian to join a club. She imagines Dalian playing basketball and practicing rhythmic gymnastics. Kamilla can’t see Dalian going well in these sports. Dalian finds Kamilla's remarks very rude. Hugh finds Dalian in the infirmary. Kamilla tells Dalian to change the bandage before going to bed. Hugh and Dalian leave the school. Hugh apologizes for making Dalian wait. He had to work overtime. Dalian wonders how Hugh knew that Dalian was in the infirmary. It’s revealed that Kamilla posted a message for Hugh at the library’s door, revealing Dalian’s whereabouts. At the infirmary, Kamilla continues to read her detective novel. Surprisingly, Dalian wrote the criminal’s name in the bookmark, spoiling Kamilla’s experience with the novel.[17]

Dantalian’s Secret Cherry Blossom Viewing[]

Priscilla is sleeping during the lunch break. Dalian pulls her hair to wake her up. Dalian wants to read the continuation of Priscilla’s novel. However, the latter has no time to write. Margaret is worried about Priscilla. As class representative, Priscilla is working a lot to prepare the celebration of the school’s foundation. Margaret decides to change Priscilla’s mood. On Sunday, the girls go together to a cherry blossom viewing. Unfortunately, the place is crowded. Dalian furiously tells everyone to drink somewhere else. Priscilla has to hold her back. Cecil guides the other girls to her secret spot. After a long walk, they find a calm and beautiful place to stop. They start a picnic. Margaret, wishing to calm Priscilla’s heart, asks for Dalian’s help.

Dalian talks about the Nodate, a traditional outdoors tea ceremony. People drink tea and eat sweets while watching the flowers. Dalian describes the correct method to drink tea. One should turn the cup three times before drinking. The girls, failing to follow the instructions correctly, spin around three times. Cecil gets dizzy. She hugs Dalian, trying to keep her balance. Priscilla laughs. The latter seemed sick lately, according to Dalian. Priscilla watches as the other girls fall asleep. Priscilla is grateful to her friends. The next day, Priscilla seems rejuvenated. Priscilla baked a cake with cherry petals and leaves to share with her friends. For Dalian’s ears only, Priscilla reveals that she wrote about 100 pages of a new novel. Priscilla asks Dalian to read it.[18]

Dantalian’s First Errand!?[]

Dalian asks Hugh for money to buy a new novel. Hugh gives her a shopping list. Although Dalian refuses to do errands, Hugh thanks her for going out to buy groceries. Dalian buys the new novel first. She starts to read while walking. A woman tells her about swimwear for sale. The shopkeeper helps Dalian change. The latter is distracted with the novel. Cecil and Margaret see Dalian in swimsuit. Dalian finally realizes what’s happening. Cecil and Margaret invite Dalian to swim during the summer vacation. Dalian becomes interested when Cecil mentions the shops on the beach selling barbecue and shave ice. Cecil and Margaret decide to choose a swimsuit for Dalian. The latter tries different models. The shopkeeper asks which Dalian will buy. Dalian reads her shopping list, finally remembering the errand she was supposed to run.

The three girls go to the cafe where Priscilla works to rest and have some tea. They tell everything that happened to Priscilla. The latter wants to see Dalian in swimsuit. Margaret wants to learn how to swim before summer vacation. Dalian doesn’t like the idea of swimming while having the skin harmed by seawater and ultraviolet rays. Margaret realizes that Dalian also doesn’t know how to swim. Cecil offers to teach them. She suddenly runs out of the cafe, realizing that she’s wearing a swimsuit by mistake. She left her favorite panties back at the clothing store. Dalian thinks it’s unsafe to learn how to swim from Cecil. At night, Hugh notices that Dalian bought everything he asked. Hugh prepares the dinner. Meanwhile, Dalian practices holding her breath under the water at the bathtub.[19]

Dalian Breath

Dalian practices holding her breath.

