Dallaglio’s father
Dallaglio's past
A young Dallaglio watching his father (right).

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Chapter 2 (light novel 4);
Episode 10

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Dallaglio’s father was a craftsman, a maker of musical instruments and automata. He is mentioned in the Phantom Score story.


According to Dallaglio, his father was an unsuccessful craftsman who died amidst misfortune. Musicians criticized the automata he produced. Dallaglio grew wishing to honor his memory by developing a sophisticated machine capable of playing the Phantom Scores and touching the people’s heart.[1]


In the anime, it’s shown that Dallaglio’s father was depressed for failing as a maker of musical automata. It seems that the business meant a lot to him.[2] The relationship with his son is not developed in the series.


Dallaglio has the same messy hair of his father. The craftsman is depicted wearing a white shirt.[2]


Dallaglio mentions his father after being shot by Kendrick’s henchman. During his last moments, while crawling across the floor to cut the ropes restraining Hugh, he talks about his dream of honoring the memory of his father, who died in failure as a maker of musical automata. In order to do this, Dallaglio had used Kendrick’s money to develop Christabel, the only violinist capable of playing the Phantom Scores.[1]


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