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Japanese Name


Romanized Name



Flam/Fran (フラン Furan)

Francesca (フランチェスカ Furanchesuka)

Silver Biblioprincess (銀の読姫 Gin no Yomihime)

Broken Biblioprincess (壊れた読姫 Kowareta Yomihime)

Shiny Silver Head (銀ピカ頭 Gin Pika Atama)

Slanted Eyes (ツリ目 Tsuri-me)


Chapter 5 (light novel 1);
Episode 6


Hal Kamhout

Voice actor

Ami Koshimizu



Flamberge, known in the past as Francesca, is the Silver Biblioprincess. Her body is the access to the Long Lost Library, where Phantom Books are sealed and used as magical source for her key-keeper Hal Kamhout. She’s part of the Libricide, Book of Atonement, Phantom Book Thief, Paradise and Phantom Book of the King stories.


Hal knew Francesca as a strange girl living in a clock tower. She was a friend of the woman precious to Hal. On a winter day, the clock tower collapsed. Francesca, later known as Flamberge, lost her memories. Somehow, Flamberge became mentally unstable and turned into the vessel containing the Long Lost Library, and Hal became a Book Burning Officer and her key-keeper. Sometimes she hears voices in her head, fragments of memories from before the breakdown.

Hal carries Flamberge in his travels, looking for Phantom Books to burn. He uses the Phantom Books inside the Long Lost Library as magical source for his weapon.[1] A few people know about the existence of the Silver Biblioprincess.[2] Hal and Flamberge are Grosseteste’s acquaintances.[3]

Long Lost Library[]

The Long Lost Library (ロング・ロスト・ライブラリ Rongu Rosuto Raiburari) is a depository of Phantom Books contained inside Flamberge’s body. Hal has the golden keys used to access it. The keys are magically sealed inside his right hand, as indicated by the beautiful crimson jewel at the back of it. He opens the library to obtain unnamed Phantom Books and load them in his staff, which he uses as a weapon.

When Hal wants to open the Long Lost Library, he squeezes his right hand. A bunch of old golden keys suddenly appears in it. He recites the words written on the keys by saying “Broken Biblioprincess, Flamberge! I ask of thee. Art thou mankind?”. Flamberge lets out a crazy laugh. Every time Hal swings the keys, they ring like a musical instrument, making one of the locks on her straitjacket open. Finally free from her shackles, Flamberge throws off her robe, revealing her white naked body. She answers “No. I am heaven… the fallen heaven” in a hoarse voice. Hal opens the silver zipper that extends from her left breast to her right thigh, revealing a gap of impenetrable darkness. Hal or Flamberge herself reach inside the portal to grab a Phantom Book.[2][3]

In the anime, Hal has a silver-and-blue mark on his right hand. He summons a silver key to open the solitary lock at Flamberge’s chest. After her straitjacket is removed, her shiny body floats in front of Hal. She lets out a scream of excruciating pain when he removes a Phantom Book from the gap on her abdomen.[4]


Flamberge is mentally unstable, as indicated by the straitjacket she wears and the crazy laugh she lets out sometimes. Her laugh has a hint of madness, especially when she sees fragments of her past. She doesn’t seem to mind wearing a straitjacket and how it restricts her movements. She’s mischievous and disrespectful.[3] She’s good with children. She frequently gives nicknames to others.[2] She doesn’t like the gloomy atmosphere of London. Flamberge is always laughing and provoking others, especially Hal, teasing his bad mood.[5] She insinuates that he’s a pervert who likes to put women into straitjackets.[3] She also mentions his taste for little girls and for women’s clothes.[2] She always finds a way to refer to Hal as a fetishist, embarrassing everyone around. Hal is always offending her and telling her to keep quiet. Nonetheless, Flamberge cares for Hal and worries about him. She knows that Hal has a tragic past, so she empathizes with him. She finds funny when he tries to hide his feelings.[1]


Flamberge (light novel)

Flamberge, as seen in the light novel.