Dantalian’s Run! Run! Play in the River![]

Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret are happy to wear the summer school uniform. They are surprised to see that Dalian changed her clothes, although she’s still wearing too much fabric. One hot day, after the exams, the girls seem exhausted and stressed. Dalian doesn’t want to study for the test while feeling hot and hungry. They decide to cool off in the river. Priscilla convinces Dalian of soaking her feet while studying. Dalian removes her heavy metallic boots and starts to read. Cecil throws water at Priscilla. Dalian’s book also gets wet. The girls play with water, fighting each other. Dalian furiously kicks the water to wet them. After all, Dalian can't study with such noise. They end up with wet clothes. At the end of the day, the girls walk together back home. They stop to see the pretty fireflies. Dalian sneezes. A few days later, Priscilla takes care of Dalian. The latter is in bed, sick with a cold. Dalian will take the retest.[20]

Dantalian’s Summer Vacation![]

The girls are excited to spend a day of their summer vacation in an amusement park. Dalian surprises everyone when she suggests them to buy a free pass. Cecil wants to ride a drop tower first. Dalian can’t ride it due to height restrictions, so Priscilla and Margaret stay with her outside. They watch as Cecil screams during the intense drop. Next, they go to a haunted mansion, although Margaret is easily scared. They walk holding each other’s hands. Cecil accidentally kicks a frightening mummy. The girls run out of the mansion while screaming in panic. The girls catch their breath outside. They realize that Margaret is no longer holding Dalian’s hand, but a stranger’s. He’s wearing a bunny costume.

Margaret worries about Dalian. The girls decide to look for Dalian. Dalian finds herself lost in the amusement park. She looks for the other girls. She wishes to drink something cold. Suddenly, the person in bunny costume shows up to offer her a drink. Dalian accepts the drink. The stranger holds Dalian by the hand. Dalian becomes scared, as if she’s about to be taken away. Priscilla and the others finally find Dalian. Margaret runs to hug Dalian, happy to see her again. The girls go together to a merry-go-round.[21]

Dantalian’s Final Stretch!? Homework Camp!![]

Margaret is desperate. She only has a couple of days to finish her summer vacation homework, and there’s still half left. She begs to have a peek at Dalian’s homework. Priscilla intervenes, looking frightening. Priscilla will help Margaret with her homework. Cecil looks relaxed. After all, she finished mostly of her homework. Cecil feels offended when the fact shocks Dalian. All that’s left for Cecil is the free subject. However, she doesn’t know what to do. Inspired by Dalian, she decides to write an essay about a book. Dalian lends her a series of books, but it’s a very long reading. Cecil wouldn’t have enough time. Cecil then has the idea to draw a picture. She’s confident about her painting skills. She paints Dalian doing her homework. Dalian hits Cecil with a book, furious with the horrible depiction. Next, Cecil makes a sculpture about Dalian. Again, Dalian is not happy with Cecil’s artistic view of her. Dalian throws a book at Cecil.

Cecil becomes frustrated. She tried different things to no avail. She doubts about her talent. Priscilla tells Cecil to give her best. Cecil must complete the homework tonight. Then, they will be free to go to the sea tomorrow. Cecil asks Priscilla to bake some pancakes as midnight snacks. Cecil also asks Dalian to swim with her in a swimsuit. Priscilla and Dalian agree with Cecil as a way to encourage her. The next day, Cecil wakes up after a night of sculpting. Fine Arts Teacher Pierre is surprised to see Cecil’s statue. It moves the teacher’s heart. Dalian and the others don’t understand the value of Cecil’s statue. Cecil, while listening to her teacher, shows a swimsuit to Dalian, as if to remind her about the promise [22]

Cecil Art

Cecil's art puzzles her friends.

Dantalian’s School Festival[]

With the start of the second semester, the students are busy for the event celebrating the 200th anniversary of the school. As part of the rehearsal, Dalian screams in anger while complaining about the dirt. The students admire Dalian for her acting. Although Dalian doesn’t like to be a minor character, she feels good swearing at another person on stage. Priscilla is happy to see Dalian get along with the other girls. Teacher Oliver Smith proposes a short break. Dalian notices Hugh behind the curtains, waiting for her. He’s wearing traveling clothes and holding a book. Priscilla tells her that they will continue the practice soon, but Dalian affirms that playtime is over. Dalian returns the notebook containing Priscilla’s novel. Dalian thanks Priscilla for the story. Dalian walks away, leaving a puzzled Priscilla behind. Priscilla tells Margaret and Cecil that Dalian left. Margaret asks who’s Dalian.[23]

