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Waterside Flower
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Fragment 1

Echo of Grief

Japanese Name


Romanized Name

Mizube no Hana



Release Date

December, 2009 (The Sneaker)





"Waterside Flower" is the 1st fragment of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 5. The special chapter is also labeled as "Echo of Grief".

A young man is reading at a bar, when a beautiful woman starts a conversation. She seems jealous of a book.[1]


A young beautiful woman is drinking at a bar. Her cheeks are red from drinking. A young man is enjoying his drink while reading a book. He asks for a second dose. The woman asks in a flirtatious manner why he's reading there. He affirms that he has nothing else to do. The woman thought that he's reading because he enjoys books. She, on the other hand, hates books and the men who read them.

She had a wonderful lover. They would travel together. She was happy with him. However, they broke up because of her jealousy. Not because the man cheated on her, but because he enjoys books. A beautiful book had fell into his hands. After that, the man changed. He stopped caring about the woman. He would only look to the book. According to the woman, the book shows the ideal beauty from someone’s point of view. The young man claims that there are people who fall in love with books. So, it would be normal to exist someone jealous of a book. The woman thanks for the kind words.

The young man asks if she heard about Phantom Books. If the woman’s lover was charmed by a Phantom Book, maybe the young man can contact his friend to help. The woman bursts out laughing, gasping for air. The woman now knows why her lover was attracted to the book. She removes a small volume from her purse and places it in front of the young man. It was the book she took while her lover was asleep. The man was probably angry now, looking for his book. The woman tells the young man to not fall under its spell. However, the woman believes that the young man will be fine.

The bartender asks about the book. The young man affirms that it was a gift from another customer. The young man explains that the book reflects the perfect beauty. He hands the book out to the bartender. The woman’s lover had fell under its spell, but the young man seems fine. Puzzled, the bartender opens the book. He sees no letter or pictures, only two mirrored metal surfaces reflecting the reader’s face.[1]


  • The fragment is based on the Roman myth of Echo and Narcissus, the latter a hunter from the Greek mythology, known for his beauty. He leaned upon a body of water and saw himself in the bloom of youth. Narcissus did not realize it was merely his own reflection and fell deeply in love with it, as if it were somebody else.[2]
    • "Echo of Grief" refers to the mountain nymph who was cursed and could only repeat the spoken words of another person. She fell in love with Narcissus but was rejected.[2][3]
    • Narcissus is a genus of predominantly spring flowering plants. Some species live in stream margins, hence the term "waterside flower".[4]


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