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Davi Hillenbrand
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Davi Hirenburando


Middle-aged Beard (髭中年 Hige Chūnen)

Uncle (叔父上 Oji-jō)


Chapter 2 (light novel 3)

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Davi Hillenbrand is Hugh’s uncle and younger brother to Hugh’s late mother. Davi used the Book of Oblivion to control his wife Yolanda’s violent behavior. He is present in the Book of Oblivion story.


Davi met Hugh six years before the events of Book of Oblivion, during the funeral of Hugh’s mother. Around two years later, Davi married Yolanda. Hugh wasn’t invited for the ceremony, since it was an urgent event because of the ongoing Great War. Davi never been on the battlefield, but he heard rumors about his nephew Hugh serving as a flying ace.

At first, Yolanda was kind and obedient. However, after Davi cheated on her with another woman, Yolanda became fearsome and violent. The servants couldn't help but to listen to the couple’s fights. Davi kept a secret room with his lover’s belongings, including antique shelves and a wardrobe with jewelry boxes, letters and dresses. There’s a life-size realistic nude portrait of Davi’s mistress hanging on the wall. The refurbished bedroom has a sweet fragrance of fruits, like a woman’s perfume. Yolanda tried to get rid of the portrait, but Davi returned it to his mansion one night. The event resulted in a rumor among Davi’s servants saying that he once was seen carrying the corpse of a woman around the property.

According to Davi, after hearing about the Book of Oblivion from Wesley, he borrowed the Phantom Book. Dalian, however, is certain that Davi took it without permission. Yolanda hit him in the face with the Phantom Book, leaving a square-shaped wound on his cheek, under his lush beard. About one year before the events of Book of Oblivion, Davi used the Phantom Book to seal the memories Yolanda had about his affair, this way recovering his wife’s gentle behavior. He locked the Phantom Book with Yolanda’s memories inside his secret room. He left the key hanging on the wall of his study and told Yolanda to never use it.

Davi is a local lord from the northwest with many connections. He isn’t from a high social position, although he’s from an influential family. He runs several farms and has a house on the outskirts of the royal city. According to a maid, Davi is a failed businessman covered in debt who can only live in a mansion because he uses the fortune of his wife’s family. His sumptuous living room looks like an old cathedral, with arched beams supporting the ceiling. There are luxurious leather sofas, thick carpets and a magnificent embossed door. Davi’s chef serves a gorgeous dinner, rich in desserts such as puddings, baked goods and fruits dipped in sweet syrup. Davi’s study is bleak, reflecting his character. His desk is dusty, his diary and bookshelves empty. Shelves are cluttered with worthless vases and sculptures.

As a child, Davi used to be bullied by his older sister, Hugh’s mother. Davi affirms that he used to be involved in drunk fights in banquet halls and taverns around town when he was Hugh's age.[1]


Afraid of his wife Yolanda, Davi sobs, screams and shakes like a scared child. He ultimately uses a Phantom Book to control her, turning her into a gentle wife. He seems an intimidating and boastful man with a big attitude, but he also has a shy and resigned side. He easily annoys Hugh and Dalian with his chit-chat. A conversation with Davi is a test of endurance. However, Hugh knows he’s all talk. Davi was often bullied into crying by his sister. According to Davi, when he was Hugh’s age, he used to drunkenly fight people at banquet halls and taverns. A maid affirms that he drinks even at daytime, besides being involved with gambling.

The prideful husband glances at Yolanda and touches her in a lustful way, making Hugh and Dalian uncomfortable. Yolanda, having lost her father early in her life, sees Davi as the masculine figure she missed during childhood. Nonetheless, Davi cheats on her with another woman. Before the Book of Oblivion was used, the servants could hear the intimidating couple fighting. As a failed businessman, Davi is dependable on the wealthy of Yolanda’s family.

Davi doesn’t like the idea of Hugh collecting books with Dalian and prefers to see him happily married and building a family. The vulgar lord annoys his nephew by describing women as potential wives for him. However, Davi is also interested in the reward he would gain by arranging the marriage.[1]


He’s a stylish short man with a strong body. He’s in his late thirties. Half of his face is covered with a mustache, making him older than he is and giving him a dignified atmosphere. His long beard, large as the mane of a lion, is his most distinctive characteristic, which makes him intimidating.[1]


Davi is scared like a child. He trembles and sobs while Yolanda approaches him menacingly. She moves slowly, talking gently and holding a book against her chest. She asks if they should continue the story. Davi’s screams resound inside the bedroom.

Grumpy Dalian

Davi irritates Dalian with his vulgar chit-chat.

