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Final Chapter
Final Chapter Dalianchan
Final Chapter

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July 9, 2012



The Final Chapter of the yonkoma manga Dalian-chan's Bookshelf shows Hugh and Dalian confronting the Devil to escape the RPG world.[1] It's a sequel of Chapter 11.[2]


The synopsis reveals that Hugh and Dalian overcame many difficulties, although Hugh doesn’t remember this part of the adventure. Now, they reached the Devil’s castle. Hugh is not confident, since he doesn’t have weapons, but Dalian affirms that he still has hands and feet. They follow the signs pointing to the Devil’s castle and finally reach a little house which looks more like a mushroom. It’s revealed that the Devil is in fact Rasiel. Dalian wonders what she’s doing. Rasiel screams at her, demanding respect.


Rasiel reveals herself as the Devil.

Rasiel says that her aide is enough to deal with Hugh and Dalian. She calls her aide, who is revealed to be the Professor. Dalian tells Hugh to defeat him. However, the Professor is a level 99 character, and he will be using his concoctions to battle. Hugh, a level 1 character, is not confident. Dalian reveals that she picked up weapons and shields on the way to the castle. Hugh is discouraged after seeing the low-level equipment Dalian gathered.


The Professor threatens Hugh and Dalian.

The Professor is ready to defeat Hugh. Suddenly, the Professor is hit by a coffin. Flamberge and Hal are late, since they were leveling up. Now they are almost level 1000 characters. Hal even has a high-level sword. The couple beats the Professor. Dalian wonders if now they can defeat the Devil. Rasiel pretends that she’s a level 1000 character, but in fact she’s a level 1. With the Professor as an aide, she never expected that she had to fight.

Hugh is ready to defeat Rasiel with his low-level equipment, but she reveals that the challenge is not a simple fight. After some thought, Rasiel explains that the challenge is a rock paper scissors game. Rasiel reveals that she never lost against the Professor, but Dalian is sure that the Professor lets her win. Rasiel and Dalian play their hands. Hugh can’t see their game, since their hands are covered by their oversized sleeves. Nonetheless, it’s revealed that Dalian is the winner. Defeated, Rasiel runs to the arms of her wounded partner. Hugh expresses that he always knew that Dalian could win. Dalian seems surprised. Hugh and Dalian return to their world.

Hugh wakes up. He affirms that he had a strange dream, but that he doesn’t remember anything. Dalian sees Hugh as a carefree man. She affirms that she was happy with what Hugh told her. Hugh doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Dalian says that he’s noisy.[1]

Dalianchan Final

Dalian is happy with Hugh's words.



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