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Black-and-white (白黒 Shirokuro)

Black-and-white Apron (白黒エプロン Shirokuro Epuron)


Chapter 2 (light novel 3)

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Davi’s maid works for Davi Hillenbrand in his mansion. She gave information about Davi and his wife to Hugh and Dalian. She is present in the Book of Oblivion story.


The maid started to work at Davi’s mansion less than a year before the main events of Book of Oblivion, replacing a former servant. She sees Davi and Yolanda as a happy couple. However, the maid heard rumors saying that they used to fight all the time. Their discussions would be heard throughout the mansion. There’s also a rumor about Davi carrying the corpse of a woman around the property. Davi and Yolanda started to get along with each other after the lord obtained a book from a bibliomaniac in his family.[1]


She listens to Hugh and Dalian’s conversation and panics when she’s spotted. The maid hesitates when Dalian questions her about Davi and Yolanda. However, she shows a mischievous smile and opens herself when Hugh gives her some coins.[1]


The young maid wears a black-and-white apron.[1]


Dalian and Hugh are in the dining room, discussing about Davi and Yolanda, and how the lord may have used a Phantom Book to control his wife and force her into marriage. Dalian gags while eating desserts and painting Davi as a criminal. They hear a laugh behind Dalian. A maid holding a silver tray was listening to their conversation. She immediately stops her laughter and approaches the table, slightly panicked. She tries to replace Dalian’s drink and leave, but the Biblioprincess tells her to stop.

The maid reveals that she’s been working in the mansion for less than a year. She shows to be reluctant in saying more. Hugh affirms that he wouldn’t tell Davi about their conversation. The young man gives her some coins to make her open herself. A mischievous smile appears on the maid’s face. According to the maid, Davi and Yolanda are a happy couple, totally different from what the rumors said. The maid heard that Davi and Yolanda used to fight a lot. Screams and violence were heard from inside their bedroom. It’s also said that Davi was seen carrying the corpse of a woman around the mansion one night. The maid heard those rumors from someone who worked in the mansion before.

The maid finds strange how Yolanda can accept Davi as a husband. He’s a failed businessman, covered in debt, who lives in a mansion thanks to the wealth of his wife’s family. Davi gambles and drinks in the daytime. Rumors say that Yolanda became gentle with her husband when he came back with a certain book. That happened just before the maid was hired. Davi obtained the book from a relative known as a terrible bibliomaniac. Hugh and Dalian freeze in shock with all that information.[1]




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