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Chapter 5 (light novel 4)

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Elisha Arkin is a young girl, daughter of Ben and Hildegard Arkin. Her mother, possessed by Phantom Books, tried to resurrect by taking Elisha’s body. Elisha is present in the Phantom Book Thief story.


Ben had an incestuous relationship with his younger sister Hildegard and fathered Elisha. Thirteen years before the main events of Phantom Book Thief, Ben locked Hildegard inside a basement, since she became possessed by Phantom Books. Hildegard died, but her soul went after Elisha’s body. The witch plans to use the body of the young girl to resurrect. The witch became the doppelgänger of her own daughter. Because of that, Elisha’s health worsened six months before the main events of Phantom Book Thief. Ben hired Yuna as Elisha’s personal doctor. Elisha's bedroom is at the top of a three-story tower in the southern part of the Reizl Castle. Elisha heard rumors about the demon Scarlet Robe who haunts the region. She also knows about the existence of Phantom Books.[1]


Elisha is a fragile girl who relies on her personal doctor Yuna. Elisha’s health is affected by Hildegard’s powers. The presence of Hal and Flamberge intimidates the shy young girl at first. But soon she opens herself and expresses her gratitude. The exchange between Hal and Flamberge makes Elisha giggle. The innocent and gentle girl cheerfully guides the couple to the mansion’s library, proud for being helpful. The image of the massacre made by Hildegard terrorizes Elisha, causing her to faint. Elisha’s is grateful for Yuna taking care of her health.[1]



Hildegard as Elisha's doppelgänger.

She has short, luxurious golden locks. Elisha has childish features and a beautiful face. She’s a fragile little girl of thirteen to fourteen years old. At first, she uses a nightdress. Later, Elisha puts on a loose dress over it. Hildegard, as Elisha's doppelgänger, has the same physical appearance.[1]


Hal and Flamberge went to the region following a warning letter sent to the police and newspapers. Mithril, the Phantom Book Thief, will steal a valuable Phantom Book from Ben Arkin. While examining the ramparts of Ben’s Reizl Castle, Hal and Flamberge hear the voices of the servants calling for their madam. The couple sees the Scarlet Robe running on the walls of the fortification, an unconscious girl in his arms. Hal drives his motorcycle, following the mysterious figure who shows inhuman abilities. The person in red garment eventually runs away, leaving Elisha sleeping on the ground.

At the castle’s gates, inspector Grosseteste decides to grant access to Hal and Flamberge. Grosseteste can't refuse the man who saved Ben’s daughter. At the castle’s yard, Ben runs to his daughter, worried. Elisha is examined by her personal doctor Yuna. The little girl is fine, only in need of a restful sleep. Grosseteste informs Flamberge that Elisha is limited by poor health. Ben asks if Hal is responsible for saving Elisha. Ben tells Hal to stay and protect his daughter until the situation returns to normal.

Elisha was taken to her bedroom. She was sat in her bed, drinking a tea of medicinal herbs, when Hal and Flamberge appeared. Their presence makes the little girl a little scared. Yuna thanks the couple for saving her patient. Elisha has always been weak, but her situation worsened over the past six months. Any wound can kill her. Elisha seems embarrassed. Yuna takes her hand, promising to cure her. Elisha thanks Hal and Flamberge for protecting her. Hal asks what the little girl knows about the Scarlet Robe. Elisha doesn’t know the criminal’s identity or purpose. She was resting when she was abducted from her bedroom, at the top of a three-story tower. Elisha had noticed a medicinal scent before losing consciousness. She heard rumors about a demon kidnapping people in the region.

Elisha asks how she can repay Hal and Flamberge’s kindness. The young girl guides them to the castle’s library. However, she warns them that her great-grandfather’s collection is huge. It won't be easy to find a Phantom Book. When they are close to the library, Hal and Flamberge smell blood in the air. Elisha indicates the library’s door with a shaking finger. Elisha faints when she sees the massacre caused by the Scarlet Robe. The witch is Elisha’s doppelgänger, with the same appearance, except for the facial expression. Before disappearing, the Scarlet Robe affirms that she will take Elisha’s life.

Later, Yuna deduces that the doppelgänger is the reason for Elisha’s poor health. The doctor wonders if the Scarlet Robe is someone sealed inside Elisha. Hal disagrees. The Scarlet Robe first appeared fifteen to sixteen years ago, before Elisha was born. The Scarlet Robe may be the soul of someone who is trying to possess Elisha. Someone who lives in the castle. After all, the place is surrounded by a magical barrier who prevents anyone uninvited from entering. A scream is heard from the guest room. Elisha was laid to rest there, on a couch, after losing her senses.

Hal is the first to arrive. Elisha is under a blanket, her eyes almost out of its sockets. With a trembling voice, she tells him that she never saw anyone entering the room. But there at the wall is a bloody dress hung with a knife. It's a message from Mithril. Elisha returns to her bedroom protected by Yuna and the police. Meanwhile, Ben reveals that the bloody dress belongs to Hildegard, his late younger sister. Hildegard had been possessed by Phantom Books, so Ben locked her inside the basement, preventing her from killing more people.

Inside the basement, Hildegard appears as Elisha’s doppelgänger. The witch had used the Decorative Plywood of Merneith to move her soul into Elisha’s body before dying. Hildegard will take Elisha’s body and resurrect. The witch reveals that Elisha is the result of her relationship with her own brother Ben. Hal eventually manages to destroy Hildegard’s soul with the help of Mithril.

Later, Hal has a conversation with Yuna. Hildegard was planning to take Elisha’s body, so the witch had no reason to kidnap the young girl. Furthermore, Hildegard was a powerful magician. She didn’t need a medicinal herb to make Elisha fall asleep. Hal deduces that Elisha was abducted by Mithril, not by Hildegard. Mithril only took Elisha so the young girl could be saved by Hal. That way, Hal would be invited to the castle, passing through the barrier around the fortress. Mithril also sent a warning letter mentioning a Phantom Book only to attract the attention of a Book Burning Officer. Mithril wanted to use a Book Burning Officer at her advantage. Hal exposes Yuna as Mithril. However, the Phantom Book Thief easily escapes.

Hal starts his motorcycle, ready to leave. Elisha shows up, seemingly healthier now that her doppelgänger is destroyed. Elisha doesn't know what happened in the basement. She didn't go after answers. Hal tells her that Mithril won't come back. Elisha laments. The little girl knows that Mithril and Yuna were the same person. The young girl is cured, and she wanted to thank Yuna for that. Elisha examines Hal’s expression. She notices the smile on Hal's face.[1]


  • Elisha, born from an incestuous relationship, has a fragile health.[1] Inbreeding is the production of offspring from breeding of individuals that are closely related genetically. In humans, it has the potential to decrease the fitness of the offspring.[2]
    • The Punishment of Incest Act 1908 made it illegal for the first time in England and Wales for a man to engage in sexual intercourse with any female he knew to be his grand-daughter, daughter, sister, half-sister, or mother. Incest had until then been regarded as an ecclesiastical offence, punishable by penance.[3]


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