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Chapter 4 (light novel 6)

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Dean was a fisherman from the Latham Archipelago and Oriana’s lover. He’s part of the Paradise story.


Dean was a fisherman in the Latham Archipelago since childhood. He was looking forward to ask Haycroft’s daughter Oriana in marriage. He was after money to buy his own fishing boat, even after demand for fish declined when Haycroft turned the island into a resort. After buying a strong vessel with fish cages and processing equipment, Dean will be able to sell his cargo directly to the kingdom for a good price.

Dean decided to search for the sea devils’ treasure, the same treasure rumored to be the original source of Haycroft’s fortune. He believed that Haycroft and his partners didn’t collect all the valuables. Oriana found the map pointing to the treasure’s location at her father’s study and gave it to Dean. However, the location shown in the map is a cave filled with poison gas. Dean and his comrades had a tragical death about two years before the main events of Paradise. The military walled up the place, so nobody has details about their demise.[1]


Dean loved Oriana. Before asking her in marriage, he wished to find an honest way to provide for her. He was a dreamer who believed in the sea devils’ treasure.[1]


He was a well-built, tanned young man.[1]


Oriana meets Dean in an illusion created by the Book of Paradise. He’s in a white beach, looking proudly at his fishing boat. Oriana calls for him. He turns around and smiles. He extends his arms to embrace her. Oriana jumps on his chest. Dean had been waiting for her.

Haycroft asks for the help of a Book Burning Officer to find his missing daughter Oriana. During his investigation, Hal interrogates the owner of the Driftwood Pavilion. It’s revealed that Oriana had used Paradise Pieces, a substance which allows people to experience their happy memories once again. After all, she blames herself for her lover’s death. Dean was after money to buy a fishing ship and ask Oriana’s hand in marriage. He was looking for the sea devils’ treasure, the same treasure which made Haycroft rich, as rumors say. Inside her father’s study, Oriana found a map pointing to the location and gave it to Dean. However, the latter found only a cave filled with poison gas.[1]




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