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Book of Hypnosis
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Fragment 1

Hypnotist in Trance

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Saimin no Sho



Release Date

June, 2009 (The Sneaker)





For the Phantom Book, see Book of Hypnosis.

"Book of Hypnosis" is the 1st fragment of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 4. The special chapter is also labeled as "Hypnotist in Trance".

A young man is reading at a bar, when a middle-aged man mentions a Phantom Book containing knowledge about powerful hypnotism.[1]


Two men are sitting at the counter of the bar. A young man drinking ale and reading an old foreign book, and a troublesome middle-aged man wearing dirty clothes. The latter believes that the young man knows a lot about books. The middle-aged man asks if he knows about Phantom Books. The middle-aged man knows about a Phantom Book containing knowledge about hypnotism, with power to control any human. The middle-aged man reveals a book he was hiding. He had already read it. Now he only needs to finish the spell. He opens the book and quickly speaks some words.

Life disappears from the young man’s face. He relaxed his arms that were at his pocket. A large revolver drops on the floor. The middle-aged man picks up the gun and gives it back to the owner. The middle-aged man tells the hypnotized young man to shoot the bartender. The bartender is shot in the head and dies. The other customers scream in panic. The middle-aged man tells the young man to kill everyone.

The young man kills the four customers. The middle-aged man laughs, satisfied. Now there is only one bullet left in the revolver. The middle-aged man orders the young man to kill himself in the count of three. The young man presses the trigger with the gun pointed at his own temple. The middle-aged man plans to leave the place after picking everyone’s purses. He laughs again, embracing his Phantom Book.

The bartender sighs, looking at the drunken man bursting into laughter. The bothersome middle-aged man would come every evening, making a noise while reading that strange book. He even tries to steal the other customers’ purses from time to time. The bartender and the other customers are looking at the middle-aged man, who is annoying everyone with his laugh. The young man speaks to himself about the middle-aged man. It seems like the man is having a nice dream about a Phantom Book which puts its reader into a trance.[1]



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