Flamberge is a short, beautiful sixteen or seventeen years old girl, with a perfect face, snow-white skin and silvery hair tied into a long ponytail. She looks like a fragile doll. She has a devilish pretty smile. She wears a thick, white fabric held tightly by black leather straps. Although it has some frills and laces, it’s a straitjacket, like the ones used to move dangerous criminals, that restrains her slender body, except for the head and hands. Nine old locks glitter all over the jacket, holding the belts together, preventing her from freeing herself. Her garment always shocks people. The opening to the Long Lost Library is a silver zipper sewn into her porcelain skin.[2] According to Dalian, Flamberge’s yellow eyes are slanted.[5] When Flamberge is riding in Hal’s motorcycle, half of her face is hidden by goggles, similar to the ones used by aviators.[2]

In the anime, Flamberge has violet eyes. Her straitjacket has only a silver lock around her chest. The opening to the Long Lost Library is a gap in her abdomen. In this adaptation, she always places her goggles on the top of her head.[4]

Flamberge intro

Flamberge, as seen in Dalian-chan's Bookshelf.



Hal and Flamberge ride into a lakeside town. Flamberge sits in the sidecar of his motorcycle. They are stopped by Mabel Nash, a policewoman, who wants to know more about the strange couple. Flamberge fails to suppress her laugh. She mentions how strange Hal looks. Flamberge continues to provoke Hal, while he tells her to shut up. Mabel finally notices Flamberge’s inhuman attire. According to Flamberge, she’s dressed like that to satisfy Hal’s tastes.

After more bickering between Flamberge and Hal, Mabel asks about their identities. Flamberge calms the policewoman, ensuring that she’s not being mistreated by Hal. Mabel tells Hal that a merchant selling gasoline will come the day after tomorrow. Hal decides to wait, although the town has no hotels. Flamberge doesn’t want to pass the night in the open air once again. After noticing Flamberge’s disappointment, Mabel offers a place in her small house. Flamberge giggles, wondering if Mabel fell for Hal. Mabel promptly denies it.

Hal and Flamberge follow Mabel through the shopping district. Flamberge provokes Hal when he looks at a brothel. Hal and Flamberge heard rumors about the town. It’s said that more than eighty people disappeared since the end of the war. According to Mabel, it’s a false statement.

They reach Mabel’s beautiful house. Flamberge wonders if Mabel is a corrupt cop. Mabel feels outraged. Inside the house, Patricia, Mabel’s little sister, tells Hal and Flamberge to leave the town. Flamberge wonders if Patricia identified Hal as a pervert.

Hal leaves the house to investigate the town. He confronts a wooden doll carved in the shape of a prostitute. He returns at dawn, only to see Flamberge and Patricia huddled together on the bed of the guest room. Flamberge had read an old book of fairy tales to Patricia, and both fell asleep. Flamberge notices Hal’s presence. She asks if he sneaked into a brothel. Patricia wakes up, trembling with fear. Patricia slept with Flamberge because she worries for the well-being of the guests. Travelers had visited the town before, but they never came back. Hal tells Flamberge that it’s time to go. Flamberge asks if he’s jealous that she became friends with a little girl.

Hal enters a gloomy factory, carrying Flamberge on his shoulder like a bag. Hal explains that the factory is where wooden dolls controlled by magic are built to populate the town, replacing the inhabitants who died during the war. Flamberge laughs when she sees Mabel, who reveals herself as the user of the Rahōto Reihō Kaigen, a Phantom Book which grants the power of creating obedient puppets. Mabel orders the dolls to attack Hal and Flamberge. Hal opens the Long Lost Library. Mabel recognizes the Silver Biblioprincess. Hal reaches into the gap on Flamberge’s body to grab a Phantom Book. He uses the Phantom Book to charge his staff and burn the wooden dolls, the Rahōto Reihō Kaigen, and the corrupted part of Mabel’s soul.

Marbel's dolls (6)

Hal and Flamberge are surrounded by Mabel's dolls.

Hal returns the unconscious Mabel to Patricia. The latter thanks Hal for saving the town and her sister. Hal drives away in his motorcycle. Flamberge, in the sidecar, provokes Hal after noticing his subtle smile. Hal tells her to shut up. Their bickering starts once again.[2]

Book of Atonement[]

Hal tells Flamberge to shup up as she complains about the gloomy weather. According to Flamberge, the scenery with fog, drizzle and pollution is perfect for an ominous guy like Hal. He explains why he’s driving in circles. Four days ago, a single man attacked the embassy and wounded seven police officers. It’s said that the attacker didn’t stop even after getting shot twenty times. He disappeared when he was touched by sunlight. Flamberge gasps in disgust while thinking about zombies. Hal suspects that the monster was created by a Phantom Book user who was conducting an experiment. Soon, the terrorist will act again, probably to disrupt the post-war reconstruction meeting. Flamberge mocks Hal. After all, it won’t be easy to find the culprit and burn his Phantom Book. However, Hal apparently had already found his target.

