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Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Dariane (manga-only)


Black Biblioprincess (黒読姫 Kuro Yomihime)

Biblioprincess (読姫 Yomihime)

Heaven in the Pot (壺中天 Tsubo hūten)

Pipsqueak (チビすけ Chibisuke)


Chapter 1 (light novel 1);
Chapter 1 (manga);
Episode 1


Hugh Anthony Disward
Wesley Disward (past)
Rudolf II (past)
Joan of Arc (past, anime-only)

Voice actor

沢城 みゆき
Miyuki Sawashiro



"There are things in the world that shouldn’t be known."

"The Phantom Book itself chooses the owner."

"If a Phantom Book falls into the hands of an unworthy person, he will instantly fall under the influence of its magical power."

"No. I am heaven... heaven in the pot."

"I came to hand over a book. An ancient Phantom Book entrusted to me by your ancestors."

"According to an ancient contract, I came to lend you a book. A Phantom Book, sealed by your distant ancestor… The Pedigree of All Creations."

"Huey, do you know what a blue rose means in the language of flowers? Unrealizable desire… or a miracle."

"Huey. I grant you the right to open the gate"

"The Phantom Book has chosen you as its owner! If you gain the knowledge contained in it, you can regain the body of an ordinary person…"

"The Book of Wisdom bestows ideal wisdom on the reader. If he wishes, he will rule over people or destroy the world."

"Who are you? What do you want here, human?"

"Today is the full moon. If Conrad stole that book, he will soon see what he shouldn't."

"If a Phantom Book is owned by someone who can read it correctly, it will grant him an immeasurable blessing. But if it falls into the hands of the unworthy, the book will cross the edge of the world and violate logic and laws of cause and effect."

"The magic of a Phantom Book, like many other forms of magic, depends on the phase of the moon."

"Get the key… human."

"I do not wish that, but there is no other way out. So, if you deserve to be the keeper of the key, carefully read the text of the contract."

"The young man involuntarily clutched the key on his chest. A golden key with a stone red like the blood of a young maiden."

"The book and the person who needs its strength are attracted to each other. In the hands of its rightful reader, the Phantom Book will fulfill what it is intended for."

"A valuable atlas that, at the behest of the owner, creates an illusory landscape and confuses the people who step in it. A legendary Phantom Book bestowed upon humanity by an Eastern goddess in time immemorial."

"Buddha Tathātā: a lost apocryphal of early Buddhism from Western Asia, which reflects all evil and erases mirages."

"There is no Phantom Book called The Queen of the Night. And with non-existent books, I can't help you."

"The Book of Equivalence is a guide for acquiring the wealth you desire."

"A person who has been read the lines from the Phantom Book must exchange the owner's thing for his own, which has the same value. This is the law of the Book of Equivalence."

"The owner of the Phantom Book is able to get hold of any property through successive exchanges of his possessions."

"The value of a thing is determined by the human value system. There are as many systems as there are people in the world. For example, no matter how significant a book is, for someone who is unable to comprehend its content, it will be equivalent to a pile of waste paper."

"Only knowledge is recorded in the Phantom Books. Without a person who reads and understands them, no magical power will materialize."

"Book of Styx, the goddess of the underworld, written by the immortal sage Charon… Not even a thousand spears can pierce this barrier."

"The Phantom Book Ras Alhague, which records the ritual of resurrection of the dead… A forbidden book, which should not exist in this world. Considered the work of Asclepius, the famous mythical healer…"

"According to the agreement with Hades, the resurrection by the power of Ras Alhague requires a payment: someone's life…"

"Raising the dead is a curse. Resurrection with the help of the Ras Alhague is not ideal… The flesh of the reborn corpse cannot withstand even a day, rotting and dying again…"

"Do you really want to know the end of that book?"

"Memory is closely related to a person's personality. Erasing a part of it is equivalent to a change in character."

"The reader, immersed in the magical power of a Phantom Book and crossing the line, will surely meet his end."

"This book is written on a paper made from the reeds that grow along the river of oblivion in the world of the dead. A Phantom Book that collects feelings and memories valuable for the reader and stores them for him."

"Over time, any sadness and anger should be forgotten. But you tried to erase them by force with the help of a Phantom Book, and now you have revived a living memory of those days…"

"I'll be back. On the night of the next full moon."

"Men are creatures who indulge women's whims for a thousand years, but stubbornly do not want to grow wiser."

"Fools who lose their heads from love and buy up books for any price become easy victims of scammers."

"He is the one who knows forbidden knowledge. The one who creates magic himself, without resorting to Phantom Books… A real magician."

"The Phantom Books have chosen you."

"A woman's heart is as incomprehensible as a Phantom Book"

"I know a book that will fulfill your desire."

"In the end, others judge us by our appearance. And those who care only about the opinion of others will not be happy no matter what."

"I've heard rumors about the existence of a Phantom Book called Book of Atonement. It takes the soul out of the reader and turns him into a zombie. A punishment mechanism that works based on arcane pagan magic."

"No. He's not my friend. This is an extremely unpleasant creature that only knows how to burn books. A fool with the brains of a small insect who flies into a fire."

"Book of the Silver Well, left by the ancient healer Dian Cecht… It is believed that it contains a spell that creates a healing stream that can heal any wounds."

