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Dallaglio Hayward
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Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Darario Heiwādo


Messy Bed Hair (ヘナチョコ寝癖 Henachoko Neguse)


Chapter 2 (light novel 4);
Episode 10

Voice actor

Shinji Kawada



Dallaglio Hayward was a machine craftsman, maker of musical automata, who created Christabel Sistine so she can play his Phantom Scores. He is present in the Phantom Score story.


Dallaglio’s father also produced musical automata. However, musicians laughed at his creations, so he died in failure. When Dallaglio laid his hands on Guglielmo Baldini’s surviving compositions, he became motivated to honor his father by developing a machine capable of playing the Phantom Scores. He needed an automaton with human-like appearance and emotions. The project was funded by Kendrick, who also hired assistants for Dallaglio.

The partnership with the manager was supposed to last until the Sistine Hall was finished. Dallaglio taught and adjusted Christabel from a baby-like state. Eventually, he started to believe that she had her own will. From that moment, he ignored his original goal and wished solely for her happiness. Dallaglio also created the pianist automaton, the only capable of accompanying Christabel. Dallaglio knew Wesley Disward.[1]


As seen in the anime, it hurt him seeing his father having problems as a maker of musical automata.[2] Dallaglio holds him in high esteem, working to honor his memory. Christabel and the pianist doll shows that he’s very talented as a craftsman and musician. He’s a good man who wishes for Christabel’s happiness and doesn’t accept Kendrick’s plan of using her to control the audience.[1]


Dallaglio looks to be in his late twenties, with a childish face and bed hair. He’s a thin man who uses glasses and craftsman clothes, besides carrying a bag, hanging next to his waist, containing the tools required for repairs and adjustments.[1] His anime version has blue eyes, freckles on his nose and messy, short brown hair. In the adaptation, Dallaglio wears a gray three-piece suit, a flat cap and a blue neckerchief.[2]


Christabel Dallaglio

Dallaglio plays the piano.

Dallaglio had picked white flowers to Christabel. He plays piano while she’s in bed. When she wakes up, he affirms that he would take her to the park so he can show her happy and beautiful things. Most important, he wishes for her happiness.

Hugh's violin

Dallaglio fixes Hugh's violin.

In the park, he makes his way among the bushes to find Christabel, out of breath. She was talking to Hugh, requesting his violin. Dallaglio apologizes for her attitude. He also asks for the instrument and uses his tools to quickly fix it. They watch Christabel playing the violin. The craftsman becomes nervous when a crowd forms to listen to her performance, especially when people recognize the famous musician. After asking to borrow the instrument, Dallaglio drags Christabel away.

Suspicious Dallaglio

Hugh and Dalian find Dallaglio acting suspicious.

Days later, Hugh and Dalian find him acting suspicious. They follow him to the basement of the Sistine Hall, where people are gathering to see the inauguration ceremony. The pianist automaton created by Dallaglio is stored in this underground room. Christabel plays for Hugh and Dalian after they are attacked and restrained by one of Kendrick’s men. Dallaglio appears, attracted by the melody. Before releasing Hugh and Dalian, he asks them to escape with Christabel. However, they are interrupted by Kendrick and his henchman.

Dallaglio protecting

Dallaglio tries to protect Christabel.

It’s revealed that the manager will use Christabel, an automaton developed by Dallaglio, to play the Utopia and control the audience. Dallaglio tries to protect her, affirming that she has her own will. He threatens to publish her blueprints if Christabel is forced to make people suffer. He’s shot in the chest by Kendrick’s man. The manager affirms that he will use Dallaglio’s assistants to tune her from now on. Christabel doesn’t understand what’s happening, so Dalian explains that Dallaglio is dying.

Wounded Dallaglio

Dallaglio is shot.

When Christabel is about to perform in the stage above, Dallaglio drags himself across the floor to release Hugh with a small knife. He shares what motivated him to create Christabel and how he wishes for her happiness. He was always besides her, working on her development in order to honor his father. Dallaglio wanted to create a machine able to play the Phantom Scores. Dallaglio dies in Hugh’s arms after cutting the ropes. The next week, Dalian suggests that Dallaglio modified Christabel’s mechanisms to make her play Twilight and make the Sistine Hall collapse. Alternatively, Christabel may have acted of her own will to express her sadness over Dallaglio’s death.[1]


  • Giuseppe Dall'Aglio was an Italian violin maker in the early 19th century who worked in Mantua, a cultural center which attracted several musical talents. The value of his instruments was estimated between $30,000 and $50,000 each in 2013.[3]
  • Shinji Kawada voiced violin players in the animes Heaven's Lost Property and Nodame Cantabile.[4][5]
  • In the anime, Dallaglio uses a specialized tool to adjust Hugh's violin[2] by moving the sound post, a critical component which influence sound quality and loudness. The process requires experience, sensitive touch and knowledge about music and the structure of the instrument.[6]
  • According to composer Yo Tsuji, the music Dallaglio plays in the adaptation is technically simple on purpose, since the character isn't a professional pianist.[7]


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