Hal confronts Hugh and Dalian, suspecting that they are responsible for the attack at the embassy. Flamberge enthusiastically tells Dalian to not resist. Flamberge laughs at the scene. Hugh asks if Flamberge is a Biblioprincess. Hal attacks Hugh. Dalian tells Flamberge to keep Hal in a cage or on a chain. Hal asks what Hugh and Dalian are doing with a Phantom Book. However, it’s revealed that Hugh and Dalian were only consulting a guidebook with a list of cafes and pastry shops. Flamberge breaks the silence with a burst of laughter, shaking the entire motorcycle. The confrontation is interrupted when shouts are heard from the direction of the metro station. Hal rides away.

Hal drives inside the station, where a group of zombies is threatening the passersby. Flamberge points at the information board. Someone had displayed forbidden knowledge for everyone to read. Those who read the entire transcription turned into zombies. Flamberge laughs, unable to see how Hal will fight so many monsters. Hal is overwhelmed by the zombies, but he’s saved by Hugh and Dalian. The four deduce that the terrorist was conducting another experiment. Flamberge suggests that, next time, the terrorist will put the forbidden knowledge into newspapers to affect a large number of people. An important football match was about to end, and everyone will buy newspapers to read about it. Hal agrees in working with Hugh for a moment. But, later, they will continue their fight

Hugh and Dalian go to the stadium to prolong the match. Meanwhile, Hal and Flamberge find the printing shop used by the terrorists to produce the newspapers with forbidden knowledge. Through the radio, the terrorists notice that the absurd result of the match was not as they expected. Now, the headline they’ve prepared was useless, so Flamberge mocks them. The Leutnant, leader of the terrorists, wants to proceed with the plan of spreading the Phantom Book throughout the capital. He tells his comrade zombies to attack Hal and Flamberge. The Leutnant himself uses the Book of Atonement to turn into a zombie. Hal opens the Long Lost Library to grab a Phantom Book and uses its magical power as fuel for his staff. Hal burns the terrorists and the forbidden knowledge. The Leutnant warns Hal that he’ll burn mankind someday. Hal affirms that he already burned someone precious to him with his own hands. Flamberge stares at his back.

The next day, Hal and Flamberge wait in front of a large museum. Hal had told Hugh to meet there so that they can continue their fight. Flamberge calls Hal a fool and tells him to give up. After all, Hugh will not appear. She rests her chin on her knees and looks at the sky. She sighs as the rain starts to pour down.[5]

Phantom Book Thief[]

Hal drives towards a small castle surrounded by a fortress. In the sidecar, Flamberge burst out laughing, as if to mock him. After all, Hal drove into such wilderness because of a newspaper with an unusual headline. She opens a newspaper published a few days ago. It talks about Mithril, the Phantom Book Thief. The mysterious criminal apparently sent a letter to the police and to the newspapers, warning everyone that he will steal a valuable Phantom Book from Ben Arkin. Flamberge can’t believe how Hal believed in such a story. She wonders if he wants to catch the thief to become famous, or if he became Mithril’s fan. If Ben Arkin really has a Phantom Book, Hal plans to burn it. Flamberge suggests giving a reward to the thief for the information. As always, Hal tells her to shut up. Flamberge affirms that Hal should show gratitude. After all, laughter is good for health.

As they approach the Reizl Castle, Flamberge warns Hal about the rumors about the Arkin estate. It’s said that a demon, the Scarlet Robe, was seen in those lands years ago. She heard about that from the voices in her head. Hal is astonished, realizing that Flamberge still has fragments of memories from before her breakdown. She lets out a laugh with a hint of madness.

The couple is stopped by the police at the gate of the Reizl Castle. The detective is shocked to see Flamberge’s attire. Hal refers to her as a simple doll. Flamberge laughs, removes her goggles and flaps her eyelashes to seduce the detective. She asks if the detective had perverted thoughts. She tells him to relax. According to her, Hal is only a man with strange fetishes. The couple starts bickering, but their loud noise is interrupted when a man in a hunting hat appears. Flamberge recognizes Inspector Grosseteste. The latter tells them leave, since no Phantom Books are involved in the case. Flamberge suggests riding away to play some adult games.