Dantalian's Dalian Day's[]

The school festival starts without Dalian. Another student is playing her part, as if Dalian never existed. Only Priscilla seems to notice her absence. She feels miserable. After the festival, Priscilla, Cecil and Margaret meet in the schoolyard. The girls feel like they are forgetting something. Someone else should be with them. Priscilla remembers Dalian. Priscilla takes Cecil and Margaret to the classroom. Priscilla shows her novel to her friends. According to Priscilla, the main character of the novel is a little girl who is always reading books. The little girl is a bad-mouth who loves sweets and doesn’t know how to swim properly. She’s also a cute, dear friend.

Priscilla cries while writing about Dalian, in order to not forget about her. Cecil and Margaret notice that the character is identical to Dalian. Cecil asks Dalian's opinion about the way she was depicted. Priscilla sees Dalian reading a book nearby. Dalian affirms that the main character should be more intelligent and mature. Priscilla runs to hug her friend. Priscilla thought that Dalian would never come back. Priscilla wets Dalian’s clothes with her tears and runny nose. As punishment, Priscilla will treat Dalian at the cafeteria. The girls walk to the cafeteria together.[24]

Priscilla Cry

Priscilla is happy to see Dalian.

Dalian-chan's Bookshelf[]

Chapter 1[]

Hugh received an invoice of a heap of fried breads purchased by Dalian. She quickly devours the pastries. She saves the last one for later. After a few minutes, she approaches Hugh. She asks where the fried bread is. She shows her empty platter. Hugh affirms that he ate it. Dalian cries, now that her last pastry was gone.

In fact, Hugh is hiding the fried bread in his hat. He was planning to play with her, but he lost the timing. While using a wand, he takes the fried bread out of his hat. Dalian is shocked at first, believing that Hugh conjured a new fried bread. However, she notices that the fried bread has her own bite mark. She realizes that Hugh had taken her fried bread to fool her. She slaps him.

Kamilla visits them. Dalian proceeds to tell her what Hugh had done. Since the story is too long, Kamilla eats Dalian’s fried bread. The Biblioprincess shakes in sadness. In order to soothe Dalian, Kamilla decides to make a fried bread with Hugh. While they make the fried bread, Dalian decides to read. The cooking is troublesome and noisy. Dalian listens to Hugh and Kamilla and wonders if they are having fun.

Hugh seems anxious, but he serves the bread to Dalian. The bread doesn’t look appealing. Dalian blushes. She affirms that they failed to make a fried bread, but she admits that their dish is surprisingly good.[25]

Chapter 2[]

Tending the garden of the Disward estate is a great effort. Hugh asks for Dalian’s help, but next to him there’s only a doll as the Biblioprincess’ stand-in. Dalian eventually shows up. She’s not happy to see Rasiel and Flamberge. Dalian wants someone to leave. Flamberge and Rasiel stare at Hugh, as if telling him to go away. Hugh uses the opportunity to ask for the girls’ help to tend to the garden. Dalian refuses, but she quickly changes her mind when Hugh bribes her with fried breads. Flamberge also wants fried breads, but Dalian refuses to share. Dalian also won’t share with Rasiel, although the latter never asked.

Garden Dalianchan

Dalian helps with the garden.

Dalian is confident in her work. Even with her long sleeves, she manages to make a grass sculpture in the shape of a fried bread. After a while, Flamberge walks away with Hal. Hugh, Dalian and Rasiel wait for the Professor. Dalian affirms that he should return soon, but hours pass. Dalian blushes while offering a fried bread to Rasiel. After all, time goes slower while someone is bored. The Biblioprincesses seem embarrassed. Before Rasiel can answer to the offer, the Professor shows up. The couple walks away. Hugh still needs help with the garden. He tries to bribe Dalian with fried breads, but she refuses to cooperate.[26]

Chapter 3[]

Dalian wants to compete in an obstacle course. She needs to join as part of a pair, so Hugh is forced to help her. He finds odd that Dalian is interested in such a thing. She affirms that she runs once in a while. She also reveals that the prize is a year’s worth of fried breads. Hugh now understands why Dalian is so enthusiastic.