"Such is the power of Diffring's Phantom Book. The Book of Gap flattens everyone who touches it. Like a dried flower between the pages."

"It cannot be repaired… Once broken, a life cannot be recovered."

"A love relationship can be described as two trees standing side by side, whose branches are intertwined, and the trunks have grown together. The Book of Relationship is a Phantom Book that consists of two parts: male and female. It is believed to connect the owners."

"The scripture of the Gandharva, one of the Hindu gods, the god of smells. It contains the secret knowledge of a deity who feeds on aromas and is even able to control his own scent."

"Smells and memory go hand in hand. The residents of the capital may forget Fiona, but the next moment of happiness will surely remind them of this fragrance."

"This is a Phantom Book that allows you to board any trains of the past, present and future."

"Only knowledge is recorded in the Phantom Books… No matter how terrible they are, without a reader, these are just words on paper."

"An ordinary ship's logbook can turn into a Phantom Book only under one condition: if it’s written by someone who has knowledge that should not exist in this world."

"He is both a reader and the Phantom Book itself. He controls the ship using the forbidden knowledge he heard from the first captain."

"This is the Phantom Book Fata Morgana, found among the ruins of a settlement in ancient Gaul. It contains the secret poem of the Druids. It creates illusions on the surface of the water and confuses sailors."

"Do you remember, Wesley Clade? Remembered them – the fear of old age, disease and death?"

"It's called Book of the Flatterer. It contains only irresponsible sweet talk and flattery, such that every reader will succumb to it… This is an evil book. At one time it was written to corrupt one king, praising his mistakes and vices, and subsequently destroying the country."

"This is the Book of Humanization, a Phantom Book for evil spirits, which describes the process of transformation of underwater creatures into a human beings."

"The Book of Humanization of this little creature did not exist in a single copy. Dozens, if not hundreds of copies of it circulate around the world."

"This is the Pioneer Book. It cannot be sealed during the day. It is necessary to perform a disenchantment ritual after sunset and only then return to the library, otherwise it will get out of control."

"Collection of Visions… It also has a second title: “Poems of the Distant View”. It is believed that they were written by a wandering poet on the verge of death, wishing to see his distant homeland for the last time… As the name says, this Phantom Book displays distant places, but only those that the reader knows the way to."

"The Book of the Ritual of the Migratory Locusts completely drains the weeds in the fields. And the Atargatis Scripture calls on a handful of drinking water."

"“The Atargatis Scripture is a Phantom Book with a noble story. With its help, in ancient times, the eastern priestess saved the desert people. This book invokes clean water wherever the eye can reach. I will not exaggerate if I call it the embodiment of a divine miracle!"

"To read a Phantom Book, understand the knowledge contained in it and fully invoke its magic, only a select reader is able to. Even I, a Biblioprincess, am no exception to the rule."

"The key-keeper is the one whom the books love. They help him, so he is able to show strength, yielding very little to a true reader."

"We used the Hymn of Hel, a mythical verse from the lost Edda, and invoked the power of the ruler of the world of the dead, where eternal cold reigns."

"It's just a Dead Book. A fragment of a heretical bibliomaniac, who brought her love of books to the point of absurdity and wished to become a book herself forever. A living book that has preserved human consciousness… and imitates a person."

"Turning yourself into a book is too much. Probably, this bibliomaniac was carried away by forbidden knowledge, which should not exist in this world, and she herself became a rational Phantom Book."

"The Book of Royal Power does not exist in a single copy. People have found these stone tablets for a long time, but no one has yet deciphered the text on them… I don't know much. First, it is one of the oldest Phantom Books on the planet. Secondly, it is made from a very rare mineral that can only be found in the central regions of Africa. Thirdly, it gives the reader a truly royal grandeur. The others simply cannot resist his orders."

"The Vignette of Eternal Twilight has a performance threshold. It reproduces the real world, but it cannot pass the entire volume of information through itself, so it makes some assumptions: it stops time, cuts down the number of books, lets in a small group of people, and even then once a year."

"Ras Alhague. A Phantom Book written in the mythological age by the great healer Asclepius, infused with the power to bring the dead back to life."

"Wes was my friend. He was such… a kind person. It’s a shame he passed away."

"If you indeed possess the qualifications to be a key-keeper, then the forbidden door to the library will surely open for you."

"As guardian of the Dantalian's Bookshelf, and the Biblioprincess, I shall never mistake the trace of a Phantom Book."

"Since long ago, no one has found the right words to say to… parents who lost their child."

"Wes used to say… life is like a game you can play only once."

"Those who can’t foresee, can challenge possibilities that could fail… but the intelligent rather act cowardly because they shy at challenges when they are more likely to fail than succeed."

"I, the Biblioprincess, am definitely not mistaken. On this ghost train, there is definitely a Phantom Book."

"A zombie is a human with his or her cognition or emotions inhibited by drugs or anesthetics, and used as a slave until death… as a form of punishment."

"The magical potency of a Phantom Book is independent of its physical form. If the mechanism by which it activates is within the order of words on it, its form or method of display does not matter."

"Promise me one thing. That you’ll certainly return."

"You have to keep on searching for Phantom Books with me, drinking tea, and eating fried bread!"

"You're a million years too early to deceive me."

"If you don't do anything, it will take a long time. If you eat a fried bread, he will come back soon."

"This is a Phantom Book that turns you into a child when you read it!"


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