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Mubou no Sho




Chapter 5 (light novel 4)


It gives the reader the ability to possess different forms.




In Mithril’s possession

Faceless Book is a Phantom Book used by Mithril to disguise herself and obtain supernatural abilities. The Phantom Book is present in the Phantom Book Thief and Vignette of Eternal Twilight stories.

It’s a mask with no nose, mouth or other features.[1]


The Faceless Book is owned by Mithril, the Phantom Book Thief known for stealing many Phantom Books.[1]


The Phantom Book has ancient knowledge about rituals for obtaining supernatural abilities. It allows the user to possess thousands of different forms. The person can even disguise himself as a deity, absorbing a divine spirit and gaining its divine powers. For instance, Mithril used the Phantom Book while pretending to be the Scarlet Robe. In this form, Mithril easily reached the window of a three-story tower. She ran as fast as a motorcycle, never running out of breath, and jumped from a high wall, as if ignoring gravity. Mithril also disguised herself as a three-meter grim reaper doll summoned by the Marquise. Disguised as a young detective, Mithril dodged the attacks from Hildegard’s familiars, showing inhuman dexterity. The Faceless Book has wisdom about theurgy[1], the practice of magical rituals performed with the intention of invoking the action or evoking the presence of one or more deities.[2]

The Faceless Book manipulates people's perception. It can change the user's clothes and physique. The Phantom Book won't be able to copy things that are too complex. For instance, it couldn't copy Shura's camera due to its internal mechanisms, nor the gargoyles summoned by the Marquise. On the other hand, dolls that look like humans are easily copied. The user can deactivate the power without removing the mask.[3]


Phantom Book Thief[]

The Faceless Book was first used by Mithril when she was pretending to be the Scarlet Robe. She was seen by Hal and Flamberge running on the ramparts of the Reizl Castle, carrying an unconscious Elisha. Mithril easily jumps to the ground, as if ignoring gravity. Hal barely reaches her with his motorcycle. Mithril never ran out of breath. The thief escapes effortlessly.

Soon after, Mithril appears as Yuna, Elisha’s personal doctor. She checks the young girl, showing remarkable professionalism. Yuna was supposed to be taking care of Elisha while Hal, Flamberge, Ben and the police are investigating the basement of the Reizl Castle, looking for Hildegard, the real Scarlet Robe. There, in the middle of an intense battle, Mithril appears, disguised as a young detective, a subordinate of Inspector Grosseteste. Mithril shows incredible dexterity, stealing the Decorative Plywood of Merneith from Hildegard’s hands and dodging the attacks from her familiars. During the confrontation, she's seen wearing the Faceless Book. She reveals herself as the Phantom Book Thief. Mithril disappears after helping Hal destroy Hildegard’s soul. Later, the real young detective is found in the castle’s pantry, unconscious, with no recollection of what happened.

Hal and Flamberge find Yuna inside the basement. Hal exposes the doctor as Mithril. The thief removes a mask with no features from her breast pocket. She puts on the Faceless Book soon after. Hal wants to destroy the Phantom Book, but he has no chance, since Mithril uses its power to obtain supernatural abilities. Mithril easily avoids Hal’s attack. She leaves the basement, disappearing once again with the Phantom Book.[1]

Vignette of Eternal Twilight[]

Grosseteste, accompanied by the police officer Harban, approaches Hugh. The inspector talks about Mithril. She's a master of disguise. She escaped the crime scene many times by pretending to be a police officer. Later, Hugh and the others enter the world created by the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. The Marquise sends grim reaper dolls to kill them. One of the creatures starts to destroy the others. The contours of the traitor grim reaper distort. The monster turns into Harban. Soon after, he turns into a beautiful woman. Mithril removes the mask from her face. She had been disguised as a police officer. Dalian recognizes the Faceless Book, a Phantom Book which allows the reader to have other's strength and appearance. The thief was pretending to be one of the Marquise's familiars. After all, in that world, the Marquise has absolute power. The Marquise shows up, this time summoning terrible gargoyles. According to Mithril, it would be difficult to copy the monsters and escape.

Hugh and the others manage to destroy the world inside the Vignette of Eternal Twilight. They return to the real world. Detective Marchbanks immediately catches Mithril. Later, Hugh and Dalian meet Shura. The photojournalist is not holding a camera. Grosseteste shows up, affirming that the thief is being guarded by reliable men. The inspector was relieved because Marchbanks took the Faceless Book from Mithril. However, Hugh affirms that Marchbanks is Mithril's henchman. The mask seized by the police is a fake. Grosseteste runs away, trying to find the thief. Hugh knows that Mithril is disguising herself as Shura. Once again, she turns into a beautiful woman in white coat. She removes the Faceless Book from her face. Hugh saw through her disguise because the real Shura was always holding a camera. He knows that the Faceless Book can't copy complex mechanisms. Mithril puts on her mask. She jumps over a high wall, disappearing. The real Shura was captured by the police. They think that Shura is the thief in disguise.[3]



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