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Chapter 4 (light novel 6)

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The Driftwood Pavilion’s Owner sells Paradise Pieces. The owner of the bar is interrogated by Hal in the Paradise story.


The man is the owner of the Driftwood Pavilion (流木亭 Ryūboku-tei), an unpopular bar located at the corner of a back-street and built inside an old warehouse in the poor region of the Latham Archipelago. He sells Paradise Pieces and pipes for its consumption. The interior of the bar, with a dirty counter and three tables, is dimly lit and filled with white smoke. The regulars are usually sleeping or consuming Paradise Pieces to experience the happy moments of their lives once again. The owner doesn’t know that the Paradise Pieces come from a Phantom Book, but he knows that the substance may be originated from the Holy Land of the Sea Devils, a place which attracts addict people.

Oriana bought Paradise Pieces and a pipe at the Driftwood Pavilion. The owner knows that she blames herself for Dean’s death.[1]


The man is intimidated by Hal, so the Book Burning Officer easily collects the information he was looking for. The owner becomes even more talkative when Hal tosses a few coins on the counter. The owner is afraid of the police, although he doesn’t see the Paradise Pieces used by his regulars as a drug. According to the owner, there are people who have only their happy memories and are unable to live without Paradise Pieces, so he doesn’t mind people relying on the substance. He shows to be kind and sincere by worrying about Hal wishing to explore the Holy Land of the Sea Devils.[1]


There’s no description about the man’s appearance.[1]


Hal jumps over the counter and grabs the owner of the Driftwood Pavilion by the collar. Hal shows Oriana’s pipe to the frightened man. There are more identical pipes inside a closet nearby. After all, the products are sold at the bar. For the owner’s relief, Hal doesn’t introduce himself as a policeman. However, the owner has no idea what is a Book Burning Officer. Intimidated by Hal, the owner quickly answers his questions. It’s revealed that the regulars who are sleeping at the tables are not drug addicts. They are consuming Paradise Pieces, a substance found in driftwood which allows people to experience happy moments of their lives once again. Some people were left without job when Haycroft turned the Latham Archipelago into a resort. Living in the past is all they have.

Hal opens a locket to show Oriana’s photograph to the owner. According to the latter, Oriana bought Paradise Pieces at the Driftwood Pavilion because she blames herself for the death of her lover. Hal tosses a few silver coins to make the owner share what he knows. The owner drinks some booze and continues. The owner reveals that Dean was after the sea devils’ treasure to buy his own fishing boat and ask Oriana in marriage. She accidentally found the map pointing to the treasure’s location in Haycroft’s study and gave it to her lover. Dean explored a cave, searching for the treasure, but the place was filled with poison gas.

Hal asks about the Holy Land of the Sea Devils, the place which Oriana was looking for. The owner nervously explains that it’s a small island not very far. The islanders are afraid of going there. People who go there never return. The island seems to attract those addicted by the Paradise Pieces. Worried, the owner kindly advises Hal against exploring the place.[1]




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