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The Lovers
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The Little Jealous Girl

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December, 2008 (The Sneaker)





"The Lovers" is the 1st fragment of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 2. The special chapter is also labeled as "The Little Jealous Girl".

A man becomes emotionally unstable after he was abandoned by his girlfriend. A young man and a petite girl decide to intervene.[1]


A depressed man is sat on a bench. Everyone at the park can see his sad crying. The man has a dagger against his wrist, ready to kill himself. A young man and a black-haired girl approach him. The young man soon regrets his decision to ask what's happening. The unhappy man explains that he had been abandoned by his girlfriend. He loved her, but she betrayed him. She had a change of heart. The petite girl asks if he would ever do the same. The man affirms that he would never betray his lover. The girl gives a book to the man.

After a few days, the young man meets the man once again. The latter is smiling. He has a sandwich on his lap. It was prepared by his girlfriend. The young man asks if the relationship has resumed, but that is not the case. The man happily hugs his book. Although no one else notices it, his new girlfriend appears when he starts to read. She’s beautiful and caring. Sometimes he would mumble to himself while flipping through the book, as if there was a loved one at his side.

The young man sees him again after a few days. Again, he seems very happy, talking to himself. However, he has a different book in his hands. The man just received this new book. According to him, he doesn’t hate the previous book, but the current one suits him better. While reading the new book, a new lover would appear to him. This one is more caring and attractive.

A few days passed. The young man and the black-haired girl return to the park during a quiet night. The man was sat on the bench without moving. There’s a dagger in his cold chest and a puddle of blood at his feet. The book given by the black-haired girl had fallen into the puddle. She picks the book up with a sad expression. She looks at the corpse, calling him a liar.[1]


  • Dalian appears in a special chapter for the first time.[1]


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