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The first page of Dan-sho Yokoma Manga.

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October 26, 2010



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There's extra content on the last pages of the The Mystic Archives of Dantalian manga volumes.

The author Chako Abeno uses these pages to direct some words to the readers.


Volume 1[]

In Volume 1, the section is called Dan-sho Yonkoma Manga (ダン害四コマまんが). It shows Dalian revealing different facial expressions while reading a book. Hugh is seen in the background, sipping a hot drink, unfazed.

The author thanks the readers and affirms to have enjoyed drawing Hugh and Dalian.[1]

Volume 2[]

In Volume 2, the section is called Teacher Dalian’s Dan-sho World Journey (ダリァン先生のダン書世界紀行 Darian Sensei no Dan-sho Sekai Kikō). It shows Dalian as a teacher, describing the setting of the series. She talks about 20th century London, when cars and horses coexisted, and right after the Great War, when military science and technology was put into practical use. Lamps and science made London brighter, criminals such as Jack the Ripper went into hiding, but people still had many fears and superstitions. Phantom Books resonate with such darkness inside people’s minds and hearts.

The author thanks the readers and Gakuto Mikumo, author of the light novel, and Naruto Taisuke, editor of The Sneaker magazine, for making the adaptation possible.[2]

Volume 3[]

In Volume 3, the section is called Teacher Dalian’s Dan-sho World Journey once again. Dalian talks about the British aristocratic system and Hugh’s Viscount title. She compares the British and Japan aristocracy ranks. In Japan, titles are given to those who govern a territory. Since Hugh rules nothing, Dalian challenges his title. Because of that, Hugh feels bad for not being considered an aristocrat.

The author thanks the readers. The next volume was supposed to talk about privileges and obligations of aristocrats. However, no extra content was published for volume 4.[3]

Dan-sho volume 3

Teacher Dalian and a depressed Hugh.

Volume 5[]

In the last volume of the manga, the author says goodbye to the readers. She thanks the author of the original, Gakuto Mikumo, and the editorial department of The Sneaker magazine for kindly acknowledging the ending of the adaptation. Since the manga was discontinued, she regrets her lack of skills.[4]



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