The day of the competition arrives. Dalian underestimates her opponents. She stops her trash talk when a huge, muscular man approaches. She changes into sportswear and starts to stretch. Flamberge and Hal approach Hugh and Dalian. Flamberge is confident that she will have an easy win. Her trash talk makes Dalian even more determined. The competition starts. The first part of the race is hurdling. Dalian believes that she will easily leap the barrier, but she fumbles through it. Next, they must run a tire obstacle course. While Dalian is having trouble, Hal easily overtakes her. He dashes through the course, pushing the tires away while holding Flamberge under his arm. Dalian is infuriated, but Hugh affirms that Hal is not going against the rules.

Hugh and Dalian run. Dalian is exhausted, but they are only halfway done. They see Rasiel and the Professor. The latter has a supply of energy drinks. Dalian is infuriated, but Hugh affirms that the Professor is not going against the rules. Next, Hugh and Dalian must climb a wall using a rope. Rasiel and the Professor are ahead in the race. Rasiel affirms that Dalian looks tiny from up there. In response, Dalian affirms that the pattern of Rasiel’s pants is visible. Rasiel screams in rage. Hal and Flamberge finally reach the wall. Dalian is satisfied. After all, Flamberge won’t be able to climb with her straitjacket. However, Hal simply launches Flamberge over the wall.

Hugh and Dalian reach the last part of the race. Now they must grab one of the pieces of paper on the floor and cross the finish line with the thing described on the paper. Dalian reads the paper and freezes. She's blushing. Dalian finally ignores her embarrassment and pulls Hugh by the hand. The couple wins the race. Dalian is happy. The fried bread tastes delicious after the victory. Hugh asks about the paper. Blushing, Dalian affirms that there are things in the world that he shouldn’t know. It’s revealed that the paper says “lolicon”. The next day, Dalian angrily approaches Hugh, asking about the fried breads. Hugh is shocked to learn that Dalian quickly ate one year’s worth of fried breads.[27]

Chapter 4[]

Hugh prepared the breakfast, but Dalian doesn’t want to leave the bed because she’s feeling cold. Hugh decides to leave to buy winter items. Dalian wants to go along, but Hugh affirms that he won’t buy any fried breads. Dalian puts on a large winter dress. She criticizes the passersby wearing light clothes. Dalian stares at a large teddy bear in the showcase of a shop. Hugh affirms that he won’t buy it.

Hugh and Dalian arrive at the store. The Professor welcomes them. Hugh and Dalian suspect that he’s doing something wrong. The Professor feels offended. He explains that he’s working on a part-time job. Soon after, he reveals that, in fact, he’s observing how easy people can be manipulated. Hugh and Dalian affirm that the Professor is only beautiful in the outside.

Dalian looks for something interesting. She finds a kotatsu, a heating appliance used in a certain country in the Orient. Dalian notices that Rasiel is sleeping under the kotatsu. The Professor carries Rasiel away and welcomes Hugh and Dalian to try the kotatsu. Hugh and Dalian enjoy the warmth. The Professor offers some mandarins to improve the experience. Hugh shows Dalian how to eat mandarins. She loves the fruit. However, Hugh tells her to not eat too much, otherwise her skin will turn yellow. He tells the story of a boy who ate lots of mandarins until his skin turned yellow. The boy kept eating mandarins until he turned into a banana. Hugh is surprised that the silly story he just made up scared Dalian so much.

Hugh and Dalian keep enjoying the kotatsu. They eventually leave the store with the item. Dalian stares at the large teddy bear in the showcase of a shop. Now there’s a discount for the teddy bear. Hugh decides to please Dalian. Back to the Disward estate, Hugh prepares the tea. Through the window, he sees falling snow. Hugh calls Dalian to see it, but he finds her sleeping under the kotatsu, hugging her new teddy bear.[28]

Chapter 5[]

Winter brings snow and cold. According to Hugh, it makes hard for Dalian to leave her bed. However, he’s surprised to see her awake. She seems sad. She’s being waiting for Santa Claus. He ensures Dalian that Santa will come. Hugh decides to distract Dalian. He affirms that they will have a party. Dalian becomes excited when Hugh mentions a cake. Rasiel and the Professor show up for the Christmas party.

