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Chapter 4 (light novel 5)

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Emilie Gisela is Eva’s younger sister. When the sisters read the Book of Connection, Eva died and her soul was absorbed by her sister. Emilie is part of the Book of Connection story.


Emilie and her older sister Eva lived in a small church on the outskirts of Nudelwald. During an experiment conducted by the Professor and Rasiel, who aimed to create a new Phantom Book, Emilie and Eva read the Book of Connection. Since the book is a Phantom Book Egg, an incomplete Phantom Book, the experiment got out of hand. Eva died and her soul was absorbed by Emilie. The latter took her sister’s name and position as abbess of Nudelwald.

Emilie plans to use the Book of Connection to unite people’s minds, making them forget their suffering. She collaborates with the Professor to turn the Book of Connection into a complete Phantom Book. Thus, the monastery, under her command, recruited all the young men of Nudelwald to work in the mines for the extraction of ores of radioactive material. She also instructed her monks to kill and intimidate anyone who opposes the monastery, and to help the Professor in developing a fission bomb. Those who can no longer work are thrown away in a debilitated state, result of radiation exposition.[1]


Emilie, acting as her sister Eva, is the abbess of Nudelwald Abbey (ヌーデルワルトの修道院 Nūderuwaruto no Shūdōin). The ancient monastery, which looks more like a medieval fortress consisting of ten to fifteen buildings, was built more than seven hundred years ago, when persecuted hermits found refuge among the steep cliffs of an inhospitable mountain. There, hundreds of monks and nuns live in isolation. The steep terrain surrounding the place makes it barely accessible. A small airport is used for the delivery of urgent goods and the transportation of patients. A small town developed around the monastery. The population is about 4,000. The inhabitants mainly engage in animal husbandry and wood carving. The place welcomes tourists and climbers during summer. In the winter, it seems an inhospitable location.

Six months before the main events of Book of Connection, the Professor bought the monastery for a large sum in order to extract the ores of radioactive material beneath it. He wishes to give power to his homeland by developing a fission bomb. When the Book of Connection was used, the monks, nuns and inhabitants of the small town were brainwashed to obey Emilie’s wishes. The young men were coerced to work as miners, abandoning their lands and animals in the outskirts of the town. The higher salary also attracted the men. Those who can no longer work in the mines are discarded by the monastery, forced to return to their homes in a debilitated state. Consequently, the town came to be inhabited only by young women, children and sick men. No one dares to oppose the monastery.

Those mind-controlled always carry a Bible with red cover, copies of the Book of Connection. In the past, the Bibles were simple manuscripts of an ancient translation of the Bible, transmitted in the monastery from generation to generation. The monks of Nudelwald chase and kill those who manage to run away They use their miracles to intimidate everyone. The monks are also used as calculation machines to develop the Professor’s bomb. The nuns welcome outsiders, treating them with love as their own brothers and sisters.[1]


Emilie fears loneliness, especially after Eva’s death. That’s why she plans to use the Book of Connection to forcefully unite all people in the world, making everyone one single mind. She wants to free people from their fears and torments and grant true understanding and peace to their souls. As a very religious person, Emilie believes that the Book of Connection is a gift from God. She’s grateful for Rasiel and the Professor’s Phantom Book Egg. Emilie instructs the monks to intimidate and kill anyone who opposes the monastery. Sick people are also promptly discarded when they have no use for her. At the same time, she teaches her followers to love their neighbors and to welcome outsiders as brothers and sisters.[1]


The beautiful young woman wears a white vestment with golden threads, which shows her position as the head of the monastery. Under her hood, one can see wonderful golden hair. Emilie has bright grey eyes. She looks like her sister Eva, although Emilie is less expressive.[1]


People gather at a church in the Nudelwald Abbey, located in an inhospitable mountain. A young nun conducts the prayer. She tells the believers that they will be safe, now that they received a gift from God. She asks them to open the Bibles and sing.

Ten days before the main events of Book of Connection, a man went to a police station, at the foot of the mountain. The miner was in panic, his mind unsound. The next day, a group of monks killed him with only a prayer, without touching him. Hugh and Dalian learn about the case in the newspapers and decide to investigate.