Hal rides along the fortress. Flamberge thinks that they will never find proof that there’s a Phantom Book nearby. She is surprised to see Hal pointing at some magical symbols on the wall. It looks like a barrier that prevents uninvited people from entering the fortress. It’s an ancient protection created with forbidden knowledge from a Phantom Book. Their investigation is interrupted when a monster appears carrying an unconscious little girl on top of the fortress. The creature jumps to the ground, defying gravity. Flamberge affirms that the kidnapper is not human. Hal chases him. Flamberge happily claps her hands, bouncing on the seat as the motorcycle accelerates. Hal ignores her excitement. Hal blocks the kidnapper’s path but, for Flamberge’s disappointment, the monster runs away, leaving the little girl behind.

After saving Elisha, Ben Arkin’s daughter, Hal and Flamberge are invited inside the Reizl Castle. Yuna, Elisha’s personal doctor, didn’t believe that Book Burning Officers existed, because she heard about them from a mentally unstable patient. Flamberge laughs, agreeing that their existence is unreasonable. Hal tells her to shut up. When Elisha wakes up in her bedroom, she feels a little scared with the presence of such unusual couple. Flamberge laughs when Yuna forces Hal into a handshake. Flamberge asks about Elisha’s health. Yuna tells them about the weak little girl. Yuna promises to cure Elisha. The latter thanks Hal and Flamberge for saving her. According to Flamberge, Hal had only lustful desires while acting as a hero.

Because of the straitjacket, Flamberge drags her legs to follow Hal and Elisha to the castle’s library. Flamberge suddenly stops, feeling the blood in the air. The Scarlet Robe had killed the policemen who were waiting for Mithril. The witch recognizes Flamberge and Hal as a Biblioprincess and a key-keeper, respectively, although Hal identifies himself as a Book Burning Officer. The Scarlet Robe sends her familiars to kill the couple. Hal opens the Long Lost Library. He grabs a Phantom Book and uses its magical power to charge his staff. He uses his staff to burn the monsters, although the Scarlet Robe, Elisha’s doppelgänger, remains unharmed. The witch disappears, threatening to take Elisha’s life.

Flamberge and the others learn that Elisha’s doppelgänger is in fact Hildegard, Ben Arkin’s sister. The witch is responsible for the little girl's poor health. Hildegard, after having her soul corrupted by her grandfather’s Phantom Books, had been imprisoned inside the basement of the castle by her own brother. Hal, Flamberge and the policemen find Hildegard while exploring the basement. Hal opens the Long Lost Library once again to obtain the magical power of a Phantom Book. Hildegard uses a barrier to protect herself from the flames of Hal’s staff. Mithril eventually shows up to help Hal. Flamberge removes another Phantom Book from the Long Lost Library. She gives it to Hal. The Book Burning Officer uses his staff to burn Hildegard’s Phantom Book and defeat the witch.

At dawn, Hal and Flamberge meet Yuna inside Hildegard’s basement. Hal exposes Yuna as Mithril, the thief who uses the Faceless Book to disguise herself. Flamberge affirms that Hal only appears to be dumb. Even so, Mithril manages to escape. Mithril tells Hal not to burn himself with his own flame. However, according to Hal, dying by his own flames is the destiny of a Book Burning Officer and his own wish. Flamberge looks sadly at Hal.

When Hal and Flamberge are ready to ride away, Elisha shows up. The little girl wishes to thank Yuna. Elisha knows that Yuna was Mithril in disguise. Nonetheless, Mithril kept her promise and cured Elisha. The little girl feels better now that Hildegard is gone. Hal smiles for a moment. He drives off. Flamberge teases him, noticing how he tried to hide his feelings. She wonders if he likes unfortunate little girls. Hal tells her to shut up. They continue their rude conversation.[3]


Flamberge Hal

Hal and Flamberge reach the Latham Archipelago.

Hal and Flamberge reach the Latham Archipelago aboard a steam vessel. She tells him to look more cheerful to attract the girls in swimwear. According to her, the latest models show a lot of skin. Hal angrily tells her to keep quiet. Her appearance makes a sailor nearby clearly puzzled. She tells the sailor that she’s only pleasing Hal’s perverse tastes. She’s certain that Hal loves the way she looks. The sailor tells the couple to not disturb the other passengers.

