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Before editing and helping out the Wiki, it would be wise to check some articles to learn the standards the Wiki has come accustomed to. If there are any questions or suggestions regarding the standards, please visit the Watercooler.

Western naming order convention: since the series has an English setting, Western naming convention must be used (unless there are Eastern characters in the story, in which case Eastern naming convention is preferred).

When possible, try to separate light novel information and events from their manga and anime versions when appropriate. Some info and events can overlap and be used to add canon, but others will conflict, overlook, or present a different variation to the original.

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Recent blog posts

THRebbon THRebbon 31 December 2020


GAINAX definitely studied a lot to develop the setting of the anime. The production has many references to novels, people, brands, locations, etc that I manage to identify. While watching the episodes, I suspect that there are many more references h…

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THRebbon THRebbon 16 November 2020

About me

I've studied Mechanical Engineering for seven years and, after getting my diploma, I started looking for a job. I've worked before, I take my studies seriously. So now that I was spending more time at home, I felt bored and useless. I needed to feel…

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Bashiek Bashiek 11 February 2015

Soundtrack request

Hello. Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack played in ep. 10 around 18.00 (time text). If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

I've created an article about the anime OST. Have a look. Sorry, I know that I'm late. THRebbon (talk) 2…

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The Mystic Archives of Dantalian[edit | edit source]

  • Light Novels - 8 volumes.
  • Manga - 5 volumes.
  • Anime - 12 episodes + OVA.
  • Dalian Days - 2 volumes.
  • Dalian-chan's Bookshelf - 1 volume.

Random Quote

"A long time ago I opened this library and released disasters into the world: epidemics, lust, suffering, delusions, wars, murders, destruction, death… like Pandora, the maiden of myths… That’s why I’m here. I guard the sleep of Phantom Books so that they never fall into the hands of unworthy readers again. This is my payback. And the library is my cell."

- The Girl in the Bookshelf

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