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Depiction of Mountains and Rivers
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Sanga Shashokuzu




Chapter 1 (light novel 2);
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It changes the surroundings by making tangible illusions.


Florence Carabosse


In Hugh’s possession

Depiction of Mountains and Rivers, better known as Deep Green Book (深き緑の書 Fukaki Midori no Sho), is a Phantom Book owned by John Carabosse and used by his daughter Florence to hide her crimes. It's present in The Briar Princess story.

It’s an old, string bound book with an oriental design and the words “Deep Green Book” painted on its cover.[1] In the OVA, it has a green, worn out cover.[2]


John Carabosse bought the book in the Western Asia. The man died six months before the events of The Briar Princess, his house totally destroyed by the flames. Moments before dying, he saw his daughter Florence with a book in her right hand. Five months later, a merchant who used to trade with the Carabosse family witnessed Florence holding the Deep Green Book at the bottom of a mountain. According to Dalian, the legendary Phantom Book was given to men by an Eastern goddess. Florence says that the book is important to her father.[1]


The Deep Green Book creates illusionary scenarios as wished by its user, who becomes able to confuse and control other people. The illusions have the same effect as the real thing. For instance, the cliff created by Florence using the Phantom Book was as dangerous as a real cliff. She also produced fog, a huge, dense forest and hostile thorny vines which completely covered Carabosse’s villa. In order to summon such a power, Florence is shown flipping through the pages, stopping her fingers at specific parts of the book. The illusions can disappear in a split second, as ordered by the user.

The power of the Deep Green Book allowed her to command over the population of an entire village at the bottom of a mountain. The old villagers were rejuvenated, and their memories altered, so they could work as Florence’s neighbors at the top of the mountain. They can age once again in a matter of seconds. The beautiful appearance of the village where they were taken was also an illusion. The facade was maintained for half a year. At one point, the villagers, holding farming tools as weapons, were commanded to ambush Hugh and Dalian.

Florence believed that the Deep Green Book could be used to resurrect her father. However, this power was never shown. The Ritual of Reality can erase the illusions created by the Deep Green Book.[1]


Florence kills her father and leaves the house with only a book in her right hand. Five months later, a merchant sees her holding the Deep Green Book at the bottom of a mountain. Following the tip, Hugh and Dalian decide to explore the region to find the Phantom Book, passing through a deserted village. At the top of the mountain, they meet the herbalist Talia, who tells them the location of the Carabosse villa at the northern forest, where they might find Florence. According to Talia, people usually get lost around the villa and never return.

Calobos' gates

Corpses at the Carabosse villa's entrance.

The village at the top of the mountain is odd, sparsely populated and separated from the outside world. He and Dalian reach the villa, whose entrance was taken by vines. Corpses are entangled, suspended in the air. Inside it, they find parts of the withered body of a woman hanging from the vines. Looking through the window, they notice thorny vines enveloping the whole villa.

Hugh manages to carry Dalian outside, away from the hostile vines. Talia shows herself, holding the Deep Green Book. She flips through the pages and summons a fog that makes the surroundings totally white. Then, a huge dark forest appears behind Hugh and Dalian. They can’t use a Phantom Book to fight back, since the powers of the Deep Green Book are unknown. They are ambushed by the villagers, who are holding farming tools in a menacingly manner. The villagers start to age in a split second, wrinkles carving their youthful faces. Those men are the missing inhabitants of the village at the bottom of the mountain, Dalian notices.

Hugh and Dalian begin to move, guided by the moonlight. Suddenly, the fog and the forest disappear. Talia shows up, revealing herself as Florence Carabosse. The dead woman found inside the villa is the real Talia. Florence won't allow them to leave, since they are after her father’s precious book. When she opens the Deep Green Book, Hugh and Dalian are surrounded by cliffs. Finally discovering the Phantom Book’s power, the Biblioprincess grants Hugh the right to open the Dantalian's Bookshelf. The illusions summoned by Florence are easily broken when Hugh uses Ritual of Reality. According to Dalian, the Deep Green Book didn’t choose Florence as its genuine owner. The Phantom Book is dropped by the defeated woman and recovered by Hugh.

The next day, the villagers and corpses at the top of the mountain disappear, freed from the illusions. The village also lost its beautiful appearance. The Deep Green Book was probably sealed inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]

In the OVA, Florence uses the Deep Green Book to envelope her father in flames. She summons more illusionary landscapes in the adaptation while facing Hugh and Dalian, including a building of oriental design.[2]


  • The Depiction of Mountains and Rivers might be based on the Classic of Mountains and Seas, a Chinese classic text and a compilation of mythic geography and beasts.[3] The OVA shows a page related to the chapter about the mountains in the East.[2]
  • The Depiction of Mountains and Rivers is seen during the opening.[4]


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