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Song of the Unseen Tomorrow
Episode 12
Episode 14

Last Episode: Tomorrow never knows

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Mada Minu Ashita no Uta


October 1, 2011

Adapted from

Chapter 5 (light novel 3)

Manga counterpart


"Song of the Unseen Tomorrow" is the 12th and last episode of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian anime and the fourteenth story shown in the adaptation. It's also known as Last Episode: Tomorrow never knows.

Hugh and Dalian learn about someone using the Book of Atonement to transform people into zombies.[1]


Inside the Labyrinth Library, the girl in white cherishes the few memories she had with little Hugh. She cries. The girl is happy because Hugh promised to help her out of that world. Hugh, in adult form, shows up, seriously wounded.

In a foggy night, policemen shoot at a zombie. At the Disward estate, Hugh reads about the strange occurrence in the newspapers. It seems like the creature was shot many times, but continued to move. As always, Dalian is skeptical. According to her, if the case is related to Phantom Books, it may be caused by the Book of Atonement. It steals the soul of the reader, turning him into a zombie. Dalian is distracted by a small advertisement in the newspaper. Accompanied by Hugh, she goes to a store to buy fried breads.

Dalian leaves the store, happily holding a bag of fried breads. Suddenly, a horde of zombies terrorize the people nearby. Hugh uses his revolver to save a paperboy from one of the monsters. They hear a police whistle in the distance. Hugh and Dalian walk away to avoid more trouble. Dalian grabs a newspaper. She recognizes the transcription of the Book of Atonement in it. Hugh deduces that the responsible is experimenting with the Phantom Book. After all, only a few newspapers were modified.

Late in that day, Hugh and Dalian enter a printing shop. They see machines producing many newspapers with the Book of Atonement text. Zombies are operating the machines. It seems like a terrorist is planning to transform the readers into zombies. The Professor shows up and introduces himself to Hugh. The Professor knows that Hugh is an ex-pilot, a key-keeper and Wesley’s grandson. The Professor invites the couple for some tea. Dalian is surprised to see Rasiel, the Crimson Biblioprincess. The girls began to offend each other. The Professor reveals that he’s targeting London, where a reconstruction meeting is about to be held. He won’t allow the Allies to pressure the countries who lost the Great War.

The Professor asks why Hugh became a key-keeper. Hugh affirms that he wants to save someone. He’s thinking about the girl in white. The Professor laughs at such unexpected answer. He shoots Hugh with a Phantom Book in the shape of a golden pistol. Hugh collapses. The Professor is against sealing the knowledge of Phantom Books inside a mystical library. He’s ready to shoot Dalian. However, Hugh is faster. He shoots at the Professor’s hand. Hugh grabs Dalian and jumps out of the window, into the printing shop. The zombies, under the Professor’s control, run after Hugh and Dalian.

Hugh barricades the door of a storage. He’s bleeding too much. Before treating his wounds, Hugh wants to enter the Labyrinth Library to save the girl in white. Dalian makes Hugh promise to return. Inside the Labyrinth Library, Hugh holds the girl in white by the hand. The Labyrinth Library shakes. In the real world, Hugh runs away from the zombies while holding Dalian’s hand. In the Labyrinth Library, he runs to free the girl in white while holding her hand. Hugh and the girl in white reach a massive locked door. The guardian of the Labyrinth Library appears to block the exit. The girl in white has been imprisoned by the creature for a long time.

The guardian uses a burst of energy to destroy the floor under Hugh and the girl in white. The couple falls into the darkness, going separate ways. In the real world, Hugh collapses. Dalian tries to wake him up. The girl in white is chained to the massive door. Hugh gets lost inside a dark region of the Labyrinth Library. Dalian cries, worrying about Hugh never returning. She wants to continue living with him, searching for Phantom Books, drinking tea and eating fried breads. Dalian hears the voice of the girl in white, her other self. The girls work together to save Hugh. Still lost inside the Labyrinth Library, he finds a child version of himself. The child gives a Phantom Book to the grown-up.

In the real world, Hugh gets up. Hugh and Dalian walk to the horde of zombies. Hugh reads the Phantom Book. Moments from the past are shown. Dalian and Wesley. Dalian and Joan of Arc. The girl in white bringing disasters to the world. She was imprisoned in the Labyrinth Library as punishment. She thanks Hugh for everything. She and Hugh hope that she will leave the Labyrinth Library someday. This time, a moment from the future is shown. The girl in white is looking at a futuristic city. She smiles. The Phantom Book gives off an intense light. The zombies are destroyed.

The Professor has all the newspapers to continue his plan. However, Hal and Flamberge intervene. Hal uses his staff to burn the papers. According to the Professor, Hal will burn humans someday. Hal affirms that he already burned someone dear to him. Rasiel and the Professor leave the printing shop. The intense flames prevent Hal and Flamberge from following them. They hear Dalian’s voice calling for Hugh.

Hugh wakes up in his bed. Kamilla and Armand were worried about him. Kamilla had brought the best doctors to treat Hugh’s wounds. Dalian enters the room. She tries to hide her happiness for seeing him awake. Hugh laughs, noticing the sugar from fried breads around her lips. Dalian urges him to recover faster. After all, they have more Phantom Books to recover.

The characters are shown for the last time in the anime. The Professor and Rasiel are inside an airship. Rasiel is frustrated for losing. The Professor will not give up from his plans. Hal drives his motorcycle. Flamberge, sitting on the sidecar, provokes the Book Burning Officer. After all, Hal saved Hugh and Dalian. Hal will continue burning Phantom Books. Kamilla is shown in traditional Japanese clothing. Armand proposes to a lady, but he’s rejected. The old man is sat inside his bookstore. In the Disward estate, Dalian reads a book, while Hugh drinks tea. He seems thoughtful. The girl in white is shown inside the Labyrinth Library.[1]

Light novel-anime main differences[]

Light novel[2] Anime[1]
The chapter focuses on Hugh, Dalian, Hal and Flamberge. The girl in the bookshelf, Kamilla, Armand and the old man are not part of the chapter. The episode focuses on Hugh, Dalian and the girl in white.
Rasiel and the Professor are not part of the chapter, although the Professor is mentioned. Rasiel and the Professor are part of the episode.
Terrorists use the Book of Atonement. The Professor uses the Book of Atonement.
Hugh and Hal confront each other. Eventually, they work together. Hugh saves Hal. Flamberge mentions that Hal saved Hugh. There was no other interaction between Hal and Hugh.
Accompanied by Hugh, Dalian goes out to eat. Hugh reminds her that they also should look for the owner of the Book of Atonement. Accompanied by Hugh, Dalian goes out to eat. By chance, they see a horde of zombies. They start to look for the owner of the Book of Atonement.
The terrorists use the signboard of a subway station to test the power of the Book of Atonement. The Professor uses a few newspapers to test the power of the Book of Atonement.
Hugh uses the Book of the Feast of the Dead of the Windowless Hall to stop the zombies. Hugh uses the Crastinus Dies Nunquam Sciat to destroy the zombies.
Hugh uses The Great Queen Poem to give more time for Hal and Flamberge to stop the terrorists. -
- Hugh trying to free the girl in the bookshelf never happened in the original. The epilogue, the scene from the future and the flashbacks showing the girl in white and Dalian's past are also anime-only.



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