The couple finds Haycroft’s house. In Flamberge’s opinion, everything was adorned in bad taste. She asks if Hal likes the ass of one of the sculptures. Hal tells her to keep quiet. When Haycroft shows up, he recognizes Flamberge as a Biblioprincess. Haycroft called for a Book Burning Officer in order to find his missing daughter Oriana, who left home to look for the Book of Paradise. Flamberge wonders if Oriana is already dead. Haycroft believes that she’s still alive. Hal and Flamberge receive a box with Oriana’s belongings. Flamberge opens a small locket with her photograph. Hal checks a small pipe. Flamberge suggests that it’s a tool used for drug intake.

Hal and Flamberge stop on the beach after failing to gather useful information from drug dealers. Flamberge sees a crowd in the distance. It seems like the police is removing a bloody man from a vessel. Flamberge listens to the onlookers’ conversation. It’s said that the victim was attacked by a sea devil. Suddenly, a woman grabs Hal’s staff to support herself. She throws up, feeling seasickness. Flamberge bursts out laughing, pointing a finger at Hal. The stranger apologizes. Flamberge affirms that Hal loves when busty beauties vomit on him. The stranger laughs, finding the couple funny. Lucrece recognizes the pipe in Hal’s hands as a tool for the consumption of Paradise Pieces. Lucrece tells Hal where he should go to know more about it.

Hal obtains valuable information at the Driftwood Pavilion. In the evening, Hal and Flamberge try to find a boat to reach the Holy Land of the Sea Devils, where the Paradise Pieces are extracted, and where Oriana may be. However, no one is willing to take them. At first, Bonnie Lee also refuses them, but Lucrece shows up to convince her. Hal and the three women sail to the Holy Land of the Sea Devils. Flamberge watches Lucrece suffering from seasickness once again. Bonnie gets as close as possible to the island with her boat. Hal lifts Flamberge as a sack of potatoes and walks into a cave. They find the Paradise Pieces. Flamberge suggests collecting them to make profit, but Hal tells her to shut up. Hal throws Flamberge off his shoulder. She lands on her foot, on a rock. She looks angrily at her companion. The couple hears a melodious voice. Flamberge laughs, remembering how the Sicilian sea creatures used to sing to charm sailors. Hal realizes that the voice is reading a Phantom Book. Hal collapses.

Hal relives a moment from his past. He meets a pretty woman precious to him. She came to see her friend Francesca who lives in the clock tower. Hal believes that Francesca is a ghost, but the pretty woman affirms that she’s real. According to the pretty woman, although a freak, Francesca is a nice person. Hal and Francesca may have a lot in common.

Flamberge Cave

Flamberge explores the Holy Land of the Sea Devils.

Meanwhile, Flamberge examines the translucent stalactites that fill the cave. There are humans and sea devils inside them. She finds the reader of the Phantom Book, the Sea Devil Queen. It’s revealed that the Paradise Pieces attract people to the Holy Land of the Sea Devils using the happy memories of their lives. The victims are used as power for the Book of Paradise. Flamberge lets out a mad laugh. She’s still awake because she has no memories of her past. She forgot everything when the clock tower collapsed.

Flamberge watches as a viscous substance covers the body of the unconscious Hal. He’s about to be trapped inside a stalactite, and Flamberge has no way to prevent that. However, Flamberge reveals that she’s not the only person without happy memories. Hal wakes up. He opens the Long Lost Library to grab a Phantom Book and use it as fuel for his staff. He burns the stalactites, the Book of Paradise and its user.

After freeing the victims of the Book of Paradise, including Oriana, the couple returns to the main island. Flamberge suggests that they enjoy the resort. Hal was hoping to meet another Biblioprincess in the Latham Archipelago. Lucrece mentions a girl named Dalian wearing a blue dress. Due to the description, Hal and Flamberge do not think Lucrece is referring to the Black Biblioprincess. Flamberge insists on going to the beach, but Hal refuses. Now in a serious tone, Flamberge asks if Hal had a happy dream. Hal affirms that he doesn’t remember. Flamberge stares at him as he walks away.[1]

Phantom Book of the King[]

Hal Flamberge Nile

The heat makes Flamberge uncomfortable.

