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Colonel's wife (right), next to Estella, her granddaughter.

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Chapter 4 (light novel 2);
Episode 2

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Estella's grandmother, Elvis Lilburn's wife, is the woman responsible for the psychotic behavior of her granddaughter, raising her in a cruel way. Her name was never mentioned. She is part of the Book of Fetus story.


She would abuse Estella during her childhood.[1] In the anime, she is shown hitting her with a whip or locking her in a dark room.[2] Colonel Lilburn's wife is descendant of a foreign aristocrat. Her ancestors were hunted down in their country due to a series of murders. She's part of a family that educated the females in a special way, resulting in psychological changes that caused them to have an impulse to kill.

Estella's ancestors

The backstory of Estella's ancestors, hunted down from their country because of a string of murders.

Her husband created a golem to hide the evidences of the murders she committed. She had already died before the events of the Book of Fetus.[1]


She's only seen in the flashbacks of Episode 2. The Colonel's wife appears abusing her granddaughter without remorse, even when she begged. She would scold and punish Estella, for instance, when she stained her dress. Nothing else was revealed about her relationship with her family.[2]


She appears briefly in Episode 2, in flashbacks. Her hair is in an updo, much like Estella's. She's wearing a cushioned, long-sleeved dress with ruffled collar.[2]


Hugh finds some records of the murders around the Colonel's family. Possibly, his wife was the culprit of some of the 100 cases. After murdering Martin Geese, Estella profusely apologizes to her late grandmother when she realizes the bloodstains on her dress.

Dalian reads a book about the Lilburn family and discovers the backstory of Colonel Lilburn's wife and her ancestors. Soon after, when Estella stabs Hugh, Dalian explains the Colonel created the Golem to hide the evidences of the murders committed by his wife and granddaughter. In the anime, while Hugh is reading The Clay Tablet of Ugarit, flashbacks show that Estella was raised by an abusing grandmother.

After the climax, Dalian conjectures that the Lilburn family educated the females in a special way throughout the generations, which made them undergo psychological changes.[1]

  • Estella and her grandparents.
  • The Colonel's wife, abusing her granddaughter Estella.
  • The Colonel's wife, abusing her granddaughter Estella.
  • The Colonel's wife, abusing her granddaughter Estella.
  • The Colonel's wife, abusing her granddaughter Estella.

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  • Apparently, she's using a brooch for the photograph. Perhaps is the same amber brooch Estella uses throughout Episode 2.

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