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Chapter 1 (light novel 7)

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Dunstan Legout is the last owner of a book supposedly written by aliens. He is present in the Disaster and Temptation story.


Dunstan is a self-proclaimed anthropologist, although he has no scientific degree, nor he teaches at a university. He also affirms to be descendent of the Kasuruhau. He learned that after almost dying in a car accident. He keeps a small, messy clinic, with shelves filled with strange specimens and books. It looks more like the hut of a Shaman than a hospital. He buys items which he considers to be related to the Kasuruhau. Dunstan heard from Kempson’s maid about the existence of a valuable Kasuruhau book. Dunstan however, affirms that he only learned about the book after receiving a revelation from the Kasuruhau.

A few days before the main events of Disaster and Temptation, Dunstan entered Kempson’s house and revealed that Kempson would be cursed if he kept the book. Later, the book fell into the hands of shopkeeper Hobbes. When Kempson lost the book, Dunstan was aboard a ship, sailing to another country in the Mediterranean Sea to buy an alien statue. When Dunstan returned, he bought the book from Hobbes for six thousand pounds. Dunstan read the book while riding a train from the capital. The scent of the book made him become infatuated with the woman present in the same compartment. The woman used force to stop his harassment. A heavy blunt object cut the back of his head, and his body gained numerous bruises and abrasions. Dunstan was taken to his clinic, with no memories about what happened in the train. According to him, he was attacked by an enemy of the Kasuruhau. His belongings were found in a trash bin inside the station. His values were stolen, but the book was found untouched. The book was taken by the police as part of investigation led by Grosseteste.


Dunstan explains that the Kasuruhau (カスルハウ) is a great race of aliens who flew from Venus to Earth on a sparkling ship in ancient times. They have total control of magic. They lived in a lost continent in the South Pacific. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, a disaster occurred due to changes in the Earth’s crust, and their continent sunk, destroying their civilization. The islands of the South Pacific are the remains of their continent. The descendants of the Kasuruhau survived and settled around the world. It’s said that, one day, these descendants and his monsters will strike, the fallen brothers will return to life, and the world will turn to hell. The original aliens will invite their descendants into their shining ship.

The aliens’ history and mysteries are recorded in a book passed by the aliens to their descendants. According to Dunstan, he bought a French translation from the thirteenth century, although Hugh is certain that it's a fake not that old. It’s an old book with a metal clasp. The black leather cover has geometric figures forming incomprehensible patterns. The title is written in a strange language. It’s made of an unusual paper from a rare tree found only on an unnamed island in the South Pacific.

The smell exuded from the pages of the book makes people temporarily infatuated. It has the same effect of a love potion. Its unique aroma causes attraction, like an aphrodisiac. The reader inhales the smell from the paper, falls under a kind of hypnosis, and falls in love with someone who catches his eye. The person affected has trouble to remember the time when he was being influenced by the book. The person may treat the loved one with kindness, expressing his feelings and admiring his traits. He may also try to use force to touch his muse. A strong stimulus may break the hypnosis, such as feeding the person with a disgusting and smelly substance. Someone unable to smell, such as a person with a cold, won’t be affected by the book.[1]


Dunstan believes to be a descendant of aliens. He’s a self-proclaimed scientist, although he has no academic background. Obsessed, he values every item related to aliens, especially the book he bought from Hobbes. He talks with confidence and excitement about the aliens, showing no signs that he’s lying or in doubt. He has a persecution complex, affirming to be target of the Kasuruhau’s enemies.[1]


He looks thin and unhealthy after being beaten by the woman in the train. He’s covered in bandages, wearing pajamas.[1]


Doctor Dunstan is resting on a bed, inside of his messy, strange clinic. He had been beaten. He asks Grosseteste about the book. Dunstan had bought a valuable book in a used bookstore for a large amount of money. According to the doctor, the book belonged to the Kasuruhau, an alien species from Venus. After a near-fatal car accident, Dunstan started to believe that he's a descendant from the aliens. Grosseteste listens to his irrational talk, struggling to keep his temper. Dunstan is angry because the police wants to keep the book to conduct an investigation. He warns Grosseteste that anyone who holds the book and is not blessed by the Kasuruhau will be cursed.

Grosseteste has trouble to understand the incidents related to the mysterious book, so he consults with Hugh. The inspector explains that Dunstan is a self-proclaimed anthropologist who collects items related to the Kasuruhau. A few days ago, the doctor warned Kempson that he would be cursed if he kept the book. Later, Kempson was attacked and the book ended up at a used bookstore owned by Hobbes. Dunstan has an alibi, since he was sailing to another country to buy an alien statue when the crime occurred.

Dunstan eventually bought the book from Hobbes. The bank confirmed the money transfer. Dunstan affirmed that he knew about the book’s location after receiving a revelation from the Kasuruhau. Mysteriously, Dunstan and Hobbes were also attacked. The doctor was riding a train from the capital when he was beaten by a man, an enemy of the Kasuruhau, according to him. Dunstan’s valuables were found in a trash bin inside the station. His valuables were taken, but the book was untouched.

After Grosseteste’s explanation, Hugh discovers that the book has a scent that makes people infatuated. With such information, Grosseteste learned everything about the case. It’s revealed that Dunstan found out about the book’s location from Kempson’s maid, not from a revelation. Also, Dunstan was beaten by a woman who was also riding the train. Dunstan was reading the book when the smell influenced him to harass the lady next to him, so she had to use force to stop him. Dunstan forgot everything after the beating.

The police eventually returned the book to Dunstan. They had impregnated its cover with a special chemical to drown out the exciting smell. After several months, Hugh and Dalian read an article about Dunstan’s disappearance. The same night he went missing, neighbors saw a strange, luminous flying object flying west, where Venus shines.[1]


  • Zealandia is an almost entirely submerged mass of continental crust. The land mass may have been completely submerged by about 23 million years ago and most of it remains submerged beneath the Pacific Ocean.[2]
  • Kava is a shrub with aphrodisiac qualities, found in the South Pacific Islands. Its intoxicating infusion has euphoriant properties and has been used by natives for at least three thousand years.[3]


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