The monks work on mysterious formulas, as if they are calculating machines. The Professor thanks for the abbess' cooperation. In turn, the abbess thanks Rasiel and the Professor for showing her the Book of Connection. The abbess' believers have forgotten about their pain, peace has been granted to their souls. Rasiel reminds the abbess that the Book of Connection is still unstable. According to the abbess, the man who had run away from the monastery had already been punished.

Hugh and Dalian are welcomed by the nuns. Hugh checks the portrait of the current abbess. The woman is very similar to a troublesome nun they’ve just met, who threw snowballs at them. Hugh learns that the abbess teaches everyone to love their neighbors and treat visitors as brothers and sisters. Hugh also checks the red bible everyone around has in hands. It’s an ancient translation of the Bible, transmitted through the monastery from generation to generation. Later, the snow-thrower nun reveals the monastery’s evil side to Hugh and Dalian. Six months ago, a man in white bought the mines beneath the monastery. Then, the monastery hired every young man in town to extract the glowing ores. Those who can no longer work are discarded by the monastery. No one dares to oppose the monastery. The monks perform miracles to intimidate and kill their enemies.

The monks go to the church maintained by the snow-thrower nun. She uses the place to care for sick men like Queneau, who worked as miners but were thrown away by the monastery. The monks affirm that Mother Eva wants her book back. One of the monks kills a patient with an electric discharge. They know Hugh and Dalian, as if they can read minds. The nun, having no choice, shows them the book. The monks make the church collapse by touching a pillar. Hugh, Dalian and Queneau are the only survivors. The latter explains that the monastery uses the Book of Connection to unite everyone’s minds. Monks, nuns and their followers see, think and feel the same. That’s how the monks can perform miracles.

The Gisela sisters, who had exchanged names, now are one person. The abbess known as Mother Eva Gisela conducts a ritual in the largest church of Nudelwald. The place is full of monks and believers. Rasiel and the Professor stand next to the abbess on the altar. Now that the original Book of Connection was retrieved, everyone’s mind will merge into one. Suffering will be forgotten. The abbess wants to unite the whole world. Eva’s voice is heard, coming from the abbess’ mouth. She asks her sister to stop. The Book of Connection will only bring fake happiness.

Hugh and Dalian reveal themselves in the crowd, asking for the Phantom Book Egg. The couple knows that the abbess known as Eva is in fact Emilie. As proof, Hugh shows the large cross he found with the remains of the real Eva, in the basement of the collapsed church. In the past, the sisters read the Book of Connection. However, since it’s an incomplete and flawed Phantom Book, it resulted in Eva’s death and in her soul being absorbed by Emilie. The latter was only brought to the monastery, becoming an abbess, in order to continue the Book of Connection experimentation. Rasiel and the Professor wish to turn the Phantom Book Egg into a complete Phantom Book.

Emilie-Eva screams in anger. She opens the Book of Connection and orders everyone to destroy Hugh and Dalian. However, the couple uses the Book of Imprint to brainwash her followers. Hugh tries to convince Emilie-Eva to stop her efforts in trying to merge people’s minds. The abbess falls on her knees, clutching her head, dropping the Book of Connection. She screams as hundreds of memories and personalities flow into her head, now that the power from the Book of Connection came to a halt. Hugh and Dalian will have to kill Emilie-Eva in order to save everyone else who were united by the Phantom Book Egg. Hugh opens a Phantom Book taken from the Labyrinth Library.

Around two months later, Hugh and Dalian return to Nudelwald. A young nun surrounded by children almost hits Dalian with a snowball. The nun doesn’t know Hugh and Dalian. Hugh had read the Book of Oblivion in order to seal Emilie-Eva’s memories of the past six months. According to the nun, the monastery closed after dangerous minerals were discovered inside its mines. Dalian explains that she has a friend in the monastery that she will never be able to see again. The nun reassures her with a smile, saying that their visit and memories will reach her friend’s heart.[1]




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