Book of Soul Exchange
Episode 4
Episode 4

Episode 04: The Ressurection

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Kankon no Sho


August 6, 2011

Adapted from

Chapter 1 (light novel 3)

Manga counterpart

Chapter 1

"Book of Soul Exchange" is the 4th episode of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian anime and the fifth story shown in the adaptation. It's also known as Episode 04: The Resurrection.

The supposedly deceased author Lenny Lents sends a letter to Wesley Disward, asking for his help. Hugh and Dalian decides to investigate the case, which may involve a Phantom Book.[1]


A man is using a typewriter. A woman unlocks the door of his room to check his work. He asks her to fulfill her end of the agreement. After looking what he wrote, she says it isn’t enough. She grabs a knife and attacks the man. A mysterious book is shown.

Dalian reads a book ordered by Hugh. She’s frustrated because he had ordered only the first two books of the Crown of the Dog Days trilogy. However, the third one is unavailable, since the author Lenny Lents passed away when he was assaulted by a criminal. The supposed dead writer had send a letter to Wesley, asking for his help and mentioning a strange book. Dalian wants to leave immediately to investigate the case.


Hugh and Dalian meet Paula.

They meet a blonde woman at Lenny’s place. Hugh affirms he and Dalian came for a visit and that the author had a close relationship with Wesley. Apparently, the author doesn’t like to be disturbed during his work. Right now, he’s writing a new novel. Hugh notices the woman was washing the blood off a knife. The woman introduces herself as Paula Lents, Lenny’s wife. She affirms a meeting would be arranged for tomorrow. While preparing to drive off, Hugh and Dalian discuss about the suspicious woman. She couldn’t be what she stated earlier. After all, Lenny dedicated his previous works to his deceased wife Bevis.

Meeting Leticia

Hugh and Dalian find Leticia and the body of Lenny Lents.

At night, Paula locks the shack next to Lenny’s residence from the outside. She’s holding a knife dripping blood, leaving a trail on the snow. Hugh and Dalian appear to investigate the storage room. They smell blood inside it. Hugh uses his lighter to illuminate the place. When Dalian stumbles, they find the body of Lenny Lents. They also meet Leticia Serkis, the author’s lover. She’s locked inside a cage. Leticia explains Lenny remained there for her. Hugh tries to open the cage, but she says they should go back tomorrow, leaving her behind and escaping with Lenny. 

Meeting Lenny

Lenny writes a message of help.

The next day, Hugh goes to the post office to collect a letter while Dalian tries some of his biscuits. She doesn't like the taste. Dalian says she’s interested in the case, since the strange book mentioned could be a Phantom Book. Hugh drives back to Lenny’s place, where they have tea with Paula. Dalian is impatient to see the author. Paula is shown to know a lot about the Crown of the Dog Days trilogy. However, Dalian has memorized more details about the novels. As a reward, Paula allows them to see Lenny, unlocking the door of his study. It’s surprising to see the man alive after what Hugh and Dalian saw last night. Lenny heard about them from Paula. He pretends to be working while typing a message of help. He asks them to save Leticia and ignore him in exchange for the last volume of his trilogy. Paula watches them. Lenny act as if he had made a mistake and rips the paper. Hugh asks for his autograph. The author signs the book Dalian is carrying. When he gives the book back, he also delivers the paper he had just ripped in a way to hide it from Paula. Outside, Dalian confirms Lenny’s handwriting. Hugh concludes the letter was written by the man they just met. Dalian is excited to read the last volume of the series.

Dantalian no Shoka - 04 - Large 21

Paula reveals herself as a maniac fan of Lenny's works.

Later that night, Hugh and Dalian check the storage room again. They see the body of Leticia. Dalian mentions the Book of Soul Exchange. Lenny appears at the door. Paula is right behind him, asking Hugh to put his gun down. Hugh has no choice when she shoots one of Lenny’s legs. While holding a book, Paula locks Hugh and Dalian inside the cage. Paula knew they would interfere when she saw the traces on the carbon paper inside the typewriter. Hugh had investigated the woman. Her real name is Paula Dickinson, a maniac fan famous in the publishing industry. Her love for Lenny’s works turned her into a criminal. The author holds the body of his lover. Paula wants a satisfying ending for the Crown of the Dog Days trilogy. She shoots Lenny in the head to educate him. A magic circles shines under the bodies of the couple. Leticia is revived, but she is killed again by Paula soon after.

Ras Alhague monster

Paula is attacked by the Ras Alhague monster.

The circle reappears, this time reviving Lenny. Dalian explains Paula is holding the Phantom Book called “Ras Alhague”. The book brings a dead person back to life when another life is offered. The couple has been in a cycle of life and death. Paula would commit murder every day, otherwise their bodies would soon rot away. She keeps killing them, using all the bullets from Hugh’s revolver. Paula also hits Lenny with the butt of her rifle. She cannot accept how Lenny wants to finish his last novel. Dalian criticizes the ending Paula has in mind. Infuriated, Paula shoots the writer’s head off. This time, both the victims stand up. Dalian explains they have developed resistance to death. Lenny and Leticia fuse into a magical being. Paula shoots it but ends up consumed by the creature while screaming in pain. The keys fall next to the cage. Out of her prison, Hugh collects the Ras Alhague from the floor. Dalian grants him the right to open the Library. However, he says there is no need for that. They pray for Lenny and Leticia when they disappear. Eventually, Hugh and Dalian collect the draft for the last part of the Crown of the Dog Days trilogy. However, Dalian hates the novel and decides to write a new version with Hugh.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The biscuits Dalian tries were manufactured by Ga-inax Bakery Co Ld.[1] It's a reference to Gainax, the studio that produced the anime.
    • The snacks are digestive biscuits from a British manufacturer. The Hovis brand was launched in 1886.[8]
  • Hugh and Dalian probably went to the Threadneedle Street, in the City of London, to collect Lenny's draft. The scene shows part of the Bank of England, the second oldest central bank in operation today, established in 1694.[9]

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