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Book of Sleep
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Fragment 1

The Princess Never Count Sheep

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Nemuri no Sho



Release Date

May 1, 2009 (volume 3)





For the Phantom Book, see Book of Sleep.

"Book of Sleep" is the 1st fragment of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 3. The special chapter is also labeled as " The Princess Never Count Sheep".

The young girl is disappointed because the country was about to be ruled by her silly older sister. The former is chosen by a Phantom Book given by a petite girl, a Phantom Book which could be used to prevent that.[1]


At the foot of a snow-covered mountain there’s a small country surrounded by forest and lakes. The princess is 15 years old, not very smart, but with a gentle personality and loved by everyone in the royal palace. The princess’ sister, two years younger, is a grumpy and selfish girl, but very clever. Soon, the princess will be 16, officially inheriting the throne. She will reign with a young prince from a neighboring country. The sister doesn’t like that.

A petite girl in crimson outfit appears to the sister. The latter shares her dissatisfaction with the foreign girl. The princess would always take everything from the younger sister. The princess doesn’t know about politics, but she is loved by everyone. The sister doesn’t envy the princess. The sister is just disappointed. After all, she would become a better queen, making the country richer than ever, attacking the neighboring countries. Even the prince would be only a subordinate. However, all that was only a dream, because she was only the younger sister.

The petite girl tells the young sister to kill the princess. The sister reflects about the idea. She eventually shakes her head. If she kills the princess, she will be hated by everyone, and no one would follow her. The petite girl laughs. The sister wishes to become a queen while the princess is still alive. The sister sighs, disappointed. The petite girl then gives her a book. The sister had been chosen by the Phantom Book. Now the sister has the power to make anyone who read it sleep for one hundred years. The younger sister and the petite girl go separate ways.

A few days later, one day before the princess’ birthday, the sister gives her a beautiful book as a gift. The grateful princess hugs her. The sister affirms that the book will make her sleep. The princess then could sleep well that night in order to prepare for tomorrow’s coronation.

At dawn, the people at the royal palace were concerned. The princess always wakes up early, but she seems late that day. The king expresses his frustration to the princess’ maidens. The sister is unable to hold her laugh. She reveals that she gave a Phantom Book to the princess, and now the princess will remain asleep for one hundred years. The surprised king takes his servants to the princess’ bedroom. It seems like the princess is still sleeping, and her curse couldn’t be broken. The king screams at the sight. The sister offers to be the queen instead. The sister laughs, but she’s interrupted by a yawn.

The princess had just woken up, rubbing her sleepy eyes. The sister is startled, unable to understand what is happening. The princess thanks the sister for the book. The princess had a good night’s sleep. The book works really well. It has no illustrations, only letters. That made the princess drowsy and sleepy. The princess never read a single line from the book.

The coronation ceremony was brilliant. Everyone was pleased with the new queen, except for the sister. The sister hates that country. She walks through the crowd at the coronation. She leaves the country. Meanwhile, the petite girl was laughing at the sister, calling her an idiot. The princess’ sister was never seen again.[1]


  • A princess cursed to sleep for a hundred years is also an element from the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.[2]
    • In the Disney's version of the tale, the princess pricks her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel on her 16th birthday and, cursed, falls into a deep sleep.[3]


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