Since Dalian and Rasiel lack skills, they are tasked to make paper rings. The Biblioprincesses criticizes each other’s work, although both did a terrible job. In order to stop the fight, Hugh tells them to decorate the tree. The girls argue once again. The tree is covered with decorations.

Flamberge and Hal arrive. Flamberge criticizes Dalian and Rasiel’s paper rings. Flamberge uses her feet to try it. She does an amazing job. The Christmas party starts. During the party, Hugh notices that Dalian is thoughtful. She’s thinking about Santa. The Professor distracts her by giving her a gift. The Professor made a mug for her. It has a teddy bear painted on it. Rasiel had chosen the decoration after seeing Dalian with a plushie. Dalian seems happy. She thanks the couple.[29]

Chapter 6[]

Hugh and Dalian return from a trip. According to Dalian, it was the last time they looked for a Phantom Book in that year. Now she wants to watch the end of the year. However, Hugh reveals that they’re already in January. They’ve received lots of New Year cards. Rasiel sent a letter, saying that she wants to meet again once Dalian is free. The Professor wrote that he wants to work with Hugh and Dalian again this year. The Professor affirms that he’s sick, so they should send gifts to his address. Hugh and Dalian don’t believe him.

Dalian is still in the spirit of New Year, so she wants to play. Hugh suggests a game of hanetsuki. Dalian immediately breaks a vase by hitting it with the shuttlecock, so they decide to play outside. They leave the Disward mansion, only to feel the intense cold. Dalian seems sleepy, but Hugh urges her not to fall asleep. They start to play hanetsuki, but Dalian can’t move, since she’s covered in snow. They try once again, but Hugh hits the shuttlecock too far. Hugh forgets the game and decides to make a snowman. Dalian also tries to shape the snow. Hugh praises her cute little bug, although she meant to make a fried bread.

Dalian wants to play inside. She suggests playing a comedy edition of the game of karuta. Hugh is the reader, while Dalian grabs the cards. However, Dalian quickly falls asleep. Hugh wakes her up in the morning. According to him, she became tired after searching for the Phantom Book. She even sleep talked. Embarrassed, Dalian tells him to forget about that. Hugh is glad to be with Dalian in this year. Blushing, Dalian expresses the same. She eats a fried bread and affirms that there’s nothing for Hugh.[30]

Best wishes

Hugh and Dalian are glad to be together one more year.

Chapter 7[]

It's Valentine’s Day, so Dalian is excited to make chocolates for Hugh. She tells him not to look until the chocolate is finished. Since she doesn’t trust him, she tells him to wait outside. Hugh protests, saying that it’s too cold outside. However, Dalian was prepared for that. She built an igloo outside. Dalian had invited Flamberge and Rasiel to make chocolates. They arrive with the ingredients. Dalian is unhappy because Flamberge bought chocolates from a store. Flamberge affirms that those chocolates are enough to convey her feelings for Hal.

Dalian is ready to start. Rasiel is surprised to see Dalian making chocolate. Rasiel is shocked to see that Dalian uses miso as ingredient. The chocolate Dalian makes seems awful. Obviously, she doesn’t know the recipe. Rasiel wrote it down for her. Rasiel and Dalian work on the chocolates. Dalian makes strange noises while preparing hers. Dalian asks Flamberge to taste. The latter immediately collapses.

Rasiel decides to help Dalian. Rasiel bosses Dalian around. While Rasiel is looking away, Dalian changes the recipe. Minutes later, Dalian is done. Rasiel notices that Dalian’s chocolate has an unusual color. Dalian calls Hugh. The Professor is excited to taste Rasiel’s chocolate. The Professor tastes Rasiel’s chocolate cake. He immediately collapses. Dalian reveals that she changed Rasiel’s recipe.