Flamberge is sitting on the steps of a narrow staircase. She’s frustrated with the high temperature. She tells Hal to do a performance so that they can get some money for a hotel. He tells her to shut up. Flamberge says that Africa is as hot as ever, as if she had visited the continent before. However, she laughs, admitting that she has amnesia. She’s accompanying Hal in his mission to follow Lazarus Goldin, the Newspaper King. According to Flamberge, not even Hal has a face as evil as Goldin’s. The Newspaper King probably used illicit ways to make his career. Flamberge doesn’t like him from the start. In the past, Goldin traveled with Gaveston, the man who found the Phantom Book Cemetery. Flamberge remembers Gaveston affirming that the legendary place exists, although he showed no proof. Now, Goldin is preparing an expedition to the Phantom Book Cemetery. Hal suspects that Goldin has a Phantom Book.

A young girl accidentally lets go of her suitcase. The luggage hits Hal, and the couple is buried under a mountain of clothes. Flamberge tells the young girl not to worry, since Hal loves to wear women’s clothes. Hal tells Flamberge to stop talking nonsense. The young girl, Ernie, points at Flamberge, wondering why she’s dressed in such unusual way. Ernie concludes that Hal is a slave trader. She tells him to release Flamberge. He introduces himself as a Book Burning Officer. Ernie leaves to meet someone else.

Ernie has a brief conversation with Hugh and Dalian. Hal interrupts them to confront Hugh. Hal seizes a notebook from Hugh and inserts in his own pocket. Flamberge and Dalian agree that they have troublesome companions. The couples argue with each other. Flamberge calls Dalian shorty. Dalian grits her teeth and squeals in anger as Flamberge raises her middle finger.

Goldin shows up. Hal threatens to burn his Phantom Book. Hal is ready to open the Long Lost Library, but Goldin orders him to freeze. Hal is unable to oppose Goldin, user of the Book of Royal Power. Goldin tells Hal to drown himself in the Nile. Hugh shoots Hal. Flamberge calls his companion’s name. Hugh and Dalian follow Goldin to the ship bound for the Phantom Book Cemetery. Flamberge bends over Hal’s body. She shouts, asking what Hugh is planning. Her eyes show insane amusement. Without turning around, Hugh replies that he did what he had to do.

Hal wakes up inside a dark room, his head resting on Ernie’s lap. Flamberge is sat by the wall, smiling. She reveals that Ernie took care of him all night. Flamberge throws Hugh’s notebook to Hal. It’s revealed that Hugh shot the notebook in Hal’s pocket. Hugh did that to save Hal from the unbeatable influence of the Book of Royal Power. Ernie and Flamberge carried the unconscious Hal to the ship, as planned by Hugh.

On the deck of the ship, Hugh notices that Dalian is very upset. She didn’t like to see him chatting with Flamberge. Dalian disapproves Flamberge running errands for a Book Burning Officer. Hugh thinks about Flamberge. Dalian wonders if Hugh wants to tie some girl or to be tied himself. Hugh affirms that Flamberge is a beautiful girl. Dalian affirms that Flamberge is only a little higher than her, with legs a little longer, with a chest a little larger. Dalian rages with her own thoughts.

Hal, Flamberge and Ernie approach Hugh and Dalian. Flamberge is wet from head to toe due to the leakages from the roof. She shakes her head like a dog. She complains to Hugh. Because of him, she had to spent the whole night in a cramped little room. She almost died of boredom. Luckily, Flamberge found a box with fruits. She bites a piece of melon. There’s nothing left for Dalian. The latter feels insulted.

Dalian reveals the little she knows about the Book of Royal Power. Flamberge shames her for her lack of knowledge. Hal wants to burn the Phantom Book but, according to Flamberge, he will lose control of his body once again. Flamberge rolls across the deck when the ship hits a giant crocodile. She’s excited to see the monsters. Hal opens the Long Lost Library. He grabs a Phantom Book to use as magical power for his staff. However, the creatures are not affected by the flames released from Hal’s staff. Flamberge laughs, teasing Hal. Goldin shows up to save the ship from the creatures. He notices Hal and Flamberge on the deck. Goldin loses his trust in Hugh.

Dalian and Flamberge are tied to each other at the corner of Goldin’s wagon. Hugh and Hal are forced to pull the vehicle along Goldin’s crew. Dalian doesn’t want to be treated the same way as they are treating Flamberge. The Silver Biblioprincess affirms that Dalian looks great. Dalian butts the back of Flamberge’s head. Dalian blames Hal and Flamberge for their misfortune. Hal falls to his knees, exhausted. Flamberge teases him. She smiles when Ernie kisses Hal’s cheek to heal his wound.

