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The Facebook

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April 1, 2011 (volume 7)





For the Phantom Book, see Catalogue.

"Catalogue" is the 1st fragment of The Mystic Archives of Dantalian light novel, volume 7. The special chapter is also labeled as "The Facebook".

A little girl shows a catalogue to a man. He's able to choose a new face to himself.[1]


The man is tired of his uneventful life. He is not noticed by the woman he loves, nor respected by colleagues or authorities. He has an ordinary, unremarkable appearance. He wishes to look more attractive, or more intimidating. He meets a beautiful green-haired girl at a bar. She laughs after listening to his sad story. She tells him to change his face. However, the man has no money for plastic surgery. That’s why the girl shows him a heavy book. The pages of the Catalogue have several faces. The man only needs to choose a portrait to have his life changed. According to the girl, there are many who don’t like their own appearance, so they take the features of someone else, leaving their own past behind.

The man chooses the face of a handsome man. Now, he’s noticed by every woman. The other men are more enthusiastic and even envious towards him. The man, now with a new face, has enough confidence to invite the woman he loves. His love was not reciprocated, so he plans to reject her as revenge. Before he can invite her, the man is hit by a stranger. Soon after, while he’s still beaten on the ground, a woman starts to kick him. The attackers were angry with the first owner of that face. The first owner probably used his own nice appearance to snatch other’s girlfriends and also to perform romance scams. The first owner probably used the Catalogue to change his own appearance.

The man runs back to the bar to request the little girl’s help. She shows him the Catalogue once again. This time, the man chooses a threatening face. Now he's respected and feared by everyone. With such a face, the man plans to rob a bank. He will change his face again before the police can catch him. The man confidently leaves his company. However, suddenly, he’s surrounded by policemen. He’s beaten once again, but he manages to run away. The first owner of that face was a killer and a robber. The first owner probably renounced his face after robbing a bank and killing several people.

The man returns to the bar, hoping to be saved by the little girl. He wants his original face back. Now he knows how nice his unremarkable appearance is. However, the little girl tells him that his original face is not available anymore. It became very popular, and it was taken by someone else. But she tells him not to worry. His original face will soon be returned. She points to the owner of the bar. The latter is reading a newspaper. The headline is about a terrorist who killed a foreign minister last night. The man sees the picture depicting his own face. He starts to sob. Now, his original, unremarkable face is famous throughout the country. Policemen from all over the world are looking for him.[1]


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