Dalian happily offers the chocolates to Hugh. He notices how she’s all dirty, so he’s glad for all her work. He tastes the chocolate. Hugh throws up, struggling to enter the bathroom. Dalian explains that she added a lot of hidden flavors to complement Rasiel’s recipe.[31]

Rasiel chocolate

Rasiel decides to help Dalian.

Chapter 8[]

Chapter 8 Dalianchan

Dalian is expecting a White Day gift from Hugh.

It’s White Day, so now Hugh has to give something to Dalian as retribution for the chocolates she made for Valentine’s Day. He can feel her behind him, expecting her gift. She happily imagines a heap of fried breads, or a pile of books. However, Hugh imagines that Dalian won’t be satisfied with fried breads or books. He decides to go shopping. Dalian stares at him with shiny eyes. Hugh feels pressured. Hugh reflects about Dalian’s gift, but he can only think about fried breads and books. He eventually thinks about something with the help of Kamilla.

Hugh returns to the Disward estate. Dalian is excited for her gift. Hugh gives her a knee blanket. Hugh suggests using it while she reads. Dalian finds difficult to react. Surprisingly, Hugh has a second gift. He gives her a fried bread. It’s one-of-a-kind, since he made with his own hands. It was difficult to made. Kamilla had to taste a few bad fried breads. Dalian affirms that it tastes burnt. However, under her breath, she admits that it’s delicious. Later, Dalian uses her knee blanket during tea. She likes how the item protects her clothes from the crumbs.[32]

Chapter 9[]

It’s three o’ clock in the afternoon and Dalian is still waiting for a snack. She looks for Hugh but finds only a little boy in oversized clothing. He introduces himself as Hugh Anthony Disward. Dalian realizes that Hugh read the Memories of That Day, a Phantom Book which turns the reader into a child. She was careless for forgetting the book laying around. She tells the boy to call her Dalian. Now that Hugh is a boy, she seems older than him, so she wants respect. She feels weird when the boy calls her Miss Dalian.

Dalian notices that Hugh’s clothes are oversized, so she tells him to change. Dalian offers him some clothes that Kamilla brought to her the other day. Although he’s embarrassed, Hugh has no choice but to wear girls’ clothing. Dalian orders him to buy some fried breads. Hugh doesn’t want to leave the house dressed as a girl. He offers to cook for Dalian, but she refuses to eat eggs, the only thing he can cook.

Hugh eventually returns. He throws the fried bread on Dalian’s head. Hugh is embarrassed for leaving the Disward estate wearing girls' clothing. All the crying annoys Dalian. She wants Hugh back to his normal self. She tells him to read the Memories of That Day. She watches as he reads. They fall asleep. The next day, Hugh wakes up. He’s back to normal. Dalian also wakes up, satisfied. She prefers Hugh as a calm man rather than as a noisy child.[33]

Hugh wakes up

Hugh is back to his normal self.

Chapter 10[]

Dalian read a book about how to experience the beach for the first time, so now she’s excited to try it. She wants to go to the beach with Hugh. However, he affirms that there’s no beach nearby. Dalian, showing to be prepared, reveals the Go in an Instant. Hugh uses the Phantom Book. Hugh and Dalian suddenly appear in a beach. Hugh enjoys the sea and the breeze, but Dalian seems uncomfortable. She’s sweating due to her heavy clothes. Hugh packed some items for Dalian. He tells her to change. Dalian is sad because he packed only one fried bread.

Dalian realizes that there’s no changing room around. Hugh covers her body with a blanket so that she can change out of sight. She feels like he’s treating her like a child, so she hits him. After a while, Dalian finally shows up in a summer dress. Now that Dalian is changed, Hugh invites her to the sea. However, Dalian refuses to enter the water. After all, the sea might rust the lock on her chest. Hugh tells her that the sea breeze will rust the lock nonetheless, so she shouldn’t worry. Offended, Dalian throws an octopus at Hugh.

Dalian decides to stroll along the beach. Rasiel is sleeping under the sand. Dalian steps on her, first by accident, then on purpose. Rasiel screams at her. Rasiel explains that she came to the beach with the Professor. He’s relaxing on a swim ring. Dalian notices that he’s surrounded by sharks.