The group reaches the Phantom Book Cemetery. The Book of Royal Power goes out of control. Hal tries to stop Goldin. The latter tells Hal to kill Flamberge and then kill himself. Hal grabs her by the neck. Hugh removes four Books of Royal Power from the Dantalian’s Bookshelf. Hal regains control of his own body. Flamberge realizes that the Phantom Book Cemetery is the home of the Books of Royal Power.

Now that Goldin has no power, the crew rebels against him. He runs towards Flamberge, planning to use her as hostage, but he’s knocked down by Ernie, who reveals to be Gaveston II. Flamberge knew that Ernie was a man when she looked into the contents of his briefcase. Flamberge affirms that she’s not as stupid as Hal. They run back to the ship as a volcanic eruption starts. Hal wants to fight Hugh and Dalian, but the couple uses the Book of the Descendant of the Mist to escape. Flamberge laughs, feeling lonely without them. She shows no enthusiasm for the rest of the journey.[6]

Song of the Unseen Tomorrow (anime-only)[]

The newspapers with the transcription of the Book of Atonement are produced. Rasiel and the Professor are ready to proceed with the plan of turning the inhabitants of London into zombies and disrupting the post-war reconstruction meeting. However, accompanied by Flamberge, Hal shows up to destroy the newspapers with the flames from his staff. Rasiel and the Professor walk away. Hal wants to follow them, but Flamberge tells him to give up. They hear the voice of Dalian asking for help. After all, Hugh had been shot by the Professor. Later, Flamberge appears sat in the sidecar of Hal’s motorcycle. She finds funny how Hal saved Hugh and Dalian. She wonders if Hal will give a Phantom Book to them next time. Hal dismisses her sarcastic remark.[7]

Dalian-chan's Bookshelf[]

In Chapter 2, Hugh is tending the garden of the Disward estate, when suddenly Flamberge shows up, affirming that Hal can help, although the place would be in a serious risk of being burned down. She reveals that she was walking with Hal, when he had the urge to go to the bathroom. Flamberge decided to wait Hal in the garden. Flamberge reveals that Rasiel is also nearby. The latter is stuck in a bush. After Rasiel is released, she complains about the dilapidated state of the garden. According to her, she was stuck because she had tripped over ivy. However, Flamberge affirms that Rasiel tripped on her own dress. Rasiel screams at her, embarrassed. Rasiel explains that she was walking with the Professor to buy groceries, but she decided to wait for him in the garden to avoid the crowd. Flamberge angers Rasiel by saying that the Professor must be looking for a naughty magazine.

Dalian shows up. She’s not happy to see Rasiel and Flamberge. Dalian wants someone to leave. Flamberge and Rasiel stare at Hugh, as if telling him to go away. Hugh uses the opportunity to ask for the girls’ help to tend to the garden. Dalian refuses, but she quickly changes her mind when Hugh bribes her with fried breads. Flamberge also wants fried breads, but Dalian refuses to share. Flamberge uses her hair to make a grass sculpture in the shape of a sensual female bust. Hal interrupts the work. He offends Flamberge and tells her to go sit in the motorcycle. They ride away.[8]

Garden Dalianchan

Flamberge and Dalian help with the garden.

In Chapter 3, Flamberge and Hal compete in an obstacle course. Flamberge is confident that she will have an easy win. Her trash talk makes Dalian even more determined. The competition starts. The first part of the race is hurdling. While Dalian is having trouble, Hal easily overtakes her. He dashes through the course, pushing the tires away while holding Flamberge under his arm. Next, they must climb a wall using a rope. Dalian looks at Flamberge and Hal satisfied. After all, Flamberge won’t be able to climb with her straitjacket. However, Hal simply launches Flamberge over the wall.

