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Dead Book
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Shi Hon


Fake Dalian (偽ダリアン Nise Darian)


Chapter 4 (light novel 7)

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Dead Book was a witch and bibliomaniac that became a living Phantom Book, specifically the Kairos’ Dynastic History. She takes Dalian’s form, wishing to become the new Biblioprincess. The Dead Book appears in The Key-Keeper story.


The great witch was a heretic bibliomaniac that was so fascinated by literature, that she became a Phantom Book, the Kairos’ Dynastic History, with a preserved human consciousness. She was carried away by forbidden knowledge and ended up as a rational, living book which imitates people. She used the Kairos’ Dynastic History to go back in time to search for Hugh, ten years before he became a key-keeper. She wants to take the key of the Labyrinth Library from him to make herself the new Biblioprincess and have access to tens of thousands of Phantom Books. She took Dalian's appearance to achieve her goal. The Dead Book knows the location of Wesley’s house.[1]


She’s rude like Dalian, but unlike the Biblioprincess, the proud witch has an evil character. She loves books to the point of becoming one. With an unparalleled, deep knowledge about books, she believes to deserve the position of Biblioprincess. She pretends to be Dalian, although not perfectly, since the witch doesn’t use English words nor loves fried breads like the Biblioprincess does. The witch doesn’t hesitate in threatening to torture and kill Hugh as a way to find the key to the Labyrinth Library.[1]


The Dead Book is a living Phantom Book that imitates humans’ behavior and appearance. Although her true form is the Kairos’ Dynastic History, she can flip through the pages of the Phantom Book to use its powers. Before becoming a Phantom Book, the Dead Book was a great witch.[1]


The Dead Book took Dalian's appearance, although not perfectly. Her face has a vacant expression, as if coming from a decrepit old woman. Her dirty, black hair reaches her waist. Her black dress is badly damaged. Her black eyes show no emotion. Her waist armor is cracked. Her boots are deformed and lacking some parts. The metallic parts of her attire are rusted. Her neck and flat chest are exposed. There’s a fresh large scar on her chest. A damaged silver lock swings in front of the wound. Some of these features make her look like the anthropomorphization of the Kairos’ Dynastic History.

The witch’s appearance changes as she becomes furious. The pupils of her black eyes become narrow, cat-like. The long hair becomes untidy. The strands move like snakes. The skin turns black. It cracks, releasing dark blood. According to the witch, as she became a Phantom Book, her skin turned into leather, like the cover of a book. Her flesh became text, her blood became letters.[1]


She drags her feet while walking along the foggy street of the university town. She looks like Dalian, although not as beautiful. The witch has a large scar on her chest instead of the opening to the Labyrinth Library. She falls down some stairs. She weakly calls for Hugh. Later, she reaches the house of Wesley Disward. She rests next to the trees around the house. Antoinette accidentally lands on her. The witch tells the little girl that she is looking for a key, while being chased by an enemy. Antoinette’s mother appears, noticing the terrible wounds on the witch’s body. Antoinette’s mother carries the disguised witch inside the house to give her food and a change of clothes. The witch introduces herself as Dalian.

The witch learns about Antoinette and the Disward family. There are many books around. The witch recognizes Wesley’s collection. The maids place many dishes on the table. Antoinette’s mother plans to use the witch as a model for her fashion designs. The witch eats a piece of turkey, ignoring the fried breads on the table. Then, she goes to a small room, followed by Antoinette. The witch pushes a shelf, revealing a secret basement. There, the witch asks about Antoinette’s family. The witch is shocked to know that Antoinette has no siblings. The witch knows that the secret basement was built by Wesley to hide the Dantalian's Bookshelf.

The witch wants the key that seals the Labyrinth Library. She wants to become the new Biblioprincess, someone with access to tens of thousands of Phantom Books. She threateningly asks Antoinette where Hugh is. The witch lets out a frantic laughter. She’s interrupted by Kamilla, who rushes inside the secret basement, looking for Hugh. The witch laughs again, realizing that the little girl known as Antoinette is in fact Hugh. He and Kamilla tense when they see an unusual book in the hands of the fake Dalian. The book has black leather cover, a damaged binding and rusty metallic parts, so it looks like its reader.

The witch uses the Kairos’ Dynastic History to remove Hugh and herself from the normal flow of time. Kamilla and everyone else freeze like a statue. The witch uses a harsh tone to ask the whereabouts of the key. Hugh runs upstairs, but the witch uses the Phantom Book to suddenly appear in front of him. Blood trickles down her face. She had found Wesley’s revolver in the basement. She shoots at the boy. Slowed by the Phantom Book, the bullet slowly approaches the boy, who is unable to move. The witch threatens to make him suffer forever if he doesn’t show her the key. Her wrath makes her look like a monster. Blood pours out from her cracked skin. Hugh laughs, realizing that she is suffering. The witch is in such a hurry because the Phantom Book is hurting her, since she's not its choosen reader.

Dalian Final

Dalian saves Hugh from the Dead Book.

The flow of time is back on track. The real Dalian pushes Hugh aside, saving him from the bullet. Dalian is the enemy who was chasing the witch. The Biblioprincess refers to the witch as Dead Book, a bibliomaniac who loves books to the point of becoming one. The Dead Book is a living Phantom Book which imitates people. The witch has deep knowledge about books, so she believes that she deserves the position of Biblioprincess.

The witch reads the Kairos’ Dynastic History. However, Dalian has a copy of the same Phantom Book, so they neutralize each other. The fake Dalian smiles. She reveals that she went ten years in the past because, in this era, Dalian has no key-keeper. The Labyrinth Library can't be opened. The Dead Book shoots at Dalian, but the Biblioprincess is pushed away by Hugh. Dalian grants him access to the Labyrinth Library. The witch shoots again, but she only manages to scratch Hugh’s cheek. She yells, looking at the key she so desires in the little boy’s hands.

Inside the Labyrinth Library, Hugh finds a scary damaged book with black leather cover and rusty clasps. It seems like the witch’s wish was partially fulfilled. She entered the Labyrinth Library. The girl in white explains that the Dead Book will sleep there until a worthy reader is found. The girl in white reveals that the place is a prison, not a palace as the witch thought. Hugh wakes up in the guest room of his house. He notices that Kamilla forgot about Dalian and the impostor. It seems like Dalian used the Kairos’ Dynastic History to rewrite reality.[1]


  • The Dead Book act as Dalian's impostor. Hints that she's not the real Biblioprincess include the facts that there's no opening to the Labyrinth Library on her chest, that she ignores fried breads and that she says "Si" instead of "Yes".[1]
  • Dead Book is the first Phantom Book user who Hugh confronts.[1]




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