Rasiel wants revenge, since Dalian stepped on her. Rasiel can’t think of a way to repay Dalian’s offense. Dalian suggests a game. If Rasiel wins, Dalian will kneel before her. If Dalian wins, Rasiel has to spin in place three times and say “woof”, mimicking a cute dog. Rasiel hates the idea, but she accepts the challenge. Dalian explains the rules. They see a hat in the distance. The winner will be the one who takes the hat first. They are ready to start the race. Suddenly, Rasiel mentions a fried bread in the distance. She runs ahead, exploring Dalian’s distraction. Rasiel almost touches the hat, but Hugh takes it first, mistaking it for his hat.

Since Hugh is on Dalian’s side, she declares that the victory is hers. Rasiel protests, but she keeps her word. Blushing, she spins in place three times and says “woof”. Dalian laughs at her. Later, Dalian reads a book about how to experience the mountains for the first time. She’s excited to travel with Hugh once again.[34]

Chapter 11[]

Chapter 11 Dalianchan

Dalian becomes a fairy.

Hugh believes that he’s still dreaming, since he notices that Dalian turned into a fairy. Dalian reveals that he’s not dreaming. She had already become a fairy when she woke up. Hugh finds himself leaning against a tree, rather than at the Disward estate. Dalian explains that Hugh accidentally used the power of a Phantom Book while sleeping. Hugh had activated the Book of Adventure, so now they are trapped inside a RPG world. They must defeat the Devil to return home. Hugh is confident that he can use a Phantom Book to defeat the enemy, but Dalian reveals that they can’t summon Phantom Books in that world.

Dalian decides to go to the nearest town. Hugh is hungry, so she gives him a dangerous looking plant. She affirms that it’s a medicinal herb, but Hugh refuses to eat it. At the town, they decide to prepare their equipment before confronting the Devil. Suddenly, they see Hal dragging Flamberge. Hugh and Dalian pretend that they didn’t see someone familiar, but Flamberge notices their presence.

Hugh and Dalian visit an equipment store. Hugh looks like a clown with the costume he chose. Flamberge explains that Hugh and Dalian are unable to buy equipment without money. Hal and Flamberge were able to get money by looking into people’s chests and pots. Dalian is furious with Flamberge’s absurd talk, so she urges Hugh to find the Devil. The couple is decided to find the enemy first.[35]

Image (1)

Hugh and Dalian head to the Devil's castle.

Final Chapter[]

Hugh and Dalian overcome many difficulties, but they finally reach the Devil’s castle. Hugh is not confident, since he doesn’t have weapons, but Dalian affirms that he still has hands and feet. They follow the signs pointing to the Devil’s castle and finally reach a little house which looks more like a mushroom. It’s revealed that the Devil is in fact Rasiel. Dalian wonders what she’s doing. Rasiel screams at her, demanding respect.

Rasiel says that her aide is enough to deal with Hugh and Dalian. She calls her aide, who is revealed to be the Professor. Dalian tells Hugh to defeat him. However, the Professor is a level 99 character, and he will be using his concoctions to battle. Hugh, a level 1 character, is not confident. Dalian reveals that she picked up weapons and shields on the way to the castle. Hugh is discouraged after seeing the low-level equipment Dalian gathered.

The Professor is ready to defeat Hugh. Suddenly, Flamberge and Hal show up as high-level characters. They beat the Professor. Hugh is ready to defeat Rasiel with his low-level equipment, but she reveals that the challenge is not a simple fight. After some thought, Rasiel explains that the challenge is a rock paper scissors game. Rasiel reveals that she never lost against the Professor, but Dalian is sure that the Professor lets her win. Rasiel and Dalian play their hands. Hugh can’t see their game, since their hands are covered by their oversized sleeves. Nonetheless, it’s revealed that Dalian is the winner. Hugh expresses that he always knew that Dalian could win. Dalian seems surprised. Hugh and Dalian return to their world.

Hugh wakes up. He affirms that he had a strange dream, but that he doesn’t remember anything. Dalian sees Hugh as a carefree man. She affirms that she was happy with what Hugh told her. Hugh doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Dalian says that he’s noisy.[36]

Dalianchan Final

Dalian is happy with Hugh's words.


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