Around one year later, Davi is sat next to a beautiful woman, having a conversation with Hugh. Last time uncle and nephew met was six years ago, during the funeral of Hugh’s mother. Hugh had just moved to the university city. Davi heard rumors about Hugh serving as a flying ace. Hugh seems furious for having to talk about that. Davi starts to describe his early days. He hasn’t been on the battlefield but, according to him, he had his share of fights after drinking at banquet halls and taverns. The Biblioprincess expresses her disdain for Davi’s chit-chat. Davi frowns and coughs, trying to ignore her rudeness. Hugh introduces the little girl as Dalian, Wesley’s adopted daughter. Davi doesn’t like the idea of Hugh taking care of her. Hugh should be after a woman with a more mature sex appeal.

Davi lustfully glances at the woman at his side, making Hugh and Dalian uncomfortable. Davi introduces her as his wife Yolanda. They’ve married almost four years ago. The ceremony was quickly arranged because of the war, explaining why Hugh wasn’t invited. In Davi’s opinion, his nephew should be looking for a marriage. Hugh turns his eyes to a photo, trying to change the subject. The lord describes the qualities of the women in the photo, as if they were potential wives for his nephew. Davi is also interested in the reward he would obtain for arranging the marriage. Yolanda tells her husband to stop annoying Hugh. Davi tells Hugh and Dalian to stay in the mansion while he’s out for business. Yolanda will share about the wonders of marriage. Before Hugh can protest, Davi takes his wife away, laughing loudly.

Hugh and Dalian are shown to a room. Both are unhappy for being there. Hugh was only visiting because he received a telegram from his uncle, asking for his help. They discuss about Davi and Yolanda. It's strange to see a beautiful woman with someone like Davi. Yolanda enters the room after seeing her husband off. After Dalian’s questioning, Yolanda reveals that she lost her father early in her life. Perhaps Davi represented the manly figure she never had. That’s why she accepted the marriage. Soon after, Yolanda affirms that she was the one who sent Hugh a telegram.

At the dinning room, Hugh and Dalian discuss about the book Yolanda is looking for, Bluebeard, and about the memories she lost. Dalian believes that Davi used a Phantom Book to control Yolanda and force her into marriage by erasing her memories. The woman may have witnessed her husband conducting a terrible ritual with the Phantom Book. That’s why Davi sealed her memories with the end of Bluebeard, which has a similar story about a bearded man killing his wives. Dalian’s theory is that Davi has killed five or six women in the past. Hugh can’t accept her deductions. His uncle seems intimidating, but in fact he’s a shy person. Hugh’s mother used to bully him and make him cry.

A maid reveals rumors about Davi and Yolanda having a violent relationship in the past, quite different from the current situation. Servants would hear violence and screams from their bedroom. Davi was also seen carrying what appeared to be the corpse of a woman around the mansion. According to the maid, Davi can afford living in a mansion only because of the fortune of Yolanda’s family. The maid doesn’t know why Yolanda is interested in a failed businessman who gambles and drinks in the daytime. It’s said that Yolanda started to accept his husband after he obtained a certain book around one year ago. The book has been borrowed from Davi’s relative, a bibliomaniac.

Hugh and Dalian enter Davi’s study to search the Phantom Book used by the lord to erase Yolanda’s memories and change her personality. It’s possible that the events Yolanda forgot weren’t about Bluebeard, but about her own real experiences. Davi would be corrupted by the Phantom Book if he kept using it. Yolanda shows up, asking what the couple was doing. Hugh asks if Davi has a secret room. Yolanda shows them the key. Inside the dark room, the three find a woman’s belongings, including a realistic nude portrait. Dalian finds the Book of Oblivion. When Yolanda touches the Phantom Book, her memories are restored. Davi returns from work, running out of breath. He had told Yolanda to never enter that room.

It’s revealed that Davi had cheated on Yolanda with another woman. Yolanda became a violent wife after learning about the affair. Even so, he didn’t want to dispose of his mistress’ belongings. Yolanda had tried to throw away the portrait, but Davi brought it back to the mansion one night. Davi seems afraid of his wife. He is sweating and moaning, specially when she violently kicks the shelves nearby. He doesn't look the same boastful lord from earlier. Davi had a happy marriage, but after his disloyalty, everything changed. He shows the square-shaped wound on his cheek, under his beard, result of Yolanda hitting him with the Book of Oblivion. According to Davi, he had no choice but to use the Phantom Book to erase her memories, otherwise he would be killed by his wife. Dalian affirms that Yolanda’s anger and sadness would eventually subdue overtime. However, Davi had kept those feelings inside the Phantom Book, and now they’ve returned, fresh as before. Davi affirms that he never believed such power existed. He had only borrowed the Phantom Book from Wesley to perform a test. Hugh and Dalian ignore the excuse and walk out of the room with the Book of Oblivion, leaving the despaired husband with his enraged wife. His sad screams echo through the mansion.[1]




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