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Original Name


Romanized Name

Fata Morugāna




Chapter 3 (light novel 5)


It creates illusions on the surface of water.


Hugh Anthony Disward


Inside the Dantalian's Bookshelf

Fata Morgana is a Phantom Book used by Hugh to create an illusion and lift the Atlantic Rim curse. The Phantom Book is present in The Logbook story.

It’s a book written in foreign language.[1]


The Fata Morgana is contained inside the Labyrinth Library. It’s a secret Druid poem found among the ancient ruins of Gaul. [1]Fata Morgana” is the term given to a complex form of mirage that is seen in a narrow band right above the horizon.[2]


It confuses sailors by creating illusions on the surface of water. For instance, it was used by Hugh to summon the image of New York in the distance, replacing the foggy world created by the Atlantic Rim curse.[1]


Jessica is about to be eaten by the crocodiles aboard the Atlantic Rim. Hugh opens the Labyrinth Library and reads the Fata Morgana. The crocodiles freeze, the fog covering the ship gives place to a clear blue sky. In the distance, Jessica recognizes the east coast of America. Dalian explains the powers of the Phantom Book. The parrot responsible for the Atlantic Rim curse eagerly stares at the port. It's like if the ship had reached its destination after many years drifting in a world covered in fog. The curse is finally lift. The ghost ship sinks. Hugh and the others aboard the lifeboat are rescued. The parrot is also taken by the sea.[1]


  • Gaul was a historical region of Western Europe during the Iron Age that was inhabited by Celtic tribes.[3]
    • A druid was a member of the high-ranking class in ancient Celtic cultures. In Irish-language literature, the druids are sorcerers with supernatural powers.[4]
  • Fata Morgana may explain the appearance of ghost ships[2] such as the Atlantic Rim.[1]
    • This kind of mirage gives a ghostly and unusual appearance to ships. It sometimes causes a ship to appear to float.[2]
    • "La Fata Morgana" is the name of Morgan le Fay in Italian. She's a powerful enchantress in the Arthurian legend, associated with the Irish goddess Morrigan.[5] The Great Queen Poem contains the goddess' secret spell.[6]


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