At the last part of the race, the competitors must grab one of the pieces of paper on the floor and cross the finish line with the thing described on the paper. The paper chosen by the Professor and Rasiel contains the words “white coat”. They are lucky, since the Professor is always wearing a white coat. However, Hal shows up, revealing that he also has to cross the finish line with a white coat. Hal and Flamberge run after Rasiel and the Professor. Hugh and Dalian win the race. Rasiel and the Professor finish second. Flamberge is angry because the Professor didn’t share his white coat. Flamberge and Hal were disqualified.[9]

In Chapter 5, Flamberge and Hal visit the Disward estate for a Christmas party. They brought meat. It seems like Hal just caught a live chicken. Flamberge criticizes Dalian and Rasiel’s paper rings. Flamberge uses her feet to try it. She does an amazing job. The Christmas party starts. Flamberge and Hal brought a gift. Hal appears with a huge, intimidating box. It seems like there’s a beast inside. Flamberge tells everyone to be careful.[10]

In Chapter 6, it's revealed that Flamberge and Hal sent a New Year card to Hugh and Dalian. The letter is black, apparently burned.[11] In Chapter 7, Dalian invites Flamberge and Rasiel to make Valentine's Day chocolates. Flamberge shows up with the ingredients. Dalian is unhappy because Flamberge bought chocolates from a store. Flamberge affirms that those chocolates are enough to convey her feelings for Hal. Since Flamberge won’t have chocolates to make, she will do the tasting. Dalian and Rasiel prepare some chocolates. Dalian asks Flamberge to taste. The latter immediately collapses. She wakes up after a while. She seems scared, as if she was close to death. She’s ready to give her chocolate to Hal. She puts a chocolate-coated biscuit stick in her mouth. Since she can’t use her hands, it’s the only way to give it to Hal. He bites the opposite end of the stick.[12]

In Chapter 11, Hugh activates the Book of Adventure by accident, so he and Dalian enter a RPG world. They must defeat the Devil to return home. They decide to go to the nearest town. Suddenly, they see Hal dragging Flamberge. Hugh and Dalian pretend that they didn’t see someone familiar, but Flamberge notices their presence. Flamberge explains that she was sleeping close to Hugh, in secret, so she was also trapped inside that world. She believes that she can defeat the Devil before Hugh and Dalian. Hugh and Dalian visit an equipment store. Hugh looks like a clown with the costume he chose. He removes the costume, mad with Flamberge’s laughter. He asks if Flamberge and Hal bought something. It’s revealed that they bought a coffin, so that Hal can drag Flamberge around without any pain. Flamberge explains that Hugh and Dalian are unable to buy equipment without money. Hal and Flamberge were able to get money by looking into people’s chests and pots.[13]

In the Final Chapter, Hugh and Dalian confront the Devil and her aide, revealed to be Rasiel and the Professor, respectively. Suddenly, the Professor is hit by a coffin. Flamberge and Hal are late, since they were leveling up. Now they are almost level 1000 characters, more than enough to defeat the Professor. Hal even has a high-level sword. The couple beats the Professor, a level 99 character.[14]

Level 999

Flamberge and Hal are ready to battle.


  • Ami Koshimizu voices Mai Shiranui from The King of Fighters, Yukiko Amagi from Persona and Kallen Stadtfeld from Code Geass.[15]
    • In interview, the voice actor affirms that she had fun while playing Flamberge, although it was only in two episodes. Koshimizu was happy to see Flamberge and Hal's relationship, and to feel Flamberge's love for Hal.[16]
    • Koshimizu tried to say her lines as if she loved Hal but at the same time hid her feelings.[16]
    • Koshimizu jokes that every time Hal says "shut up, trash" to Flamberge, the voice actor imagines that he means to say "I love you, Flam".[16]
    • Hal is Koshimizu's favorite character other than Flamberge.[16]
  • Flamberge is an undulating blade that is found on both long blades and rapiers. A flame-bladed sword or wave-bladed sword has a characteristically undulating style of blade. The wave in the blade is often considered to contribute a flame-like quality to the appearance of a sword.[17] In Norse mythology, the weapon wielded by the giant Surtr, is referred to as a "flaming sword".[18] Hal wields the Staff of Disaster of the Fire Giant Surtr.[2]
  • A flamberge blade is part of Flamberge's coat of arms.[19]
  • Flamberge is the only Biblioprincess not adapted to the manga.[20]
    • She's the only main character not featured in a fragment.[21]
  • There's a sketch of Flamberge in Dalian Days, volume 2.[22]
  • Flamberge is featured on the cover of the August 2010 issue of The Sneaker.
  • To promote the anime, volumes 1 to 7 of the light novel were released with new covers depicting the character designs from the adaptation. Flamberge was featured in volume 3.[23]


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